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9 nights. 3 stages. 1 revolutionary new festival.


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Staff Directory p.20 The Cultch acknowledges that it is on unceded Indigenous land belonging to the Coast Salish peoples, including the territories of the xwməϴkwəýəm (Musqueam), Skwxwú7mesh (Squamish), and Səl̓ ílwətaʔ/Selilwitulh Nations. TRANSFORM: A Cabaret(Tsleil‑Waututh) Festival | Program Guide  

Welcome to TRANSFORM: A Cabaret Festival My name is Quelemia Sparrow and I am from the Musqueam Nation. It is my absolute honour to be the festival’s keeper of Indigenous Protocol. This land is the unceded territory of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh Nations. I am so proud of my Musqueam culture and history and it is my passion to share our knowledge with you through story and theatre as a playwright and performer. Land Acknowledgements and Welcomes have become interchangeable, which in turn I believe has become confusing for the listener. Are we welcoming people to this land? Welcoming them to a particular event? Is it sharing knowledge and history? Giving prayer or song? Or are we making a political statement and acknowledging— in the case of Vancouver—that the land is the territory of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh people, and is indeed unceded? It is all of the above. I have struggled with an approach to Land Acknowledgements and Welcomes that makes sense to me. On this land we have canoe protocol that we follow. I have been immersing myself in this protocol and deepening my understanding of it for many years now. I have been out on the waters of my territory learning to canoe and establishing bonds and connections with my canoe family in Musqueam and my cousins in Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh. I am incredibly grateful to Morgan Guerin, Bob Baker, and Wes Nahanee for many of the profound canoe teachings I have received. I have begun to infuse these teachings into my Welcomes and Land Acknowledgements in the hopes of embodying an authenticity to this practice that is grounded in tradition and culture. My wish is to continue this process with TRANSFORMCABARET.COM

TRANSFORM: A Cabaret Festival. Oftentimes after I finish a Land Acknowledgement, people shyly approach me and ask: What does unceded mean? This is a very important question. The meaning of unceded: territories that were never ceded through treaty, war, or surrender by the original inhabitants. The Supreme Court has been firm that the Crown in B.C does not have title to the land and its resources. Aboriginals have title to the land. How can we move forward with meaningful reconciliation if Aboriginal title is not recognized, acknowledged, and understood? And how can we hold this Truth together, both non-indigenous and Indigenous? This festival is the act of a company engaging in meaningful reconciliation the best way they know how. I believe Heather Redfern understands ‘Truth and Reconciliation.’ You cannot skip over the Truth and expect to reconcile. These phenomenally talented Indigenous artists that are showcased share their Truth with dance, story, song and humour. The festival is a time to converse, to engage, to learn from one another, to celebrate and to transform. I want to celebrate Indigeneity with joy and love! And I’ll leave you with some canoe protocol. When a visiting canoe approaches land, the visitors state their intention. What are their intentions? Why are they there? What do they want? Are their intentions clear and good? I know The Cultch’s intention: to transform. I offer you this: what are your intentions? Feel free to find me during the festival and let me know. We can engage in real protocol. And then I can invite you in: show you the land through my eyes, welcome you, and host you. Quelemia Sparrow FESTIVAL PROTOCOL KEEPER

Why Transform? Why Now? Why Cabaret? WHY TRANSFORM? TRANSFORM: A Cabaret Festival is a daring new concept to bring radical and lasting change to live performance in Vancouver. A variety of ground-breaking Indigenous and non-indigenous artists have taken over all three of our Cultch stages for nine explosive nights of bold, fresh, and extraordinary performance. Our goal is to further our collective efforts towards truth and reconciliation, and the best way to do that is through sharing Indigenous stories and insights alongside all artists and audiences. The best part is that we do it through face-to-face moments of laughter, music, dance, and engaging in a conversation with each other. Every night, the important conversations we need to have together will take place on and off stage in an open, safe, and respectful environment. By doing this, we gain new perspectives, we open ourselves up to empathy, and ultimately leave transformed.

