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Vol. XXXIV No. 1 June 2013

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Georgia District


Governor’s Address Greetings Georgia District, Hi, I am Katie Fuller and I am your District Governor for the 2013-2014 Key Club Year! I am so excited to be working with all of you this year. Together, we will have a great year doing service in our communities. I am a rising junior in the Key Club of Harris County High School. This is my second year serving as a member of the Georgia District Board. One very interesting thing about me is that outside of Key Club, I am a competitive shotgun shooter and an owl enthusiast. I also enjoy lending a hand in all aspects of my home, school, and community. This year, the Georgia District has many goals to accomplish, such as club building, attendance at district events, and Kiwanis involvement on a district wide level. We have already started planning our events for this year. The first event is the Georgia Leadership Training Conference on August 24th at Six Flags and everything else leading up to District Convention. This year we are excited to announce that District Convention will be held at St. Simons Island! Personally, I am very psyched for District Convention this year! I am thrilled to be working with such great district leaders this year. Our new district board is very task oriented; they make sure tasks get knocked out in a short time and without much trouble. Lt. Governors have already started to schedule club visits and committee chairs are quickly planning for district events. In just a few weeks, over 40 Key Club Members from the district will hop on a bus and head for Key Club International Convention (ICON) in Washington, D.C, which is similar to District Convention; ICON has workshops, elects international officers, and is loads of fun! This year will be the 70th Annual Key Club International Convention. If you missed out on attending ICON this year, make sure to join us next year in Anaheim, California. Thank you so much for this opportunity to lead and serve the mighty Georgia District. I am so excited for what this year has in store! If you have any questions or problems throughout the year, feel free to e-mail me at I look forward to serving with all of you! Yours in Service, Katie Fuller Governor of the Georgia District of Key Club International


Diane Glover Greeting Georgia District!

My name is Diane Glover and I am your 2013-2014 District Treasurer. To tell you a little about myself, I am sixteen years old and a rising senior at Valdosta High School. I am an AP student and am highly involved in my school with clubs and organization. I am a member of Student Mentoring in Life and Education (SMILE), SkillsUSA, Jobs for Georgia Graduates (JGG) and Student Council. I’m also a member of the National Society of High School Scholars (NSHSS). As your treasurer, my goal is to have a 100% turned in dues by the due date and no one in the delinquent list. With that being said, my plan is to work close and personal with everyone, especially the Lieutenant Governors about the importance of paying dues on time. I have been a part of Key Club since freshmen year and it’s truly an honor to get elected and serve as a district officer on my final year in high school. This year will be an exciting year for us as a family. I look forward to a great and fun year with everyone. See you guys at Six Flags for the Georgia Leadership Trai ing Conference! Yours in Service, Diane Glover Treasurer of the Georgia District of Key Club International dfdfdfdfdfdf


Hallie Smith

Greetings Georgia District, I would like to start off by introducing myself; I am Hallie Smith, your 2013-2014 District Secretary. I hope this year will be a fantastic year for the entire district! This year I plan to keep the Georgia District organized with an accurate account of all of the events happening within the district and other official documents, such as Officer Information, for the district. So, on that note, if you haven’t already turned in your clubs Officer Information please do so. You can turn in this information by either going on the Georgia Key Club website or emailing it to your divisions Lt. Governor. Also I hope to see all of you at Georgia Leadership Training Conference, in August, at 6 Flags! It will be a lot of fun and I encourage you to come! I would like to help make this year the best it can be through service to our homes, schools, and communities here in Georgia! Yours in service, Hallie Smith Secretary of the Georgia District of Key Club International

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What’s going on with SERVICE Meet the Board!

