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Vol. XXXIII, No. 2 August 2012

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Georgia District


Governor’s Address Greetings, Georgia Key Clubbers!

As school begins once again, I would like to welcome you all to a new year that will surely be filled with service to our homes, schools and communities. It is my distinct pleasure to be able to serve this year with excellent servant leaders such as yourselves. I know that you have the potential to bring, not only Key Club, but more importantly, the world, to new heights. As Key Clubbers, we are not only capable of making a difference, but we are already doing just that. The challenge for this year is to step it up. When planning the year ahead, remember all of Key Club’s Preferred Charities and especially the District Project, Georgia Sheriff’s Youth Homes. Whether you choose to fundraise for the Children’s Miracle Network, ELIMINATE, the Georgia Sheriff’s Youth Homes, March of Dimes or a charity of your choice, make sure to put your all into it. Each and every one of you is changing lives. Make it count. I cannot stress enough the importance of keeping a Key Club calendar with different service projects and district events planned from the start of the school year. Plan your events for the year early and don’t put off working on them until the last minute; one of the most important priorities for Key Club is being organized. Also, remember to emphasize the fun in Key Club. Yes, we are all making a difference in our world, but it is also important to make friends with your fellow Key clubbers! I hope to see you all at the Georgia Leadership Training Conference (GLTC) at Six Flags over Georgia on August 25th! I cannot stress enough how essential this training is to the success of the district and the individual club leadership. Being an officer is confusing at times, but GLTC will clear up any questions that you have about being a Key Club Officer and will also tell you how to be the best officers and members that your club has ever seen. On top of the officer training, remember that November is Kiwanis Family Month! I challenge each club to reach out and perform at least one joint service project with as many branches of Kiwanis as possible! It can be anything from picking up trash on the side of the road or fundraising for ELIMINATE. Show how appreciative you are for everything Kiwanis does for Key Club as an organization! Reach out to your local Kiwanis, Builder’s Club, K-Kids, Circle K and Aktion clubs. It will be an experience you will never forget. Our K-Family is such an invaluable resource to us, and we shouldn’t let it go to waste. Again, I am ecstatic about this year and the possibilities that are ahead of us. We can change the world for the better, and it is totally within our power to do just that. Thank you for everything you are doing as a part of Key Club and as a part of everything else you do as a leader. I look forward to the rest of the year; as I said before, we will change the world. Yours in service, Gabe Newbern District Governor of the Georgia District of Key Club International

Treasurer Wendy LAM Greetings, Key Clubbers! I hope that you all are excited about the beginning of a new school year, as that means that Key Club is coming back into full swing! With that in mind, I’d like to stress the importance of paying dues. Where does the money go? Of the $13 per member that is sent to Key Club International , $6.50 of that stays at the International level and $6.50 comes back to the Georgia District Without dues, there would be no Key Club. Dues are required to make board meetings and district events possible, in addition to providing resources to clubs around the state. Moreover, dues are essential to ensure that Key Club is organized and able to function on a state and local level. I’d like to remind you all of my goal to collect at least 90% of membership dues paid on time. Please help me achieve this goal by sending in your dues on time! Early bird dues are due by October 1st. Dues on time should be turned in by November 1st. Please keep in mind that dues are late after December 1st, and your club becomes inactive if your dues aren’t paid after this date! As fellow friends in service, please don’t hesitate to contact me at if you have any question about dues. In service, Wendy Lam District Treasurer

Secretary Ashley BROCK Key Clubbers, Can you believe that it’s almost time for school to start back already? It seems like our summer vacation started just yesterday. We have exciting events to look forward to in the coming weeks! The Georgia Leadership Training Conference (GLTC) will be on August 25th at Six Flags, and it would be great to see every single one of you there. Everyone will have the opportunity to learn more about our organization. Officers can connect with officers from other clubs, which will be a valuable resource as we venture forth into the most stressful time of the year for most high school students: fall semester. The first half of the school year is the time to dive headfirst into schoolwork, submit college applications, and attend football games. It’s also the perfect time to serve! You can do anything: fundraise for Eliminate and Georgia Sheriffs’ Youth Homes, begin a coat drive for Operation Warm, or volunteer to clean a nearby stream. The possibilities are endless. If you start to run out of ideas, contact your lieutenant governor. Your lieutenant governor will be a valuable resource throughout the year. Make it easier for them to contact you by submitting officer information. This simple process can be completed on our new Georgia District website,, by navigating to Resources, clicking on Officer Information, and filling out the provided form. I look forward to getting to know all of you at GLTC in a few weeks! Serving with love always, Ashley Brock District Secretary


