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Press Up Create will use a wide range of promotional channels to market the campaign to students in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Firstly, it is imperative to gain a lot of press attention by featuring an advertisement in local Newcastle newspapers such as The Chronicle and national newspapers such as The Guardian. This will aid Up Create in creating a buzz before it launches itself locally for the first time in the late part of 2013. By sending out a press release to these newspapers it will promote the campaign and the launch event 'The Up Market Fair'. To ensure a full coverage from a mix of student audiences with different interests an advertisement will also be placed in Grazia, Elle and 442 Sports Magazine. Please see example of press release on the next page .

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Up Create races to the Up Market Fair launch event Up Create is excited to announce the launch event of their new website: on the 27th October, 2013 in Newcastle Upon Tyne. Up Create the new, innovative and social campaign for University students will be hosting the Up Market Fair at Castle Leazes Park from 10am-7pm in Newcastle upon Tyne. You can enjoy a day of market stalls with low priced things created ‘for the students by students’. Up Create is fresh on everyone’s lips this year, with their devotion to improve student waste and to encourage students to be more creatively driven by taking part in fantastic competitions to win summer internships and fantastic deals and to attend exciting events like the Up Market Fair. With the help of Red Bull and Newcastle City Council this has all become possible. To check out more events go to Up Creates Facebook page: www. The Up Market Fair will begin with a University race that will take place around the city with its competitors collecting waste materials to bring to upcycling workshops at the fair. There will be a music marquee with local student music and delicious food and drink on offer and fantastic activities like the Sumo wrestling match and raffle. To have your own a market stall or to find out more information on the Up Market Fait go to www. Up Create is a non-profit organization and campaign for students, growing fast as it starts in Newcastle tackling England one city at a time. Miss Eleanor Mackenzie Newcastle City Council worker, commented: “On behalf of Newcastle City Council, we are hugely excited about Up Create being in Newcastle. We think that it will be hugely beneficial to students and the city as a whole. Demonstrating to students how easy and positive it is to up cycle. Bringing awareness to the very important issue of the world cleanliness. We are honoured to be the first of many cities, internationally to experience the benefits Up Create has in store for us.” Up Create will be continuously raising awareness of growing waste problems showing students creative ways to use their waste. Just go to Up Creates Facebook or website to view up coming events and see what is in store. - Ends For further information, please contact: Up Create Georgia Macaskie Tel: +44(0) 20 7438 754 Email: Page 4

SU Advertising To capture the interest and attention of a variety of students attending the universities, Up Create will tap into one of the biggest marketing tools and use the student organisations such as Newcastle and Northumbria Student Unions. This will guarantee advertising coverage through a variety of sources around the University city campuses. For example, the Unions will send out E communication and mailing to students reminding them and promoting the Up Create cause. This will go out to students returning in September 2013 thereby being the first mail they receive at the start of their year. Up Create will also be featured in the University magazines to tell the students about the events to come and a little bit about the Up Create cause. Please see a mock up of the magazine on the following two double page spreads. The Unions will also provide stalls on the campuses for Up Create to talk to passing students about the campaign and handing out the campaign pack.

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One of the main events the campaign will be advertising at is the Fresher's Fair. Up Create will also have a promotional viral video made which will be put on Facebook and broadcast on the Up Create website, Up Create will also be broadcast around the University campuses on their vast amount of plasma screens situated in popular student areas such as the libraries, gyms, Student Unions and caf's.

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Up Create bringing a touch of colour! This coming September 2013 Up Create, the highly inspirational and social campaign aimed at University students, will be coming to Newcastleupon-Tyne for the first time. "Up Create will

Up Create aims to be the driving bring a wave force of student creativity this year of fun, colour spreading awareness of growing waste and amusement problems as they go through an as it sweaps across Newcastle assortment of fun activities, projects and competitions. Up Create will bring brightening up a wave of fun, colour and amusement paths as it goes" as it sweeps across Newcastle brightening up the path as it goes. By introducing the concept of up-cycling they hope to get students interacting and taking part. Up-cycling is the process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials

or products of better quality or for better environmental value. Georgia Macaskie from Up Create says, "We will offer students the chance to secure a better future and will give them the opportunity to win competitions, to meet new people and to take part in once in a lifetime events.

Most importantly it will allow students to be themselves and to let their creative side shine out. By introducing the Up Market Exchange project (our online student furniture swapping group), introducing up-cycling competitions and inspiring up-cycling workshops we will secure a better future for the planet and decreasing student waste in one city at a time."

