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Governor’s Address


ello, I’m Tyler Lawson Jones, the Georgia District Governor for the 2015-2016 year. I want to thank you all for both attending District Convention and for choosing me to serve in the position of District Governor for the upcoming year. I am pleased to serve the Georgia District at a new capacity. I want to encourage you to start the Key Club year out by communicating with the district board, fundraising for both the Georgia Sheriff Youth Homes and the Eliminate Project, and preparing to stay involved as the year comes to an end and preparing to prepare for next year with the election of new of-

ficers and making plans to attend the district’s upcoming Georgia Leadership Training Conference at Six Flags Over Georgia and our upcoming District Convention in Norcross, Georgia. Feel free to contact any member of the Georgia District Board, because we are all happy to help at any time and we are happy to hear from you, and I hope that in the upcoming month, you will remember to make caring your way of life.

Thank You, Tyler L. Jones

Treasurer D

ues are a very important aspect to the Georgia District. I have set a goal of increasing dues paid clubs and early bird dues by 10%, however I would like to accomplish 100% dues paid clubs. Early bird dues need to be in by November 1, 2015 and ALL dues need to be in by December 1, 2015. Do not for get dues will be $15 this year. Please help accomplish this years goals with me and yet your clubs dues in! Katylin Green

Secretary Annalise Barron

Top Tips for Club Secretaries

Always be prepared and on time. Being prepared and on time is a crucial element for any secretary. As a secretary it is your job to take attendance on who shows up to meetings as well as take minutes over the meetings about what your club discussed and accomplished during that specific meeting. Coming in on time ensures that no information is missed that should be included in your minutes. Ensure your minutes are detailed and accurate. When taking you minutes it is important to be accurate with the information discussed. One good way to ensure your minutes are accurate is by creating an outline of the minutes during the meeting. This will help you ensure that the main topics of your meeting are properly documented and in order. Another way to ensure accurate minutes would be by recording the meeting on a voice recorder so you can listen to them later when typing up your final minutes. Be prepared to recall information from past meetings. Always be prepared to answer questions that may arise regarding what was discussed at past meeting. Make sure your club has submitted club dues and officer information. As a secretary it is your responsibility to make sure your club submits officer information and turns in their dues on time. Don’t Procrastinate! As a secretary you have many responsibilities and tasks you must accomplish throughout the year. In order to not fall behind it is crucial that you don’t procrastinate on getting your minutes done. On all tasks your club assigns you, complete them in a timely manor. This prevents getting stacked up with a bunch of work that is due all at the same time.a Have fun!!! Always remember that you are an important part of Key Club, which is all about service and leadership. Your main goal as a Key Clubber is to strive to make a difference in your home, schools, and community. Always remember: Caring, Our Way of Life!

• • • • •


DIVISION Paige Overmyer

In January, my home club visited Books for Africa and sorted out thousands of books that were going to be shipped to African countries for children to read. It was a giant warehouse with a plethora of books of all shapes and sizes; we would sort them into piles on our cart with a partner then distribute them into big stacks to be packaged and later shipped. Before placing the books in their appropriate section, we would check the copyright date and the status of its well keeping. There were books for everyone--college textbooks, high school novels, and even children

workbooks. It was eye-opening to see that the books I touched would soon be on the way to children on another continent and be read and enjoyed by them. The leaders of the cooperation who showed us what to do were so friendly, it was altogether an open and fun environment. I would definitely go back and volunteer at Books for Africa again. For our first visit, we even got to take home some souvenirs! I brought home an awesome psychology textbook and photography technique guide.


DIVISION Emily Clement

Because I come from an extremely small town with only one high school, almost every service project turns into a community wide event. Harris County’s Relay for Life is no exception. Relay for Life happens every year in the spring and is my community’s largest events every year. Any local business, church, school, or organization is encouraged to participate. My home Key Club, Harris County High School, in division 2, has participated by selling pretzels to raise money, helped out selling concessions for other vendors, and contributed to the set up and clean up.

The event recognizes the lives affected by cancer within my community, and while the event is very sentimental and serious, it is also meant to be a lot of fun. There is food, music, bounce houses, and even “jail” from six in the evening until midnight. Overall, the event raises thousands of dollars that benefit the American Cancer Society, and my Key Club alone raises at least two hundred dollars from pretzels. Relay for Life is definitely an event everyone within my community looks forward to every year.


DIVISION Haley Davidson

Southwest Georgia Homeschool Association (SWGHA) Key Club partnered with our sponsoring Kiwanis club for a fantastic joint service project on Kiwanis One Day. Along with other members of the community, the clubs worked together to build a pollinator garden that is the beginning of a process to beautify the local Riverwalk Trail. Through teamwork, the volunteers completed the garden in just three hours. The project would have taken days to complete if our community had not come together to serve for the ultimate enjoyment of everyone in the city.



