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Vol. XXXIV No. 4 November 2014

The Key Ring

The Official Publication of the of

Georgia District

Key Club International

Governor’s Address Hey Key Clubbers! This is Steve Shin, your District Governor, and I’m glad to be back for the November edition of the Key Ring. I hope you all were at the Georgia Leadership Training Conference. Thanks to all those of you who attended this year—you made the event lively and entertaining. If you were wondering, this was the first time a keynote speaker was featured at the event, and I thought it was a refreshing addition to our event; he brought a new perspective and he was entertaining. If you had fun at Georgia Leadership Training Conference, you will definitely enjoy District Convention at the University of Georgia! While it may be without the rides, I personally enjoy District Convention more; this is where you can truly express yourself as a Key Clubber. Also, with college looming ahead, it may be a good idea to start visiting a few colleges, and so District Convention is conveniently located. With multiple reasons in mind, start planning for District Convention with your clubs today! District Convention is on March 20-22, 2014. I hope all of you are doing well in school. For seniors, the college application deadlines are getting increasingly closer, and I hope you are able to cope with the stress. Being a senior myself, I also sometimes have trouble keeping together. However, this simply means that the end is near as well, so keep up the good work! Yours in Service, Steve Shin, Governor 14-15 Georgia District of Key Club International


Tyler Jones

Greetings Georgia District, It’s hard to believe this year is already coming to an end, and district convention is only four months away. I want to insure that officer information is turned in, so please turn in officer information if you have not done so. Also, I want to ensure that attendance at District Events increase throughout the year in result of Lt. Governors being easily able to contact clubs and inform them about upcoming events. I also want to make sure that everyone in the district is able to contact me with any problems or concerns throughout the year, so feel free to contact me at any time. If you are having any problems don’t be scared to contact me personally. This has been a fun year serving as District Secretary and I am sad to acknowledge that it is slowly coming to an end, but I happy to be able to attend our District Convention in Athens, Ga during this upcoming March, and I am also glad to have four more months to serve as your District secretary and as part of our District Board. Yours in Friendship and Service, Tyler Jones 2014-15 Georgia District Secretary


Cameron Delaney

Mighty Georgia District, It was not until my sophomore year where the want to contribute more of myself pushed me to run for a position on the Georgia District Board of Trustees for the 2013-2014 year. Serving as a Lieutenant Governor I felt I had gained enough experience and useful skills to push myself a little further. With this being my last year as a Key Club member I decided to run for an executive position. I am now proud to be entrusted with the great honor of serving you as the 2014-2015 District Treasurer of the Georgia District of Key Club International. This year I would like to increase dues paid membership in order to reach 100%. I plan to make myself more available not just to the clubs themselves but individual members and all club officers. I would like to promote more communication from the board members to the club officers. I want to insure that not only the advisors are aware about our dues and what they go towards but also the club officers. I look forward to a wonderful year serving you, our homes, our schools, and our communities. Your Friend in Service, Cameron Delaney 2014-15 Georgia District Treasurer

In This Issue... Why Join Key Club? Updates From Your International Trustee! Putting A Spotlight On Georgia’s Own

Featuring Tift County, Alcovy, South Forsyth, and Lambert High School

Georgia Leadership Training Conference

An Update From Your International Trustee! Hey, Key Clubbers! With the advent of November (and with it, winter lows of 40°F here in the deep South), our lives are bustling as we really get into gear with the school year. From college applications to rigorous course loads, it’s more important than ever that we make the necessary time for our greatest passion— that is, Key Club. In the past month alone, our organization has had so much going on. From the October International Board Meeting to the Youth Opportunities Fund application deadline to Trick-or-Treat UNICEF, November is a great time to reflect on f our accomplishments thus far in the school year while also looking forward to what’s in store. From October 3rd to the 5th, the International Board met for the fall meeting. There, we made major headway with our committee work. I serve on the Growth and Communication Committee, where Jenalee Beazley, Rip Livingston, Nicole Lema, Liz Moore, and I discussed a number of issues: Twitter Chats, webinars, the Key Club Magazine, the Brand Guide, and international growth. We additionally attended a myriad of helpful presentations at the Kiwanis International Headquarters. Overall, it was quite a productive weekend. Similarly, after the Youth Opportunities Fund deadline on October 15th, the appropriate committee (composed of Barry Seng, Rip Livingston, and myself) began looking through submissions to determine which clubs would be awarded a grant. We will be meeting this upcoming weekend, from November 14th to 16th, to make final decisions about awards. In addition, Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF was certainly a huge success this year. As Key Club’s primary source of fundraising for The Eliminate Project, Key Clubbers throughout the world took the initiative to go trickor-treating, so we will reach our 2015 goal to eliminate maternal/neonatal