Looking back... I am here to share a few of my experiences at District Convention. First of all, to those of you who have never been, DCON is a convention for the whole state of Georgia to attend and elect new district officers while celebrating a year of service! I have come across some great moments while attending District Convention! Ok, so last year at DCON, my school decided that during the free time we would go to Zaxsby’s. Our little journey was all well and good until we realized that we had driven in the wrong direction and none of us were reading the map correctly. Let’s just say that by the time we got to the restaurant we were all very hungry. Another experience that I have had was, one time, when I was attending DCON, I went to go get in the elevator to go downstairs for one of the sessions. Well as the elevator started towards the 1st floor, it stopped at another floor of rooms and when the door opened several clowns got in. Apparently there was a clown convention also going on that weekend. I hope my District Convention experiences were amusing and that they have inspired you to attend the next one! -Hallie Smith, District Secretary My club advisor, about twenty other clubbers, and I boarded the bus that was to take us down to Atlanta, to the GA District Convention 2013. Once we arrived at the hotel, we were greeted with the smiling faces of other clubbers, especially those of the District Board, and were immediately thrilled by the fun we experienced at the meet and greet; where we ate, talked, laughed, and danced with each other as though we had known one another forever. As the gong sounded in the opening session, I knew that at last the weekend would get going and I wasn’t going to be disappointed. The next morning, we gathered in the meeting rooms for the different forums, including Key Club 101, Public Speaking, and even Latin Dancing. Even though the forums were not the most fun thing out of the weekend, I still enjoyed learning from them and meeting the other clubbers. After the forums, we adjourned for free time that I spent that time relaxing and talking with other members. Then, that night, we all gathered in our best outfits for the awards banquet in the ballroom. Here, we were served a delicious dinner and dessert while we watched the awards being handed out and some very talented people showed off their skills in the talent contest. Even after all of this, there was still the Saturday night dance that we attended, where we danced until we could dance no more. On Sunday morning, we all gathered for the last time, and after all the good byes and quite a few tears, we bid a last farewell to DCON and all of the friends we met there, promising to stay in touch until we could see each other again the next year. -Emma Matthews, Lt. Gov. of Division 12 I had my first District Convention this year, and it was so great! The Key clubbers there were so fun and outgoing. It was fun meeting Key clubbers from all over Georgia, who all acted as if we had known each other for years. My home club is really small, so to see so many Key Clubbers coming together was amazing. It was so nice being with other students that have the goal of improving their community. I think my favorite part was taking the public speaking class and the ice breaking workshop, because I really got to know new people. Also, we learned how to serve our community to the best of our abilities. I also got the chance to serve as a delegate, so I helped to vote for candidates running for office in Key Club. Since this was my first year going to convention, I learned a lot about Key Club’s message as an organization. I also got the chance to apply for my Lt. Governor position during the convention, which was fun because I knew that I could be helping Key clubbers from all over Georgia. I also learned new ideas on how to improve my community and Key Club as a whole. My Key Club and Kiwanis Club enjoyed listening to what I had learned from the convention, even my advisor was interested in what we had to say after the convention. I will be looking forward to going to District Convention every year until I graduate. I can’t wait to go to DCON again to meet Key Clubbers from around the state and hear their new and unique ideas. Also, I get the pleasure of helping with next year’s District Convention in St. Simon’s Island. I will also be representing Division 6 at the International Convention in Washington D.C. this summer. I look forward to seeing you all at the 2013 District Convention. -Tyler Jones, Lt. Gov. of Division 6

The first time I went to DCON, I was a freshman. I was terrified. I was the only underclassman from my school going. Butterflies filled my stomach, and I thought that I would be an outcast. I couldn’t have been more incorrect. During the Meet and Greet, I realized how inclusive Key Clubbers are. I made so many new friends. Everyone’s enthusiasm about helping others helped me find my passion for key club and that wasn’t even the best part. The best part was, that no matter who I talked to or who I became good friends with, everyone there was a genuinely good person. No one attempted to hide who they were. I could be a total idiot and no one would judge or call me weird. For the first time in my life, I had finally found a niche. I found somewhere I could truly fit in. My sophomore year, when I went, I couldn’t make it on the first day because of a friend’s funeral. I felt sad, so I figured that the trip wouldn’t be much fun because I would be sullen and teary eyed the whole time. However, everyone at DCON cared so much about others. They helped me feel better for that weekend and it was that yea that I started to think about becoming a Lieutenant Governor. Butterflies, yet again, filled my stomach. However, this time the butterflies came because of excitement, and little because of nerves. I had decided to run for Lieutenant Governor. However, I thought I’d be feeling a lot more nerves than anything that trip because of running, but instead, I felt an overwhelming sense of excitement. I made the most new and lasting friendships that trip. Some of those friends are on board with me this year, others were still new to DCON. I will never forget going to the mall with my new friends and eating at Johnny Rockets and learning to salsa dance (sorry again to my dance partner for my lack of coordination). At the dance that night, the good-bye was bitter sweet. Sweet, because I knew I would be seeing these people again, but bitter, because some of them I wouldn’t see again. That amazing weekend had drawn to a close. I look forward to DCON this year, and thank you, DCON, for helping me find my passion and giving me lasting friendships. -Avya Bhargave, Lt. Gov. of District 8

The weekend of March 2, 2013 will always stick out in my mind because it was my first Georgia District Convention (DCON). It was unlike anything I had ever experienced, and I wished the weekend could have gone on forever. Unfortunately, we did not have a high attendance from my school; it was just our club president and me. In addition, we were having some adviser issues this year, so we did not even have a Key Club chaperone. We are so grateful to the school librarian for agreeing to bring us, just two days before DCON. However, the overall amazing experience makes these minor setbacks irrelevant; in fact, I was able to branch out even more because of them, not being tied down to a group, and mingle with the other clubs, which was one of my favorite aspects of the convention. My club president and I roomed with two girls from another school, and we also found some other twosomes who strayed from their clubs and made our own little group! The atmosphere of love and acceptance created by our common dedication to Key Club made it easy to connect with people, many of whom I keep in touch with today. Above all, what made DCON memorable for me was meeting the rest of the new District Board. I was the only board member to be elected at the Georgia District Rally back in January, and I was itching to find out who else would be serving with me this year. I will never forget the fluttering in my heart I felt when they announced that it was time to induct the new Georgia District Board, knowing that I, as Lt. Governor of Division One, was about to start us off in officially taking office. It was a new beginning for me as a Key Clubber and also just as a person. I actually cried a little when I hugged my predecessor and friend Jenni Mina after she pinned me with her Lt. Governor pin. I could see how close the previous board members had grown, and all I could keep thinking was, “This is going to be us next year.” There were just so many emotions swirling around that made the moment surreal. DCON opened my eyes to how much I have to look forward to in my Key Club endeavors and to how much I can help those around me. I will definitely work tenaciously to convince more kids from my home club to make it next year, for it would bring me so much joy to see DCON change their lives like it has changed mine. -Erica Petz, Lt. Gov. of Division 1

