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GPS Accessories GPS Truck Door Bracket #5114-20-FLY

This system holds a GPS or RTK-type rod to the door of your survey truck. It’s easy to set up and fits most mid- to full-size pickups and SUVs. Open and close the doors, roll the windows up and down, all normal door functions are preserved!*

Demo video available at

Interior Controller/ Collector Clamp System #5199-60 (shown)

This bracket series is designed to hold your collector or controller inside the cab of your survey vehicle. Use it in conjunction with the #5114-20-FLY at left and you can watch the GPS data from the comfort of the cab. The suction cup mount will grip any clean glass or slick surface. Includes a two-hole base mount for permanent placement!


Designed For:

5199-60 (Claw)

TSC2™, Ranger™ 300X, 500X

5199-62 (Claw)

Allegro, Allegro MX, Jett®•ce, FC-2200


5199-63 (Claw)


This kit extends SECO’s #5114-20-FLY GPS Door Bracket to fit on larger-sized trucks!

5199-64 (Claw)

FC-100, Mobile Mapper CE/CX, ProMark™ 3

5199-65 (Claw)

FC-1000, FC-2000

5199-66 (Claw)


5199-67 (Claw)

Archer, Leica DX10, Carlson Mini, Javad Victor

5199-68 (Claw)

FC-200, FC-120


GeoXT™ (use with your Trimble cradle #53500-00)

5199-70 (Claw)

Nomad® 800, 900 Series

5199-71 (Claw)

GeoCE™, XT™, XM™, XH™, Geo 2008

5199-72 (Claw)

Workabout Pro

5199-73 (Claw)

Carlson Surveyor, Surveyor+

5199-74 (Claw)


Expands vertically to 61 inches and collapses to 47 inches to fit most trucks or SUVs!

3-Inch Extension Kit

Topo Shoe Adapter #5114-20-050

This adapter bolts on and allows rods with topo shoes to be held securely. The adapter holds 2.5-inch and 1.25-inch topo shoes. It will hold rods with regular points as well. *Not intended for use at highway speeds.


Seco 2012 Catalog  

Seco 2012 Catalog

Seco 2012 Catalog  

Seco 2012 Catalog