COVID-19: A Tribute to Our Heroes

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True Heroes Wear Masks We all have a hero we admire, maybe a sports hero with numerous championship rings or a super hero who combats crime. During the most difficult times, heroes step to the forefront of crises. Webster’s Dictionary defines a hero as, “A person who is admired for great or brave acts or fine qualities.” At this very moment, thousands of health care heroes in our state are answering the call for help as we battle the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Nurses and physicians are working countless hours to treat patients. Doctors and scientists are working diligently to find a vaccine for what is one of the most curious and ferocious viruses in recent history. Laboratory technicians are working around the clock to process thousands of diagnostic tests. Hospital CEOs and administrators are working, not only to implement strategies to ensure communities receive essential care, but also to ensure state and federal regulations are being followed. Every employee at our member hospitals is fighting together to beat COVID-19. The Georgia Hospital Association appreciates each one of you for your never-ending fight to keep Georgians healthy and safe. We echo the sentiments of a Georgia senator who addressed our membership and stated, “The real heroes work in our hospitals.” This idea is beautifully illustrated in the picture above, drawn by 15-year-old artist Anyston Lyon. The world has come to a virtual stop. Our normal activities have halted. Schools and many businesses are closed. However, the doors of our hospitals remain open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There is no break for doctors, nurses, or any hospital worker. As the number of documented COVID-19 cases have risen, so have the positive attitudes of health care workers, who refuse to let the virus win. Day in and day out, Georgia’s health care workforce strives to beat this invisible enemy. The importance of a hospital is magnified in historic times like these. Often, we do not think of hospitals until we need them. With the COVID-19 pandemic affecting millions of lives, hospitals are now on our minds constantly as we consider that we or our loved ones may need them. GHA staff members are dedicated to our member hospitals and the hundreds of thousands of their employees working to fulfill their missions. Because words alone cannot express the depth of our gratitude for your commitment, dedication, and courage, it is our sincere hope that this tribute will show you what is in our hearts. Thank you.

“Together, we can defeat this invisible virus.” - Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp

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“I am so proud of the work of our hospitals. We are very blessed in the state of Georgia to have a great health care system, in my opinion, the best in America.” - U.S. Rep. Buddy Carter

“The more you give, the more you have. Not a single day in this nightmare that you didn’t make a difference.” - Former Football Coach Bill Curry

“I want to thank members of the Georgia Hospital Association for what you have done over the last several months. You are at the front lines of the virus and putting yourself and your families at risk. Thanks to GHA members for all you are doing.” - U.S. Sen. David Perdue

“I applaud all of the hospitals, ambulatory surgical centers, doctors’ offices, dentists’ offices, physical therapists, and health care professionals that answered the call of duty. It is impossible for me to adequately express my gratitude. And to all of the Georgians who waited on getting an important procedure to allow us to get on the other side of the curve, thank you. Your sacrifice saved lives.” - Gov. Brian Kemp

“As Georgians, it is important that we stay together. The community I live in has embraced the slogan ‘stronger together.’ And that’s truly what we have to embrace as an entire state, is that we will be stronger only if we are together.” - Georgia House of Representatives Speaker David Ralston

“It is my honor to thank our hospitals and healthcare professionals who are at the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. Your commitment to patient care during our nation’s time of need has earned my deepest gratitude. Georgians are united in supporting your dedication and hard work in this battle and will fight together to win.” - Georgia Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan

“Our doctors, nurses, medical professionals and hospital administrators have always stepped up in times of need and have met each challenge with unwavering courage and compassion. The COVID-19 public health emergency is no different. Their efforts are nonstop. They are not only serving on the front lines, but they are also conducting vital research and providing innovative telehealth alternatives. To all of the health care professionals and systems in Georgia, I cannot thank you enough for your selflessness, courage and dedication. Your talents and skills bring hope to patients and families everywhere, and I am truly grateful for your enduring commitment to quality care and finding new treatments and cures. It is humbling to hear of all the amazing work that takes place within Georgia hospital facilities thanks to the strong efforts of our medical community. On behalf of all of Georgia, thank you. ” – U.S. Sen. Kelly Loeffler

GHA at Work GHA has worked closely with local, state and federal agencies during the COVID-19 pandemic. In particular, GHA has worked closely with Gov. Brian Kemp’s office and the Department of Public Health to offer a clear, concise, and consistent message from the health care industry as the state navigates this public health emergency. Specifically, GHA has constructed a web page with a plethora of resources, grant information, educational opportunities and breaking news. In addition, GHA publishes a daily update to all members highlighting the latest activities, news and updated COVID-19 statistics. During this extended pandemic, GHA continues to utilize its strategy of advocating, communicating and educating.

