Page 1

Caption—explains who the picture is of and the page number that the artist is on, can include a quote from the artist.

Magazine Logo

Magazine’s website address to promote the magazine on a different media platform

Date magazine is published

Not conventional as 4 colours are used as opposed to the usual 3.

One main photographic image of an article/artist featured in the magazine

3 colours are used which is conventional

Special features shown separately as this will probably be the main feature that the audience wants to read

Articles organized under headings so that they can be found more easily.

Not every page has a description just a chosen few conventions

Issue Number reference


Band Index—Allows the audience to find the page that their favourite artist is on. Sorted in alphabetical order to improve efficiency

Subscription Information— promoting the magazine

Caption says what the article is about

Q and NME contents analyse  

Q and NME contents analyse