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The official publication of the Georgia District of Key Club International

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Hello Georgia Key Clubbers! As our 2017-18 year of service and leadership comes to an end, let’s reflect on everything that makes Key Club so great. Among these things are the opportunity to serve our community, student leadership, and the wonderful bonds we form with our fellow Key Clubbers. This edition is dedicated to just that: reflecting on the impact that we have made in our communities and the impact that Key Club has made on us. You will read about unique service, eye-opening District Convention experiences, and District Board shenanigans. I have really enjoyed being your Bulletin Editor for the 2017-18 term. I loved reading your articles, viewing your posts, and overall having an eye in every corner to see what amazing things Key Clubbers can do. Keep up the good work! I look forward to seeing you all at District Convention (DCON) and I hope that this edition will inspire you to make the most of your Key Club experience. Please enjoy our 2017-18 year in review! Tess Mosley, District Bulletin Editor

Hello Georgia Key Clubbers! I cannot believe this will be the very last Key Ring for the 2017-2018 Key Club year! It has been an amazing experience to be able to serve the best district in all of Key Club International. I will forever be grateful for the opportunity to serve you as District Governor. However, the year is not over yet! District Convention is right around the corner and I am very excited to be able to meet all of you in centrally located Macon, GA! On February 23-25, hundreds of Key Clubbers from across Georgia will get together to celebrate a wonderful year of service. I am also very excited to announce an enormous - yet positive - change to the Georgia District: the District Board recently decided to draw new divisional lines. The goal of this change is to better enable us to communicate and stay in touch with the clubs in Georgia. These changes will take effect at District Convention. I know it may be a bit confusing, but your Lieutenant Governors are working hard to help answer any questions you may have (you can also reach out to me). For more information on these changes, please visit: I am very proud to call this district my home because I know that all of you share a passion and dedication for service! So make sure to finish the year strong by fundraising for Georgia Sheriffs’ Youth Homes and The Eliminate Project. To all the seniors who will be graduating this year, I hope that you will forever remember the people you met and the experiences you had through Key Club, I know I will! Your in friendship & service, Jose J. Ramirez 2017-18 Georgia District governor

Hello Georgia Key Clubbers! It’s February, and that means convention is only DAYS away! Though we celebrate our accomplishments, it is important to reflect on how we grew and what we learned as Key Clubbers. For seniors, the end of our Key Club journey is rapidly approaching. The District Projects committee tackled a bunch of new obstacles and goals this past year! We opened strong by taking a group of Board members all around the state to each of the five GSYH campuses, admiring Key Club’s hard work to better the lives of the residents in the past and making plans for the future of our partnership. Throughout the year, we utilized our newly implemented Faculty and Advisor newsletter system to connect on an individual level and spread information about the District Project and we used the sponsorship system to fundraise outside of just Key Clubs. The year culminated with our now annual district-wide Chipotle fundraiser in Atlanta. I want to personally thank each and every Key Clubber, advisor, and Kiwanian who contributed to the Youth Homes in any way this past year, no matter what the size of the donation. Every penny counts, and it is because of YOUR dedication that we were able to assist the abandoned, neglected, and forgotten children in Georgia. THANK YOU! For three years I’ve served on the district board, and I can say with pride that the Georgia District has grown immensely since I first joined in 2014, and I can’t wait to see where it goes next! I retire with confidence that the generations to come will continue to exhibit passion and dedication for Key Club and the Georgia Sheriffs’ Youth Homes, and continue to shape the lives of the youth around them. I thank you for allowing me to serve you for the past three years, and for the impact each of you has left on my life.

Once again, and for the very last time, thank you! Yours in Service, Andrew McGraw District Projects Chairman

DCON 2018

What is DCON? District Convention (DCON) is a weekend filled with leadership and community service workshops, meeting Key Clubbers from all around Georgia, electing next year’s District Board, and gaining recognition for your club’s accomplishments! What can my club get recognition for at DCON? Your club can participate in contests by submitting their tshirt, posters, scrapbooks, and/or videos, and they can get recognition for raising funds for March of Dimes, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, UNICEF, and Georgia Sheriffs’ Youth Homes. Additionally, your club can get recognition for increasing their membership by 25% from the previous year, for having outstanding social media profiles, or for having an outstanding member or advisor. Learn more at What can I get recognition for at DCON? At DCON, you have many opportunities to showcase your gifts! You can participate in a public speaking contest or in the talent show, and there is a fun dance on Saturday night where you can show your killer moves. Where is it? DCON is centrally located this year in Macon, GA! How can I go for free? By selling ads for the program, you can get a discounted price or even get to go for free! Learn more at What is the theme this year? The theme is “It’s a Service World After All,” inspired by the unique cultures and diversity within Key Club International.