At our most recent meeting, the International Board set a goal for Key Club International to raise $1.4 million; it’s up to you all to make that dream into a reality. As this next month continues on, there are a number of things for you all to keep in mind. First and foremost, I want to remind you all to submit videos for the Kiwanis Family Video by Wednesday, December 31st. Contact me if you have any questions or concerns about this proccess. Furthermore, Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times for service; this autumn, go out into the community and help those who are less fortunate. Volunteer at a local homeless shelter, or help prepare meals for patients at a nearby hospital. It doesn’t matter how you choose to help, as long as you offer your service to the community around you. Finally, even though it’s just November, start preparing for International Convention 2015 right now! With our celebration of Kiwanis’ 100th anniversary, we have a number of awesome programs scheduled for this event, including a concert from Hellogoodbye. Indianapolis also has a variety of surprising things to offer, whether that is outdoor opportunities, theme parks, or museums. Start fundraising now because ICON 2015 is definitely an event you don’t want to miss! November is certain to be a busy month (#thestruggleisreal), but in the spirit of Thanksgiving and the end of the year, stay true to the central tenet of Key Club International: service. If, for any reason, you need to contact me during the next few months, please don’t hesitate to reach out. As always, I am here as a resource, guide, and friend for you all. Happy November, everyone! Yours in service, Tashrima Hossain International Trustee Georgia, KIWIN’S, & Pacific-Northwest

Georgia Leadership Training Conference

The Georgia Leadership Training Conference (GLTC) is an annual event hosted by Key Club at Six Flags over Georgia to train club officers in their respective positions. The 2014 event was held on Saturday, September 27 and was attended by more than 300 Key Club members, adivisors and Kiwanians. Besides training club officers, the Georgia Leadership Training Conference is also used to inform clubs about upcoming events and projects in the Georgia District such as Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF and District Convention, update clubs on the status of the Georgia District’s current projects, and introduce this year’s district project to the clubs. GLTC is an oppurtunity for club officers to get to know the District Board which allows us to work together more effectively. This year the District Board arrived a day early in order to setup, rehearse speeches, and get rested before the next day’s big event. The day of GLTC started off with a slight drizzle early in the morning, but as soon as clubs started arriving the weather became forgiving and quickly gave way to a sun filled day to be enjoyed by clubs on the roller coasters of Six Flags. Soon everyone started pouring into the Crystal Pistol Music Hall theater reserved for Key Club and the conference was convened. This year’s guest was a rapper and youth motivator named Kimyung Kim who quickly had everyone laughing, yet still managed to engage them and ingrain the importance of following passions. Soon after the general members convened in the park and were given a chance to catch up with each other while the officers went over their duties with members of the District Board.

n s! o t lub h ig y C l t o Ke p S t e c i h st r t i g D n i t t a i u P org Ge Tift County High School The past month at Tift County High School has been marked by service to our community and raising money for UNICEF. We asked each of the 88 members of Tift County Key Club to raise at least five dollars for the Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF program. Our Key clubbers could be seen walking through the halls of Tift County High School with their little orange boxes. The little orange boxes brought a lot of glaring attention to UNICEF within our school; an attention that we hope will reflect on the total amount of money raised this year. Tift County Key Club also participated in ‘Hands on Tifton’ this past month. HOT is an annual event in Tifton, Georgia that brings the community together to clean up road-sides, the local park, and local businesses. The event gave Tift County Key Clubbers the opportunity to work alongside their community while at the same time using collaboration to give back to the community.