Kiwanis One Day was a great experience for our club; it was hard work that turned into something beautiful. This was a wonderful, enriching way for our school’s club to interact with and collaborate with our sponsors at the Kiwanis Club of Doughtery County.


DIVISION Leslie Hodnett

I’m a member of the Tift County High School’s Key Club, located in division four. Our Key Club often partners up with our local YMCA for service opportunities during the year. This year a few other members and I volunteered to help the YMCA with their annual Father Daughter Dance. They had us doing many different things like: decorating the ball room before the dance, handing the girls tiaras and bracelets when they came in, cleaning up plates, helping out with raffle drawings, face painting, and more! It was different from any other volunteer project I had ever done, because they asked all the volunteers and workers to dress up really nice,

which I wasn’t used to because you typically wear your Key Club T-shirt, but not to this one they had us wear dresses and heels. Overall it was a very enjoyable evening. Serving at the Father Daughter Dance was my favorite thing our Key Club has participated in all year, because when I saw the smiles on those little girls faces when they were out there with their father’s, I knew that those smiles wouldn’t have been accomplished without the help of Key Club and it made me feel good to be a part of an organization that brought people joy like we did that night.

DIVISION Grace Chung

This year in Tallulah Falls School, students in KeyClub International including myself had a lot of fun doing different projects throughout the year. One of the most fun events we participated was 5K Zombie Run at Old Clarksville mill in Clarksville, GA. The Zombie Run is a Clarksville Kiwanis Club sponsored event, and it was our second year to be there—and of course, we had a lot of fun disguising as gross-looking zombies and scaring the runners, trying to steal the flags tied on their waist. By putting zombie-makeups on each other and by playing as zombies there, our KeyClubbers had an opportunity to have a great bonding time as well. Another big thing we had this year was Project Linus, which we had been doing since 2012. It is basically hand-making cute, awesome blankets (by putting two different ones together) after school for critically ill children. The good thing about this project was that everybody could participate whenever, including right after school. KeyClubbers who

6 were not able to devote their time donated new blankets or fleece, or even money that we could buy some more blankets with to make this project successful. Last thing that I would like to talk about is the United Way Funfest. Each year, our KeyClub have been volunteered to run booths at the Funfest. A lot of students volunteered again this year to be there to run booths such as dying children’s hair with hair-tint or running small games. Likewise, TFS KeyClub had such an enthusiastic year with many motivated students. Spots for volunteering events or trips filled up very fast, and students who got to participate as a part of KeyClub were very pleased with it. We are looking forward to having another amazing year with more fun events with more volunteers!


DIVISION Yazan Bouchi

Peachtree Ridge from Division 7 loves to be involved and supportive of its local Kiwanis Family on a regular basis, whenever it can get to. On Saturday, April 18, 2015, Peachtree Ridge High school went out and gave Kiwanis family a hand with their newly adopted roads by removing litter along the roads, and maintaining the best shape possible for them. At Peachtree Ridge, we hold this event every month for our members to participate in so we can not only clean and support the community we inhabit, but to bond with, and join with our local Kiwanis family, let them know we mean to sup-

port them, and put out the biggest helping hand we can afford to offer. The project we take part in is very similar to the Gwinnett Clean and beautiful incentive projects that nonprofit organizations to take part in, but still separate, and works hand in hand with Kiwanis Family. Adopt-a-road is one of many projects we do at our Key Club in Peachtree Ridge High school, and we encourage you to go out and show your local Kiwanis family some love in a way where you can positively impact your community at the same time, just like we did.


DIVISION Hannah Briones

The mission for March of Dimes is to support families that have either lost a child due to prematurity, or for the families who currently have a child struggling with prematurity, either before birth or after. Companies and families came together on Saturday, April 18th 2015, to show support towards those struggling. As well as participating, many of the walkers donated a minimum of $250 to receive a t-shirt. Many people assembled Saturday morning to participate in the activities that were run by several volunteers from Piedmont Hospital Fayette, Division 8 Key Club chapters, Publix, Kiwanis International Club, as well as several other small organizations. This years main contributor to March for Babies was Panasonic, but other sponsors include Piedmont Hospital Fayette, Children’s Hospital of Atlanta, Southern Crescent Women’s Healthcare, The Bank of Georgia, PTC Combat Fitness, Baby’s First Expression 3D4D Ultrasound, and Publix. Not only did these companies just sponsor the march, but they also had activities for the walkers. Publix brought cookies, hot dogs, and waters for the walkers to eat after the walk. Piedmont had a very sentimental activity called the Memorial Garden where people either made flowers or butterflies with a name tag hanging off

of them, then planted into the “memorial garden” in remembrance of a child who was lost. As my home club, Sandy Creek High School Key Club, each participating individual raised $5.00 to go towards the foundation. Before the walk began, participants from Sandy Creek volunteered giving out cookies with Publix, or helping with the “Memorial Garden.” As a club we decided that some of our volunteers should stay back and help during the walk. So in result of that, two others, including myself, went on the 3 mile walk along with the many families in support of March for Babies. Although it was a long day participating in the March for Babies walk, my chapter was able to not only bond with each other and grow closer as a club, but we were also able to communicate and unite as one with the other people and companies that gather with us.



