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UP Create is an inspirational, social campaign aimed at University students to spread awareness and deal with growing waste problems in creative ways. It is so new, so exciting and so inspiring. It is something one is thinking and dreaming about before it has even hit the streets and well before it has taken off. Recycling seems to be popular with people over the age of 25 but Upcycling is proving to be more popular with the 18-25 year olds. This is because the latter age group seem to enjoy and be good at finding new purposes for unwanted items that would otherwise be thrown away. For instance using inner tubes to make handbags, cats-eyes from the road into jewellery or unwanted pallets into chairs or tables. In the last decade there has been an explosion of forward thinking new ideas to influence millions of people to change the way they live. With dwindling resources and increasing waste problems campaigns like UP Create will be at the forefront to help fuel this change especially amongst young people. Up Create offers students ranging between 18-25 years something fun, innovative and extremely interactive, which will inspire creativity and will spread awareness of growing waste problems and encourage students to be more mindful of what they throw away, whilst

showing them new ways to use the things they want to throw away. It will bring people together and will encourage many students to get involved. It will change the way students live and think forever, offering them the chance to secure a better future and to take part in something fantastic with various exhilarating, once in a lifetime events. They will also get the opportunity to win competitions and to meet people, to learn new tricks and to form new habits. Most importantly it will allow students to be themselves and to let their creative side shine. UP Create will introduce the concept of upcycling through fun, original competitions and inspiring workshops, with the support of Universities and big brands such as Red Bull and Newcastle Fashion Week. It will be launched in Newcastle Upon Tyne in September 2013, one of the city's busiest times as it welcomes a flurry of new and eager students to their first term at University. Eventually the campaign will branch out to 5 different UK cities, which will take place annually. Up Create will allow young, digitally aware, active, trend watching, social, ambitious and enthusiastic students who enjoy creativity and embrace new ideas to think globally but to act locally. Up Create's website will be the main focal point where the online UP Create community will grow and nurture

itself; with the support of students so they can interact with each other, their Univerity and with their city. One of the first major and most exciting, easy and free online projects which will be taking place on the website is the 'UP Market Exchange' project. Students will be encouraged to join the Newcastle area group. Members of this group will get the chance to claim unwanted furniture by posting 'Wanting' and others who wish to get rid of unwanted furniture will offer something by posting 'Offering'. By uploading a picture with details it will be simple and efficient, stopping unwanted student furniture from ending up in landfill. The person with the 'Offer' will be in charge of collection dates and times. Everything is completely free of charge. Anyone is invited to join and seek out what is on 'Offer' and take part as long as it is free, legal and appropriate. It is a first come, first served basis and the idea of the project is to allow students to get rid of belongings in an easy, environmentally friendly way. In the future this will be available to students in many more cities with it's very own IPhone app so they can check what is on 'Offer' wherever and whatever. The website will also hold a competition for Newcastle Fashion week called the 'UP gradable competition' offering students the chance to compete to win an internship for 3 months over the summer. To participate students will be encouraged to sign up on the

website giving their details so we can email them offers and notifications. They will have. to design an upcycled garment, which if it is picked as winner would get them featured in Newcastle Fashion Week, with press attention and a fantastic summer internship. There will also be much more, for instance, competitions such as the Looking UP Project, which is a project that encourages students to collect certain materials in their house to give to design students at Universities. The collection at Easter will determine their prize. There will be plenty of chances to win deals and discounts off shopping, food and drink and club night outs.

UP Create's website will hold live chat rooms, called 'Chatting UP' so students can talk amongst themselves, ask questions and have debates. There will be a viral video to support and promote the UP Create's campaign. There will be photo galleries of past events, information on new and upcoming events and interesting workshop videos on how and what to upcycle.

There will also be collaborations with Red Bull, one of the most popular brands with students in the North East. Red Bull will host all kinds of events, including fun parties in trendy Newcastle clubs to promote the UP Create website and all its offers. Red Bull will also introduce its very own competition, for the UP Create cause. To compete you would need to create something using only Red Bull cans. Winners will be picked by the most creative, innovative and unusual design. Just by signing up on UP Create and leaving your contact details Red Bull will post a voucher card for you to use at any Newcastle night club or supermarket of your choice, allowing you to get any red bull drink for 75 percent off. By collecting a can while using the discount card you can enjoy not only the drink but also transform the can into something new and exciting. By sending your picture to UP Create you could have your chance to be one of 4 chosen winners who will be given the chance to watch the Red Bull Flugtag competition over the summer or even better take part in it during the summer 2014 with great deals off Newcastle's finest restaurants and bars. To advertise the UP Create website there will be an event called the Student 'Pop Up Shop' which will take place on Saturday 30th November 2013. It will help create hype and buzz amongst the students. It will also get people interested and talking about the Up Create website. Students will be encouraged to come along

even if they do not wish to sell anything. This event will have a great atmosphere, with lots of fantastic bargains, things on offer and plenty to see. Including a live band, delicious and sensational festival food and drink, and lots of fun activities. There will be a raffle, a giant sumo wrestling match, craft shows and workshops, and lots of stalls to visit. This event will act like an offline experience juxtaposing to the online 'UP Market Exchange' to which is it promoting. The UP Create website will be highly advertised at this event and UP Create team members will be there to talk to everyone about it.

Pop UP Shop

Red Bull will also have a station advertising the website and the future events it will be involved in. As you enter the event you will be given tickets with only a QR code on it inviting you to LIKE the 'UP Create' Facebook page. By doing this Facebook will notify you when the website will launch thus generating more traffic. This will be a fun day out for everyone. It will be something fresh, interactive and memorable.

To get people to the 'Pop Up Shop' event and to get them involved there will be the launch of the Facebook and Twitter accounts that will tell people about it. Posters and flyers will be dotted around and there will be creative and interactive advertisements scattered across the city to create hype and talk. Universities such as Northumbria and Newcastle will have the Student Unions promoting it in emails, magazines and fresher kits along with the campaign pack. Student union representatives will also give out information on all of the following. With the help of the Universities and their student unions, students will be encouraged to compete against each other for their university in a race around Newcastle to collect and gather waste in a 7mile trail approved by Up Create. By getting Universities to compete against each other and to form a team within its campus it will give students excitement and dive and a sense of achievement. It will also help create special bonds and relationships within Universities and will bring together the two campuses thought a fun, interactive, energetic and sporting day out. Those who compete will be rewarded but will also have the chance to socially interact with lots of people. The race will be on Saturday 12th October, ready for keen and willing students to take part. Fresher's will be looking for new ways to meet people and mature students will look for more to do for the university. It is a day created for the students by the students. .


Furthermore there will be QR codes scattered around the city to get traffic to UP Create Facebook and Twitter pages. The QR codes will be found projected on the Baltic and found on University library buildings and projected onto the streets commonly used by students. They will also be found on large posters in towns, clubs, the cinema and gyms and round Universities. It is essential to create a big hype and to get students aware and excited for what is about to come. UP Create is something that when you find it, you will spread the information and pass it on, uncontrollably, like a game of Chinese whispers. It will begin to surround you, totally engulfing where you live. Students will live it and breathe it. It is hope, opportunity and will stand strong, marvellously rich with new ideas and clever creativity. UP Create will promote vision, individuality, creativeness and best of all will be good for our planet.

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This concept is written and created by Georgia Macaskie. Founder of Up Create. Please note that there are some pictures taken by mysef in this document.

Up Create Concept  
Up Create Concept  

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