Alcovy High School Ever since it’s founding, the Alcovy Chapter of Key Club has been a dependable participant in various service events and programs, ranging from anywhere from local projects to global missions and organizations. In particular, our Key Club puts much emphasis on Trick or Treat for UNICEF, a cooperative event between KIWANIS International and UNICEF that fundraises for whatever project KIWANIS is tackling. This past year alone, Alcovy’s Key Club has risen over $200 for The Eliminate Project, an amount we’re aiming to push to over $250 this year. The Alcovy Key Club participates in many other community services besides Trick or Treat for UNICEF, my personal favorite being Special Olympics. Every quarter, we rally our members to help facilitate sporting events for special needs students, as well as pass out awards. The event is a great way to make new friends, and to help others reach their potential, having a blast all the while! All in all, the Alcovy Key Club is making new headways, showing others what the power of service can accomplish in our homes, schools, and communities!

Jonathan Swann (Secretary), Sara Hodge (President), Madison Beazley (General Member), Kennedy Carter (Vice President), Alishea Hight (Historian)

South Forsyth High School Ever since I was in 7th grade, it has been my dream to work at the UNICEF, however, my dreams began to develop further through a special experience. During a Haiti Mission Trip, my pastor mentioned that Haiti’s extreme hardships were not from the earthquake but from the lack of leadership in the country. From then, I no longer wanted to be only one of the employees of the UNICEF to analyze the ways to prioritize education but take a step further and implement efficient means in promoting leadership. Entering college, I am planning to major in International Relations. Through my studies, I hope to achieve a better understanding of how globalization has shaped each country and understand the different cultures and perspectives that each country holds. With the knowledge I acquire, it will aspire me to initiate new measures of promoting leadership for children in 3rd world countries. In the future I am planning to make, I envision all countries having their own Key Clubs and not only building their home, school and community but the world as well.

Lambert High School Every year a fair is held at Sharon Elementary School located here in the city of Suwanee, and at this fair we; the Lambert Key Club chapter volunteer and partake in several roles varying from advising the individual mini games and to making sure everyone has fun safely on the inflatable obstacle courses. This fair is mainly held for the young elementary students from Sharon elementary however that is not the limited age group. I personally worked at various stations as well as photographed our very own chapter for documentation. The Sharon fair is full of fun activities ranging from face paintings to a inflated obstacle course. Also many different types of foods are available like snow cones and pizza. Overall the Sharon fair is a great experience and offers so much to the young thriving students of Sharon elementary.

And Now A Few Words From The Georgia District Board!

Daniel Crum

Abigail Smith

My name is Daniel Crum, I am the Lt. Governor of Division 1 and I attend Landmark Christian School. I have had a passion for service for several years now and a favorite service project of mine has been tutoring elementary aged kids in a local housing project. I love it because, kids are full of joy and they want to learn, more so than we do at least, and no matter their circumstances they have a desire to learn. This year I have the opportunity of serving on the district board and I am incredibly excited about it. Erica Petz’s fantastic leadership as a lt. governor pushed me to drive for district board and because of her leadership in getting my division fully dues paid and active I am in a position to focus on club growth. Outside of service in Key Club I especially enjoy creating music. I also enjoy taking flights in my airplane, having the opportunity to experience the freedom birds have is an exhilarating experience.

This October has been very fun and service filled so far! Georgia Leadership Training conference was an extremely interesting and entertaining experience. From greeting Key clubbers with giant posters at the entrance to learning more about Key club as a whole, Georgia Leadership training conference was truly a blast. October is also the month for trick or treating for UNICEF. Even though my club has not yet trick or treated, it has been very fun to watch all of the excitement and anticipation for it. This year my club is trying a new approach. Last year we went different neighborhoods and went from door to door raising funds. This year we will be trick or treating at businesses instead. Members of my club have gone all around the community finding businesses that will allow us to set up “trick-or-treating” tables in front of their stores. Some of my home club members will also be attending our sponsoring Kiwanis Club’s meeting in costume. At the Kiwanis club meeting the Key clubbers will go to each table “trickor-treating”. Hopefully, these new approaches will raise even more funds than last year. I would highly encourage your club to go trick or treating for UNICEF. Your club can go door to door or try a more creative approach. Remember that the Eliminate project deadline is 2015, so it is really important to raise as much money as possible. Happy trick-or-treating!

