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Official Newsletter of Georgia Junior Cattlemen’s Association Summer 2012 Volume 1 Issue 1 Georgia Junior Cattlemen’s Association, 100 Cattlemen’s Drive, Macon, GA. 31221 478-474-6560

Let’s Get Moo-tivated!

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Let’s Get Moo-tivated! Keep Sweepstakes Points Coming 2012 Convention a Success for GJCA The Importance of Experience Cattlemen in College

Are you tired of sitting on the sofa all day or just plain bored with chores and your everyday routine? Well then, Georgia Junior Cattlemen’s Association has something for you! We’ve gotten more than 50 members, parents and volunteers preregistered for PERRY 2012, our Olympic-themed Field Day on July 12. The GJCA officer team would like to personally invite you to show off your aglete skills! There will be a variety of activities: Sporting events, educational sessions and lunch! We would also like to say a big thank you to all the junior members who submitted a design in our field day t-shirt design contest, as well as our sponsors! So, maybe you aren’t the athletic type and you’re more of the beach bum. That’s not a problem because we have something for you! Join the Georgia Cattlemen’s at the beach for its summer conference. Please see Moo-tivated on page 2

Congratulations to the 2011 Sweepstakes champion, Morgan Morris!

Keep Sweepstakes Points Coming By Gibson Priest, GJCA chapter relations officer The Sweepstakes contest is an opportunity for juniors to showcase their achievements in the beef arena, participation in beef industry events and this year many new points categories were added. I have participated in the Georgia Junior Cattleman’s Association Sweepstakes program for numerous years and have been blessed to win both the junior and senior contests every year except my first year. My favorite achievement has been the fact that the high individual in both divisions gets the opportunity to pull the 20-foot aluminum trailer, an honor I have been blessed with several times. Participation in the Sweepstakes competition provided me the incentive to attend many functions hosted by the beef industry that I Please see Sweepstakes on page 3

2012 Convention a Success for GJCA By Callie Akins, GJCA convention chair

GJCA officers at the Cattlemen’s Ball

“Next year when you are thinking about how to fund all of the fun things you want to do during the summer, come to the Georgia Cattlemen’s Convention!”

Team Marketing competition winners

What better way to learn about the beef industry, spend time with fellow junior members and win numerous prizes than the Georgia Cattlemen's Convention! The 51st Annual Georgia Cattlemen's Convention was held April 4-7 in Perry, Ga. Juniors of all ages participated in contests at Convention, including the photo and poster contest, Team Marketing competition and scholarships. Even the adults participated in the GJCA photo contest! The Team Marketing competition was won by Drew Williams, Gage Brogdon and Daniel Williams. These members won $100 each! These participants were given a scenario and put together a presentation for the judging panel of three. On Saturday morning, the CattleWomen organized the annual Beef Ambassadors contest. The winning junior and senior Beef Ambassadors won cash prizes and a trip to Wooster, Ohio, to compete in the National Beef Ambassador Contest. Congratulations to GJCA members Gibson Priest and Makayla Holmes on winning these honors! At the Junior Luncheon on Saturday awards were given to the photo and poster contest, Sweepstakes, Beef Ambassador, Team Marketing and scholarship winners. All of these winners won money plus other wonderful prizes. So, next year when you are thinking about how to fund all of the fun things you want to do during the summer, come to the Georgia Cattlemen's Convention and participate in the numerous contests while Please see Convention on page 4

2012 Beef Ambassadors Makayla Holmes and Gibson Priest

Register for Summer Conference on the GCA website!

Moo-tivated, from page 1

Bring the whole family on down to the Georgia coast to enjoy the island breeze and the sun that’s going to even up that farmer’s tan. There will be plenty of opportunities to mix and mingle, plus GJCA-only activities: A sand-sculpting contest and tour of the 4-H Tidelands Nature Center, just to name a few! Junior members, let’s get moo-tivated this summer. Show us how great of an ag-lete you are or what a beach bum you can be when you aren’t busy around the farm! Show the world that we are Georgia Junior Cattlemen’s and we are ready to have some summer fun!