Advocating GHA serves as a vital resource to the governor’s office, members of the Georgia General Assembly, state agencies and Georgia’s entire congressional delegation. In order to protect our hospital members’ best interests, GHA’s government relations team and other key staff members use their extensive policy knowledge and hospital data to communicate with policy makers. Gov. Kemp has appointed GHA staff to multiple COVID19-related task forces. Additionally, GHA staff members are stationed at various state command centers to convey real-time information to members. Finally, GHA has hosted several dignitaries on weekly conference calls for members in an effort to facilitate communication among various entities. Guests have included: • Georgia Governor Brian P. Kemp • Georgia House of Representatives Speaker David Ralston • U.S. Senator David Perdue • U.S. Senator Kelly Loeffler • U.S. Congressman Buddy Carter • U.S. Congressman Rick Allen • Georgia State Representative Terry England • Georgia State Senator Blake Tillery • Georgia Department of Public Health Commissioner Dr. Kathleen Toomey • Georgia Department of Community Health Commissioner Frank Berry • Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency Director Homer Bryson • Georgia Department of Defense Adjutant General Thomas Carden • Dr. Tammy Beckham, DVM, PhD, Director of the U.S. HHS Office of Infectious Disease and HIV/AIDS Policy

Communicating GHA sends members a daily COVID-19 update to provide them a go-to reference that consolidates the considerable amount of relevant COVID-19 information into one place. Additionally, members can still rely on standard GHA-produced resources that have been enhanced as needed to keep members up to date on COVID-19 happenings, such as GHA This Week and regulatory alerts. A dedicated COVID-19 webpage on the GHA site oers members a one-stop shop of resources. Finally, a COVID-19 email address ( has been set up to expedite inquiries from members.

Educating GHA’s online education department has offered several complimentary webinars to ensure members have access to various experts who can share best practices and provide helpful information and guidance during this unprecedented time. Each of these programs is available to members for the next few months. In “Governance in the Time of Coronavirus,” governance expert Jamie Orlikoff addressed what governing boards should do now to help their executives, organizations, and themselves prepare for the immediate future of the pandemic. He outlined the unique issues and actions that boards should consider to help ensure that they and their organizations stay ahead of the pandemic leadership curve to prepare for unqiue situations and challenges that are just around the corner. In “Magnanimitas: Greatness of Spirit,” Super Bowl Champion Bill Curry shared an inspirational message with health care providers across Georgia about the unique power that each of us has within us to impact the world. In “Federal Funding Considerations,” Draffin Tucker experts provided an overview of the federal funding options available under the CARES Act and the various uses of the funds based on the program parameters and guidelines. Items to track approaches to data gathering and documentation were discussed, along with overviews of several tools for data capture. In “Accessing the $2 Trillion Recovery Fund for COVID-19,” presenters from Witt O’Brien’s reviewed how hospital leaders can plan for potential FEMA reimbursements related to COVID-19. In “COVID-19: HR Considerations and CAREs Act Relief,” speakers from King & Spalding discussed the personnel and financial challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. They reviewed best practices for HR policies and gave an overview of the requirements and benefits established by the ADA, FFCRA, and CARES Act. In “Recognizing and Responding to Compliance Risks in COVID-19 Regulatory Changes,” attorneys from Arnall Golden Gregory’s (AGG) health care practice discussed the top health care compliance risks inherent in federal and state regulatory responses to the COVID-19 pandemic. They shared guidance on how hospitals and health systems can reduce these risks while adapting to federal and state regulatory responses to aid in expanded patient care. In “Caring for Self in a Public Health Pandemic,” Rev. Ann Sidney Charlescraft, DMin, BCC, discussed self care for all health care professionals and staff, from housekeepers to physicians serving on the front lines. Rev. Charlescraft shared practical steps for caring for self during a public health pandemic as well as ways to strengthen resilience and encouragement among the health care team.

Hospitals: Our Shining Stars

Sponsors and Vendors Thank you to all our GHA sponsors and vendor partners who are supporting our members during this unique time.