Lt. Gov. of Division 1

Katlyn Greene Lt. Gov. of Division 2

International Convention was a blast! In Anaheim I met so many Key Clubbers that all had different personalities. Different districts had different things to recognize them by. I also meet Mickey Mouse at Disney Land! All the inspirational speakers were AMAZING! We listened to one during a luncheon and the food was great! Our district dinner was at this place called Fire and Ice which was so good that I went back their again before the trip had ended! I even got to watch Key Club politics take place during the House of Delegates. The biggest thing that happened there was a dues change (International changed to $7 GA District changed to $13.50). The best part about International Convention was getting closer to the people from the Georgia District. I made bonds there that will never be broken. After I left the airport to go home I started to miss everyone right away and came down with what is called Post-ICON Depression. This trip went further than, a trip to a zoo, a lot of food, the dances at International Convention, and wake up calls before the roosters are up. It was an experience of a life time that I will never forget because of the friends I made and the people I met. You can count on me being at International Convention next year and if you were iffy about going this year I hope you go next that way I can meet yet another amazing Key Clubber or Adviser.

Lt. Gov. of Division 3

Jennifer Bruce Lt. Gov. of Division 6

With Halloween just around the corner, so is Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF! You can order your boxes now so get out there and raise money for the Eliminate Project! Also, on September 27, 2014, we held the Georgia Leadership Training Conference at Six Flags. This was my second year attending this event and I must say it gets better each time. I had a great time meeting with all of you and riding rides afterward. Our Keynote speaker this year was Kimyung Kim and he was very motivating and funny. After the general session, officers and advisors received their training. Afterwards, we all went down to a pavilion and grubbed out on some good food. Our Lieutenant Governors then had a Divisional Council Meeting. Another event that is coming soon is Key Club Week! Key Club Week is the first week in November. Monday is Show Your K in Every Way: wear Key Club shirts and teach others about Key Club and how great it is, Tuesday is Kudos to the Key Players: Key Club would be nothing without its great members, officers, and advisors, so thank them! Wednesday is Connect the Ks: Work with the other K-Family members in your area and make a difference in your community. This is also a great way to strengthen your clubs relationship with the Kiwanians, Circle K-ers, and Builders Club. Thursday is Bring a Friend to Key Club: Invite and bring some friends to participate in meetings and projects. This is a great way to get prospective members to join your club. Friday is Your Way Friday: This is your chance to come up with an activity that fits your club and community to ensure your members and school has fun!This November, show others how fun Key Club is and participate in Key Club Week. Who knows, maybe you’ll gain several new members also! Join up with your other local K-families to reach out to a bigger crowd and really make a difference.

Benjamin Coon Lt. Gov. of Division 7

Summer is nearing to a close I know we all have work that we need to get done. Last minute homework and activities to do with friends are things we love to cram in at the end. I hope you guys have spent your summer wisely and that you guys will be very productive over the school year as well, especially with volunteering for Key Club. This past month I had the pleasure of going to the Key Club International Convention and had the chance to spend time with some amazing people. Being able to learn from great speakers like Chris Bashinelli and do workshops with friends as well as other Key Clubbers from around the world. I am already planning on trying to save up to go again next year because of how much I was able to learn. Although, it wasn’t just business. I got to go around Disney Land with the other District Board Members and make memories with people that I will not forget. In all honesty, when we all talked about having something we called post-ICON depression, I took it as a joke but I really do miss everyone that was on the trip and I hope to meet new and old people next year!

Sarah Snyder Lt. Gov. of Division 8

At the 2014 Georgia Leadership Training Conference at Six Flags, the District Board was provided a chance to come in personal contact with the Key Clubbers of Georgia. We included a presentation session that included vital information about Project Eliminate and Georgia Sherriff Youth Homes; our major emphasis and district project that many Key Clubbers have very little information about. We also discussed District Convention and the branches of the Kiwanis Family. Overall, the attendees received thorough information that is necessary for a successful year. After the main event, I gathered my district to eat lunch together, providing me with a chance to hold a Divisional Council Meeting. I emphasized importance of dues and involvement in the major emphasis and district projects, I also provided tips for fundraising and getting in contact with sponsoring Kiwanis Clubs. I really understood the importance of personal contact with your division when I befriended and discussed positions and other Key Club issues in a one on one conversation with a president of one of the clubs. It was inspiring to meet such enthusiastic leaders in my division and to know that I have willing members. The rollercoasters seemed to provide the least excitement of the day, because I had a successful meeting with my division.