This past October, the Atlanta Action Center of CRY America (Child Rights and You) hosted their first annual 3K walk. The national organization is driven by its view of child equality in which all children, especially those in third-world developing countries, have opportunities to develop to their full potential without disturbances such as lack of nutrition, shelter, and education. In the Fall of 2014, Peachtree Ridge High School Key Club proudly partnered up with the Atlanta Action Center of CRY America to ensure that the basic rights of education, health care, and protection from child abuse are restored to underprivileged, all throughout the world. In mid-October, the organization hosted their first 3K to raise awareness for child rights where

several schools all throughout the county showed support by attending the walk. With the help of Key Club members and their enthusiasm for creating a change, Peachtree Ridge Key Club was awarded as the high school with the highest attendance with over 30 Key Clubbers. The turnout was truly tremendous, with over $3,250 raised towards supporting children’s rights. Peachtree Ridge Key Clubbers are indeed representing what Key Club stands for: leadership, character building, caring, and inclusiveness.


DIVISION Rebecca Braun

The Induction Ceremony at Chestatee High School in March was unique. First, snow had kept our club from meeting for about a month, and when we finally met, we didn’t know how many students would be able to attend. For the first time, we shared our Induction Ceremony with National Honors Society, because it built a great connection between the two clubs and we shared a speaker who had been in both Key Club and National Honors Society during his time at Chestatee High School. The food that is provided by Key Club members at our Induction Ceremony is usually sold in a Key Club bake sale, however this year, time constraints kept us from planning a bake sale. We will definitely do this next year. At the ceremony, our Key Club advisor introduced the first time members and they all received a Key Club International pin and personalized certificate.

Our officers also ran for next year’s positions of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Editor. The officers gave speeches, and to conclude the ceremony each member had the chance to vote on the positions of office. Our club now has three seniors in office and two freshman, which I think is a great balance for the club’s future, because each of us has different experiences and will bring fresh and creative ideas to the table! All of us are excited to work with our club members and those of clubs around us in this coming year. Yours in Service, Rebecca Braun


DIVISION Morgan Patterson

Key Clubbers at Harrison High School often enjoy volunteering with the Horizon League at the local special needs park in Acworth. The Horizon League creates an environment of inclusion that provides the opportunity to participate in athletic events to children and young adults with developmental and physical disabilities such as Autism, Down’s syndrome, and Cerebral Palsy. When Harrison Key Clubbers sign up to volunteer at a game, they are assigned to a player and assist them with batting, pitching, and running the bases. The program not only helps the kids develop better social skills, but it also aids in improving their basic motor skills through simple

activities like learning how to maneuver the baseball bat and running the bases. “Volunteering here at the special needs park is extremely rewarding,” says Morgan Patterson, a member of Harrison’s Key Club for two years. “It makes my day to see the players smiling and having the time of their lives out on the field.” Harrison’s Key Club has decided to challenge clubs across the state to join in on the fun by volunteering at their local special needs park or creating a special needs baseball team if there is not already one in their area.


DIVISION Hailey Swilley

Relay for Life Every year in small town Calhoun our county fair host the Relay for Life of Gordon County. This is an event that really brings our community to support and remember those who have battled or are currently battling cancer. Relay for Life is an event full of remembrance, food, fun, music, love, and hope. My home Key Club at Sonoraville High School participate in setting up and bringing together this event. Our Key Club travels to our county’s fair ground, and begin working as soon as we arrive. We set up banners, set out the tribune bags, organize meal, and help sponsors set up their booths. We stay throughout the whole event. The tribune bags are bags put together for remembrance on family and friends lost in their fight against cancer. These bags really show the love and respect these families have for their lost ones. The bags are set out around the campground in a large area for everyone to view. There is a Survivors Lap and Caregiver’s Lap every year.

During the Survivors Lap upbeat music plays while all the cancer survivors at the event take a lap around the fairgrounds. Next is the Caregiver’s Lap, this lap is for everyone who has cared for someone with cancer. The Survivors and Caregivers are cheered for, celebrated, and honored throughout their entire walk. Key Club members distribute food to survivors, caregivers, and their families during the dinner sponsored by Gordon Hospital. This dinner is the time is for the survivors and caregivers to sit back and enjoy a nice dinner while enjoying the company of other survivors and caregivers. Relay for Life is full of laughs, tears, cheers, and a loving community coming together. This event is a fun celebration of those who have battled cancer. Not only does this event celebrate those who have battled with cancer, Relay for Life brings a loving community together, and inspires hope for those currently battling with cancer.


