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GPS Accessories Open Clamp Pole Brackets and Cradles SECO’s original Open Clamp Pole Brackets and Cradles offer a fast and efficient way to mount data collectors or controllers to antenna poles and rover rods! Use a Claw Quick-Release cradle (previous page) or a standard cradle (listed below) and one of the popular open clamps (below) for a complete solution. Clamps and cradles are sold separately for easy customizing. The aluminum open clamp features a quick-release button and a stainless steel clamp screw that attaches to the pole. Depressing the quick-release button will allow the Claw Quick-Release Cradle or standard cradle to rotate in to a comfortable position for reading the data collector or controller. Brackets #5198-052, -054, -055, -056, and -059 are designed for standard poles or rods with a 0.75-to-1.25-inch OD. The #5198-152 is designed for larger 1.5-inch OD rods and poles. All SECO pole brackets and cradles are manufactured from black anodized aluminum. Number:



Bracket: Plain


Bracket: With 40-minute Vial


Bracket: Compass


Bracket: Compass and 40-minute Vial (shown)


Bracket: With 0.15 x 0.92-inch Slot


Bracket: For 1.5-inch OD Pole


Cradle: Designed for Nautix N7, DAP 9800, SDR33. Titan


Cradle: Designed for PDA


Cradle: Designed for Leica RX and Viva CS10/CS15 (shown)

ATV Pole Bracket System with Radio Antenna Bar #5198-50

The SECO ATV Pole Bracket System is designed to hold a rover rod and a radio antenna pole (sold separately). The universal bracket system fits most ATVs, it attaches with u-bolts to the luggage rack. The bracket holds all poles from 1-to1.25-inch outside diameter. Quick clamp handles make loading and unloading the rover pole fast and secure. Installation to the ATV takes about one hour using basic tools. This system comes with a transport and storage bag. Weighs 24 lb (10.89 kg)

ATV Pole Bracket System #5198-51 (shown)

The SECO #5198-51 ATV Pole Bracket System is the same as above but does not include the radio antenna bar.


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Seco 2012 Catalog  

Seco 2012 Catalog