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Thomas Tallis School – BTEC Programmes Observation Record Form George Hales

Learner: Programme:

BTEC National  Diploma  in  Creative  Media   Production


Unit Name:

Producing Video  Installation  Work  

Unit Number:

3 35

Description of activity undertaken (please be as specific as possible) As part of the “Phobias” physical theatre & multimedia performance George worked with Lee and Jack in ensuring the smooth running of his ‘Fire’ video projection. The projection was timed to appear to ‘set fire’ to the whole of the drama studio by burning from one small corner of the studio and progressively spreading throughout the whole room. George also was ‘employed’ by Billy, Jacq & Elliot to assist them in the smooth running of their ‘Surgery’ being in control of the audio and visual elements of their while they acted in their various roles.

Assessment criteria (to which the activity provides evidence) P4 safely install a video piece for exhibition in the specified location with some assistance. M4 safely install a video piece for exhibition in the specified location competently with only occasional assistance. D4 safely install a video piece for exhibition in the specified location to a technical quality that reflects near-professional standards, working independently to professional expectations.

How the activity meets the requirements of the assessment and grading criteria (please explain how the learner met the criteria and the qualitative aspects of their performance)

George was involved in both the set up and installation of his own work and also worked as support for Billy, Jacq & Elliot’s installation. With his own group he played an important part in the preparation of their installation – involving intricately planning and testing (both as a ‘mock-up’ with 4 laptops and eventually within the drama studio itself) the timing of their ‘inferno’ so that it realistically burnt throughout the whole of the drama studio. George was also an integral part of the set-up and running of Billy, Jacq & Elliot’s work – acting as technical assistant during their ‘performance’ – fully aware at all time of Health and Safety issues and competently working independently, with very little assistance. DISTINCTION

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P. Hodges

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Date: George Hales

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