DIVISION Emmie Landford

While the school year is coming to a close, Division 13 of the Georgia District of Key Club International is still as productive as ever with a special spotlight on the Key Club of Glynn Academy. The Glynn Academy Key Club has begun three major fundraisers for the Georgia District Project: Georgia Sheriffs’ Youth Homes. The district’s goal is to raise $27,000 by March of 2016, and the Glynn Academy Key Club has kicked off the fundraising year with a great start! The club’s largest fundraiser for this organization is the first annual Glynn Academy Teacher Talent Show. This event will be hosted in late April with all proceeds going to Georgia Sheriffs’ Youth Homes. The idea

is to showcase the school’s talented teachers in an event that is fun for both faculty and students while raising both money and awareness for the district project. Several teachers have shown an immense amount of interest with even the school’s principal wanting to get involved! Silly MCs will take the stage and explain the cause to kick off the show, and the teachers will be judged and ranked on their performance with prizes awarded to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners. The first annual Glynn Academy Teacher Talent Show is expected to be an enormous hit on both the entertainment and fundraising sides of the scale.


DIVISION Minyoung Kim

Every year, Lambert High School organizes a special service project called, “Kiss A Senior Goodbye”. The goal of the project is to simultaneously wish the best of luck for a bright future to graduating seniors and raise funds and awareness for other important service projects. With the necessary materials, candy roses consisting of two Hershey kisses are handmade by our own Key clubbers and sold in dozens for $10. Friends and families of students going off to college excitedly buy these fun, delectable roses to express their sincere farewells and best wishes. The resulting sum of money is then divided into thirds to support 3 great causes. One third of the proceeds goes towards supporting the Eliminate Project, a Key club-sponsored fundraiser aimed to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus. The other third is used to provide funds for the most recent project initiated by Georgia District Key Club, Georgia Sheriffs’ Youth Homes, where the

money will be raised to go towards building a new Education Center at the Mountainview campus in Chatsworth, Georgia. Last but not least, the remaining funds go to Lambert Key Club to support Key clubbers wanting to attend District Convention, an event that will nurture and develop Lambert’s Key Clubbers into impressive servant leaders. Annually, the project is a huge success. The fundraiser sold 1917 roses and brought in $1,614 last year alone; the proceeds made a tremendous contribution to other service projects as mentioned. The service project not only has an impact on the local community through the sentimental meaning of the roses for graduating seniors, but it also brings about positive changes on a larger scale through funding of other service projects aimed to assist the public at large


DIVISION Alex Martinez

Pancakes on Pancakes For decades, there has been a tradition in my small town, Griffin, GA, that has become a local holiday for all of us who have grown up here. It’s not a parade or a fair or a party, it’s pancakes. Pancake Day has existed in Griffin since our grandparents were young. It’s simple; come to the Kiwanis Club in Griffin to get unlimited free pancakes from six in the morning until two in the afternoon. Citizens of all ages from Griffin come to get their free heaping pile of pancakes and sausage early on a February Saturday morning. But Pancake day does more than just fill you up for free, it creates the perfect opportunity for our city to come together as a community. Every Kiwanis member takes part in it somehow; whether it be flipping pancakes, cleaning tables, refilling syrup, or brewing coffee. Although it’s fun to eat pancakes until you can’t anymore, my favorite part of Pancake Day is volunteering to do my part as well. As a member of Key Club at Spalding High School, I have the opportunity to work alongside Kiwanians of Griffin

to serve free pancakes to our community. I usually arrive as early as possible to help set up (which is harder than it sounds). But the best part by far is to talk to people from Griffin as I refill their coffee, get them another serving, or just when I come to tell them thanks for coming. It may not be one of those service projects that helps the poor or the needy, but it is a service project that draws the community together. Even my parents and grandparents have always participated in Pancake Day, and I have come to see it as a tradition as well. It is an event that has become a holiday for most in my town, and it has something that has made Griffin more into a community, one pancake at a time.

Major Emphasis Committee Chair Amanda Lang See the Eliminate Project Page for more info

District Events Committee Chair Andrew McGraw


ello! I am Andrew McGraw, the District Events Chair for the 20152016 Term! As the name implies, the District Events Committee is responsible for planning, creating, and debating (mostly the last one, especially what color dresses to wear at GADCON) to put on all of the events our Key Clubbers attend! The committee got straight to work and quickly decided on our top-secret convention theme for GADCON 2016! This year, we have big goals and plans; all of which point to giving Key Clubbers the best experience they’ve ever had, and to show everyone that there is no better Key Club than the Georgia District! After ICON in Indianapolis, our committee will be in full swing, working to create the best Georgia Leadership Training Conference possible. This year, the GLTC will be held at Six Flags over Georgia on August 22nd, 2015. I look forward to meeting you all there, and seeing you again at the Georgia District Convention in Norcross!