August 25, 2012

Georgia Leadership Training Conference At SIX FLAGS Over Georgia

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Summertime SERVICE Reports from Georgia District COMMITTEE CHAIRS



“Unveil the


If you attended ICON 2012, you definitely had an experience that you’ll never forget. Imagine spending a week with Key Clubbers from around the world, enjoying a week full of activities from the time you wake up until you go to bed each evening. Sounds pretty great, right? Well, I can promise you that it was incredible! The Georgia District began its week with a trip to Universal Studios, where we were able to walk through Hogwarts, rock out at Hard Rock Café, and scream until we were hoarse on many exciting rides throughout Universal Studios. Needless to say, the week was off to a great start! The next day began with ICON’s Opening Session, where we listened to presentations from Children’s Miracle Network families and our Keynote Speaker, Eden Sher. Both presentations were very inspirational. That afternoon, we had caucusing, which gave us a good look at the running for international offices. Later that night was fun and exciting, as we danced to Eliminate, which was crazy and fun! Friday was full of exciting

workshops, followed by the recognition session, where Georgia took home many great awards! The final day was just as busy as the rest. Fortunately, there was a workshop for Lt. Governors! After the workshop, we had our fun debating and voting over 20 amendments. The dinner and closing session that followed was bittersweet, as it was sad to know that ICON was coming to an end, but I was glad that I could finally catch up on some rest! I’m glad that I got the chance to attend ICON 2012, and you will most certainly be able to find me at ICON 2013 in Washington, D.C.! -Katie Fuller, Lt. Gov. Division 2

This was my first time attending International Convention, and I can honestly say that it was one of the best experiences of my life! I instantly felt at home because everyone that I met was so enthusiastic about Key Club. This shared passion for service created a sense of community that made it easy for anyone to strike up a conversation with someone from the other side of the country. In addition, it was incredible to be a part of electing international officers. Next year, I hope to have the opportunity to attend ICON in Washington, D.C., and I’d encourage any Key Clubber who is looking to meet others that share the same love for Key Club to attend. -Ashley Brock, District Secretary

Fun, Fun, Fun! At the heart of Disney World, ICON was four days of pure magic. From the opening session to the speakers and workshops, each day was amazing! It was incredible to see so many people that were so passionate about service! The workshops were incredible because they taught us so much, from new icebreakers to ways to strengthen K-family relationships. The Eliminate Dinner was eye-opening, as we learned so much about the Eliminate project! It’s crazy to think about how only $1.80, which is less than a small coffee at most coffee shops, can protect a mother and her child from maternal and neonatal tetanus. Walt Disney once said, “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” At ICON, in a place created by a dreamer, we too were given a dream: to lead and change our world little by little, into a better place. -Jae Won Shin, Lt. Gov. Div. 14

Whenever I think of ICON, I think of five unforgettable days spent with great people enjoying Orlando, Florida, while learning how to become a better leader, and how I can truly make a difference through service. Experiencing some of what Disney and Universal Studios had to offer was a blast, but I also enjoyed meeting new people and learning how to deal with my new addiction to pin trading. The sessions and workshops provided great advice on how I can become more active in my community and truly make a difference by simply putting in the time. It was encouraging to learn that we have already raised $14,000,000 for project Eliminate as Key Club International. The most important thing that I will take away from ICON is that everything we do has a reason why; we just have to find it. -Andrew Akers, District Projects Chair