“Unveil the An unforgetable year full of hard work, hope, and encouragement... At DCON in Atlanta, I learned more about Key Club than I ever had before. I went as President of my club at Highland Christian Academy in Valdosta, Georgia. I took along 4 members. One thing that really brightened my heart was that my friends absolutely had a passion for Key Club when we left. Being excited about Key Club and all we do is one thing. Being able to know that my friends wanted to help out and become leaders and serve warmed my heart. Being at DCON made me realize how much of an impact high schools can make in a community. Knowing that we, as a state, raised over 25,000 dollars for the Youth Homes changed my heart. Key Club makes such a different in communities and as a high school student, I am able to help others in any way they can. DCON helped me make great friends who enjoy serving just as much as I do. Celebrating our service was a great way to have fun and make a difference at the same time. DCON 2013 was a great experience! All I did when I got back at school was share my experience in hopes of exciting others into going as well. I wish all Key Club members went to DCON! It changed my life and made me aware of what I am able to do as a high school student to change the lives of others. -Elaine Clapp, Projects Chair


District Convention, or otherwise known as DCON, is like how Disney World is for children! It is the most looked forward event in Key Club. During DCON, students are challenged to exit their comfort zone by meeting new people and challenging themselves to be more active and involved in their own clubs! It pumps up the energy on service and pushes students to serve in their communities by giving fun new ideas and reasons. Before going to DCON, my club was just sliding by in the district. We did service projects, but didn’t really have any heart in what we did. Now having been to DCON, most of the students are fired up and want to start new things in the community! We have become more active and involved in the district, and even have two members on the board, all thanks to DCON! If considering going, your choice should be yes! It ties good times with service, and makes for the best decision made out of the whole year! -Cat Lewis, Lt. Gov. of Division 13

The Key Club Georgia Board of Trustees of the year 2012-2013 take their final group board photo with each other before they prepare for the dance...

Bragging Rights!

2012-2013 District Convention Winners

Major Emphasis 1. Habersham Central HS Single Servicee BRONZE: Valdosta HS - assisted with maintenance and therapy at Jacob’s Ladder therapeutic horse riding center

SILVER: Coffee Co HS - to increase teen seat belt usage and awareness to build safety awareness

GOLD: Habersham Central Hs - visits and cards & gifts for residents of a local nursing home

Platnum: Gainesville HS - food drive for local families

Oratory Contest 1. Jaewon Shin - South Forsyth HS 2. David Chen - Peachtree Ridge HS Non-Traditional Scrapbook 1. Peachtree Ridge HS 2. Valdosta HS Traditional Scrapbook 1. Chattahoochee HS 2. Habersham Central HS Non-Digital Club Poster 1. Habersham Central HS 2. Gainesville HS

Annual Achiecement Report 1. Coffee Co HS 2. Habersham Central HS

Digital Club Poster 1. Chestatee HS 2. South Forsyth HS

GSYH Awareness 1. Habersham Central HS 2. Coffee Co HS

S. M. Goss Outstanding Faculty Advisor Diane Basham, McIntosh HS

GSYH Fund Raising 1. Habersham Central HS w/ $13.88 per member 2. Landmark Christian School w/ $5.58 per member Promotional Video 1. Chestatee HS 2. Habersham Central HS Endorsed Projects UNICEF 1. Gainesville HS 2. Chestatee HS 3. Habersham Central HS Endorsed Projects: March of Dimes 1. Coffee Co HS Endorsed Projects Children’s Miracle Network Impromptu Essay 1. Kelsey Nipper - Habersham Central HS 2. Corienne Garbison - Spalding HS Talent Contest 1. Jason Kim - South Forsyth HS 2. Ambrea Styles - North Atlanta HS 3. Hope Griffith - Gainesville HS

J.C. Thompson Outstanding Kiwanis Advisor Duncan McClusky, Kiwanis Club of Tift Co. J.M. Brantley Outstanding Key Clubber Gabe Newbern - Georgia District Governor, Valdosta HS R. Barron Outstanding Community Service Lt. Gov. Jennifer Mina Valdosta HS Gainesville HS Habersham Central HS Coffee Co HS Frank J. Powers Cody Nichelson, Georgia District Administrative Assistant Outstanding District Board Member Jae Won Shin, Lt. Div. 14 Georgia District Leadership Scholarship 1. Danielle Leigh Reddish Habersham Central HS

2. Tiffany Brianna Tanner Tiftarea Academy

Key Club International Leadership Scholarship 1. Jennifer Mina Valencia - North Atlanta HS 2. Jae Won Shin - South Forsyth HS 3. John Carl Stenzel - Gainesville HS 4. Mark Richard Garren - Valdosta HS Walter Daven Stapleton Outstanding Club Officer President - Diane Glover, Valdosta HS Vice President - Krupa Dudani, Valdosta HS Secretary - Deja Stacks, Valdosta HS Walter Daven Stapleston Outstanding Club Officer Scholarship John Stenzel - President, Gainesville HS Key Club Distinguised Club Diamond Level Coffee Co HS Habersham Central HS Distinguished Club Valdosta HS Chestatee HS Harris Co HS Gainesville HS Landmark Christian