Joshua Williams Lt. Gov. of Division 9

The Georgia Leadership Training Conference came and past, and for those of you that were there you know it was so much fun! Opening session was awesome with Key Harmony™, and from the looks of it everyone was talking a ton and hopefully making new friends from other Key Clubs. Afterwards, a lot was discussed about the structure and Key Club and the duties of its state AND club officers, information that proves invaluable to current and upcoming officers. Following the general session, all the clubs present broke up into their respective divisions and got to go through a one-on-one meeting with their LTG. It was an extremely personable experience and everyone I met was fired up about Key Club and genuinely fun people. I can only hope that everyone I talked to picked up the same vibe from me, because sitting through GLTC last year as a club secretary, I knew how much it meant to me when Michelle Lewis, my LTG last year, came up to me and spoke to me personally. I really hope that by talking to everyone I was able to speak to was as fired up by me as

I was by everyone who was there, rallying together under Key Club to build our home, schools, and communities. The 2014 Georgia Leadership Training Conference was just as personal and exciting for me as it was the first time I went, and although I won’t be around for the next one, I really hope that all the amazing people I met build the Georgia Key Club and its events like GLTC into something bigger, better, and more awesome than anyone could ever expect out of us as Key Clubbers.

Luke Schneider Lt. Gov. of Division 10

Georgia Leadership Training Conference was a success in my book. Tons of people came and every single person there had a smile or more during the event and after the left. I just know it in my heart. It was very informative and a lot was learned. It seemed like all the Key Clubbers were having a good time. I know I was. We all gathered early in the morning outside Six Flags to get energized and pumped up. It definitely worked. Once we got into the actual park, we were screaming and ready for a great opening session. We heard many speakers talk about the many different levels of Key Club and everything that this wonderful club stands for. We then heard a phenomenal speaker who took the roof with an inspirational speech and rapped about the coolest things. It was moving yet interesting and fun. We then proceeded to go eat and start the divisional training meetings. I know Division 10’s was fun and we are all planning to meet for another dcm very soon. The food was very good also. The chicken was extremely tasty and the drinks, refreshing. I know it was very enjoyable. The attendance at Georgia Leadership Training Conference was outstanding. There were over 300 people there which seemed like a ton which was very good news. After the DCMs, the Key Clubbers were free to peruse around wherever they wanted within the park. Tons of rides were rode and lots was learned. It was truly an educational, fun, learning, and just all around great day for Key Clubbers around Georgia.

Raiven Harris Lt. Gov. of Division 11

International Convention was a blast! From the trips to Disneyland, the thrilling rides and the incredible food to the glamorous stores, thousands of Key Clubbers and the laid back atmosphere, the experience was ineffable. Among the most electrifying experiences was pin trading. Nowhere else will you find so many teenagers get so excited for a pin! Not only were the Key Clubbers excited about pins, but they were also charged about serving the community. Through a number of workshops, many of the attendees learned about creative ways to serve not only local communities, but also communities around the world. I attended a Rustic Pathways workshop and discovered that I could travel to various countries for service. I was also able to meet members of largest student-led service organization from places like the Caribbean, Hawaii, Indiana, and New York. The students were very unique, but we all had one thing in common, an undying passion for service and a club that makes serving the community incredibly fun, Key Club. However, The International Convention was not all fun and games. One of the least exciting adventures that we embarked was a House of Delegates session that seemed to go on forever. We were all troopers though! Overall, the experience seemed to be synonymous to the amazing feeling that we all experience when we join Key Club. We are able to meet people who are just like us, and establish amazing bonds with people who get extremely enthusiastic about service and the organization that unites us all, Key Club.