In Orlando, July 3-8, the Coffee High/George Washington Carver Freshman Campus Key Club attended International Convention, where they won Distinguished Diamond Club for the state of Georgia and third place in Major Emphasis Project. There were over 1,500 members at the convention coming from all over the world including places like The Bahamas, Canada, and many other places. This was an unimaginable honor to Coffee High School and we will shoot for even more awards next year. Along with attending workshops, recognition session, House of Delegates, and District meetings, time was given to the Key Club members to enjoy Walt Disney World and Universal Studios. The event was so exciting that members of Coffee County High School Key Club can’t wait till next year’s International Convention in Washington D.C.! -Cierra Fountain, Lt. gov. Div. 3

Learn more at

International Trustee Greetings, Georgia District! My name is Colten Meisner, and it is an honor, pleasure, and utmost privilege to be serving as your International Trustee for the 2012-2013 year! As your Trustee, my duty is to link all of you – the voices of the Georgia District – to the highest governing body of Key Club International. Not only am I absolutely ecstatic to be serving on the Key Club International Board of Trustees this year, but I am also incredibly exuberant to be specifically representing Georgia, a district filled with spirit and passion for selfless service under excellent direction from your Governor, Gabe Newbern and his executives! On a more personal note, I hail from the 16th largest city in the United States – Fort Worth, Texas! Contrary to popular belief, I do not own a horse, nor would I know how to ride one if I came into contact with it. Spoiler alert, guys: not everyone in Texas fits the bill of a cowboy! Otherwise, I am a philanthropist, amateur philosopher, future journalist, news junkie, horror movie fanatic, wannabe hipster, lame joke teller, excellent listener, dependable friend, brother, and son. One of my largest roles as an International Trustee is working on the committees of the International Board. This year, I will be serving as a member on two committees: the Executive committee and the Education and Development committee. Both have very distinct roles, however, they offer equally interesting prospects to make a difference in this organization. On the Executive committee, I work to improve the governance of the organization, often handling matters that are not necessarily appropriate to be deliberated by a thirteen-member board. This may include things such as removals of International Board members or re-drafting of elections procedures. On the Education and Development committee, I’m currently producing new resources for faculty advisors, Builders Club members, and also recreating the current the USB drive for district officers. My goals largely center on these specific directives, which will be altered and personally suited throughout the year. If you ever have a question about Key Club, service, leadership, elections, or anything of the like – I’d love to hear from you. I’m here for a reason… and the reason is to serve all of you, so that you can ultimately better serve your homes, schools, divisions, and communities. Together, you all have the power to ignite a movement to stop the apathy in youth today. This year will surely be a ride we won’t forget. Together, let’s stimulate this service year. Happy serving!

Colten Meisner International Trustee – Georgia, Indiana, New Jersey Key Club International Call/Text: (817) 901-6931 Email: Twitter: @coltenmeisner Facebook: Colten Meisner



Division 2 - Off to a great start!

This summer Division 2 has been full of activity! We have gotten off to a great start with hosting events and training sessions. Our first officer training was held a few weeks ago for Callaway High School. It was a great success with almost all of our officers in attendance. We are planning to host two more officer trainings before the school year begins in August. Harris County High School’s Key Club is going to go back to school

By Katie Fuller

early to help prepare for the rush of students picking up schedules! They will be busy stuffing envelopes with schedules and information students need for the upcoming school year. This has become a tradition for their Key Club and they consider it a good start to the year. Harris County High School also recently volunteered at a local event called “Veteran Stand Down.” This event focuses on helping homeless or unemployed veterans find jobs and places to live. They had quite a few excited Key Club members show up to help make the event a success. The presidents in our division are already beginning to plan our first divisionwide event along with a trip to the local Georgia Sherriff’s Youth Homes! I’m looking forward to working with such an eager and active division, and I cannot wait to see what awesome things we can accomplish this year!