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International Trustee Salutations, Georgia Key Clubbers! My name is Colten Meisner, and I am the Key Club International Trustee for Georgia, Indiana, and New Jersey. I am so thrilled to be working with all of you, as I’ve now served Georgia for approximately 8 months. In my position as Trustee, I serve as a liaison to three districts (keeping them posted on all things International), serve on two committees of the International Board, and lastly, I serve as a voting member of the International Board of Trustees, making decisions that impact the entirety of our organization. Some of you may remember me from the 2013 Georgia District Convention, where I was in attendance! While I hope you all enjoyed District Convention, there is another convention right around the corner to get excited about: International Convention in Washington, D.C., of course! When we attended the February International Board Meeting in D.C., we stayed at the convention site: the Washington Hilton (a.k.a. “The President’s Hotel”)! As if that prestige isn’t enough, it is one of the greatest cities in our nation – the capital city. Additionally, International Convention itself is sure to host excellent workshops, awesome speakers and entertainers, exciting dances, and last – but not least – the ability to meet so many incredible Key Clubbers from our 33 districts and 30 countries! Should you have any questions regarding International Convention 2013, feel free to contact me at Even though the District Board is retired at DCON, the International Board is still in office until ICON 2013, meaning I’ll still have Georgia as one of my districts until Washington, D.C. this summer! Happy serving, Georgia! Yours in service,

Colten Meisner Key Club International Trustee Georgia, Indiana, and New Jersey Districts

A Summer of


Division 2 Fundraising for All! By Emily Clement In my home club, Harris County High School, we participate in several fundraisers. We collected money for Georgia Sheriff’s Youth Homes in a water bottle, and when it was filled up, you turned it in. There was recently a fundraiser for Children’s Miracle Network.

We had one week to collect as much as we could in a baby bottle. Our school also has a food drive every November. We collect canned goods throughout the month and by thanksgiving we deliver the food and the families have something to eat for thanksgiving.

Division 5 Gaming with the Elderly By Venessa Boone

My home club, the Sandy Creek High School Key Club, holds visiting days with the elderly citizens at Dogwood Forest Assisted Living Home in Fayetteville, Georgia. You can find Key Clubbers playing board games, Pictionary, charades, or Scrabble with the retired citizens. On holidays, our club will sing carols while the residents are eating dinner and make cards for them. We celebrate Christmas, Veterans Day, and Valentines Day with the Dogwood citizens. Occasionally, some of our club members will even play their instruments. The members of our club enjoy this service project because it is fun for us and the people we visit! We really like visiting Dogwood Forest because all of the club members get to meet and learn about the lives of someone new.

Division 12 Helping out at the Special Olympics By Emma Matthews On April 12, 2013, key clubbers from Habersham Central High School gathered early at our football field to start setting up for our biggest event of the year: The Special Olympics. The Special Olympics were started in the 1950s by Eunice Kennedy Shriver, a woman with the vision of helping athletes with mental disabilities to be able to participate in games just like any other person. At Habersham, we host the yearly event for all of the special needs students in Habersham, where they can go to compete, play games, relax, and have great time. Each special needs student is paired with one or two “buddies,” in Key Club, that encourage them throughout the day and provide them with caring and support. Many different types of sporting events were available for the kids to compete in this past year, such as racing, the long jump, disk throwing, softball, and many more. There was also a wide variety of games and activities the younger children could participate in, like mini-golf, ski-ball, basketball, coloring, Frisbee, etc. At the end of the day, the winners from each event were recognized, and every participant received an award, along with a round of applause. The Special Olympics is a time where all of the kids can come together and build character, social skills, and most importantly, lasting friendships.

Division 9

Bringing Assistance to the Special Olympicss

By Cameron Delany

My name is Cameron Delany. I am Lieutenant Governor of Division 9. Being in Key Club I have participated in many service projects that have just fueled the flames of my passion for Key Club but, in comparison, my favorite service project has to be Special Olympics. When my home club is asked to participate in Special Olympics I cannot describe how over joyed I am when I turn in my permission slip. The smile on their faces when they see us is the greatest feeling in the world and worth more than the recognition we receive. It makes me smile to see them laughing and enjoying themselves. When I see them running and having fun and I know that nothing else matters to them at that moment but, having the times of their lives, it brings tears to my eyes.My experiences at Special Olympics have been wonderful, they are just ecstatic that were are there and I would not trade that feeling for anything in the world. There is no better feeling than to know that you bring joy to other people’s lives and I love it.

Division 8

Giving Warmth, Giving Hope

By Avya Bhargave

This year, at McIntosh High School, the officers and key clubbers have been more creative than the previous year. Usually, we participate in the same basic volunteer setting such as passing out water or running at runs, bringing around change boxes, and the pancake breakfast (among others), but this year, we expanded our horizons. Throughout the first semester this year, our club participated in raising goods for the Fayette County Humane Society. The idea came from one of our officers who had been helping them out and decided to spread the word. She asked if we could discuss the project at our next meeting, and without hesitation all the officers and faculty advisors agreed to do it. Key Clubbers brought in food for the animals and cleaning supplies to make sure their living areas stayed clean. We put up posters around the school and the project became a huge success. In addition to this, we started the new service project called Gracie’s Closet. Key Clubbers would bring in clothes that they discovered and were willing to donate while cleaning out their closets. People brought in bags and bags of clothes. A huge pile lay in the corner of the class. The clothes were donated to the kids who cannot afford to buy new clothes. The project is still going on and continues to be huge success.