Ashley Harold Lt. Gov. of Division 12

Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF is the most lucrative project that the Key Club does to contribute to the Eliminate Project. It’s also a fun and creative way to fundraise during the spookiest month of the year, October. Kiwanis Family Day this past September was a blast. There was a huge turnout of Circle K students at the Georgia Tech vs. Georgia Southern Game at Bobby Dodd Stadium. The food was catered by Sonny’s and was absolutely delicious and there were some tailgating games there for people to play as we waited for the game to start. It was also a great game to watch. Georgia Leadership Training Conference was also a very fun event held at Six Flags over Georgia this past September. There was the general session, club officer training, and another great lunch with some Divisional Council Meetings. The rest of the day was spent riding roller coasters and enjoying our time with our friends. I would like to highlight Ringgold High School for turning in their officer information and Ms. Dia Johnson, the Sonoraville High School Adviser, for answering the most “Questions-of-the-Month”. This month Division 12 will be participating in the North Georgia Divisional Council Meeting to be held at Stone Mountain with many other divisions in the Metro Atlanta Area. I look forward to all of the progress we will make this year!

Emma Johnson Lt. Gov. of Division 13

Hey awesome Key Clubbers! I hope everyone had an awesome summer of service and fun! As summer comes to an end, it’s time to buckle down focus on school, and serving your community. I know I had an awesome summer full of fun, new friends, service, and attending our international convention in the sunny Anaheim, California. The Georgia District took over forty people to ICON 2014, and it’s safe to say we had a blast! Not only did get to explore sunny California, but we also raised over one thousand dollars for the Georgia Sheriffs’ Youth Homes, by selling Key Club sunglasses! I was amazed at how much our district can do in just one day! I really enjoyed my time at ICON, because I got to see how many students just like us care about their community, and want to make a change in the world. I learned that there are so many things that we, as highs school students can do to change the world! It may be planting a garden, raising money for the Eliminate Project, or simply holding the door for someone, you can affect the world with your actions everyday! With that being said, get out there and change the world, Georgia Key Clubbers!

Bella Kim Lt. Gov. of Division 14

Georgia Leadership Training Conference was a success this year! During the Conference, Key Clubbers had the opportunity to learn more about Key Club, our district, district events and their specific jobs as officers. Division 14 had their own Divisional Council Meeting after the conference. For the Divisional Council Meeting, there was a mini quiz bowl on the Key Club facts mentioned throughout the Conference. As Halloween is approaching, Lambert High School will be implementing a more efficient way to gather funds for Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF. Instead of knocking on the door and asking for change at the spot, Lambert High School decided to distribute flyers the day before Halloween to inform their neighbors beforehand. The flyers were made by Mina Jeong, a Key Clubber, who thought that flyers could inform people more about Eliminate Project.

Kayla Hopkins Lt. Gov. of Division 15

During the summer of 2014 I had the privilege to attend International Convention with the Georgia District. It was honestly the most amazing experience a Key Clubber could ask for. The convention was full of life and so many different people. I was able to talk to people from around the world (Jamaica being one of them) and bask in the Key Club Glory. In the midst of the convention I learned different way to inform and recruit people for Key Club. There were so many different workshops to go to and learn from but it would’ve been better if we had a little bit more time to have our meals. However, the best part in my opinion would have to be the events that happened before the actual convention. The Georgia Delegation started off in San Diego, made our way to Hollywood and ended our California travels in Anaheim. I personally loved Anaheim the best. Going to places like Disneyland and having the freedom to walk and explore the area around us made the trip so much more fun. In all, the International Convention helped to bring us as a board a lot closer and motivated us all in different ways. It opened our eyes to things we never knew about and taught us that we can truly make a difference. That’s what Key Club is all about; working together, building relationships, and having knowledge about the differences we can make throughout the world.

Committee Time!

District Projects Chair

Mina Jeong

The District Project Committee has been working to apply for grants and trying to advertise the Georgia Sheriffs’ Youth Homes. In august, a few of the District Board members including committee members visited the Cherokee Estate and Mountainview campus to film a promotional video for the new project, “Foundation for Education.” The Cherokee Estate campus is a campus for girls. It had buildings for housing throughout the vast campus as well as a barn, gym, chapel and a learning center that Key Clubbers in the past years have built for the residents. It was amazing to see the friendly home and the impact Key Clubbers had made. When we visited the Mountainview campus next, the disparity between the campuses was evident. First of all, the Mountainview campus is an all-boys campus. The campus itself was also very small and only had one building. The building had a living room, a kitchen, a game room and a hallway of rooms for the residents to sleep in. At the end of the tight hall was a small room. The small room is the current study room. When seven of us all walked into the room, the room felt completely full. The situation made us realize the Learning Center was imperative. Along with the formal project video, Key Clubbers from different schools took part in creating another video! More information about the project progress as well as fundraising ideas and award opportunities will be sent through the Lieutenant governors’ newsletters so please look out for more information there as well!