WHY CABARET? Cabaret is the perfect vehicle for this work. Using all the colours of the rainbow, artists speak truth to power, and share their experiences with audiences in an intimate and connected way. Around the world, cabaret festivals emerged during a period of change and uncertainty as a platform for political discourse and engaging in deep conversations. In these uncertain times, cabaret is an egalitarian platform that embraces artists of all stripes, and art forms that transcend the notion of “high art.” Cabaret is the perfect vehicle to take risk, experiment, and create a deeper connection between artists and audiences.

WHY NOW? Change is happening at an ever-increasing pace. Artists are leading the way and are creating immediate responses to this cultural phenomenon. We believe that by providing a platform for Indigenous and non-indigenous artists’ work to be experienced together, we further our society’s efforts towards reconciliation. These performances provide an opportunity for spontaneous and visceral experiences that help us make positive change. The best way to get the most from the festival is to see a couple of performances in an evening and then convene in the Cabaret Café and Club Transform to continue the conversation and dance the night away.

Our deepest appreciation goes out to everyone who has worked so hard to make this year’s festival a reality. Thank you to our festival collaborators Urban Ink and all of our partners and co-curators who have brought their expertise to this amazing enterprise. A special thanks to The Cultch staff who have made it happen with grit, grace, and glitter.

These past few months creating and programming this festival have been a wild ride! You can take that ride further by experiencing our Digital Storytelling Project to enhance your live experience. Try Exploring TRANSFORM at

Welcome to the very first year of a brand new annual Cabaret Festival. Thank you for taking part in this once-in-a-lifetime experience. It is our hope you leave transformed. It feels so good. Corey Payette & Heather Redfern TRANSFORM: A CABARET FESTIVAL CO-CURATORS

TRANSFORM: A Cabaret Festival | Program Guide 


About The Cultch Since 1973, The Cultch (formally the Vancouver East Cultural Centre) has been one of Vancouver’s most diverse and innovative arts and cultural hubs. The organization operates three theatrical venues, a gallery, and various ancillary spaces in the heart of East Vancouver. The Cultch offers dynamic contemporary programming in theatre, dance, music, and the visual arts, bringing world-class cultural presentations to thousands of citizens each year through its own programming and through providing rental opportunities for community users. Our purpose is to provide a venue for performance that serves a diverse and engaged public and provides space for artistic experimentation and development, building an audience for local companies and presenting cutting-edge national and international work.

About Urban Ink Based in Vancouver, Urban Ink uplifts Indigenous and diverse voices through live performance. Across Canada, Urban Ink is putting the power in the hands of Indigenous and Culturally Diverse artists to tell their own stories from their own unique voices. Founded in 2001, Urban Ink has always been a company where Canadian stories are told. Today, under the passionate artistic direction of Corey Payette, our company goes even further, promoting Intercultural understanding, igniting conversations from coast to coast, and celebrating the rich history of its land by bringing communities together in a National conversation that affirms diversity as a shared Canadian value.

Venue Information Vancity Culture Lab

Historic Theatre

York Theatre

This black box studio is a cinderblock construction with the latest inacoustical properties and has been referred to as the best “blackout” room in the city.

The heart of The Cultch, our original 200 seat theatre has been home to hundreds of local and international dance, music, and theatre performances over the past four decades.

Rescued from demolition and fully restored, this 100-year-old historical jewel is The Cultch’s newest venue. The York runs primarily as a rental venue, accessible to artists and community groups.




TRANSFORM: A Cabaret Festival | Program Guide 

Exploring TRANSFORM is an innovative digital journey, created as a way for you to engage directly with TRANSFORM: A Cabaret Festival. You’ll experience artists in a unique and interactive way, see and hear things from the performers that you won’t find anywhere else, and learn more about all the festival performances. We’re expanding our stages beyond the walls of the theatres into the digital realm. Explore this immersive experience at your own pace. Each time you come back, you can continue from where you left off. We’ve added some rewards for those of you who explore the most! Take the journey at