Public Relationships Committee Chair Abigail Smith I was extremely honored to be appointed as the public relations chair this year. Hopefully, the public relations committee will help the Georgia Key Club District touch more lives not only through social media, but also through many other outlets. This year we have several goals as a committee. One of our main goals is to help promote the #my375 campaign online. Georgia Sheriffs Youth Homes is such a great organization that affects so many different communities throughout Georgia. The best ways to raise funds for a great organization is to raise awareness. Another goal for this year is to put Key Club in the news

more. I know that there are many clubs in Georgia doing amazing service projects for their communities. It is important to recognize the hard work of key clubbers. One of the best ways to do this is to contact local newspapers and stations with information about important projects in their communities. Make sure to email us if your club does something really neat, and we can help you get publicity for it. There are many other projects and goals for the public relations committee, and I am so excited about this upcoming year and all the Georgia district will accomplish.

Kiwanis Family Committee Chair Jennifer Bruce Hello! My name is Jennifer Bruce and I am the Kiwanis Family Committee Chair of 2015-2016. My committee is striving to increase communication between Key Club and the other branches of the Kiwanis Family. Each Lieutenant Governor has been paired up with the respected Kiwanis Lieutenant Governors to help better acquaint the clubs in each Key Club division with their responding Kiwanis clubs. It is extremely important for you, as members and clubs, to build relationships with your local Kiwanis clubs be-

cause they can offer you many resources that you might not have access to without them. If you help your Kiwanians, they are more apt to help you in return. One way to increase Key Club-Kiwanis relations, besides communication, is to do a joint service project. After all, the Kiwanis Family is all about service! A great service project for Key Club and Kiwanis is to do a Park Cleanup Day. Your club and Kiwanis club can pick a day to clean up a local park and do a cookout to celebrate a great day of serving others!

Policies and Contests Committee Chair Mina Jeong

Hello Everyone, my name is Mina Jeong, and I am the Policies and Contests committee chair for the new year. In my committee, we work to change the Bylaws as well as the Policies and Procedures of the Georgia District. Many of you probably do not know much, if anything at all, about the documents that bring structure to our district. This year, we will edit them to make them more relevant to our district and your club. Along with this, the committee will work to make the House of Delegates procedure easier for the general members to take part in. With more education about the Policies and Procedures, we will be able to hold productive meetings and discussions. The Bylaws and Policies and Procedures are available on the Georgia Key Club website in the Resources tab under Governing Documents for your convenience.

Another part of the job of the committee is to finalize as well as change or add new contests and awards. Last year, the Policies and Contests committee added the very successful Quiz Bowl. This year, we will continue to improve the existing contests as well as brainstorm to create an exciting new category for you and your school to compete in. So far, we have finalized the due date for the awards and contests next year as February 1st. Also, every school is required to submit an annual achievement award by the due date. Our goal this year is to have every active Key Club enter a contest and/or award. Another reminder will be sent out in the beginning of the new school year to help you start your process of gathering information for the awards and contests. Check out the Contests tab under Resources on our website to see which contests and awards you may apply for!

District Project Committee Chair Emma Johnson

Greetings Georgia Key Clubbers! It’s Emma Johnson, your District Project chair, and I have some AWESOME information to share with you about our district’s fundraising efforts for our district project, Georgia Sheriffs’ Youth Homes. This year, the Georgia District is taking on something bold and new. In the past, we have had a club fundraising goal for the District Project for each Key Club in Georgia. This year, we are asking that instead of each club raising a certain amount of money, that each Key Club member raises a minimum of $3.75. This can be done easily. By skipping a cup of coffee, not buying those extra fries, and simply putting out donation jars can help you reach your club member goal of $3.75. When you skip out on that coffee, tweet/post about it with the hashtags #my375 and #foundation4education.


emember the big picture for our district project, we are raising $120,000 dollars by 2020 in order to build a new Education Center on the Georgia Sheriffs’ Youth Homes Mountainview campus. We need your help, Georgia Key Clubbers. All it takes is $3.75 per member, and we will meet our district project goal of $27,000. With that being said, how will you raise your $3.75? It’s time for us to take charge, and start fundraising for the #foundation4education center. I look forward to soaring past our district project goal of $27,000 this year, so get out there and fundraise! Serve on, Georgia Key Clubbers!