"With a splash of colour and a dash of attention any old bit of trash can be turned into treasure"

Another anonymous Up Create spokesman says; "Up Create is brilliant because it offers so many opportunities to an array of students. It shows them incredibly creative ways to use their waste, something they'll take with them for the rest of their lives. With a splash of colour and a dash of attention any old bit of trash can be turned into 'Red Bull will treasure and giving it a new breath be getting of life. We look forward to all your involved in support and hope you take part the Up Create in all the things we have to offer cause' It has recently come to our attention that Red Bull will be getting involved in the Up Create cause. Rumour has

it they will be introducing their own competition, and to compete you have to create something from using only a Red Bull can. The winner needs to be creative, innovative and come up with something unusual. There has also been talk that Newcastle Fashion Week hopes to get involved for all you young local designers and many more exciting opportunities to get involved with. To find out more information go to the Up Create Facebook and to see more of what is to come;

Up Create will be on everyone's lips as it begins the start of the term with a fantastic club night on 10th October in Tup Tup Palace, one of Newcastle's trendy night clubs. While collaborating with Red Bull they plan to make it an extravagant, memorable night. Rules apply that you will only be allowed in if you have up-cycled a headpiece upon your entry. Get creating if you want don't want to miss out! On 29th October 2013 Up Create has put together what is now being called 'the biggest student event of the year' when the Up Create website is being launched celebrating the birth of that will go live on 1st January 2014. It will be the start of an Up Create online community soon to spread nationally. Put this date into your diary because you really do not want to miss out on all the treats it has in store for you.

'Up Create website is being lanched celebrating hte birth of www. that will go live on the 1st January'

The Up Market Fair will be a huge student market sale where you are invited to sell any of your unwanted possessions or to come along and enjoy the day with bands playing and brilliant food and drink stands. Be sure not to miss out on supporting your University as Sports degree students race against each other collecting and providing waste materials for up-cycling workshops that afternoon.

If you would like to have a stall or to take part in the race, email; www. with your details. Anyone and everyone is invited, whether or not you are participating in an event. The entry is a free, the hours will be 10am to 7pm and the location is at Castle Leazes Park. 29th October. Don't forget!

Up Create will grow and change here in Newcastle and will soon to be spreading across the nation. Let's all celebrate being the first in the country to get involved. Don't be rubbish! Written by Doris Perkin from Northumbria US worker

Up Create have made something for everyone. Are you up for the challenges?

For more information on Up Create and to see up coming events go to

Up Create have made something for everyone. Are you up for the challenges? For all you fashion design students, sport lovers, eco watchers, trend setters and hard workers you are sure to find competitions that will suit your fancy.

https;// Up-Create/508820155827527?ref/hl or visit the website;

Campaign Pack The campaign pack will be handed out to thousands of students at all types of events promoting the Up Create campaign and its website launch event at 'The Up Market Fair', the biggest student event of the year taking place soon after students arrive back in October. The pack will be packaged using up-cycled newspaper holding six cards giving information on the campaign as a whole, promoting the website launch event and giving advice on how to up-cycle and use a stencil. It will have Up Creates fortune table which students can cut out and use, it will contain stickers with the Up Create slogan, 'Who You Calling Rubbish?', their very own A-Z stencil set and pencil advertising the Up Create cause, and an invitation and poster to the Up Create website launch event.

The idea of the student pack is to give them things they'll read and want to use again. This is why there are stencils and stickers. However more creativly Up Create have given invitations to their launch event made out of seeded paper so instead of being thrown away students can grow it into wild flowers. The campaign also contains a pencil that used to be a plastic cup.

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Example of 2 cards (front and back) going in the campaign pack

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Social Media The key focal point of the campaign is the Up Create website, www., where a community will grow, change and build, eventually spreading across the nation to all other major cities. To get this trend to work Up Create needs to generate as much traffic as possible to its website by using commonly used student social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. By signing up to the Up Create Facebook students will get the chance to chat to the Up Create team and they will receive lots of notifications about up coming events and competitions. It will show them fun up cycling projects; displaying to them how easy it is to do it yourself at home. This will be the first vital step to building an Up Create community. Students can also share it with their friends allowing Up Create to spread. It is also very important to have an offline effect providing memorable events. To that end Up Create intends to host club nights at the club Tup Tup Palace, while collaborating with the popular student's drink brand, Red Bull.