Arnall Golden Gregory LLP ( AGG’s Healthcare practice is closely monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic and providing timely legal updates on issues impacting our hospital and health system clients. As these developments rapidly unfold, we are committed to sharing our insights on the CARES Act and other important resources. We can help with CARES Act-related employment issues; understanding and evaluating Medicare Provider Relief Funds; telehealth; privacy and HIPAA concerns; regulatory and reporting compliance; and more. Michael Barry Carol Saul

404-873-8698 404-873-8694

ARxChange ( With the economic fallout from COVID-19 factoring into everyone’s short-term and longterm plans, the time for a compassionate approach to the billing process and subsequent interaction with patients has never been more critical. ARxChange data analytics solution can help capture all dollars coming from third parties and help right-size bills based on patients’ new economic reality. Let’s start treating the patient, not the bill. Contact us and together we can make patient financial wellness a priority for hospitals around the nation. Joseph E. LaManna


Audacious Inquiry GA Notify ( During this difficult time, GA Notify can help by providing real-time insights to providers caring for COVID-19 patients so appropriate measures can be taken to manage transitions of care, support of biosurveillance, hospital utilization, and epidemiological assessments. PULSE COVID ( PULSE COVID is a web portal that allows verified users to view clinical care documents from connections on the eHealth Exchange. It helps augment medical treatment and fill in gaps related to patient health or demographic data to provide well-informed care for known and suspected cases of COVID-19.

Careport Health ( Careport Health, the leading provider of care coordination solutions, supports organizations as they look to manage COVID patients in the following ways: 1) Bringing the nursing home to the patient and their family virtually. 2) Identifying post-acute providers able to accept COVID-19 patients. 3) Tracking COVID-19 patients across the continuum. 4) Communicating COVID-19 protocols to post-acute providers. Matt Schiefelbein 919-333-4667

Coker Group ( As the COVID-19 pandemic creates a “new normal” for hospitals, the amount of affiliations between hospitals and physician groups will only continue to increase, perhaps at record levels. Coker Group assists hospitals in a wide range of services to help navigate this growing and evolving trend. Our advisory assistance team includes valuations, physician compensation, transaction due diligence, coding and compliance, operations and revenue cycle, deal facilitation and negotiations, and post-merger integration experts. Craig Hunter


Draffin Tucker ( In a time when everything is changing, commitment and reliability are essential. At Draffin Tucker, our team of health care experts is staying informed of funding options, reimbursement, regulatory considerations, and all other developments related to COVID-19. We are committed to supporting health care organizations by providing timely advice, staffing assistance, and information through education platforms, email alerts, one-on-one conversations, and our online COVID-19 Resource Center. R. Wes Sternenberg, CPA/CITP


HCIR, a subsidiary of GHA ( These are unprecedented times and we appreciate all that hospitals do to ensure the safety and well-being of patients and staff. Gallagher has created a COVID-19 website with resources on FEMA grants, HR and benefits, insurance and risk management. Gallagher’s teams will continue to help you manage your risk and provide your employees with information to help minimize business interruption. Bill Yaeger


Hoar Construction ( During this difficult time, know that we are here for you and your facility. We are your partner and can assist in temporary COVID-19 response facilities, renovations, and greenfield projects of all sizes. Please let us know how we can partner to meet your needs today. Owen Moore


Hospital Services Corporation ( During this difficult time, we can help by ensuring practitioners are credentialed accurately and timely, and then enrolled with contracted health plans to ensure accurate billing for the services provided to patients. Our average turnaround time for credentials filed is 18 days, and 56 days for health plan enrollments. If your facility is granting emergency temporary privileges, our itemized request service is available to pull key verifications. Deborah Gorenz

Legacy Consulting Group ( The Legacy team can help hospitals during and after the COVID-19 emergency. We can provide recovery plans tailored and phased to “reboot” non-COVID-19 business with emphasis on surgical volumes and key outpatient/inpatient services to achieve financial stability. We can help you establish a three-year forward-looking strategic business plan that captures two scenarios: 1) A post COVID-19 return to “new normal” market demand and hospital operations and 2) recurrent COVID-19-contingent business plans. Finally, we can provide team building for trustees, the executive team and mid-level managers. Ray N. Brown


IllumiCare, Inc. ( During this difficult time, the financial burden hospitals are facing is enormous. IllumiCare can help by providing caregivers with real-time clinical cost insights paired with performance transparency and incentivization in an easily installed EMR agnostic platform. We have demonstrated that as a result, providers order fewer and less expensive tests and medicines resulting in average savings of more than $100 per discharge. Clinical efficiency is good for patients and the bottom line, especially in these challenging times. Harvey A. Nix


JE Dunn Construction ( We understand that the needs of hospitals are unique during this challenging time and we can assist in many ways. To date, we have helped find supplies where there is a shortage; provided assistance with modifications to hospitals to prepare for COVID-19 patients; shared vendor resources that offer alternative PPE products; and catered lunch to the first line workers. Thank you for all that you and your staff are doing to care for our communities during this difficult time. Carla Bowron