Division 13

The Season of Giving

By Cat Lewis

Just as any other Key Club, we do many community service projects! Recently, our club gathered one afternoon to visit a nearby nursing home. Previously, we had asked members and the students in general to bring in food, such as cookies, fruit, and candy canes. After gathering all we had collected, we put them in boxes that we decorated for the season. We then separated into two separate groups and visited two different homes. Although we had contacted the workers ahead of time of us coming, they were surprised and thankful for how much we brought. After turning over the items to the employees, we visited around the home and gave out Christmas cards to many people. While handing them out, many of the residents visited with us and told us of their families and past. We experienced the love and joy of these people whom we did not know! The visit there was very memorable for both the club and the nursing home! We plan on doing this service project again in the near future for more memories and happiness!

Division 6

By Tyler Jones

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Hi, this Tyler Jones for Division 6. My favorite service project is recycling. While it may seem boring, it is actually lots of fun. It is so popular that we had to make a calendar to ensure everyone got a chance to do it. The officers in my home club especially enjoy recycling, because it gives them a chance to meet and talk to more members. My home club also allows us to come on the weekend and help recycle paper from town, so we wake up in the morning and help our Kiwanis keep our city clean. It is nice to see Kiwanis members that have went from enthusiastic Key Clubbers to successful Kiwanians. The Kiwanis in my town likes to see Key Clubbers helping them out in service projects. They are very thankful to have Key Clubbers who attend joint projects. Our recycling program is a great way to con-

nect to both Key Clubber and Kiwanians in our community; we talk to each other about service and upcoming events. Our Kiwanis is really great to work with. It may be hard work, but we also make money from the recycling, which is donated to service projects. Our Kiwanis especially like to donate to The Eliminate Project. I think it is great that such a simple project can have such an impact on our community. The Key Club at my high school also helps with homecoming, Kiwanis Functions, and many more projects. I have been at every service project possible, and look forward to next year’s projects. At my home club, we also do a lot of socializing when we are volunteering, so it is more fun than work to us. Everyone loves to volunteer and help out our community. We enjoy knowing that our service is going to improve the world.

Canning World The great thing about serving Hunger your community is that there at CHS The great thing about serving are so many waysthere to serve othyour community is that Every year, the Key Club of Chattahoochee ers that there is always someare so many ways to serve High School in Division One runs thing fun isand exciting thata schoolothers that there always wide canned food drive during youfun canand do to help out.November When to something exciting help fightsomeone hunger in the North Fulton area. that you can do tomentions help out.fundraising, For aboutmost three weeks, we rally the entire people think of generic When someone mentions funstudent body to donate cans, making or car washes, butposters draising,bake mostsales people think and announcements on fun the loudspeaker to there aresales many of generic bake or carand excitspread the word. All of the cans we collect washes, but there are many go to the food bank at North Fulton Community Charities (NFCC). The food drive is our club’s biggest project of the year because we get the whole school involved, encouraging everyone to bring cans, primarily Thanksgiving foods, into their English class. At the end of the food drive, we reward the class that collected the most with Chick-fil-a chicken biscuits, a tiny treat in comparison to the gift they have given to

Division 1

the impoverished in North Fulton county: a warm Thanksgiving dinner. On the last day of the food drive, the Key Clubbers take over from there. About twenty volunteers stayed after school to collect all of the cans from the classrooms and prepare them to be loaded onto the truck to NFCC. Making several trips, we hauled flatbeds of cans (and had fun riding on the flatbeds when we had unloaded the cans for another trip) to the collection room. There, we placed them all into bags and added together the totals from each classroom, amounting to over 2000 items! With the schools Key Club heading the effort, Chattahoochee High School fed hundreds of families this Thanksgiving season.

By Erica Petz

Division 14

Biking for a Change! By Jason Kim

In Key Club meetings, Mr. Phil Eve, a Cumming Kiwanian and Kiwanian Sponsor for the five Forsyth County Schools, invited the five Key Clubs to volunteer at a Bike Ride that the Cumming Kiwanis is holding. The Bike Ride was planned to take place around Forsyth, Dawson, Pickens and Lumpkin counties, and the Key Clubbers job was to stay in rest stops and serve the bikers with the foods and drinks prepared. Each clubs had assigned rest stops and assigned time. On April 26th, the Kiwanians bought food supplies such as fruits, bread, water, and Gatorade. Afterwards, the Key Clubbers from South Forsyth High School and Lambert High School gathered up with the Kiwanians in the Cumming Kiwanis House and prepared the Bike Ride. They separated the foods and drinks for the four rest stops, so the bikers can be served when they are needed to. They also made goodie bags for all the bike riders to take after they are done with the Bike Ride. On April 27th, the actual Bike Ride took place. The bikers took off from the Cumming Kiwanis house, and biked around through Holcomb, Emma, McKee, Silver City, and came back. The Bike Ride turned out well that all the volunteers and the bikers enjoyed it, and the event with Kiwanians and Key Clubbers was a great success!