What’s so Special about DCO By Tess Mosley, Bulletin Editor

Going to District Convention for the first time can be scary, exciting, and overwhelming. You may not know what to expect, or really what it is! If that sounds like you, read ahead as some of our District Board members recount what made DCON special for them. If you are a DCON veteran, read ahead to get excited for our weekend in Macon! Don’t forget to check out what it’s like to run for District Board, and maybe consider running. DCON and District Board are amazing experiences for those who are passionate about service and want to expand their Key Club horizons.

Q&A with Governor Jose! What are you most excited about right now? Without a doubt, District Convention (DCON). It is the best time of the year because you get to meet so many people across Georgia! I have a lot of good memories from DCON 2017. What is your favorite part of DCON? Wow, that’s really hard question. Um, I really enjoy the meet and great and Talent and Awards Banquet! This year we will have several games during the meet and greet so that Key Clubbers can interact with more people. The Talent and Awards Banquet also great because yet get to celebrate your club’s achievements while enjoying performances from talented Key Clubbers. What is new and exciting for this year? We will have an awesome mural painting during the meet and greet where everyone can take turns and paint. It will be donated to a Georgia hospital. The service project this year will be filing backpacks with school supplies for local children. What do you want to tell anyone coming to DCON? I truly believe that this is one of the best experiences you can have during your high school career. Be open to meeting new people and making great memories! Can’t wait to see you there!

ON? By Vivi Ngo, Lt Governor Division 1 District Convention (DCON) is when Key Clubbers from across the district gather for a weekend full of service, recognition, and fun. Personally, what made DCON special for me was having some of my closest friends with me! I had a higher quality time at DCON because I was able to share differents moments like being captivated by Thirst Project at the opening session or dancing at the Governor’s Ball with my best friend. People should attend DCON to learn more about Key Club, gain leadership experience, learn how to better yourself and your community, and see all the different opportunities Key Club can provide for you. At my first DCON, I was able to see the various opportunities presented by Key Club to truly create an impact on my community and the world. Whether your a member or an officer attending DCON will definitely be worth it. By Alia Bly, Lt. Governor Division 11 Joining Key Club as a freshman opened the door to a whole slew of opportunities waiting to be approached, and without the fullest of ideas of what Key Club truly was, I attended District Convention to see if it was truly for me. Being immersed in an environment of hundreds of other students dedicated to service and its partners was both an inspiring and eye-opening moment for me. As someone who had always dreamed of making the world a better place, sitting in workshops dedicated to raising awareness for various selfless causes made change feel very near and possible. DCON was a special weekend for me, as I made friends, became closer to those I already knew, and learned a lot about myself. I believe Key Clubbers should attend DCON to witness the full extent of the club they dedicate themselves to. It is easy to forget the larger picture when you’ve never been exposed to it, but getting to know the profusion of other members just as excited about helping others as you are puts things into perspective: your involvement truly does matter. With so many fantastic service initiatives on display, it’s difficult to not fall in love with a cause at DCON.

What’s so Special about DCO By Megan Peta, Lt. Governor Divisions 6 & 7 Going into District Convention at St. Simon’s Island, I had no idea what to expect. I had been to plenty of leadership summits and conferences, but nothing prepared me for the weekend that awaited me on that small island. I was brand new to Key Club, and was simply seeking out more information on what the organization stood for and how I could better lead my members as president. What I got was inspiration, friendship, and a new love for service. My first District Convention was one I will never forget. I remember looking over the room of spirited individuals who filled the opening ceremony all driven by compassion. The whole weekend was electrified with that feeling, and I made the decision to make Key Club my “thing.” My friends and I experienced everything with an open heart and absorbed in the possibilities of service we could bring back to Mountain View. I ended up running for Lieutenant Governor which changed my life and helped me to commit even more to this organization. Attending this event doesn’t just expose you to other people, but it exposes you to yourself: your potential, your impact, and your true self. District was one of the best weekends of my life, and I promise you won’t want to miss it.