District Events Chair

Hallie Smith

Hey Key Clubbers! I hope you all are having a fantastic year of service thus far! The District Events committee has been hard at work setting up this year’s big district events. Georgia Leadership Training Conference at Six Flags went really well. For those of you who attended, you learned all about upcoming events, contests, projects and more, as well as listen to a motivational speaker and ride plenty of fun rides! Speaking of upcoming events, I know District Convention seems a little far off, but it’s never too early to start fundraising! We want everyone who wants to go, to be able to go. There are a ton of great opportunities at District Convention for all Key Clubbers such as informative workshops, contests and scholarship opportunities, fun sessions, and a chance to meet Key Clubber from all over Georgia! Each year, the District Convention has a fun service minded theme, for example, this past District Convention was titled ‘Surfing through Service’. While I can’t yet tell you what this year’s theme is, I can tell you that it will definitely be a weekend that you won’t want to miss. For more information on District Convention or other District Events, please visit the Georgia Key Club website! I hope to see you all in Athens, Georgia, for our 70th annual Georgia District Key Club Convention!

Public Relations Chair

Vanessa Boone

The Public Relations committee of the Georgia District of Key Club International is in the process of creating new content for many new things! We’ve been discussing promotion of upcoming district events, such as Kiwanis Family Day and Georgia Leadership Training Conference. The committee discussed new things for this year including recongnizing a Club of the Month, a social media scavenger hunt promoting The Eliminate Project, and promotion for The Key Ring. We’ve also discussed releasing information through the district’s social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) and the website. Many of the members on the Public Relations committee attended the 2014 Key Club International Convention held in Anaheim, California from July 2nd through July 6th. Workshops were available throughout the convention to help build leadership skills and give information members could take back to their districts, divisions, and clubs. With social media being a large part of the committee’s tasks, committee members were able to attend many of the social media and public relations related workshops. As committee chair, I attended as many of these workshops as possible including “Get the word out: Best practices for sharing your message”, “Social media for your club: What works and what doesn’t”, and “Make your materials pop!”. We were given the opportunity to learn about correctly using social media, graphic standards, the root of communication, and practical ways to share messages. Interna-

Kiwanis Family Chair

Annalise Barron

Hello everyone, the Kiwanis Family Committee has been very busy these past couple of months. We just had our 2nd annual Kiwanis Family Day at the Georgia Tech vs. Georgia Southern Game. Four hundred and twenty five individuals bought tickets to the game, while around 125 individuals enjoyed a delicious tailgate meal before the game. We greatly appreciate all those who participated! As of now, all board members should have been in contact with their assigned Kiwanis “buddies” and everyone is keeping each other as to what each member of the Kiwanis Family is doing or planning on doing. Since the Kiwanis board is changing soon, my committee will be assigning new “buddies” to each board member in order to keep up with the monthly contact! As Key Club Week is approaching I encourage all clubs to contact their sponsoring Kiwanis Clubs to plan at least one joint Kiwanis/ Key Club service project during the week. The goal of the Kiwanis Family Committee is to increase communication between all members of the Kiwanis Family and I feel that we have accomplished those goals so far. Yet I still encourage everyone to put forth every possible effort to stay in touch with their sponsoring Kiwanis Club. I also continue to encourage all Key Clubs to sponsor a local K-Kids or Builders Club. These younger groups of people provide an excellent resource of future Key Club members. They all look up to all of us and we need to set a good example for them and their futures. I hope the rest of this year continues to run smoothly and hope we will be able to accomplish many more things in the Kiwanis Family!

