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EVALATION FOR TV PRODUCTION After deciding to make an advert for Levi’s jeans the first thing I did was some secondary research. Firstly, I analysed 5 prior advertisements and from this I established the techniques used in each ad so I could get a senseof the advertising style and persuasive strategies I could hope to replicate in my own advert. from there I also thought about what target audience they were aiming for, so I could maybe aim for that when making mine, but I could take into account what audiencesthey weren’t aiming for and try to find gaps in their advertising strategy and maybe target those. After this I completed a SWOTanalysis on Levi’s, looking strengths, weaknesses,opportunities and threats for the brand. I did this to help me further understand the product and its market, to help assesswhat Levi’s had been aiming for and again looking for things they had missed out on that maybe I could use in my advert. I also look at adverts for Levi’s main competitors in the market, Diesel and Lee Jeansand did a SWOTanalysis for these brands as well, and this really helped becauseit gave me a really clear idea of the jeans market as a whole and what aspects of the market I could aim for. Before I started to think of a main idea investigated the rules, regulations and restrictions for advertising my product. I looked but could only find the general ASAregulations for advertisers. I also discovered that past jeans commercials had been hindered by concerns regarding the use of sex appeal. For example the famous Nick Kamen Levi’s ad where the regulations insisted` her were boxer shorts rather then briefs so as not to emphasize the male body too much in terms of ‘decency’.

Audience - My Target audience for the Levis advert was originally 18-30 males and females C2and above, but after doing a focus group on past Levis adverts I discovered that the target audience is actually aged 20-35 years old so this helped me I decided that for my commercial I would target a younger audience, 16-35 from D2 and above families, to address a gap in their existing audience. Levis adverts never have dialog and are music-based soundtrack driven so, I chose to keep this idea of a classic Levis advert. I think keeping the concept of the original Levis advert in terms of the power of being associated with is a good idea becauseit will still recognize it as a Levis advert, also associate the song, whenever they hear it, to the product. Research shows they also associate how the song make them feel with the product too, feelings of nostalgia this provides the product with positive associations. Keeping the concept of my advert the same made it easy for me to think of any idea for my own advert, and this in turn made my storyboarding easier as well. As many of the adverts focused on the person wearing the jeans and mainly the Levi’s patch on the back waistband of the jeans, I knew I also had to do the same it was just a question of in what location and what context. My research focus group consisted of people from my audience so, I asked them what they would like to see in a Levi’s advert in order to make a direct appeal to them; “ I think you should use younger people in your advert if you wish to attract a younger audience”. I told this piece of information and developed my idea round it while also keeping the Levi’s original theme; so I had a young person to attract a younger consumer, a popular nondiegetic soundtrack and shots of the jeans, especially ECU’son the back waistband as the essential components to my commercial.

Pre Production – The Pre-production is the preparation work before making my advert. It is extremely important to do this pre-production as it help you plan and

structure you ideas instead of just jumping in at the deep end and having your shoot go wrong and your commercial be disappointing. An example of this is the call sheet, which the plan on each day of filming it goes into detail the whole team in who needed to turn up, what to bring, and even what the weather was predicted to be as this can affect shooting. Mine helped me when I had to remind myself what and how much equipment to bring. Another example is the gantt chart which I planned out in a timetable the whole of the tv commercial production from start to finish. This is really helpful becauseif anything happens or you lost track of time you will always have a plan to fall back on and can make contingency plans as a result. Mine helped me stay on task and as a result I finished the filming of my tv commercial with plenty of time to edit. However, in my caseI spent a lot more time than I should have finishing all of my pre production work, so there was less time for me to film within the time frame we were given. I had never done anything like this before and did not know what to expect in terms of how long it would take me to complete things. Production Process While making my advert I found many things challenging. Firstly was getting used to the equipment and learning how to use it properly prior to my shoot, I really struggled with this as I didn’t have any past experience with the equipment like many of the students in the group. An example would be on the first day of filming I did not check the exposure settings you could not see anything clearly on the footage when I replayed it back, so had to quickly reshoot the sequence. But there way also some good points, in that I was good at holding the camera steady which mean that I did not have to re-film shots much becauseof unsteadiness. Also I knew exactly what I was filming before my shoot and were becauseof my pre-production, so my filming went every quickly and smoothly bar my 1st mistake and I didn’t have to go back and re-film so there was no new footage for me to edit prior to post production becauseI had storyboarded so well and taken extra shots just for flexibility it provided in the edit.