ON? By Kobi Sisengchahn, Lt. Governor Division 10 What made District Convention special for me was the chance to run for Lt. Governor. I ran for the position and I was really nervous. I did not like to speak on front of people, but here I am now. My term as Lt. Governor is about to end and I don’t regret a single thing except for the fact that I didn’t run for a district board position sooner in my high school career. The people that are elected, the people you get to work alongside with to improve the district as as unit, those people care just as much as Key Club as you. Even though everyone on the district board is spread across the entire state of Georgia, they are the greatest group of people you will ever meet. In just one year, I have made really good friends through being on the district board. If you have a chance, run for a district board position. You won’t regret it. Every key clubber in Georgia should attend District Convention because it is a life changing experience. Not only do you get to learn more about Key Club and how to improve your leadership skills, you also get to meet other key clubbers from all around Georgia. You also get to hear amazing speakers and there’s a dance. It is an action packed weekend full of service and spirit that you don’t want to miss.

What’s that?

You can run for District Board at DCON?

Yes! You Can Run for District Board at DCON By Christina Lee, Lt. Governor Divisions 14 & 15 Being on the district board has allowed me to surround myself in an atmosphere pulsating with energy and opportunity for self-growth. Reflecting upon this past year, I have noticed my growth as a friend, daughter, sister, student, and leader. Key Club has played an instrumental role in expanding my perspective, ambitions, and knowledge. Serving on the District Board has allowed me to gain a sense of what careers I may want to pursue in the future, exposing me to various fields that I may have never encountered without these opportunities. Key Club has allowed me to form valuable relationships with individuals whom I still remain in contact regardless of the thousands of miles that separate us. I have interacted with people from opposite sides of the world and country, learning about their culture, language, and religions. I have been able to slowly overcome my fear of public speaking, and I have learned to love telling others about this transformative experience that I have had through Key Club. During this term, I have made countless mistakes that have sometimes succumbed my mental ability to move forward; the pressure and the responsibilities can be extremely overwhelming. However, the positive aspects overshadow the challenges and make this experience completely worthwhile. I could stop every obstacle that I face, or I could at least attempt and fail and eventually learn from my experiences. Without Key Club, I would be missing a very integral aspect of my life. Despite the mistakes, I would go through this experience all over again for the people that I have met and the memories that I have made.

By Patrick Holman, Lt. Governor Divison 2 District board is for those people who want to venture outside of the local clubs and do more for Key Club and learn beyond the Club Levels. District Board has taught me more about Key Club than I ever knew. I learned more at Board Training than I ever did being a club member. In my opinion I would not trade my position for the world. I have met many new friends in Key Club and have learned so much from the partnerships we are involved in to things like what business casual is. By just doing your job you can learn trades that will help with careers and social skills. Being a club officer can teach you leadership skills, speaking and public relationship skills. Running for Board also looks excellent on a college application, they would know you are heavily involved in service word at a level beyond just a student. If you have an interest in the club and a desire to go above just being a member, this would be an opportunity of a lifetime.

Doesn’t it look fun? By Jasmine Ramirez, Lt. Governor Divisions 4 & 13 District board is a wonderful experience for those who are ready to interact and learn from others. You should most definitely run for district board if you are looking to broaden your horizon on the prospects of service. You will get to work with many different leaders from around Georgia and learn how they lead and even give some of your own advice. You will be able to get close to this group and help eachother grow as leaders and community servants. My experience on this district board has been nothing but insightful and joyous. I have grown close to this board and all of our little quirks. We have argued, for what seemed like hours, on how we can better serve the Georgia District, yet we always came to an agreement. We have so many little jokes and they are such a great support system. They have become some of my closest friends, and the same people that I turn to when I need to bounce ideas off of them. You should definitely run for district board if you are willing to grow with others to help serve your community and peers.

