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25-mm Prisms and Pin Pole Kits Sliding 360° Prism Kit

Sliding Mini Prism Kit

The prism assembly on SECO’s #5910-20 360° prism kit slides on 9-mm-diameter solid steel pin poles.

These prism holders allow ‘non-zero’ prism offsets to ‘slide’ and are available in -17.5 mm or -30 mm offsets.

The assembly is composed of seven 12.7-mmdiameter silver-coated mini prisms in a 360° configuration.

They have a sliding range of 0.50-foot (15 cm).

#5910-20 — Metric (shown) #5910-21 — Feet

It features a +2-mm offset and a 40-minute adjustable circular vial. A clamp screw locks the prism assembly anywhere on the pole. The four 30cm (#591021, 1-foot) pole sections feature alternating colors at 5-cm (#5910-21, 1-foot) intervals. They connect to achieve heights from 7.5 to 125 cm (#5910-21, 0.25 to 3.85 ft in 0.20 ft increments.)

#5910-07M — Metric, -17.5 Offset (shown) #5910-07F — Feet, -17.5 Offset #5910-08M — Metric, -30 Offset #5910-08F — Feet, -30 Offset

They come equipped with a 25 mm silver-coated mini prism and height scales built into the holder frames.

The mini prism assembly can be removed and used normally for other jobs. Three 1-foot (30 cm) extensions and one 0.50-foot (15 cm) extension are included. They feature stainless steel points and 20 minute adjustable circular vials. The #5910-07 and #5910-08 are precision machined from aluminum and stainless steel parts. Included is a 5/8 x 11 adapter for use with tribrachs or poles. System Bag included. Weighs 3 lb (1.4 kg)

A spring-loaded ball detent adds tension, keeping the prism from falling when unlocked. It also centers and locks the assembly into the grooves between each color interval. A stainless steel point, data collector adapter and carrying case are included. Weighs 1.76 lb (0.80 kg)

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