Welcome Tashrima, your International Trustee! Hello, Georgia District Key Clubbers! I know you all are likely still feeling the effects of post-DCON syndrome, but nonetheless, I’d like to welcome you all to a new year of service. For those of you who didn’t meet me at convention, my name is Tashrima Hossain, and I will be serving as your International Trustee until my retirement at the International Convention this June. As you delve into your term, I’d love to receive an introductory email from you—just a simple hello, so we can get to know each other before we are reunited in Indianapolis this summer. As a little background, as a Trustee to the Georgia District (as well as Pacific Northwest and California-Nevada-Hawaii KIWIN’S, your sister districts), I am here as a resource for you. My job is to hear your opinions and voice your ideas before the International Board. Simply put, I am a liaison between your district and Key Club International. As a result, communication is essential; please don’t hesitate to ask me a question, offer a suggestion, or schedule a call to discuss something going on at the international level. Additionally, on a regular basis, I send email updates out to all of my districts to provide a snapshot of what is occurring at the international level. I also set up videoconferences with my governors, the other executive officers, and the lieutenant governors. As always, I am a resource, voice, and friend for you all. Let me know what I can do for you, and I will be there to address your needs. In addition, I hope to see you all at the 2015 International Convention from June 24 to 28 in Indianapolis, Indiana! With the 100th centennial of Kiwanis International, we will be having a joint convention with all of Kiwanis Family, and there will be lots of interesting events—from a HelloGoodbye concert, to a pancake breakfast, to a baseball game. Contact District Administrator Brad Malone or District Governor Tyler Jones to learn more. Congratulations, once again, Georgia Key Clubbers! I am already impressed by your passion, work ethic, and motivation to improve the district, and I can’t wait to see all that you do during the upcoming year of service. Yours in service, Tashrima Hossain International Trustee Georgia, KIWIN’S, & Pacific Northwest 7135052252


his year during our first district board training, the Major Emphasis committee agreed that the district goal for the Eliminate Project would be $20,000, which, although $2,000 more than we had achieved last year, is completely feasible. Over the course of five years, Key Club International has been promoting the Eliminate Project to eradicate maternal and neonatal tetanus (MNT) from undeserved countries. So far, under all Kiwanis-Family branches, we have raised over $76.8 million of our $110 million goal. This money goes into the remaining 24 countries where MNT has not been eradicated, and only $1.80 can save a mother and her babies from contracting the disease. The Georgia district has been working productively to raise awareness and funds for these efficient vaccinations.

Founded over 30 years ago, today, Rustic Pathways offers students the opportunity to join over 90 service programs in 18 countries. In the words of Chris Stakich, Chief Executive Officer of Rustic Pathways, “Our programs provide students with the opportunity to develop leadership skills while working with communities around the world and gaining a better global perspective.�

This year, Key Clubbers have had the opportunity to request that Rustic Pathways staff members visit their local meetings, an initiative that has helped to inspire Key Clubbers from Georgia to South Korea to become more involved with global issues and take the next step to broadening their perspectives.

Youth Opportunities Fund The Youth Opportunities Fund Clubs may request funding (YOF) is an endowed fund for Key assistance ranging anywhere Club International held within the from US$100 to US$2,000. Kiwanis International Foundation. This fund uses earned interest to help Key Clubs and Key Club members serve the world by providing grants for service opportunities. The Youth Opportunities Fund is established through gifts to the G. Harold Martin Fellowships.

The committee typically funds those clubs who are asking for a portion of the total cost of the project, and clubs who are working with other organizations to fund and complete the project.

For more information visit

Nickelodeon joined the Kiwanis family as a 2013 Vision Partner of Kiwanis International with a focus on its Big Help initiative, which addresses issues in service, education, the environment and health. Learn more about Nickelodeon’s Big Help efforts at or

In 1997, Key Club made Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals a preferred charity for its members to support.

The mission of the March of Dimes is to improve the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth, and infant mortality.

Since 1994, Key Club has been Trick-or-Treating for UNICEF and over the years has raised nearly US$5 million for iodine deficiency programs worldwide and HIV and AIDS programs in Kenya and Swaziland.

Missed District O

n Friday, March 20, nearly 250 Key Club members, Kiwanians, Faculty Advisors and guests arrived at the Georgia Center’s UGA Hotel and Conference Center for the 70th Annual Georgia District Key Club Convention.


ach year, the Georgia District celebrates the culmination of a year of service to members’ homes, schools and communities by joining together at a District Convention.


rom award presentations to scavenger hunts, 3k fundraiser walks, dances, educational workshops and exciting general sessions, District Convention has become an event that Key Clubbers look forward to each and every year.


he 2014-2015 Georgia District Board began planning for this year’s convention back in April of 2014 when they first met together as a group. From deciding on the theme, designing the convention pin to setting the rules and regulations for the year’s contests and awards, there is a ton of work that goes on behindthe-scenes. What sets Key Club apart from many high school organizations is that Key Club is truly student-led – and a district convention is no exception.


he convention started off with registration in the main lobby of the conference center, with district board members signing up students for the Talent and Oratory contests, collecting donations for the Georgia Sheriffs’ Youth Homes and the Eliminate Project, and ensuring that club’s register their official voting delegates for the convention.


nce checked in to their rooms, Key Clubbers were able to peruse the Service Fair that was expanded this year to incorporate some unique and amazing organizations, such as YUDA Bands, Beads of Hope Africa and Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Of course, the Kiwanis family organizations were also on-hand to share their stories, including Builders Club, Circle K, Key Leader and more.


fter registration and the service fair, it was time for the Pizza Party where members could meet and greet with other clubs.