OCT 02-05 & 09-12, 5:30PM-11:30PM | FOUNDERS’ LOUNGE

Cabaret Café Join us at the Cabaret Café for an amazing selection of panino sandwiches and Italian sweets from our restaurant partner, Caffé LaTana, as well as freshly made bannock with jam and butter from our season caterer, Cedar Feast House Catering. Along with our full bar and concessions, these items will be available daily from 5:30PM – 11:30PM at the Cabaret Café located in the Founders’ Lounge at 1895 Venables! TRANSFORMCABARET.COM

OCT 02 & 03, 7:30PM | YORK THEATRE

Opening Night Bash The festival kicks off with two spectacular Opening Night celebrations! Hosted by Musqueam artist Quelemia Sparrow and renowned Australian cabaret artist Lisa Fa’alafi (of Hot Brown Honey fame), the stars of this year’s festival join forces in an unforgettable extravaganza. Featuring a unique mash up of exhilarating dance, music, and comedy numbers like nothing you’ve seen before. Featuring: JB the First Lady, Martha Chaves, Nour Hadidi, Quanah Style, Ruthe Ordare of Virago Nation, Sidonie Adamson, Steph Tisdell, The Darlings, and Veda Hille


Steph Tisdell Comedy Workshop Harness your creativity to build confidence and learn how to use comedy as a coping mechanism and a diplomacy tool from Indigenous Australian comedian Steph Tisdell. This workshop aims to address various issues that ignite self-doubt, with a focus on resilience, reflection, and moving forward by utilising effective forms of expression through comedy. A select number of workshop participants will get the chance to perform their work in front of the group. For ages 19+. Open to all levels of experience. Limited Registration.


Vhine und Szong: Fantastic Femmes Veda Hille’s intermittent song series returns with a cabaret festival twist. The essential elements are all here: songs, stories, and you–with wine! Join our quintessential East Van host as she and her guests read and sing and reminisce. Anything could happen, because its Vhine und Szong! Featuring: Veda Hille, Carleigh Baker, and jaye simpson TRANSFORM: A Cabaret Festival | Program Guide 

OCT 04 & 05, 7:30PM | YORK THEATRE

The Women of Comedy Some of the funniest women we know are taking over the York in a side-splitting night of comedy. Featuring Canadian Comedy Award winner Martha Chaves, Australia’s rising Indigenous comedy star Steph Tisdell, Toronto-based comedian Nour Hadidi, and beloved local comedian Erica Sigurdson. These fierce, fresh, and funny ladies will have you laughing until your belly hurts. Hosted by Katey Hoffman and Cheyenne Rouleau.


The Darlings Provocative and imaginative drag theatre! The Darlings are a multidisciplinary non-binary drag performance collective based in Vancouver. Their work challenges the boundaries of conventional drag and explores genderqueer, non-binary, and trans experience through the use of movement, poetry, performance art, theatre, and immersive installation. Featuring: Continental Breakfast, Maiden China, PM, and Rose Butch.


Steph Tisdell: Identity Steft Indigenous comedian Steph Tisdell delves into issues of identity and colonialism, while discussing the merits of white guilt vs overt racism. Her mental health struggles culminate in a hilarious journey, ultimately leading somewhere inspirational. Identity Steft is a rip-roariously hilarious show with insightful lessons interwoven throughout.

Need a snack? Join us at the Cabaret Café open daily from 5:30PM – 11:30PM in the Founders’ Lounge at 1895 Venables!



Virago Nation: Stripping for Sovereignty Vancouver’s very own all-Indigenous Burlesque troupe! Virago Nation is a collective of Indigenous artists creating performance through burlesque, theatre, song, and spoken word as well as workshops and community networks to rematriate Indigenous sexuality. OCT 06, 11AM | VANCITY CULTURE LAB

Family Drag Brunch & Dress Up Stories, laughter, and play at a family cabaret! Bring the kids for a lively afternoon including drag brunch, story hour, and dress-up spectacular. Fashion, makeup, and runway lessons from some of Vancouver’s finest drag performers will have kids and adults alike ready to strut their very own Cultch Couture on the runway in a fabulous family fashion show (with kid judges!). Featuring: Isolde N Barron, Peach Cobblah, Jaylene Tyme, Thanks Jem