Chicken-Que for Eliminate! Tift County High School

Spring is upon us, and community involvement is blooming at Harris County High School. Key Club members, in addition to raising money for March of Dimes, participated in the Kiwanis One Day on April 13 and Relay for Life on April 26. Key Clubbers were issued baby bottles to collect donations for March of Dimes on Tuesday, March 26. Although members had only until Friday, March 29 to collect, they managed to raise $214.00 in dimes and other monies for the organization, acknowledging the importance of improved health in babies. The Harris County High School Key Club participated in the Kiwanis One Day that was held on April 13 at Georgia Sheriffs’ Youth Homes in LaGrange, GA. It was a day during which the chapter was united with other members of the Kiwanis family through service; Chance Walker, Montevious Whitehead, Emily Crawford, and Adviser Toi Bone worked for four hours planting flowers, landscaping, and creating a walkway. The last of the major spring service projects in which Key Clubbers were engaged was Relay for Life, an event held on April 26 at the Harris County High School Tiger Stadium to honor cancer survivors, remember loved ones lost, promote cancer awareness, and raise money to help fuel the world’s largest walk to end cancer. In conjunction with assisting with setup and generally helping where needed, ten members raised a total of $241.00 for Relay for Life by selling and serving pretzels. The chapter agrees that spring has proven to be a successful season for service!

Kiwanis One Day and Fundraising Harris County High School

The Key Club of Tift County High School recently had the privilege of assisting the local Kiwanis Club with their annual Chicken-Que Fundraiser. Leading up to the event, Key Clubbers sold tickets to family members, friends, and teachers. Then, on a warm April morning, dozens of Kiwanians and Key Clubbers met at the First United Methodist Church in Tifton, GA to cook, assemble, and distribute hundreds of ChickenQue plates. Key Clubbers arrived around 9:00 to begin the assembly process. Two students were assigned to each station: chicken, baked beans, cole slaw, bread, dessert, and final wrapping. The assembly line once again proved itself to be very effective, so in this manner, 2-3 hours were passed as we talked and laughed with each other and the Kiwanians who sponsored the event. As it is every year, the Chicken-Que was a great success, due to the organization skills of the Kiwanians and the manpower that Key Club brought to the table. We could not have done it without them, and they could not have done it without us! That was perhaps the most enjoyable part of this experience; to see people ranging in age from 15 to 85 come together in support of an organization that we all love so dearly! At the end of the day, all parties benefitted greatly from the experience. Kiwanis received funds with which they can support charitable causes, Key Club gained valuable volunteer experience, and the people of Tifton ate delicious chicken!

Jammin’ at Jacksons and Crying out, BINGO! Peachtree Ridge High School

The Peachtree Ridge High School Key Club joins its younger community in the month of March, by helping out at annual events for the elementary schools of Parson Elementary and Jackson Elementary. Parson Elementary’s Bingo Night, hosted at Peachtree Ridge High School, gave the chance for friends and family to bond while having the opportunities of winning many prizes. The volunteers were given multiple jobs from set up, coupon handouts or bingo card sales, to bingo verification. From bingo and card sales, the families were allowed the chance to get a bingo, a goal that was reached much more difficult than it seems. When a bingo was reached each volunteer assigned to bingo verification had to check cards of many ecstatic children. Volunteers also helped the bidding that took place which adults an opportunity to obtain deals from sponsors. By the end of the night, most families left with at least one prize and the Key Clubbers left with a smile on their faces, thanks to the effect the delightful children had on their night. At the Jackson Jam held at Jackson Elementary, the Key Club members were given the challenge of not going back in time and returning to their childish playful stage, thanks to the exciting fun festivities present. Surrounded by bouncy houses, obstacles, carnival games, prizes and varsity food, the Key Clubbers were in for an exhilarating and enjoyable afternoon. Each volunteer was given a specific position, in which they were able to join the children in their . The majority of the volunteers supervised activities at the festival, but the most popular activities were the carnival games. The children were able to play numerous captivating games and easily earn tokens that later on used to obtain prizes. The carnival games consisted of basketball shots, throwing of hulahoops, dotted lollipops, and a merry competitive manner. Through the plentiful activities and games, the Key Club members were able to interact and connect with the younger community of future leaders and Key Club members. The two large events gave the Key Clubbers of Peachtree Ridge High School a chance to have lively evenings while serving the community with enjoyable entertaining experiences.

Committee Chairs! Meet the Board!

Unity is STRENGTH... when there is TEAMWORK and COLLABORATION wonderful things can be achieved.

-Mattie Stepanek

Katie Fuller is the District Governor and her home club I s the club of Harris County High School. Her favorite animals are the Jellyfish and the Llama. Her favorite pastime is skeet shooting and she loves to go to the Forest City Gun Club (shooting range). Her favorite service project is the “Kiwanis Christmas Party”.

Hallie Smith is the District Secretary and she currently is attending Spalding High School. Her favorite animal is the polar bear and she love to go to the pool. She likes to listen to Smash Cast and enjoys the suburban life. Her favorite service project is the “Read and Lead”.

Diane Glover is the District Treasurer and her home club is the club of Valdosta High School. Her favorite food is Filipino food and she loves dogs. She enjoys volunteering and listening to music. She loves Indie music and pop music. Her favorite service project is “Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF”.

Erica Petz is the Lt. Gov. of Division 1 and her home club is the club of Chattahoochee High School. Her favorite food is cupcakes and anything Italian. She loves dogs and loves photography. She loves to go to the mall and the park to have fun. Her favorite service project is the “Boxes of Love Packing Party”.

Emily Clement is the Lt. Gov. of Division 2 and her home club is the club of Harris County High School. She loves any kind of Japanese food and she loves an abundance of movies (mostly chick flicks). She loves the outdoors and her favorite animal is the Zebra. Her favorite service project is the food drive.