ater that evening, educational workshops were held that provided members and club officers with training and information on Key Club as an international organization. Service organizations were also on-hand to provide ideas and spark enthusiasm for members to take back to their home clubs to share with members.

t Convention ? A

t 9:15 that evening, the Opening Session was held to officially kick off the convention. Exciting music welcomed the members as they entered the general session hall, making for a fun environment complete with “thunder sticks” so Key Club members could show their spirit! 2014-2015 Key Club District Governor Steve Shin called the convention and opening session to order. Service partners YUDA Bands and Beads of Hope Africa shared their story and how Key Club members could get involved with helping students in third-world countries have access to an education.


emington Youngblood, a Builders Club member, presented a speech that won him a Builders Club International Oratorical Award to the entire convention.


fter the business of the opening session was attended to, it was time for the weekend’s entertainment with Ronn Winter – a renowned mentalist/magician. Key Club members and adults alike were blown away with the “mind-reading” stunts that had many scratching their heads after the session.

The annual presentation of the Eliminate Project Awards were held with Jason Kim, 20142015 Major Emphasis Chair recognizing clubs for their hard work to raise funds and awareness to eliminate Maternal and Neonatal Tetanus through the partnership with Kiwanis and UNICEF. After the end of the club awards, a check was presented that shattered the district’s goal for this year in the amount of $18,497.91 – enough funds to save more than 10,297 mother and their future babies!


s the clock struck midnight, Key Clubbers were in their rooms for curfew, getting ready for another exciting day of convention!


right and early on Saturday morning, members that registered for the annual Georgia Sheriffs’ Youth Homes 3k Walk headed down to the main atrium for pre-walk stretches! More than 100 walkers took to the streets in Athens to raise awareness for the Georgia District Project.


fter the walk, it was times for the Celebration Breakfast to re-energize for the day’s activities.


ivisional caucuses were up next on the agenda, where candidates seeking Executive Office and International endorsement presented a speech and answered questions from Key Club members. Lieutenant Governor elections were held at the conclusion of caucuses for those divisions that did not elect at a divisional rally.


ollowing the conclusion of caucusing, a Nominating Conference was held to reduce the number of candidates for executive office to two per office that will go on the ballot at the House of Delegates later that evening.


ext up was the third and final round of educational workshops, including a service project where members made “Boo Boo Bunnies” for a local children’s hospital. Members trying out for the talent and oratorical contests had their preliminaries and the first-ever Key Club Quiz Bowl were also held during this time.


uring the afternoon, members were free to explore the beautiful city of Athens, grab lunch and hang out with their new Key Club friends. A “Run to Eliminate” scavenger hunt was held to raise money for the Eliminate Project during the afternoon.


n Saturday evening, the Talent and Awards Banquet was held – where members put on their best dress for this formal affair.


fter the session was called to order and dinner was served, numerous awards and scholarships were presented, talented Key Club members showed off during the talent show and an oratorical winner was announced. A complete list of award winners can be found at the bottom of this page. 2014-2015 District Project Chair Mina Jeong recognized clubs that participated in fundraising and awareness projects with the Georgia Sheriffs’ Youth Homes and the grand total donation of $14,557.89 to the organization.


fter the conclusion of the Talent and Awards Banquet, it was time for the House of Delegates where two delegates from each club came together to debate proposed amendments and to elect the executive officers for the 2015-2016 year.


he night ended with the annual Governors Ball dance – where members were able to dance the night away with their new friends from across the state.


unday morning brought the Farewell Breakfast – where the 2014-2015 Georgia District Board was retired and the new board was installed. To view the 2015-2016 Georiga District Board, visit XX. 2015-2016 Georgia District Governor Tyler Jones provide the last announcements and officially adjourned the 70th Annual Georgia District Key Club Convention!

2014-2015 GEORGIA DISTRICT KEY CLUB AWARD WINNERS MAJOR EMPHASIS AWARD 1st Place – Chestatee High School 2nd Place– Habersham Central High School SINGLE SERVICE AWARD SILVER DIVISION 1st Place - Chapel Hill High School 2nd Place - Chestatee High School GOLD DIVISION 1st Place - Habersham Central High School Key Club PLATINUM DIVISION 1st Place - Sandy Creek High School ANNUAL ACHIEVEMENT REPORT AWARD 1st Place - Habersham Central High School (also receiving Distinguished Club – Diamond Level) Receiving Distinguished Club – Diamond Level - Tallulah Falls School Receiving Distinguished Club - Peachtree Ridge High School Receiving Distinguished Club - Sandy Creek High School GEORGIA SHERIFFS’ YOUTH HOMES AWARENESS AWARD 1st Place: Habersham Central High School 2nd Place: Chestatee High School GEORGIA SHERIFFS’ YOUTH HOMES FUNDRAISING 1st Place: Habersham Central High School 2nd Place: Chestatee High School GEORGIA SHERIFFS’ YOUTH HOMES HIGHEST CONTRIBUTOR AWARD 1st Place: Habersham Central High School