King & Spalding LLP ( We recognize that many of our clients may be grappling with a range of pandemic and recovery issues, including ongoing patient care, pursuing state and federal funding sources, resumption of elective procedures, challenges of keeping employees and patients safe, and more, as return-to-work and recovery options loom. As our clients navigate how to return to work in the context of an ever-changing “new normal,” our national Healthcare team, along with our Coronavirus Business Recovery Team, has thought through judgment calls clients need to make at this juncture. Our team has developed tools that are designed to flag important issues that senior leaders would want to consider moving through this stage of the pandemic and recovery. We recognize that the issues are evolving and plan to continue to provide our clients with updates, alerts and industry-specific guides as conditions develop. For more information, visit our Coronavirus Business Recovery Hub. MagMutual, LLC ( MagMutual offers support to policyholders on the front lines of COVID-19. Health care providers across the country are facing unprecedented challenges during the coronavirus outbreak. To help them during this critical time, MagMutual is offering medical professional liability policyholders reimbursement for hotel stays. The company will also be rolling out a premium discount plan for policyholders experiencing lost revenue due to COVID-19. Additional support is available on the MagMutual COVID-19 Resource Center webpage. Mike Beckett


Merritt Hawkins ( Merritt Hawkins’ (GHHS Endorsed Business Partner of 20 years) parent company AMN Healthcare has worked with a number of states to provide a single-source solution to address staffing needs for interim leadership, technology and infrastructure, recruiting and onboarding, as well as clinical staffing at all levels (physicians, advanced practitioners, allied health). AMN Healthcare also assisted with non-clinical staffing needs associated with setting up initial field hospitals, such as payroll, scheduling, timecard and badging. Mark Young


Metro Atlanta Ambulance Service ( Metro Atlanta Ambulance Service provides transportation solutions, including ambulatory, wheelchair, and ambulance to all PUI and COVID-19-positive patients in the greater 16-county Metro Atlanta area. Mike Jernigan


McKenney’s, Inc. ( As COVID-19 continues to impact the United States, we want you to know that McKenney’s is taking appropriate steps to prepare and protect our employees, customers and industry partners. Although we are all going through uncertain times, our ability to support your HVAC and plumbing needs is not uncertain. We’re here for you and welcome the opportunity to be the sure and steady service provider you’ve come to count on. Healthcare 404-635-2254

Morris, Manning & Martin, LLP ( During this time, Morris, Manning & Martin can help clients work through the legal and business challenges arising out of the COVID-19 crisis, including navigating new and changing regulations in health care and employment laws affecting hospital programming, telehealth, workforce issues, and liability; addressing funding questions; responding to enforcement agencies or litigation; reviewing and advising on business interruption, civil authority claims, and similar insurance policies; and assisting your hospital in whatever steps are needed to move forward.

Pinnacle Health Group ( Physicians are available and interested in exploring opportunities more than ever before. For their dedicated work, we want to thank first responders and support them during this challenging time by providing an advantage during the recovery period. For the next 60 days, Pinnacle Health Group is offering a no-cost physician search (permanent or locums) until you sign the physician. Rob Followell


PYA ( PYA understands how the overwhelming amount of media coverage during this unprecedented health care crisis can cause confusion and the risk of missteps for our clients. We are committed to sharing only timely, relevant information with actionable guidance through a variety of channels, centralized on our COVID-19 Hub. In addition, PYA is well positioned and especially focused on assisting our hospital/health system clients (and their independent physician network affiliates) to properly execute on the immediate and evolving opportunities afforded by the CARES Act and CMS-related changes in order to help them not only survive the current crisis, but also proactively plan for the eventual recovery. Jeff Pate


Qualivis ( Throughout this fluid and ever-changing crisis, Qualivis is here for you. We know the uncertainty of the situation is daunting, but we’ll get through this together. Our team is working around the clock seven days a week and can quickly deliver clinicians around the country to fill gaps in care. Let us know how we can help. Terre Love


SlicedHealth ( As the COVID-19 crisis continues to unfold, we understand that now, more than ever, health care organizations need a safe and efficient way to communicate and engage with their patient populations. SlicedENGAGE is an A.I.-driven patient engagement solution that helps prevent dangerous walk-ins, scale communication and direct patients to the right level of care at the right time. Reed Liggin


Sound Physicians ( With COVID-19 creating challenges across the health care industry, Sound Physicians is offering complimentary resources to GHA members. Each week we share new evidencebased webinars, podcasts, blogs, and other resources related to the diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19. We strive to offer important guidance for clinicians and other health care professionals as they navigate COVID-19 in their communities.

tvsdesign ( tvsdesign is here to help assess your health care facilities with a plan to provide for isolation rooms/units and infection control measures, whether your need is temporary to address this pandemic or for future adaptability. Our team has years of experience helping health care facilities improve outcomes through efficient and adaptable medical and operational planning, facility assessment, and architectural and interior design. Barbara Blum


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