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Welcome to the work of the textile designers graduating from Falmouth in 2012. Diverse, talented and ambitious, this year’s graduates are poised to enter the professional world. They have learned to negotiate the complexities and challenges of creating textiles, whether printed, woven, embroidered, or manipulated. They have successfully negotiated their own personal approach to the design process, finding individual ways to research, develop concepts and realise design ideas. They have a real understanding of the nature of textiles which comes from closely focusing on an area of textile production, whether a single specialism or in combination. Underpinned by research that might encompass contemporary design, or historical, theoretical, or commercial issues, and taking inspiration from almost anything - from fine art to science, politics to poetry – our graduates create well conceived, robustly designed textile collections, fabrics for fashion and interiors and textile artefacts. I’m impressed by the entrepreneurial spirit of our graduates. They have already confidently made connections in the industry, travelling both in the UK and abroad on placements and research missions, and in some cases designing directly for clients as part of the final year’s work. Their efforts at fund raising to support their final shows have been second to none, surpassing previous years in both the dynamism of their approach and the amounts they have raised. Their creativity and skill as designers is balanced by an understanding of the imperatives of the professional world and the confidence to deal with it. I wish them every success in their future careers.

Di Downs Programme Leader Textile Design

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Didi Aben

Emma Castle

Jessica Adams

Imogen Catling

Camilla Baldwin

Leonie Causer

Hayley Banks

Sophie Collom

Lydia Bartlet

Kayleigh Daft

Sarah Bray

Eleanor Glass

Hannah-Lucy Burns

Sarah Harding

Annabelle Burridge

Jen Hollidge

Emma Burrow

Demelza Homewood

Jennie Ingham

Jess Palmer

Eleanor Kingdon

Robyn Parker

Annah Legg

Hannah Riddiford

Rachel Lumley

Sabrina Shirazi

Katie Lynch

Jessica Sweeney

Trinity Mitchell

Penny Taylor

Freya Moses

Clare Vickery

Louise Newham

Gemma Worthington

Sami Page

Fiona Wright

Jessica Adams

Jessica Adams Much of my work has been inspired by my travels. Visiting cultures from a young age, India, Africa and Morocco amongst others, have lead to a passion for colour and texture. Hand dyeing is often my chosen method for expressing the vitality of my experiences; dip dyeing, ikat or piece dyeing with yarns which resist colour. I find it exciting combining these traditional techniques with contemporary influences for today’s market. Working in a textile factory in India has also begun an ever growing interest in ethical and sustainable approaches to textile design and one which I hope to pursue in the future.

BA (Hons) Textile Design Graduates

Falmouth University 2013

Annabelle Burbridge

Annabelle Burbridge I have a passion for drawing and painting and I translate this utilizing digital print to produce large-scale repeat and one off prints. My concepts and themes derive from fantasy elements and stories, creating multi-layered pieces, which have an ethereal atmosphere. Currently I have been exploring and combining aspects of astrology, mythology and religious iconography to create unusual and unique imagery.

BA (Hons) Textile Design Graduates

Falmouth University 2013


Imogen Catling 07584254974

Imogen Catling I believe it is vitally important to have a resonance with our past for us to make informed decisions for the future. The premise behind my printed textile collections therefore is to celebrate our fascinating heritage and art culture, whilst developing innovative methods that enable us to problem-solve within design. I use predominantly digital print technology to develop my designs; I believe that a hands-on approach to process is equally as important, however, so silk-screen printing illuminates aspects of my work. Drawing on my deep-rooted interest in the Modernist movement and British industrialism, my designs reflect how these changes have affected my current landscape to create not just a printed textile but a tactile encounter with the environment outside us.

BA (Hons) Textile Design Graduates

Falmouth University 2013


Jennifer Hollidge

Jennifer Hollidge My final collection has been inspired by the lavish lifestyle of Marie Antoinette and the opulence displayed in the Palace of Versailles. I work primarily in hand embroidery and beadwork, making frequent use of innovative techniques on the bead loom and laser cutter. I really enjoy combining processes and materials to create my collections. My third year has produced two collections of tassels, trims and buttons for the high end interior.

BA (Hons) Textile Design Graduates

Falmouth University 2013


Sarah Harding

Sarah Harding With my print designs, colour and form are of a central aspect in my inspiration for my print designing. Translating my drawings and ideas into digital and manual printing, with an understanding of how using a range of fabrics can target different market audiences. This design collection are a contrast of colour and monochrome, with the inspiration of nature and oriental symbolic beliefs. Understanding the symbolic beliefs behind the oriental aspects in my drawing and use of rich colours to create a co-ordinated fashion collection.Â

BA (Hons) Textile Design Graduates

Falmouth University 2013

Annah Legg 07769212390

Annah Legg From The Air Central to my work is a desire to create textiles that will last many years, and become part of the owner’s daily environment, which I express through bold woven textiles with an emphasis on colour and form. An interest in styling enables me to consider a wider context for my work in both commercial and domestic spaces. This project is inspired by a set of my own aerial photographs. Through textiles for soft furnishings and one off wall hangings, I focus on the repetition of shapes that are only seen from the air. With thanks to The Handweavers Studio for their support through yarn sponsorship.

BA (Hons) Textile Design Graduates

Falmouth University 2013

Nina Bailey

Hollie Jones

Rosie Barnes

Olivia Kennedy

Nicola Barnett

Louise Kinsey

Lauren Bell

Emma Lidstone

Rachael Blount

Rachael Lugg

Ella Brett

Catherine Maceachen

Sophie Bridger

Hayley Martos

Thomas Brindley

Sarah Moore

Charlotte Buller

Claire Morris

Rosie Ann Carter

Kathryn Munns

Geri Copsey

Chloe-足Elise Nash

Kate-足Lucy Cottam

Natalie Pardoe

Cian Cottee

Iris Pedersen

Hatty Cross

Jessica Preen

Emily Dawson

Shamsa Quresh

Rosie Drake-足Knight

Kat Randell

Elizabeth Ferry

Amy Ratliffe

Charlotte Green

Charlie Taylor

Nicole Gregory

Kate Walby

Gemma Hicks

Hayley Waumsley

Nadia Hudson

Hannah Weedon

Hannah Johnson

Amy Whitty

Nina Bailey Rosie Barnes Nicola Barnett Lauren Bell Rachael Blount Ella Brett Sophie Bridger Thomas Brindley Charlotte Buller Rosie Ann Carter Geri Copsey

Kate-足Lucy Cottam Hatty Cross Emily Dawson Rosie Drake-足Knight Elizabeth Ferry Charlotte Green Nicole Gregory Gemma Hicks Nadia Hudson Hannah Johnson Hollie Jones

Olivia Kennedy Louise Kinsey Emma Lidstone Rachael Lugg Catherine Maceachen Hayley Martos Sarah Moore Claire Morris Kathryn Munns Chloe-足Elise Nash Natalie Pardoe


Iris Pedersen Jessica Preen Shamsa Quresh Kat Randell Amy Ratliffe Charlie Taylor Kate Walby Hayley Waumsley Hannah Weedon Amy Whitty

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BA (Hons) Textile Design, Falmouth University Exhibition Catalogue 2013  

A live brief to design the exhibition catalogue for the 2013 final year students studying Textile Design, at Falmouth University.

BA (Hons) Textile Design, Falmouth University Exhibition Catalogue 2013  

A live brief to design the exhibition catalogue for the 2013 final year students studying Textile Design, at Falmouth University.