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25-mm Prisms and Pin Pole Kits Euro-Style Prism Pole Systems

#5910-01-ARD — 0 and -30 Offset #5910-02-ARD — -17.5 Nodal Offset #5910-03-ARD — -34 Offset

This system is ideal for all handheld prism work, topos or precise layout work; it can be assembled in various configurations. It’s available with the most accurate offset position (-17.5 mm — nodal) that places the optical center of the prism over the plumb line axis. This helps eliminate angular pointing errors, at close range. All anodized aluminum section lengths are known (30 cm). It features a 40-minute adjustable vial and white sight cones and comes with a 5/8 x 11 adapter for standard prism poles (for height of 115 mm). An orange Cordura® carrying case is also included. Weighs 1.60 lb (0.73 kg)

Sliding Prism and Sectional Pole Kit

#5910-05 — Feet, 0 Offset (shown) #5910-06 — Metric, 0 Offset

This system tilts and slides up and down pin poles. It features a 25-mm, 0 offset silvercoated prism and a high-quality aluminum holder. The site cones double as locks.

Pin Pole with Sliding 25 mm Prism System #6600-10

This 12.2-mm OD pin pole features three sections - each 60 cm in length to achieve 1.8 m (5.91 ft); each color section (red or white) is 10 cm in length. Perfect for use with the Alligator Clamp Tripod (page 32). Weighs 1.95 lb (0.9 kg)

The prism has a 40-minute adjustable vial. The kit includes four 1-foot (30.5-cm) pole sections each with a 0.50-ft (15.24-cm) mark. This prism includes an adapter so it can be used on any pole or tribrach adapter with 5/8 x 11 threads. A system bag is also included. More information can be found online at! Weighs 1.40 lb (0.63 kg)

Demo video available at

Reflector Pin Pole Kit #5910-10

This new Reflector Pin Pole kit is ideal for use with reflectorless total station instruments. The target holder is machined anodized aluminum and allows the target to tilt 360°. A 40minute vial is built in. Comes with four aluminum 30 cm pole sections, prism and system case. The 5 cm point is a special three piece nonconductive design. Weighs 1.45 lb (0.66 kg)


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