Food Banks and Serving Your Community by Mark Garren The Valdosta High School Key Club has sponsored several activities in the past year in support of its local food bank, Second Harvest of South Georgia. Whether it was a Souperbowl of Caring can drive, volunteering to collect cans at a local amusement park, or sorting cans at the food bank, the VHS Key Club found more than one way to help its community. Overall, the VHS Key Club collected several hundreds of cans for its local food bank and helped several families in need. Your club can do this too! To get started, simply go to your phone book’s white pages and look up food banks, or even better, just ask your sponsoring Kiwanis Club for help. In addition, consider the Builders and K-Kids Clubs in your region in planning events and projects in order to include as much of the K-family as possible. If your local food bank doesn’t have a program for collecting canned foods, your club can start its own! And the best part – your club can publicize the district and endorsed projects all while participating in another project to serve your community.

Kiwanis Pancake Day By Jared Sisson Each year, the Kiwanis Club of Griffin hosts an annual pancake breakfast at Spaulding High School. Tickets are sold for $5 each, which includes an all-you-can-eat breakfast of pancakes and sausage, as well as coffee, juice, and chocolate milk. For those who are in a hurry, the Kiwanis Club also offers togo plates for $5 each. Members of Griffin and Spaulding High School Key Clubs help throughout the event from set-up to clean-up.

In addition to the time spent by volunteers, there is an enormous amount of food prepared for Pancake Day. About 1,000 pounds of sausage, 640 pounds of pancake mix, and 40 gallons of syrup are used for the breakfast, which is provided by funds raised from the Spaulding County Fair. The money raised through Pancake Day, which is the club’s second largest fundraiser behind the Spaulding County Fair, will be used for scholarships of $1,000 and $1,500 to support local students. Service projects that your school can do with Kiwanis are great because they not only provide a great way for you to serve your community, but they also give your club the chance to strengthen its relationship with its local Kiwanis Club. This relationship is important to the success of Key Club!

KISS a senior


By Jae Won Shin

The success of any school’s Key Club can largely depend on the success of its fundraisers. Lambert High School Key Club is proud of the progress that it has made over this past two years. This success can be contributed to its fundraisers, including “Kiss a Senior Goodbye,” or the selling of Hershey’s Kiss Roses that are sold by the Lambert High School Key Clubbers. Ordered by the parents of Lambert High School seniors, the roses are sold for $1 each or $10 per dozen. Lambert High Key Clubbers work around the clock to hand-make around 2,000 roses, which are made out of two Hershey’s Kisses, flower wire, candy foil, and green electrical tape. In order to create so many roses, Lambert High School Key Clubbers work both during school and outside of school, working during downtime in class or hosting rose-making parties on the weekends. After all of the roses are finally completed, organized, and tagged with a note from each senior’s parents, Lambert Key Clubbers then take the time to distribute the roses to the seniors. One should see the look of excitement on the faces of seniors as they are handed their Hershey’s Kiss roses. Not only do these roses raise funds for the Lambert Key Club, they also benefit parents and seniors as a way of celebrating their accomplishments throughout high school. After raising $1,133 on this fundraiser alone, the Lambert High School Key Club was able to donate $400 to the Georgia District’s endorsed project, the Georgia Sheriff’s Youth homes, in addition to $400 to the Eliminate project.

K-Family Bond by Tiffani Kaage

In order for a club to be successful, they must be actively involved in their home, school, and community. In addition, it is important to focus on their relationship with all aspects of the K-Family. Alcovy High School Key Club strives to serve their community with the help and support of the Covington Kiwanis. Alcovy Key Clubbers frequently attend Kiwanis luncheons in order to strengthen the bonds between the K-Family. After returning from ICON, a few students attended a Kiwanis picnic and shared their ICON experiences with the Kiwanians. Covington Kiwanis President-elect, Shannon Sneed, and his wife, Donna, also shared their experiences from the Kiwanis International Convention held in New Orleans. Upcoming events were announced by President Baker and thoughts were shared. Alcovy Key Club is looking forward to continue strengthening the family ties with all branches of the K-Family!