SERVICE INITIATIVE AWARD – THE ELIMINATE PROJECT - UNICEF 1st Place: Habersham Central High School 2nd Place: Chestatee High School 3rd Place: Glynn Academy ENDORSED PROJECTS: MARCH OF DIMES OR CHILDREN’S MIRACLE NETWORK 1st Place: Habersham Central High School TALENT CONTEST PARTICIPATION AWARD Amari Marable – Valdosta High School Alexis Cohen – North Atlanta Key Club Haqq Tertuliano – Tift County Key Club Joowon King – Lambert High School Lindsay Brooks – SW Georgia Homeschool Association ORATORY CONTEST 1st Place: Ameya Chandler - Peachtree Ridge High School 2nd Place: Roopa Patel - Valdosta High School NON-TRADITIONAL SCRAPBOOK AWARD 1st Place: SW Georgia Home School Association 2nd Place: Tallulah Falls School TRADITIONAL SCRAPBOOK AWARD 1st Place - Habersham Central High School 2nd Place – SW Georgia Homeschool

Association 3rd Place: Sandy Creek High School NON-DIGITAL CLUB POSTER AWARD 1st Place: Flowery Branch High School 2nd Place: Habersham Central High School DIGITAL CLUB POSTER 1st Place: Chapel Hill High School Key Club GEORGIA DISTRICT KEY CLUB T-SHIRT CONTEST 1st Place: Lambert High School Key Club 2nd Place: Alcovy High School Key Club 3rd Place: Chapel Hill High School GEORGIA DISTRICT KEY CLUB QUIZ BOWL 1st Place: Jonathon Swann & Sarah Cato of Alcovy High School 2nd Place: Macy Scruggs & Carly Triana of McIntosh High School 3rd Place: Eileen Chen & Yatri Thaker of Valdosta High School

WALTER DAVEN STAPLETON OUTSTANDING CLUB OFFICER AWARD Club Presidents: Bella Kim - Lambert High School Andrea Guillen - Habersham Central High School CLUB VICE PRESIDENTS: Emma Matthews - Habersham Central High School Leslie Tran - Peachtree Ridge High School Emma Johnson - Glynn Academy WALTER DAVEN STAPLETON OUTSTANDING CLUB OFFICER SCHOLARSHIP Andrea Guillen, President, Habersham Central High School

PROMOTIONAL VIDEO AWARD 1st Place: Southwest Georgia Homeschool Association 2nd Place: McIntosh High School S. Michael Goss Outstanding Faculty Advisor Angela Nunnally, Habersham Central High School

DR. ROBERT BARRON OUTSTANDING COMMUNITY SERVICE AWARD Emma Johnson of Glynn Academy Key Club – Trash Pick-Up on St. Simons Beach Rebecca Brown of Chestatee High School Key Club – Operation Christmas Child Tallulah Falls Key Club – Zombie Run with Kiwanis for Eliminate Southwest Ga Home School Association Key Club – Christmas Anchorage Boxes Habersham Central Key Club – helping a local elementary school PTO raise funds for school supplies


FRANK J. POWERS AWARD Katrina Baranko, Past-District Governor, Georgia District of Kiwanis International

J. MARION BRANTLEY OUTSTANDING KEY CLUBBER Andrea Guillen, Habersham Central High School

OUTSTANDING DISTRICT BOARD MEMBER Mina Jeong, District Projects Chair, Lambert High School

GOVERNOR’S AWARD Brad Malone Brian J. Shin KEY CLUB INTERNATIONAL - ROBERT F. LUCAS OUTSTANDING LT. GOVERNOR AWARD Raiven Harris, Lt. Governor Division 11 Bella Kim, Lt. Governor Division 14 Katlyn Greene, Lt. Governor Divisions 2 & 15 GEORGIA DISTRICT OUTSTANDING COMMITTEE CHAIR AWARD Emma Matthews, Policies & Contest Chair Annalise Barron, Kiwanis Family Chair GEORGIA DISTRICT LEADERSHIP SCHOLARSHIP $1000.00 RECIPIENTS: Leslie Tran, Peachtree Ridge High School Rachel Garland, Armuchee High School Emma Matthews, Habersham Central High School Hallie Smith, Spalding High School $500.00 RECIPIENT: Rushir Parikh, Chestatee High School

The 2015 Key Club International Convention will be held in Indianapolis, Indiana in conjunction with Kiwanis International’s 100th Anniversary Celebration and Convention. The Georgia District will attend as a delegation, departing Saturday, June 20 and will return on Sunday, June 28. The Tour will be visiting both Cincinnati, Ohio and Indianapolis, Indiana.

See you there!

Key Ring May 2015  

The May, 2015 edition of the Key Ring - the official publication of the Georgia District of Key Club International.

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