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This light-hearted story of a lamp’s life cycle has a serious message. Today’s throw-away fashion mentality is causing many problems for the world we live in. In 2005 1.2 million tonnes of clothing went to landfill in the UK alone, making up 30% of waste in council tips. This waste is often unnecessary as a lot of what is being thrown away can be re-used and re-loved. At the Second Hand Gift Company, we want to completely change the way people see second hand gifts. We want you to be proud to share the second-hand sensation and give items a new life! People should not be ashamed or embarrassed to give second hand, but should embrace it and encourage others by spreading the word of the benefits.

We source and re-sell only the finest, top of the range second hand items; cleaned and brought to a high standard for you to gift to your loved ones. Our gifts are unique and different, a special way to give something (and they’re unlikely to get it from anyone else!). Not only this, but it is an extremely affordable way to make a friends day!

You buy the lamp of your dreams, it so perfectly matches your curtains and it’s completely worth that designer price tag!

The new lamp has a long and pleasant stay at your house, next to those matching curtains.

After it’s fair share of love and attention, the lamp is no longer of use to you as you re-decorate your house.

So the lamp gets donated to The Second Hand Gift Co, and is given a second chance at life!

The freshly polished and re-stored lamp is sold for a great affordable price as a gift!

It’s given it’s new home where it’s re-loved and can one day hopefully returned to us at the Second Hand Gift Co for another lease of life...

re-store re-gift re-use re-love

We restore any item donated with the slightest chance of re-selling, trying to make it as desirable as new!

We’ll prepare your item so its ready and waiting to be given as a gift to a loved one.

The next stages are up to the new owner! Our items are just dying to be given a new home.

We’re sure your gift recipients will love what you give them. If not, we have a returns policy for up to 30 days.

The Second Hand Gift Co. Falmouth England

The Second Hand Gift Co.  
The Second Hand Gift Co.