Sara-Ashley Butler is the Lt. Gov. of Division 3 and her home club is the club of S.W.G.H.A (South West Georgia Home School Association). Her favorite food is wild rice and her favorite movie to watch is “The Sandlot”. Her favorite thing to do is to dance and she likes to go to the coffee shop to relax. Her favorite service project is “Food for the Homeless”.

Deja Stacks is the Lt. Gov. of Division 4 and her home club is the club of Valdosta High School. She loves frosted flakes and she adores the movie “Spirited Away”. She loves llamas and loves to shop in her free time. Her favorite service project is “Trick-orTreat for UNICEF”.

Venessa Boone is the Lt. Gov. of Division 5 and her home club is the club of Sandy Creek. He loves to eat ribs, applesauce, and gushers. Her favorite animal are ducks and she likes the movie “Hoodwinked”. She loves to shop and play her flute or piano. Her favorite service project is the “Boo at the Zoo”.

Tyler Jones is the Lt. Gov. of Division 6 and his home club is the club of Washington -Wilkes Comprehensive High School. His favorite food is animal crackers and his favorite movie is the “Breakfast Club”. He likes to read and listen to Indie music. His favorite service project is “Angle Free Shopping”.

Miguel Khaysavang is the Lt. Gov. of Division 7 and his home club is the club of Peachtree Ridge High School. He loves to eat steak, chicken, and sushi. His favorite movie is “Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows II” and “Django”. His favorite animal is the White tiger. His favorite service project is “Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF.”

Avya Bhargave is the Lt. Gov. of Division 8 and her home club is the club of McIntosh High School. She loves to run and go to the movies. Her favorite artists are the Killers, Black Keys, and Ed Sheeran. Her favorite service project is the “Relay for Life walk”.

Cameron Delany is the Lt. Gov. of Division 9 and his home club is the club of Alcovy High School. His favorite food is Chinese food and Italian food. He loves to hangout with his friends and goes to the mall or watch movies. His favorite service project is the “River’s Alive”.

Skyler Dollar is the Lt. Gov. of Division 10 and his home club is the club of Habersham Central High School. His favorite food is Bacon and his favorite animal is the Honey badger. He likes to browse the internet and go to the beach. His favorite service project is the Special Olympics.

Uzziel Rodriguez is the Lt. Gov. of Division 11 and his home club is the club of R.L. Osborne High School. He loves to play soccer and his favorite animal is the Lion. His favorite food is any kind of pasta and he loves to go to Downtown Atlanta. His favorite service project is “Eliminate”.

Emma Matthews is the Lt. Gov. of Division 12 and her home club is the club of Habersham Central High School. She loves all foods and her favorite movie is “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World”. Her favorite animal is the penguin and she loves to listen to heavy metal/hardcore music. Her favorite service project is “Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF.”

Catherine Lewis is the Lt. Gov. of Division of 13 and her home club is the club of Tift County High School. She loves to eat Cadbury eggs and her favorite movie is “Safe Haven”, “Dear John”, and “The Notebook”. She loves to play the flute and cheerlead. Her favorite service project is “Threads of Hope”.

Jason Kim is the Lt. Gov. of Division 14 and his home club is the club of South Forsyth High School. His favorite movie is “Sixth Sense” and his favorite vacation spot is the Philippines. He loves to go to church and enjoys listening to Rock. His favorite service project is “Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF”.

Elaine Clapp is the District Projects Chair and her home club is the club of Highland Christian Academy. Her favorite movie is “Step Brothers” and her favorite animal is the Sugar Glider. She loves to draw and participate in many Key Club events! Her favorite service project is GSYH and the March of Dimes.

Michelle Lewis is the Lt. Gov. of Division 15 and her home club is the club of Eastside High School. Her favorite food is pizza and she loves to watch “The Blind Side”. She preferred animal are dogs and she loves to participate in Marching band. Her favorite service project is the Homeless Shelter and “Stop Hungry Now”.

Reynaldo Del Toro Guevara III is the Kiwanis Family and Endorsed Projects Chair and his home club is the club of Tift County High School. His favorite movies are the “Toy story” movies and the “Lion King” movies. He loves to go to school for fun and enjoy listening to Christian music. His favorite service project is “Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF”.

Logan Allen is the Policies and Contests Chair and his home club is the club of Chestatee High School. His favorite movie is the “Dark Knight” and his favorite pastime is to program. He loves Indie/Folk music and he prefers an urban setting. His favorite service project is “Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF.”


District Convention (DCON)

Save The Date!

-Located at Sea Palms Resort in Saint Simon’s Island -February 28th, 2014 - March 2nd, 2014 -$235 per student (estimate)

Georgia Leadership Training Conference (GLTC) -Located at Six Flags Over Georgia -August 24th, 2013 -$35 per person

Georgia District Rally (GDR) -Located at the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame in Macon -January 11th, 2014 -$15 per person (estimate)

See You Soon!

Youth Opportunities Fund (YOF) The Youth Opportunities Fund (YOF) is an endowed fund for Key Club International held within the Kiwanis International Foundation. This fund uses earned interest to help Key Clubs and Key Club members serve the world by providing grants for service opportunities. The fund also provides academic scholarships for higher education. The Youth Opportunities Fund is established through a portion of your Key Club International dues and through the purchase of G. Harold Martin Fellowships. YOF grants can help you take action. Look around and identify the things that need to get done in your school, community or world.

