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Specialty Prism Poles Geodimeter Style Telescoping Prism Pole #5120-Series

Small in diameter (20 mm) this light weight prism pole is designed to work with the GeodimeterŽ style sliding prism. It is an excellent pole/prism configuration for all survey applications. The prism can be mounted on the site rod or the graduated outer section. The telescoping section is graduated in feet and centimeters and collapses to 4.80 ft (1.46 m) and expands to 8.60 ft (2.62 m). The graduations in feet, 10ths and 100ths are on the outer section for direct reading of prism height. The site rod can be used as a short hand held rod with two height marks, 0.50 ft (15.24 cm) and 1.00 ft (30.48 cm). It comes with the QLV™ locking mechanism with a 40-min circular, adjustable vial. This pole also comes with two OD adapters for bipods and data collector attachment. This pole has a hardened steel removable point. It is painted bright fluorescent orange. Weighs 2.75 lb (1.24 kg)

Comes with two 1.25inch OD adapters! (#5120-030)

Prism and bipod not included.





Pole Only, ft

2.05 lb (0.92 kg)


Pole Only, cm

2.05 lb (0.92 kg)


Pole w/Site Rod, ft

2.75 lb (1.24 kg)


Pole w/Site Rod, cm

2.75 lb (1.24 kg)


Site Rod w/Point, cm

0.70 lb (0.31 kg)


Site Rod w/Point, ft

0.70 lb (0.31 kg)

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