By Mary Grace Watson, MEP Chair December is here which means Trick or Treat for Unicef season is officially over. This also means the deadline to turn in money for Trick or Treat is coming up! By December 31st, you should mail your check to : The Eliminate Project: Campaign Office Kiwanis International Foundation P.O. Box 6457 - Dept #26 Indianapolis, IN 44206 Attn: Trick-or-Treat If your club didn’t Trick or Treat or wants to support the Eliminate Project even more, you can still raise money for the project. Use this upcoming time off school to host a fun holiday themed fundraiser! Another way you can support the Eliminate project is Race to Eliminate at DCON. Race to Eliminate is a relay game activity during DCON. Complete challenges to gain points and become the Eliminate World Champion! Bring some extra money to DCON and sign up during check in on Friday evening!

By Christina Lee, Lt. Governor Divisions 14 & 15 For the past few weeks, Key Clubbers roamed around the hallways of Lambert High School, asking other students for any spare change. The sounds of clanging coins in the Trick-orTreat boxes filled the hallways and the ears of many curious students. Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF is an annual fundraiser that Lambert Key Clubbers participate in during the month of October. This fundraiser allows Key Clubbers the opportunity to share information about the Eliminate Project. While asking for donations, students inform others about neonatal and maternal tetanus and its devastating effects. Since 2012, Key Club has partnered with other Kiwanis Service Leadership Programs to Trickor-Treat for UNICEF. Lambert Key Clubbers celebrate this event in various ways every year. A couple of years ago, Key Clubbers dressed up in their favorite Halloween Costumes and collected money. Key Clubbers were not only able to raise awareness for maternal and neonatal tetanus but also had the opportunity to bond with other Key Clubbers and devour buckets of Halloween candy. This year, Key Clubbers took Trick-or-Treat boxes and filled them up with donations from other Lambert students, parents, and friends.

By Patrick Holman, Lt. Governor Division 2 Our club met together at one of the local churches in Moultrie. We all had on unique costumes and were very excited for another year of Trick or Treating for Unicef! We split into groups of about 3-4 people and chose neighborhoods for our groups to Trick or Treat. We got into our groups and parked the car along the the sides of the road and went door to door Trick or Treating. We brought the classic orange boxes to collect money and we handed out pamphlets to the residents informing them on what Unicef is and how they are eliminating neonatal tetanus around the world with small (and sometimes large) donations. We then met back up at one of our members houses to count the money and enjoy an awesome pizza party.

By Kobi Sisengchan, Lt. Governor Division 10 I did not go trick or treating for UNICEF, but I did raise money for it! I had a few boxes and I asked my peers and teachers if they would like to donate any change to trick or treat for UNICEF. Many of them had no idea what it was and what their money was going towards. I was happy to explain to them how the money collected was going towards eliminating maternal/neonatal tetanus. Afterwards, they were ready to donate and I filled up four boxes full of change. Habersham Central Key Club had set a goal to raise $500 through trick or treat for UNICEF and we did it! It took a lot of work and time, but we managed to reach our goal with the help of our local Kiwanis club. We could not have done it without the help of our faithful Key Club members and our always supportive Kiwanis club.

What’s happening in Division...


Jasmine Ramirez, Lt. Governor Division 4 With first semester over and the Christmas season right around the corner, clubs are helping out in their communities in as many ways possible. Highland Christian Academy started off the school year by encouraging students with sticky notes on the lockers of many. But since school has started, our country has had many natural disasters. One of those disasters hit our state and some of our clubs harder than the rest of the nation, but as we collected ourselves we found the need to help our community. Camden County High School had members by the waterfront, around the school campus, or even in the houses of neighbors helping clean up the mess Irma left. Once we managed to get most people on their feet after Irma, you could find Lowndes High School key club members helping with elementary school field days. Ware County High School and Highland Christian Academy were out trick-or-treating for UNICEF, while Cook County High School hosted a trunk-or-treat thus ending spooky season. However, with the end of spooky season you can find Ware County prepping Thanksgiving Dinners for those who need it. Lowndes High School is buying presents for the less fortunate, while Highland Christian Academy opens a Christmas store to raise money. In addition to helping the people have a jolly season, Camden County High School is pushing for an ornament decorating contest to raise funds for the local Humane Society and to raise the christmas spirit in the school.