Puppy Love By Kaitlin Merck Even though school isn’t in session, it’s important to continue serving your community throughout the summer. My personal favorite summer project is volunteering at the local animal shelter. I am an animal lover, and many shelters and overnight kennels need help taking care of the animals. Usually, I help feed, water, walk, bathe, and play with the dogs and cats. I love helping out at the shelter because so many animals are confined in their pens for days at a time. Taking the animals out and giving them attention helps keep them healthy and friendly. Another way to help out animal shelters is by adopting a pet, especially those who are injured and need special attention. My family has adopted a Miniature Yorkie that was hit by a car. Her pelvic bone was fractured, so she was not allowed to jump or play for two months. Although our original intention was to only keep her


for the duration of her healing period, we fell in love with her, and now she is a permanent part of my family. I have spent several summers volunteering at animal shelters, and it never gets old. There are always new animals coming through, and you get to see the smiling faces of families as they welcome a new family member into their home. It’s a fun and easy way to serve my community, but it’s great to know that I am making a difference in the lives of animals.

The great thing about serving your community is that there The great thing about serving are so many ways to serve othyour community is that there ers great that there is about always serving some- your are so The thing many ways to serve thing funthere exciting that ways to community isthere that are so many others that isand always you can do to help out. Whensomeserve others, fun andand thatexciting there is always something thing funsomeone anddo exciting you can do to that you can tomentions helpthat out.fundraising, most people think of generic help out.someone When someone mentions fundraisWhen mentions funbake sales or car washes, but ing, most people think of generic bake sales draising, most people think there aresales manyor fun and fun excit-and exorofcar washes, but there are many generic bake car citing things one do to raise money washes, butthat there arecan many for important organizations such as Unicef or the Georgia Sheriff’s Youth Homes that rely on donations to serve their purpose. The possibilities are endless when it comes to exciting fundraising if you consider the wide variety of interests that engage teens today. It’s so easy to take advantage of simple things that teens enjoy by hosting dances, socials, or other activities that can easily draw the at-

By Steve Shin tention of your peers. Don’t be afraid to get creative! Service goes beyond fundraising, as it’s just as easy to give your time when you can’t give money. A great example of dedicating time for service is adopting a local road, which involves regularly cleaning up the litter that people carelessly dispose of in that area. Not only does this help with unseen environmental problems, it can turn a dirty eyesore into a beautiful stretch of road. Another great thing about this type of service is that it gives you a chance to bond with other Key Clubbers, as socializing with one another can happen so easily while working towards a common goal.

Creative Fundraising By John Oh The best part about service projects is that they unite us as Key Clubbers. They provide a time for friends, faculty advisors, and parents to get together to create a difference in their community. Fundraisers are also great, as they can be a ton of fun if done correctly! Wristband sale: Wristbands are one of the easiest fundraisers, as they are cheap, portable, and can effectively spread a message. Since they are portable, they can be carried easily and can be sold just about anywhere at school or throughout the community at any time. Also, since they are so cheap, they can be sold for reasonable prices and still return a decent profit. It is important to make sure that the wristbands are somehow associated with your Key Club or service projects. For example, one could raise money and awareness for the Eliminate project by making wrist bands that say “eliMiNaTe” to remind people about the project. It is also important to make sure that you explain what you are fundraising for when selling the wristbands. Movie Screening: A fun idea to raise money for district projects is to hold a movie screening at your school. The event can easily be advertised with flyers placed throughout the school. Tickets can be sold to get into the door and snacks can be sold during the movie to raise additional money. It

is a great idea to advertise the project or projects that the event supports by showing a video about it (such as the GSYH video or a video about the Eliminate project) before the movie begins. Song Wars: This exciting service project is great, as it includes the entire school. This project requires permission of the principal, as you will need to use the intercom system at school. Once you have permission, you will also need two jars sitting in the schools front office. One should be labeled “Keep,” and the other labeled “Change.” One morning, play a song over the system for the students to listen to. After the song is finished, you should announce that those who want to either keep the song or change the song should put a quarter into the jar in the front office that corresponds with their choice. The next day, play either the same song or a different song based on the jar that has the most change. Overall, service projects and fundraisers are the most important part of Key Club International. They not only bring us together, but also provide the means for us to make a difference in our homes, schools, and communities.