Policies and Contests Chair

Emma Matthews

The Contests and Policies Committee has already finished revising the district awards, scholarships, and contest forms, along with drafting two new contests: the t-shirt and quiz bowl contests. All of these contest forms can now be found on our district website (, so I would suggest that clubs take a look at these forms and start preparing their entries. Now my committee and I are working on how to publicize these contests and we have also transitioned into reading and editing the Georgia District Bylaws and Policies. These documents are basically the rules that govern our district, so it’s important that we continue to revise them every year. This ensures they always reflect the actions and values of the Georgia District.

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Georgia Sherrif’s Youth Homes The Georgia District of Key Club International is starting a new project with the Georgia Sheriffs’ Youth homes for the 2014- 2015 year. The money raised by the Georgia District starting with the 201415 Key Club year will go towards building a new Education Center at the Mountainview campus in Chatsworth, Georgia. Each club is asked to raise at least $400 for the District Project so that the $25,000 district goal may not only be reached but exceeded. It is the hope that each club will work to overachieve and raise as much as possible.

Georgia District Convention The 2015 Georgia District Key Club Convention will be held in Athens, Ga. March 20-22, 2015. Key Club members from throughout the state will come together at the convention to elect new officers, update Key Club policies, attend educational workshops and take part in informative and entertaining sessions. Key Club members will also be recognized at the event for outstanding service during the 2014-2015 service year.

Save The Date! Registration

Registration for the 2015 Convention will open on December 1, 2014.

There will also be numerous contests, Registration for the service fair will be availawards and scholarships awarded at the convention. All Key Clubs and able in January, 2015. members in good standing are eliAll meals Friday dinner through Sunday gible for these contests. breakfast, with the exception of Saturday lunch, are included with the student and District convention offers members an incredible opportunity for an un- adult/chaperone registration fees. forgettable weekend of service, education, leadership and fun. If paying for registration by check, payment must be postmarked by Feb. 24, 2015. Cost to attend is $245 per member.

See You at Georgia District Convention!

Some information on the Youth Opportunities Fund... The Youth Opportunities Fund (YOF) is an endowed fund for Key Club International held within the Kiwanis International Foundation. This fund uses earned interest to help Key Clubs and Key Club members serve the world by providing grants for service opportunities. The fund also provides academic scholarships for higher education. The Youth Opportunities Fund is established through a portion of your Key Club International dues and through the purchase of G. Harold Martin Fellowships.


YOF grants can help you take action. Look around and identify the things that need to get done in your school, community or world.

Project Ideas for Children’s Miracle Network -Key Club members can participate in service projects at their local children’s hospital in the following ways: Stalling for Spare Change: The more money the school raises, the longer class is stalled for that day. So classes will be delayed 1 second for every $.50 raised. If the school raises $1,000, that is 2,000 seconds (33 minutes and 33 seconds). -Music Lessons for Miracles: Kids thatcan play certain instruments offer to teach other students for a donation to the hospital.

-Fashion Show/Auction: Get clothes donated by students, families, etc. (like prom dresses, or even regular clothes) and have patients from hospitals model them. Another version of this could be a “Men’s Fashion Show.”

March of Dimes A preffered charity of Key Club since 1978

-Movies for Miracles: Host a movie night in the gym or on the football field. You can’t require tickets or donations for the movie (copyright laws), however you can ask for donations and/or sell concessions for cash. A school could also do a movie making contest where each entry pays an entrance fee and then attendees are judges

Contact the GA District Brad Malone

Steve Shin

Rushir Parikh

District Administrator

District Governor

District Bulletin Editor

Georgia District Convention March 20-22, 2014

Athens, GA

Editor Sign-Off Hey there Key Clubbers, As the school year begins I would like to take a moment and remind you that you haven’t signed up for just any club. You’ve signed up for a club that truly cares, and has cared for the past 89 years, about service, dedication, leadership, oppurtunity, and most of all - inclusiveness. We’ve all had our ups and downs, but our duty as Key Clubbers is not let the ups and downs affect those around us, because as Key Clubbers our sole responsibility is to our ensure that our homes, schools, and communties, remain a place where people are safe, where people are treated like family. Let’s make this a great year for the Georgia District of Key Club International. Yours in service, Rushir Parikh District Bulletin Editor 182 Riley Avenue - Suite A Macon, Georgia 31204 | Tel: (678)-753-4-KCI (524) | Fax: (478)-474-3647 |

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Key Ring November 2014