Your club may not help your community in the ways that ours do, but we are all helping in the way we see best. Put aside your exam study guides and take a break to volunteer and make your community brighter with service.


Megan Peta, Lt. Governor Division 7 & 8 Division 7 has been really active with some super cool projects recently! Peachtree Ridge High School has been doing a ton of community activities including helping with community events like the Suwanee Festival and Trunk-or-Treat Meadowcreek High School put on a Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF Week to raise awareness and money for Eliminate. The week was filled with themed days and ended with 25 cent games during lunch the student body could play. All the proceeds with to UNICEF and served as a great way to put a spotlight on an important cause. Mountain View High School put on an Open Mic Night at a local coffee shop to bring attention and raise donations for the Georgia Sheriffs’ Youth Homes. People from all over the community read poems, sang songs, played piano, and showed their super amazing talents. The project collected about $50 for the organization in two hours! These are just a few of the cool things going on in Division 7, but every school has been putting their best foot forward for service.

Alia Bly, Lt. Governor Division 11 While a multitude of interesting activities take place in my home Key Club, Project Linus is one of my favorites. This initiative is oriented around the goal of delivering homemade blankets to children in need; moreover, these may be terminally ill patients in local hospitals or children of struggling homes. Not only does this project bring joy to those in need, but it’s a fantastic opportunity to Key Club members to spend time together. My club encourages all participants to bring in inexpensive blankets to be tailored together into fun designs, and then we dedicate the next few club meetings to sewing them together. Project Linus is just now picking up again at my school, and I’m excited to see how much we accomplish this year!


What’s happening in Division... By Mary Grace Watson, Lt. Governor Division 3 and MEP Committee Chair Colquitt County High School Key Club partnered with our local Kiwanis club to charter a K-Kids chapter at Odom Elementary. We are also working to help charter a second K-Kids at Sunset Elementary. Key Club Officers, Mary Grace Watson (President), Kelsee Brady (Secretary/ Treasurer), and Chloe Newsome (Editor), attended the chartering ceremony on November 7. The K-Kids Club officers include President Jonathan Baltazar, Vice President Karli Trejo, Treasurer Keyontae Simpson, Secretary Jacie Merritt, and Sergeant at Arms McKenzie Williams. The club currently has 16 members. We, as a club, are so excited for our new club in our county to partner with in our many service projects. The kids even helped us raise money by Trick or Treating for UNICEF. They alone raise $144.50! As a fundraiser for District Convention, Colquitt County Key Clubbers worked in Information Booths at the Sunbelt Ag Expo during last October. Members gave directions while surviving the cold for 3 days during the show. We had almost 24 different volunteers for this fundraiser. We were able to raise $1,500. Mary Beth Watson, VP of Accounting and Administration for the Sunbelt Ag Expo, came and presented the check at our last meeting on November 8. Kelsee Brady (Secretary/ Treasurer) and Mary Grace Watson (President) accepted the check from Mrs. Mary Beth on the club’s behalf.

Andrea Manning, Lt. Governor Division 6 This year, my school is hosting a Christmas dinner for the community that I am pumped for. Christmas is my favorite season of the year by far and in the past three years our club has not participated in a holiday themed service project. The event will begin around 6 pm and all of my school’s Key Clubbers will act as servers for the evening, carting food and drinks to those present. Once everyone has been served, we will be seated to eat and following the meal we will be tasked with cleaning up. The holiday spirit has me fired up and ready to rock this Christmas party! I have high expectations for the event to be a success and a staple in our club for years to come.


3 Did you know that a Key Club can partner with a Kiwanis club to help sponsor a Builders Club or K-Kids? It’s very easy to go through the chartering process for either one of these two clubs. Think about how much you could do for your community if you had students from Elementary School through High School partnering to work on one project! Want to get more information on where to start on chartering a K-Kids or Builders Club? Email me at for more info. Class of 2018, your time in Key Club is rapidly running out. Cue the tears. Don’t fret. Your Kiwanis Family journey doesn’t have to be over. You can continue to have fun while serving others in Circle K at your college. Do some research or email me to find out if your future school has a Circle K. If your future university doesn’t have one, you can start one! Not going to college? Then your time has come to join Kiwanis! No matter what your future holds for you, we, the Georgia District, hope you will continue your service journey in the other branches of the Kiwanis Family.