Journey to South Asia & Beyond Celebrate Diwali in BC with a multicultural evening of classical and contemporary South Asian dance and music that will push the boundaries of what is considered “cabaret.” Through dance and live musical performances, a diverse group of artists will explore the parallels between Diwali and Indigenous culture. Part of Diwali Night at the Festival. Featuring: Mohamed Assani, Nyla Carpentier, Karima Essa, Arno Kamolika. Hosted by Rohit Chokhani

Photo credits: Steph Tisdell photos by Monica Pronk (cover & p.7-8); Lisa Fa’alafi photo by Jarrad Seng (cover & p.7); JB the First Lady photo by Melanie Orr (cover); Silla and Rise photo by Eric Vani (p.1 & 14); Heather Redfern & Corey Payette photo by Terumi Squibb (p.3); Veda Hille photo by Emily Cooper (p.7); The Darlings–Continental Breakfast photo by Chris Reed (p.8); Virago Nation photo by Fubarfoto (p.9); Peach Cobblah & Isolde N Barron photo by SHIMON (p.9); Quelemia Sparrow photo by Emily Cooper (p.11); Where the Two-Spirit Lives photo by Jaime Vedres of Marshall Vielle (p.11); Sidonie Adamson by (p.14); Children of God photo by Matt Barnes of Michelle Bardach (p.14).

TRANSFORM: A Cabaret Festival | Program Guide 


The Flame: Cabaret Edition Vancouver’s own monthly Storytelling Series brings together Indigenous and non-indigenous storytellers! A talented roster of raconteurs, groundbreaking BC storytellers, spoken word artists, and musicians dare to share their most personal, poignant, and hilarious true stories live on stage. Hosted by Quelemia Sparrow and Deb Williams


African Village Experience Hosted by Jacky A Yenga, African Village Experience is an interactive event that involves storytelling, singing, and dancing with participants. Part of Diwali Night at the Festival.


Where the Two-Spirit Lives A whimsical and moving exploration of what it means to identify as a Two-Spirit person in a contemporary society. It is about the journey we take when faced with our authentic self, while decolonizing gender fluidity through isolation and ritualization. Written and performed by Marshall Vielle Directed by Barry Bilinksy Stage Management by Benton Neufeld


Leela Gilday feat. Sandy Scofield & M’Girl An evening of powerful music from some of our country’s most gifted female musicians. Featuring passionate singer-songwriter Leela Gilday with special guests Sandy Scofield and M’Girl. TRANSFORM: A Cabaret Festival | Program Guide 


7:30PM Opening Night Bash York Theatre 9:30PM Club Transform: Grand Opening Vancity Culture Lab


7:30PM Opening Night Bash York Theatre 9:30PM Club Transform: Grand Opening Vancity Culture Lab FRI, OCT 04

7:00PM Vhine und Szong: Fantastic Femmes Historic Theatre 7:30PM The Women Of Comedy York Theatre 9:15PM The Darlings Historic Theatre 9:30PM Club Transform Vancity Culture Lab SAT, OCT 05

4:00PM Steph Tisdell: Identity Steft Historic Theatre 7:30PM The Women Of Comedy York Theatre 8:00PM Virago Nation: Stripping for Sovereignty Historic Theatre 9:30PM Club Transform Vancity Culture Lab SUN, OCT 06

11:00AM Family Drag Brunch & Dress Up Vancity Culture Lab 2PM Steph Tisdell: Identity Steft Historic Theatre VENUE LOCATIONS

York Theatre Vancity Culture Lab Historic Theatre 1895 Venables St. 1895 Venables St. 639 Commercial Dr. TRANSFORMCABARET.COM


7:00PM Journey to South Asia & Beyond Historic Theatre 7:30PM The Flame: Cabaret Edition York Theatre 9:15PM The African Village Experience Historic Theatre 9:30PM Club Transform Vancity Culture Lab THU, OCT 10

7:00PM Where the Two-Spirit Lives Historic Theatre 7:30PM Leela Gilday feat. Sandy Scofield & M’Girl York Theatre 9:15PM Silla and Rise feat. JB the First Lady Historic Theatre 9:30PM Club Transform Vancity Culture Lab FRI, OCT 11