My First Edit I had many problems with editing as I had missed the lesson that included the basic software tutorials for Final Cut due to a field trip for another subject, so firstly I had to become familiar with the program and be able to know how to edit my footage. I learned the general basics of the program but obviously didn’t have in this time slot; time to learn the finer aspects of the program, so I feel I could not make this advert to its top potential. Some important editing decisions I made, at one point there was a part in which he walks down the stairs but he walks to slowly and so instead of re-filming I changed the speed on that shot and it fitting in really well with my advert, another one would be cutting it down so it was not so long and boring, I cut out bit in which he was tying his shoelaces.The feedback I got after people seeing my first edit was mainly positive. They liked how it was true to the classic Levis advert and that you could always see the product in every shot. However, there were some criticisms and suggestions on how I could improve it, one being that there was one point in the commercial where there was another brand present and having that in an advert for something else is not professional. My tutor also pointed out

the graphic at the end where the text used was the default text and not the one Levis use. Also people were saying that is was too long and need to be shorted to keep the audience’s interest. I also gained feedback by creating a questionnaire about my advert and its impact on my target audience amongst other things to help me improve my final edit. My Final Edit For my final edit I had to take all the feedback I got and use it into improve my advert. Some negative points here that I did have to re-film some shots and that did not help with the consistency of the ad. For example I shot out outside in my first shot, but then had to refilm and the weather was different to the first time I shot. I also took the advice given to me about the graphic and found the Levis text that they use and used that font in my ad. I refilmed so there were no other brands in the advert otherwise this is alternate product placement an could of compromised my advert. As I was re-filming I made sure as to keep the jeans and the Levi’s patch in shot at all times so as to keep the audiencesmind on the product, I did some long duration tracking shots so as to let the audience see the fit and fall of the jeans and I knew that I wanted my commercial to finish with a ECUshot of the Levi’s patch on the back of the jean so it is the last thing the audience see so it stays in there minds. The thing I found the hardest was that I had to make the advert shorter, which meant trimming individual shots further and cutting some out altogether but it was hard to do this and maintain my storyline so the audience did not get confused. I managed to cut it down to 47 seconds, which is about the same time as a standard Tv advert. Another thing that was difficult was getting the non-diegetic musical soundtrack to run parallel to the shortened ad, becausein Levi’s adverts the song makes the advert and creates nostalgia, it is the song this is the thing that the audience remembers and associates with the product so its important they link together. For example a well link part of the advert between music and footage would be the part were the music says “ And I put on my shoes” at the point the actor is putting on his shoes. A positive thing was that this gave me some more time then the 1st edit and as such with this time I was able to thing specifically about Levi’s editing style to learn how to use the editing program and redoing my advert took less time. I again checked out Levi’s the shot durations and how long each commercial was.

If I were to do it again, what would I change? If I had a chance to do the tv commercial again the main things I would change would be the possibly the storyline perhaps it isn’t so inline with prior Levis adverts. I also would do some of the pre-production again more thoroughly as not of it was at the standard I would like and it does make for a simpler shoot. As well as getting to know how to use some of the filming equipment better so I could reach the best film quality. I would have also have like to changed the location, I filmed inside as it was mid winters the weather was not ideal for exterior shots as bad weather in the commercial could make the audience associate the product with bad weather and as such have negative brand association. But now I would like to film outside when it is really sunny people think that if you wear Levis it will be a good sunny day.

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