The HALO Movement By Vivi Ngo, Lt, Governor Division 1 Nickelodeon, which is one of our vision partners, has launched their HALO Movement. The Halo Movement is very similar to the Youth Opportunities Fund, in that they provide grant funding to YOUR Key Club service project. The grant amount ranges from $100 to $2500. You can apply for a chance to receive the grant online at Key Club’s FaceBook Page. Submit your project between September 1 and November 30, 2017. Then starting December 4, invite your friends, family, classmates, teachers, Kiwanians and community members to vote for your project. Not to mention you too can vote too! The top 10 projects with the most votes by 11:59 p.m. PST on Sunday, December 10 will move on to the final round of judging, and winners will be announced on or around December 15. You can find more information by visiting . Can’t wait to see what your club will come up and make sure to use the hashtag #WeHALO and #KeyClub on social media!

Preferred Charities

Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals (CMN Hospitals) is a nonprofit organization that raises money to benefit hospitalized kids while increasing awareness of its member hospitals. All CMN Hospitals contributions directly benefit hospitals, helping to purchase up-to-date equipment, train staff, conduct life-saving research, implement outreach programs, and provide health care for children whose parents can’t afford to pay. Find out how you can help here. The mission of the March of Dimes is to improve the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth, and infant mortality. Additionally, if something goes wrong, they offer the comfort and information that families need. Find out what you can do here. UNICEF, the only organization of the United Nations dedicated exclusively to children,works with other United Nations bodies, governments and nongovernmental organizations to assist in children’s needs through communitybased services in primary health care, basic education, and safe water and sanitation in more than 150 developing countries.

Co-Sponsor Rustic Pathways has more than 30 years of experience leading exceptional international education and service programs. High school students broaden their global perspective while performing meaningful service projects around the world. Learn more about the incredible trips offered by inviting a local representative to speak at a club meeting or district convention. Find your local connection here.

Service Partner Key Club is teaming up with The Thirst Project, the world’s largest youth water organization​, to be part of the movement to end the global water crisis. As Key Club members, making a difference in our communities and the world is what we do best. And we share The Thirst Project’s belief that teenagers are the world’s most powerful agents for social change. That’s why we’re taking action with Thirst Project.

Vision Partner Vision Partner Nickelodeon inspires kids to take action and make a difference in the world. Through the Big Help and Worldwide Day of Play initiatives, kids and adults work together to plan events and activities in the following areas: health & wellness, education, service and the environment.

New Year, New Service! By Katelynn Barnes A new year means it is time for another exciting Key Club year. It is also a time of reflection. This past year has been my favorite Key Club year yet. We have all banded together to help some truly worthy causes. At my home club, we have been working as hard as possible this year, and trying out new fundraising ideas to see what works best for us. From selling water bottles at lunch for the Thirst project to a purple dress down day, where all benefits went toward the Eliminate project. We have truly been having a blast this year. My favorite project by far ,however, has been the Christmas shop. As my school is k-12, we invited everyone to bring little gifts such as: stuffed animals, colored pencils, or books to donate to the store. We then allowed all students to look through the store and purchase items they may like to give as a Christmas gift. All proceeds went toward the Eliminate Project. By working together my school was able to raise a whopping $411.95 for the Eliminate Project. Whether this is your first year in Key Club, or your fourth, take the time to make this your divisions best Key Club year yet. Maybe your school would like to hold a division wide potluck dinner, or have a division wide service project. One of the best parts of Key Club is getting to know other service minded high school students. Reach out to other clubs around your area and get to know some truly amazing people. Try and get as many people as you possibly can to go to your division’s DCM, and see how much fun Key Club can be. Make this your Key Club year.

Has your club raised money, raised awareness, or performed service for our Major Emphasis? Well if so, your club should apply for the Key Club International Award here! This award is due February 23rd, 2018.