7:00PM Leela Gilday: Intimate & Unplugged Historic Theatre 7:30PM Cirque Transforming York Theatre 9:15PM Virago Nation: Stripping for Sovereignty Historic Theatre 9:30PM Club Transform Vancity Culture Lab SAT, OCT 12

7:00PM Corey Payette: Musical Songbook Historic Theatre 7:30PM Drag Transforming York Theatre 9:15PM Where the Two-Spirit Lives Historic Theatre 9:30PM Club Transform Vancity Culture Lab

TRANSFORM: A Cabaret Festival | Program Guide 


Silla and Rise feat. JB the First Lady Blending Inuit throat-singing and futuristic dancefloor beats, Silla and Rise are a Canadian musical group based in Ottawa. Featuring Vancouver-based hip hop and spoken word artist, JB the First Lady. OCT 11, 7PM | HISTORIC THEATRE

Leela Gilday: Intimate & Unplugged Get up close and personal with the one and only Leela Gilday. More raw, more intimate, and more Leela than anything you’ve heard from her before, this virtuosic singer-songwriter strips her music back to its essence for an soulful evening of acoustic song and authentic storytelling. OCT 11, 7:30PM | YORK THEATRE

Cirque Transforming Contemporary circus inspired by traditional hoop dancing, and spinning orbs. A variety of circus artists come together for a deluge of whirling wheels, flying sparks, and so much more. Featuring: Alex Wells, Alison Wu, Kaelyn Schmidt, Katlan Irvine, Marley Skye, Sidonie Adamson, Stephanie Van Dyck, Yuki Ueda Hosted by Barry Bilinsky Directed by Jay Nunns


Corey Payette: Musical Songbook A transformative evening of music from Corey Payette’s award-winning and critically-acclaimed musicals, featuring songs and stories from Children of God, Les Filles du Roi, plus a sneak peek of the new musical, Sedna. Featuring: Chelsea Rose, Corey Payette, Doug Gorkoff, John Kastelic, Michelle Bardach, Molly MacKinnon, Sean Bayntyn TRANSFORMCABARET.COM


Drag Transforming The Queens of East Van, Peach Cobblah and Isolde N Barron, host a drag spectacular! Featuring unforgettable performances from Quanah Style, The Darlings, Jaylene Tyme, Coco, and Celestial Seasons. These fearless queens are challenging gender norms while pushing the boundaries of drag, and having a tucking great time doing it!

OCT 02-05 & 09-12, 9:30PM | VANCITY CULTURE LAB

Club Transform We’re turning up the volume every night as artists come together for a spontaneous, surprising, and spirited mash up of performance styles at the festival club. Unlike anything you’ve experienced on a Cultch stage, this will be an intimate testing ground for all your favourite artists to experiment and try out new material with a live audience.



DJ Skylar Love

FREE EVENT TRANSFORM: A Cabaret Festival | Program Guide 

Conversation, Community, and Cabaret Bites! Join us for FREE events from ground-breaking artists in The Cultch Lobby and Vancity Culture Lab between performances all festival long.

OCT 4, 5, 9, 11, 12 6:00 PM | VANCITY CULTURE LAB


Bollywood Dance Workshop with Karima Essa OCT 10 AT 6:00 PM | VANCITY CULTURE LAB | 30MIN

OWN NOW by David Geary A Climate Change Theatre Action Reading OCT 10 AT 8:15 PM | VANCITY CULTURE LAB | 45MIN

Powwow 101 with Nyla Carpentier Additional events to be announced!

Ka rim a Es sa



Caffé La Tana

1380 Commercial Drive 11am–10pm Sunday to Thursday 11pm Friday and Saturday

635 Commercial Drive 8am–6pm Monday to Sunday 6:30pm-12:00am Friday to Saturday


Storm Crow Tavern

1212 Commercial Drive 10am–Late Monday to Sunday

1305 Commercial Drive 11am–1am Monday to Sunday

Visit one of The Cultch’s preferred restaurant partners with your same day ticket stub and receive 15% OFF your food bill Interested in becoming a preferred restaurant partner? email for more info TRANSFORM: A Cabaret Festival | Program Guide 

With thousands of repeat impressions, The Cultch’s program is an excellent vehicle to reach smart savvy and affluent performing arts patrons throughout the Lower Mainland.

