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2014 Georgia’s

State of the State Poll Georgia’s State of the State Poll (GSSP) is a statewide general survey of adults, age 18 and over, who are residents of the state of Georgia. The GSSP survey was conducted for the first time in spring of 2014 and included a combination of community, governmental, economic and special topical issue questions. Demographic data (age, location, gender, race, education, political ideology and income) offers additional information. A central aspect of public policymaking is the need for relevant, timely and accurate information. The GSSP will make a significant contribution to effective planning by engaging the state’s citizenry and increasing the understanding of various issues among policymakers and their constituents. The goals of the GSSP are to: • Gain a better understanding of resident attitudes and perceptions on key social, economic and political issues; • Educate Georgians about various issues facing the state; • Contribute to a statewide conversation; and • Inform current policy debates in order to improve the socioeconomic well-being of the state’s residents. We would like to thank the Office of the Provost and the Office of the College of Arts and Sciences Dean for their support of this project. Several faculty in the Department of Government and Sociology offered feedback on an earlier version of the survey; Brandy Kennedy, Jason Rich, Claire Sanders and Clif Wilkinson. Johnny Grant, director of community engagement and economic development at Georgia College, contributed to this project by providing critical insights on the instrument and by sharing his deep understanding of key issues facing the state. Finally, we would like to thank Lauren Crapo, graduate student in the MPA program and Erin Crisp and Katherine Hendley, undergraduate students in the political science program, for their assistance with data analysis. Costas Spirou, Ph.D. and Min Kim, Ph.D. Department of Government and Sociology Georgia College

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