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STARBASE The Georgia Department of Defense’s STARBASE program seeks to build interest in science, technology, engineering and math amongst Georgia’s at-risk youth. The program exposes students and their teachers to real-world applications of math and science, through experiential learning, simulations and experiments in aviation and space-related fields. Georgia’s STARBASE serves approximately 800 fifth graders annually, with quantifiable improvement. Before participation in the program, students averaged 53.61% on a standardized science,

122nd Regiment Regional Training Institute The 122nd Regiment Regional Training Institute provides regionalized combat arms, leadership, military occupational specialty, additional skill identifier,

Language Training Center The newly constructed Georgia National Guard Language Training Center opened its doors in June 2010 at the Clay National Guard Center to provide the resources necessary for military intelligence linguists to hone their language skills. This cost-effective facility boasts three large classrooms, a state-of-theart testing center, and a conference 41 | Georgia Department of Defense

technology, engineering and math test. After participation in Georgia’s STARBASE, average student scores improved by over 20 percentage points to 76.9% At STARBASE, students participate in challenging “handson, mind-on” activities in aviation, science, technology, engineering, math, and space exploration. They interact with military personnel to explore careers and make connections with the “real world.” The program

provides students with 20-25 hours of stimulating experiences by exposing youth to the technological environments and positive role models found within the Georgia National Guard.

noncommissioned officer education system, and general studies training for the Army National Guard, United States Army Reserve, and the Active Component. The RTI plans and programs training within its region based on requirements identified by the individual training branch, the Army Program for Individual Training and the Training Requirements Arbitration Plan. The 122nd trains

and educates the region’s allvolunteer forces to be technically current and tactically proficient as an expeditionary Army. The RTI teaches Soldiers to operate in a joint interagency, intergovernmental and multinational environment and to conduct fullspectrum operations protecting national security and national defense strategies domestically and abroad.

room – though trainers say class sizes are limited to eight students to ensure quality one-on-one training with the Defense Language Institute certified instructors. The language center also has a number of technological resources like smart boards and projectors in each classroom, and a multilanguage video library that already boasts more than 100 movies. As part of a national partnership with the Defense Language Institute, Georgia’s language center’s primary mission is to give refresher

courses to Guardsmen from all over the country who already learned a foreign language as part of their military careers. These courses enhance their language proficiency and add a degree of cultural awareness training before deployment. The new lab serves as a unique asset to the region, and the nation as a whole, as it is the only National Guard Language Lab on the East Coast and the first language training facility of its kind for the National Guard.

Georgia Department of Defense 2010 Annual Report  

2010 was yet another dynamic year for the organization, a year full of growth and excellence in mission accomplishment. In this Annual Repor...

Georgia Department of Defense 2010 Annual Report  

2010 was yet another dynamic year for the organization, a year full of growth and excellence in mission accomplishment. In this Annual Repor...