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TRANSFORM: A Cabaret Festival was made possible by the generous support of our funders and donors. Thank you for being movers and shakers who make change happen! Did we miss you? Let us know! Email or call 604 251 1766 Transformers $5000+ The Vancouver Foundation Heather Redfern The Jim Green Fund Change makers $2500 - $5000 Frances McGrath Shakers $1000 - $2499 Arnol Investments Mary Rawson Movers $500 - $999 Catherine and Ian Aikenhead Dianne Bell Julia Quon Sheldon and Marilyn Chandler Celebrators $125 - $499 Alex Hutton Anne Mathisen Arlene H. Henry Law Corp Bob Foulkes

Bob Halifax Bruce McPherson Cathryn Duerksen Christine Dewar Colin Fraser D D Kugler Deb Williams Diane Macdonald Geoffrey Dodds Glenn Bowlsby Heather Kennedy Ingrid Rose Jane Heyman and Lionel Johnston Donna Anthony and Jane Templeton Johanne Vincent John Whitridge Judy Reykdal Kathleen Oliver Kathryn Shaw

Kathryn Woodward Kerry Baisley Leona Lowry Lynn Stevens Marian Collins Maureen and David Adamson Michael Smith in honour of Bo Smith Nancy Barker in honour of the Coast Salish People Nathan Edelson in memory of John Webster Patrice Allen Patti Mclaughlin Peter Thaler Rena Cohen and Rick Parnell in honour of Cindy Reid Rosalyn Manthorpe Sarah Van Berkel Shauna Butterwick

It is our ambition that TRANSFORM: A Cabaret Festival will become an annual event. To support the festival, visit This list includes donors who donated specifically to TRANSFORM: A Cabaret Festival. For a full list The Cultch’s donors, visit


Sustaining Sponsor

Government and Agencies

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Media Sponsors

Executive Director Heather Redfern Managing Director Cindy Reid Director of Patron Development Nicole McLuckie Production Manager Andrew McCaw Technical Director Cody Biles Festival Production Manager Aidan Hammond Digital Storytelling Project-Leader Kris Boyd Interim Box Office Manager Cara Siu Rentals Sales Manager Audrey MacDonald Database & IT Manager Meaghan Fraser Marketing Manager Chelsea Isenor Artistic Associate Kelly Barker Development Manager Louise Chapman Communications Associate Lisa Mennell Business Development & Hospitality Manager TRANSFORMCABARET.COM

Paul Phalen Head Front of House & Volunteer Manager Allison MacLeod Design & Web Coordinators Zuzanna Juszkiewicz Cassy Midkiff Associate Technical Director/Head Electrician Lukas McCormick Associate Technical Director (Rentals) Taylor Janzen Venue Technician Kaden O’Reilly Head Audio Kyra Soko Caretaker Len Gardiner Youth Program Manager Ariel Martz-Oberlander Production Electrician Kaden O’Reilly Gallery Coordinator Yuri Arajs Sales Manager: Chris MacDonald Development Associate Natalie Schneck Sales Associate & Volunteer Coordinator Charlotte Wright Bookkeeper

Anita Cheung IT Consultant Jack Vickery IATSE Local 118 Technicians

FOH, Bar & Box Office Staff BOARD Chair: Frank Costanzo Vice Chair: Roger E. Holland Treasurer: Hatim Hanafi Secretary: Lynda Stokes Directors: Claire Booth Louise Schwarz Lydia Lovison Richard Mew Ryan O’Connor Sangeeta Wylie Sheldon Chandler Stephanie Hollingshead Honourary Member: Kathleen Bourchier

TRANSFORM: A Cabaret Festival | Program Guide 


TRANSFORM: A Cabaret Festival | Program Guide 

The celebration of a lifetime BEGINS HERE. Rely on your Dignity Memorial® professionals to help you create a personal, meaningful tribute. It’s what we’re known for.

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TRANSFORM: A Cabaret Program Guide