By Andrew McGraw, Wayne County HS Key Club Vice President Each year, our club puts on a really successful - and simple - fundraiser where we sell Fanta grams for Valentines Day. Fanta grams are exactly what they sound like - soda cans or bottles with personalized valentines messages and/or candy attached. We have a table set up at all of our lunches with Key Club members selling the fanta grams about a week before Valentine’s Day. When they buy one, they fill out the card that goes on the Fanta, which has a “To”, “From”, the slogan “You’re a FANTA-stic Valentine!”, and a space for a personalized message. If the customer wants to, they can specify a flavor by writing it on the back of the card. On Valentine’s Day, the Key Club officers go around and deliver the grams to first block classes. The fundraiser is really simple, and turns a high profit! We sell each Fanta gram for $2, and sell “deluxe” ones for $3, which come with Hershey’s Kisses. However, you can sell them at whatever price you’d like! All of our proceeds are donated to the Georgia Sheriffs’ Youth Homes!

By Taylor Hatfield, President, SWGHA Key Club, Division 3 I don’t know about you, but I love working on the ground floor. The “get your hands dirty” and “talk to real people” kind of work. I’ve never been able to experience that as fully as when we packed food boxes for Haiti. My club partnered with a local church who had a mission base in Haiti as well as with our sponsoring Kiwanis Club who funded the food boxes if we would prepare, pack, and ship them. That’s when we got to work! We literally measured out cups of rice and dehydrated vegetables and funneled them into plastic bags that we cut and made from a huge roll ourselves! The next step was to flatten out the filled bags and seal them shut with a tool that melted the plastic edge. Once we got enough bags, we would load them into a huge box that went straight to Haiti with our local mission team! This was probably my favorite project, and I want to see each of you partner with a local mission church and get your hands dirty for a cause!

New Year, New Service!

By Taylor Hatfield, President, SWGHA Key Club, Division 3 One of the coolest local projects my club does every year is Christmas Boxes for the Anchorage. You’re probably wondering what that is. In a nutshell, the Anchorage is a local Christian rehabilitation center for men struggling with substance abuse and looking for freedom. Men have a safe place to live under careful observation and loving care by people who love the Lord and know He can free the patients from bondage through the Gospel. Where do we come in? We get the opportunity to pack shoe boxes of Christmas gifts for each person! We always put a handwritten note and Christmas card to encourage them along with practical gifts and a few “just for fun” gifts! For example, a devotional book, hats and gloves, deck of cards, shaving kit, candy, and Slim Jims. My favorite part is delivering the boxes. Most of the volunteers we interact with are men who have gone through the program and are now addiction free. I’m always blown away at the respectful, hard-working gentleman they become. I challenge and encourage you to find a local rehab center to help or pray for those in treatment!

ATTENTION KEY CLUB SENIORS! Your time in Key Club has almost come to an end… *cries an entire service filled river*. Despite the fact that you’re graduating, you’ll be happy to know that you can continue your service journey in college… by joining Circle K! Circle K is an international co-ed service organization that is sponsored by Kiwanis International. Circle K clubs focus on the three tenets of service, fellowship, and leadership. Not going to college? Your university doesn’t have a Circle K? Don’t fret! You can join Kiwanis! Dedicated to serving the children of the world, this global volunteer organization annually raises more than US$100 million and dedicates more than 18.5 million hours to strengthen communities and help children. Through service projects and fundraisers, Kiwanis members improve their communities, make lifelong friendships, and, most importantly, help children thrive, prosper and reach their full potential. So reach out, and continue to find your full service potential in the Kiwanis Family!

By Elizabeth Swartz Living in a first-world country it can be difficult to fully grasp everyday life in countries like Swaziland, as our worlds are separated by both distance and privilege. Thirst Project is one of the few organizations I have encountered that helps bridge that gap for students with nothing but a powerpoint presentation and a whole lot of passion. This past Tuesday at Mountain View HS, I had the pleasure of hearing a Thirst Project presentation for the second time. The ambassadors for this organization who travel the country teaching students about the global water crisis never cease to amaze me with their enthusiasm and unwavering belief in the power of youth. Suddenly statistics like 663 million people without access to clean water come to life and stun you with their realness. With our Change for Thirst project last year, we were able to raise around $600, and we hope to continue this partnership. Thirst Project wants our generation to be the one that ends the ater crisis and after hearing their amazing mission, you’ll want to join the effort too.

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