March of Dimes The mission of the March of Dimes is to improve the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth, and infant mortality. March of Dimes was founded by our 32nd President, Franklin D. Roosevelt, in the fight against polio. After the discovery of the polio vaccine, March of Dimes focused their efforts to improve the health of babies and has been successful with the help and enthusiasm of many grassroots volunteers. Since 1978, Key Clubs have hosted fundraising and awareness programs to support the March of Dimes, raising over $116,000 through fundraisers in 2011 alone! Key Club members, like you, can support the March of Dimes each semester: in the fall, raise awareness by hosting programs throughout November for Prematurity Awareness Month and in the spring, raise funds by participating in March for Babies, the March of Dimes largest annual fundraiser.

Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals (CMN Hospitals) is a nonprofit organization that raises money to benefit hospitalized kids while increasing awareness of its member hospitals. All CMN Hospitals contributions directly benefit hospitals, helping to purchase up-to-date equipment, train staff, conduct life-saving research, implement outreach programs and provide health care for children whose parents can’t afford to pay. More than 170 children’s hospitals are affiliated with Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Find a Children’s Miracle Network Hospital near you and learn about the work they are doing in your community. In 2009-10 Key Club and the Kiwanis family raised almost $1.8 million for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. For more than a decade, Key Club International has been supporting CMN Hospitals by sponsoring fundraisers and participating in service projects involving CMN Hospitals.

The Georgia District of Key Club International will once again be endorsing the Georgia Sheriff’s Youth Homes as its District Project for the 2013-2014 year. After the recent completion of a chapel, we have decided to use the funds that we collect this year to go towards the expansion of the Learning Center at the GSYH Campus in LaGrange. Each club is encouraged to raise at least $400 for the District Project so that we may not only reach but surpass our goal of $25,000. Considering the unlikeliness, however, that we will have 100% of clubs participate, it will be left upon the shoulders of each individual club who participates to go above and beyond the call of duty and raise as much as possible. Let’s truly blow our goal out of the water this year.

In 1992, the Georgia District of Key Club International decided that all funds raised for the District Project would go to build a learning center on the Campus of the Youth Homes, located in LaGrange, Georgia. This center would provide a workplace for the residents to study, a facility for counselors to meet with the residents to discuss their spiritual and emotional needs, and a time for the students to lay a foundation for a successful life. The facility was dedicated in 1999 after more than $100,000 was raised to construct the learning center. During the 1999-2000 year, Key Clubbers set out on another commendable path to build a learning center for the female residents at the Georgia Sheriffs Youth Homes Cherokee Estates campus in Dalton, Georgia. In just five years, theGeorgia District of Key Club Learning Center was dedicated after more than $115,000 was raised for the project that was known as “Ben’s Dream”. The 2005-2006 Georgia District Board, when deciding on the next goal for the Youth Homes, realized that each of the campuses had a place for residents to go to fulfill their spiritual needs- every campus except one. It was decided that the next project would be called the “Essential Piece” as the District set out to build a chapel at the Pineland campus of the Georgia Sheriffs Youth Homes. Through the help of Key Clubs from around the state, the Georgia District broke numerous fundraising records and was able to complete the project in just 3 years. The Georgia District of Key Club chapel was dedicated in 2007, answering the call once again for the Youth Homes. In 2009, the District Board received word that the residents at the Pineland campus of the youth homes had outgrown their current learning center- the same one that Key Clubbers built more than 15 years prior to that time. It was decided that the Georgia District would continue “Living the Legacy” and take on the challenge of raising $150,000 to expand the learning center so that each resident would have the same opportunities to succeed in life as each and every member of our organization has had. To date, more than $38,000 has been raised- but there is still a long way to go. The Mighty Georgia District will once again prove that no goal is too ambitious as we set out on the “March to 1500 over the next 5 years. It is imperative that we continue the rich, 24-year tradition of supporting the Youth Homes, an organization that has touched the lives of thousands of kids from around the state, molding them into dedicated and caring citizens that each of us are destined to become.

Editor Sign-Off Dear Key Clubbers, My name is Paul Hwang and I am the District Editor for thee 2013-2014 Key Club year. I am currently a rising senior at Peachtree Ridge High School in Suwannee. This is my second year on District board and I have been involved in Key Club for about the same amount of time! I absolutely love Key Club and dedicate a lot of time towards this wonderful organization. I do this because I know that what we do here really matters and is changing lives for the better everywhere. One way of showing how we are improving lives is through the Key Ring! When articles are sent in to me, they are put into the Key Ring. Here, they are on display for everyone to see. Not only does this bring r ecognition to the home clubs, but it also gives encouragement to other Key Clubbers (and non-Key Clubbers) and influences them to go out to there community and help out! I promise to make these next issues very interesting and informative. However, this can become difficult to do if you do not send in articles. With that said, please send in anything you want to see in future Key Rings to my editor email! My email is and the due dates for articles are July 15th, September 15th, November 15th, and January 15th. Yours in service, Paul Hwang District Bulletin Editor

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June Key Ring 2013  

The Official Publication of the Georgia District of Key Club International.

June Key Ring 2013  

The Official Publication of the Georgia District of Key Club International.