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The Website Launch Event

As previously mentioned Up Create is putting together an event to launch the website that will be up and ready in the New Year 2014. The Up Market Fair will be a day for students to set up stalls and sell their unwanted possessions, acting like an offline experience to the Up Market Exchange project to which it is promoting. There will be local student bands playing in a marquee with plenty of food and drink for students to indulge. There will be small marquees with up-cycling workshops so students can take their furniture or unwanted possessions to funk them up and learn how up-cycling works. To make it more exciting there will be a Northumbria vs Newcastle race around the city to collect waste and materials for the afternoon workshops for each of the university workshop stands. There will also be stands with UpCycling and Red Bull teams giving out information and talking to the students. With lots of activities taking place it will get students interacting and getting involved. Some of the activities include a raffle and live sumo-wrestling matches. There will be many chances for students to win prizes and to take part in up-cycling competitions. The day will start at 10am and finish at 7pm. The Up Market Fair will bring people together and get universities working together as a team. It will show students how to be creative with their unwanted waste by teaching them new tricks to avoid everything ending up in landfill. Page 14

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Website The Up Create website will be the place where students will go to find out about and get involved in upcoming events and competitions. It will also be educational so they can find out what happened at previous events and get many up-cycling tips and ideas. It will be a clear and visually stimulating experience with a lot of pictures, videos and chat rooms for students to enjoy. The biggest Up Create project will be getting students to sign up to the Up Market Exchange, where they can join their area group (for now it will be the Newcastle group) and can look and get rid of unwanted furniture in an environmentally friendly way. To increase the traffic to this Northumbria University, Newcastle University and Red Bull will have an advertising banner that will link students to

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Tins to Trophies- Up Create storyboard

Start here

Student working at University

For example in student houses its comon to have lots of bottles, cans and tins

All kinds of student waste piles up and ends up in landfill

With lots of eating, drinking, working and partying waste builds in student houses so he is constantly filling up the bins Amazed with himself and his achevement, he signs it up to Up Creates online up cycling competition and wins! He attends the events and spreads the Up Create trend. Even after university up cycling will be something he will keep in mind when throwing anything out!

As he makes his way into university one day he sees Up Creates slogan!. The use of stickers and stencils around students areas makes the saying become memorable and recognisable!

He gets on campus and gets given a camaign pack. It reminds him of the slogan saying which he saw earlier!

TINS?? Finding some cans and tins he creates them into great plant holders and funky candle holders. See what he made above!

Remembering what he threw away, he goes back to the bin with his morning rubbish.

He thinks about what he has to attemp up cycling?

He checks out Up Create online. Seeing the great things it has to offer, like the ‘Up Market Exchange’ he gets excited becasue he needs to get rid of furniture when he leaves this year! Reading more on Up Create he is eager and interested in trying out up cycling!

Advertising Up Create will have posters put up around the University campuses and there will be random stencilled lettering of the campaign's slogan 'Who You Calling Rubbish?' projected on buildings and bridges, and stencilled onto bins and bits of waste. This will tie in nicely with the stickers that will be found in the student campaign packs as students can also stick their own 'Who You Calling Rubbish?' onto objects, windows, folders, bicycles, rear car windows, etc, getting involved in the campaign's promotion. The slogan will soon become a highly recognised and memorable sentence. Up Create also hopes to ethically graffiti the slogan onto buildings using moss graffiti, creating shapes and pictures alongside the slogan. These will be found plastered along student walkways and typically known routes used by students.

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Page 19

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Creative Advertising For more creative advertising Up Create will be wiring up old bins around the university campuses so when used, the bins will clap and applaud when the lids are opened for rubbish to be thrown away. These censored speakers will only activate randomly to shock and surprise the user at that time. It will be to touch on the students senses, make them laugh and catch them by surprise. Research states that humour is one of the strongest forms of advertising thus is more memorable and effective. Therefore, Up Create intends to humour and surprise, and on plenty of occasions to shock students! Waste materials, donated from Newcastle City Council, up-cycled into fun cafe furniture will be found outside University campus cafes for students to use and admire. By getting local Newcastle designers to make the furniture over the summer, in collaboration with the established Newcastle company Re-Funk Your Junk, it will be ready upon the arrival of the students in September. The up-cycled cafes will remind students how easy and fun upcycling can be, as well as showing the different types of materials that can be used. For example of corks into sofas, CDs into chairs light bulbs into candles and wine bottles into lighting fixtures.

Page 21

Up Cycling Jam Jars

Up Create hopes to be a fun, informative and interactive campaign that has something for every student. The success in Newcastle is a good indication that it will catch like wild fire as it spreads all across the country, inspiring and creating awareness and changing the way students live and think forever.

Page 22

This is a preview of a part of the promotional Up Create video Page 23

Up Creates Future Up Create hopes to create and design a phone app following the website over the summer of 2014. It be an app which will compliment the Up Create website; making it even easier for students to sign up to their area Up Market Exchange group and even easier to up load a picture of their un wanted furniture. Students are renowned for being on their phone 24/7 so there is much proof that Up Create and its opportunities will secure even more popularity thus spread further quicker.

Up Create aims to spread nationally; starting in Newcastle. It will eventually make its way to five other UK university cities; for example Manchester, Nottingham, Leeds and Cardiff and Bristol. It will influence students and University life style one city at a time and its online community will grow and change and develop to be bigger and better soon to be known by all.

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Marketing and promotion  

This demonstrates the promotional side of the campagin

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