Whitney High School Key Club California-Nevada-Hawaii District Assist the Tijuana Project: three orphanages in Baja, Mexico. The club would take basic necessities such as shampoo, undergarments, soap, and other necessities for the orphans in three orphanages. They would also purchase toys and school supplies for the orphans and put them inside of backpacks and deliver them to the approximately 150 children in the three orphanages. South Fork High School Key Club Florida District A true K-Family Literacy Outreach Model: “Books for Babies,” A Young Children: Priority One Literacy Project, sponsored by the K-Family of Key Club, Builders Club, K-Kids and dual Kiwanis clubs. Four trips were taken to read and mentor (providing a total of 600+ books in the four-month period). The YOF Grant funded transportation, substitute coverage and books between Warfield Elementary School Kindergarten and Perkins Early Childhood Head Start Center. Jordan-Matthews High School Key Club Carolinas District Purchased the book “Love You Forever” for first grade students who learned to read the book and then took the books to an area nursing home and read the books to residents there. Many of the children did not have grandparents so the program allowed them to adopt a grandparent for the day. The Key Club helped with teaching the children to read the book and helped with the interaction at the nursing home. Application on Key Club web site You may request funding assistance from $200 to $2,000. Postmark deadline is October 15. Applications submitted to Youth Funds & Scholarship Specialist at: Kiwanis International Foundation, 3636 Woodview Trace, Indianapolis, IN 46268

Committee Chairs K-Family Chair Paul Hwang

The K-Family Committee works to build and st reng then relationships between all sects of Kiwanis Intentional. This includes Aktion, Builders Club, K-Kids, Key Club, and Circle-K. In order to build relationships with these sects, it is important to support this effort by including all aspects of the K-Family in meetings, service projects, and events. We can even go as far as chartering clubs to make this possible.

Although it is somewhat difficult to include other sects of the K-Family in every event due to the conflicting schedules of different age groups, it is important to plan out ways that other groups can be included whenever possible. This can be as simple as inviting Kiwanians to your weekly meetings or even attending a Kiwanis Meeting with your club. As the K-Family committee meetings focus on ways to strengthen ties between Key Club and other branches of the Kiwanis Family, our next meeting will focus on more events that can be beneficial in bonding the K-Family. Some previous projects that include other branches of the K-Family include marathons for charity, fundraising for Eliminate, and even having lunch to plan future events.

Public Relations Committee Our Public Relations Committee works to improve relations with various groups outside of the District Board. We strive to strengthen relationships with the public and Key Club International. This means that we plan and execute campaigns and events with our committee and the District Board to raise public awareness of Key Club and its projects. This includes our current campaign that focuses on promoting the district board, its importantce to the Georgia District of Key Club,

and how it functions. Through interviews of District Board members as well as photographs and videos from board meetings, we hope to share the experience of being a district board member with Key Clubbers throughout the state. Hopefully, by making the District Board well-known throughout the state, we can encourage Key Clubbers to join the District Board, ultimately building enthusiasm for service and leadership on the state level.


Coordinator Gabby Evans

My name is Gabrielle Evans, but I mainly go by Gabby. This year I have the privilege of serving on the Georgia District Board as the Strategic Coordinator. My job as the Strategic Coordinator is to ensure that all District Board members are completely aware of the goals that are specifically set for their position as defined in the strategic plan. In addition, it is my job to ensure that every member of the board is doing their part to make sure the Mighty Georgia Dis-

trict reaches its goals for that specific year. A strategic plan is a process of defining our District’s strategy and direction for future goals that the Georgia District plans to achieve within 5 years. Some points of our strategic plan include increasing membership, increasing involvement in District activities, use of all available resources, and more. With the participation of the entire Georgia District there is no reason we will not have 7,000 total members and at least 450 members attending DCON all by the year 2017! This goal is very possible, and with your clubs present at all district events, accomplishing these goals will be a breeze! Yours in Service and Friendship, Gabby Evans

