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Lorex Security CCTV Systems For Home And Business Security

Lorex exemplifies value and security with all products they sell. They have developed state of the art and cutting edge video security camera solutions. They offer a wide array of easy to set up and efficient security video systems for the person that wants to do it themselves. As easy as plug and play, their products easily connect DVRs and all cameras within the system to the internet for viewing over a smartphone.

Catching Thieves

The Lorex security video system plays an important part in preventing and combating theft and burglary in homes and business establishments. With their High-Resolution cameras they are very effective in determining the identities of thieves at your home as well as the work place. The captured video is easily downloaded on to a USB Drive so it can be turned over to the authorities to apprehend the person committing the crime.

Work Place Efficiency

Lorex systems provide efficiency by monitoring employees at the workplace/business. The system will capture the video of their work habits that can be critiqued to gain greater efficiency from their time at work.

Motion Detection and Time Stamp Lorex Security DVRs offer a state of the art performance with advanced features of motion detection and real-time recording in high-definition video. The Edge DVRs are compatible with both wired and their wireless cameras. These DVRs are universally compatible with almost all types of security cameras. They are accessible by internet capable devices such as smart phones and computers. This will enable you to monitor remotely via live streaming with your PC, Mac or Smartphones.

Touch Screen Technology

They are the only ones to offer the cutting edge technology of touch screen security DVRs systems. Lorex technology is the very first provider of touch enabled monitoring system in the security market. With the LCD touch screen monitor, you can take control of your security system and accomplish task with just a touch of your fingertip. Now you can operate your security easily and more effectively.

Video baby monitor

Every careful parent never wants to take an eye off their babies, especially when it is necessary to keep track of your newborns and toddlers at all times. If you are a parent who is consistently hiring nannies and babysitters, the baby monitor is an excellent tool to keep a check on their methods and performance.

Lorex Live The Lorex LIVE snap video baby camera and monitor will provide a solution to monitoring an infant. It is one hundred percent portable and comes with a snapshot recording system that will enable you to bring your live video recording monitor anytime and anywhere within your home. Both the camera and video snap come with built-in rechargeable batteries. The built-in snapshot recording enables you to snap pictures and record video of your baby's activities. Activities are stored to the included SD card or share it directly on sites like Facebook, Flick, etc. Now you can see and even hear your baby with the 2-way audio between the camera and video monitor! Plus, it has a zero interference that will enable you to monitor your baby without picture distortion.


Lorex security CCTV systems for home and business security  
Lorex security CCTV systems for home and business security