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Children brighten our day with just a smile, a hug, or the sound of their laughter. They bring us so much joy and delight. It is impossible, when you spend any time at all with a young child, not to want to bring as much delight to them as they do to us. This is of course one of the reasons we enjoy buying gifts for young children so much.

There is no better time to buy a child a gift than on their very own special day. There is also no better gift to give a child a gift that is personal. A personalised birthday gift tells a young child that you are thinking of them. It also adds to the child's excitement and joy to see a gift with their name, not only on the package but on the gift itself.

There is any number of personalised birthday gifts to choose from. Small children who are just beginning the process of learning can find hours of fun putting together personalised name puzzles, learning to recognize and put together in the proper sequence the letters in their very own name. How many times have you heard a small child exclaim "This is my name!" Now, they can have the joy of that recognition over and over.

Other learning puzzles such as alphabet puzzles, number puzzles, and phonic puzzles, can be personalised as well. Telling the child that this is their special gift, given especially to them by someone who loves them, helps to make the child feel loved and secure. Parents as well as children will enjoy such birthday gifts as height charts or behaviour charts for the child. Most children enjoy seeing how much they have grown over time, especially on their birthday, and being able to physically mark their height next to their name adds to the thrill.

Personalised stories are always a big hit with young children who are just beginning to learn to read. Having a tale in which they are the main character always peaks their interest and encourages them to hear and later read the story again and again. Personalised books are great, and a storyboard that personalises a story for your child can serve as part of the room decoration as well. For a child, whose birthday often marks their getting their own bed or room for the first time, this can be a very special and exciting event. They are bursting with pride they are no longer a baby, but a big boy or girl, and are thrilled and a little nervous about this change.

A birthday gift that eases this transition is sure to not only delight any child, but will also make them feel special. Providing them with a birthday gift that says "this is my personal space" will thrill them endlessly. Surprisingly there are many gifts to choose from that can provide just such a feeling. You can find everything from door nameplates, to pencil holders, to coat pegs and wall clocks that bear your child's name. Designs in these gifts can run from trains, zoo animals, flowers, to assorted painted pictures, all which are bright and colourful and will catch and hold a child's imagination.

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