District Parlimentarian

Emily Herrington

Hi, I’m Emily Harrington and I’m your District Parliamentarian for the 20122013 year. Some of you may be wondering exactly what my title entails. My job includes many tasks. One of them is to keep things running smoothly and to retain order in each district event by ensuring that all of the proper rules and procedures are followed as outlined in the Key Club International Bylaws. One task is to head the Policies and Procedures Committee. This committee is responsible for revising the Policies and Procedures manual and making sure that no amendments need to be made. Another one of my tasks is to head the Sergeant-AtArms Committee at District Convention

(DCON). This committee, comprised of Key Clubbers across the state, is in charge of patrolling the floors on the nights of our convention and to ensure that everyone is in their rooms by curfew. Those two nights of convention are long and tedious for those who volunteer, but when everyone follows the rules, it makes the job a lot easier. I hope all of you will be joining us for DCON in March! Have a great year at school! Emily Harrington District Parliamentarian

District Projects Chair Andrew Akers The Georgia District of Key Club has aided in the cons t r u c t ion of three bu i ld i n g s for the Georgia Sher r if f s’ Y o u t h H o m e s and is now working toward the completion of a fourth. Fundraising to achieve our goal of $20,000 for the year is important, but it is not the only way to help impact the lives of the children that are in the homes. Your local clubs can collect goods such as pillows, linens, tooth brushes and other bedding or toiletries that the Youth Homes need. When I met the director of the Youth Homes at the District Con-

vention in March, he said that goods like these are needed like these for every new child that moves into a youth home, so a collection would aid them tremendously. Also, local clubs can have events and invite the Youth Homes’ children. The Youth Homes will take care of transporting the children. This can be a great way of meeting and seeing exactly who and what you are supporting. The events can be anything that your local club, or possibly a group of local clubs, would like to do. The events can range from a carnival in honor of the youth homes, inviting them to a Habitat for Humanity build, or any group-oriented activity. Inviting them to a weekly meeting can also be done. In regards to larger scale events, there is funding available in the form of grants through organizations such as the Youth Opportunity Fund, Wal-Mart Local grants, and many other institutions. While fundraising and donating are very important to help support the Georgia Sherriffs’ Youth Homes, getting to meet and directly impact the people that we are supporting is equally important.

Director of

Special Activities Brittany Martin

Although DCON seems far away from now, it will be here faster than you think! It is a good idea to start fundraising now, as the price will be $225 this year. I am proud to announce that the theme this year will be “Light Up the World Through Service,” featuring colored lights, glow sticks, and tons of fun. I urge you to enter contests prior to convention in order to get the most out of your convention experience. Even as a district board member, I learn something new from each convention that I’ve been to! There is plenty to do, from the awards, to the forums, to the service fair and, to the banquet. One of my favorite things about DCON is getting to meet new people, so I hope to see everyone at the convention in March. If you have any questions about DCON, feel free to contact me at Together, we can make this one of the most fun and exciting district conventions that we’ve ever had!

Editor Sign-Off Dear Key Clubbers, Thank you so much for reading the August Edition of the Key Ring! I hope you are as excited as I am about the upcoming school year, as it is the beginning to another fantastic year of service! The articles within these pages contain several ideas for you to get your year of service started off on the right foot. The great thing about service projects is that they require a certain degree of creativity to plan, develop, and execute. The Georgia District is full of creative minds that work hard each year to serve others in original and exciting ways. The purpose of the Key Ring is to highlight these efforts throughout the district in an attempt to share success stories with other clubs in Georgia that are looking for new ways to serve their communities. Without your help, the Key Ring cannot serve its purpose. I urge you to send articles about your club’s service projects, fundraisers, or social events to Please include at least one full-color, high-resolution photo with your article. If you have any questions about article submissions, feel free to contact me. I look forward to seeing you all at GLTC! Yours in Service, John Stenzel District Bulletin Editor

Contact the GA District GBrad Malone

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John Stenzel

District Administraor

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a Kiwanis-family member 3636 WOODVIEW TRACE INDIANAPOLIS, IN 46268 • 317.8755 • US AND CANDA: 1-800-KIWANIS

August Key Ring 2012  

The Official Publication of the Georgia District of Key Club International

August Key Ring 2012  

The Official Publication of the Georgia District of Key Club International