The Importance of Experience By John Reasor, GJCA chairman We’ve all heard the saying, “practice makes perfect.” It applies to everything from livestock shows to public speaking for the Beef Ambassador competition, and believe it or not, it also applies to the professional world. I’m interning this summer with two different companies in Beaverton, Mich. With Little Cedar Cattle Company, I’m helping the farm owners prepare for their September production sale and with McMahon French Promotional Strategies learning more in-depth use of Adobe PhotoShop and InDesign software. It’s been a blast, and I think my future college and career plans will be glad I decided to spend my summer this way. Internships are a great opportunity to get some practice for whatever job you might want, or on the other hand, learn that maybe vet school isn’t right for you if you faint the moment the veterinarian supervising your internship accidentally cuts an artery and some blood comes out. It’s going to take dedication and commitment to spend a summer away from home and in the work environment, but as my experience has shown me so far, it’s invaluable. And even better, it’ll help beef up your résumé just a bit.

Example of the graphic design work Reasor is learning as part of his summer internship in Michigan

Sweepstakes from page 1

might not otherwise have participated in. Participants accumulate points March 10 through February 28 of the next year. Points must be entered both online and for some categories with a Sweepstakes Verification Form, within two weeks of the event. The use of the trailer is just one incentive associated with the contest. There are monetary prizes for the top three winners in each division as well as cool awards: This year, the top three won embossed leather boot bags! I would say those are some awesome advantages or at least they have been for me. There are many advantages to participating in the GJCA Sweepstakes, but the best one is the fellowship with other GJCA members at all of the events. I hope you will take advantage of this opportunity and start earning points yourself! Official Sweepstakes rules can be found online at Points categories include: Beef Ambassador, showmanship, Convention, Field Day, livestock show attendance, local chapter meetings, Georgia beef industry events, breed association activities, public speaking and volunteering.

Scenes from the Georgia Simmental Association Field Day (above) and Georgia Hereford Association Field Day (below)

Scenes from the GJCA Region 11 Field Day in Milan, Ga., at Turnpike Creek Farms

Convention from page 2

learning about the beef industry! Congratulations to all of the winners, and we hope to see you next year at Convention!

Beef Ambassador Update The 2012 Georgia Beef Ambassadors are Gibson Priest, senior division, and Makayla Holmes, junior division. So far this year, they attended a youth camp and played Beef-O-Bingo with kids and also handed out recipes, Silly Bandz, pencils and bumper stickers. They are raising money for their trip to the national contest in California by participating in festivals and selling livestock show magnets.

Cattlemen in College By Katherine Throne and Cole Brogdon, GJCA chapter relations officers that if you want to succeed, you must put forth College: The next big step after high the effort. school. This is where new friends and lasting 2) Be open to new things. You will be surprised relationships will be formed. As junior cattlemen, by what you can learn just by going out and we can say for certain that our participation in the introducing yourself. Take advantage of the Georgia Junior Cattlemen’s Association helped opportunities that are presented to you, prepare us for the many challenges of college. because they might come in handy in the Cole is a rising sophomore at Abraham future. Baldwin Agricultural College in Tifton, Ga., and 3) Get out of the room and get involved. Katherine is about to start her senior year at Become a member of your college’s University of Georgia in Athens. We are both Cattlemen’s chapter, join one of the agricultural choosing whether we want to go to professional Greek organizations, Sigma Alpha or Alpha school, graduate school or go straight into a Gamma Rho, and become a member of Alpha career, a decision that many of you will be facing Zeta, the ag honors fraternity. in the next few years. 4) Don’t forget to HAVE FUN! College is a Here are some tips we’ve learned: balancing act: After a long day of studying, 1) Study. Yes, go ahead and get it in your head reward yourself with something enjoyable. 5) Take a chance and take a leadership role in one of those clubs you get involved in. Employers like to look for that on résumés, and being a leader will teach you a lot about yourself and working as part of a team. 6) College is full of temptations, but be strong. Georgia Junior Cattlemen’s Association Don’t give in and do what you feel is right. You 100 Cattlemen’s Drive know how you were raised. Live it. PO Box 27990 We wish each of you luck as you begin Macon, GA 31221 the collegiate chapter of your lives! The real Phone: 478-474-6560 world is calling, so answer that call as any good GJCA member would do! Fax: 478-474-5732


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