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2013 Ways to give and how it helps us grow

Giving at YCIS

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YCIS Silicon Valley is more than just a great bilingual education. We are a unique collection of families that wear many hats parents, volunteers, leaders, educators, and visionaries. Our family today would not have

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Fundraising at a Glance 6

In 2002, YCIS of Silicon Valley opened its doors to just a handful of students. Today, more than 200 students benefit from our unique, bilingual approach Our to aPriorities holistic global education. Like most independent private schools, tuition alone does not cover the total cost to educate every student and additional support from the YCIS community is essential. Charitable giving is part of the YCIS culture, and giving ensures that the school will continue to grow into the future. There are many ways to financially support at YCIS as listed below: •

Annual Fund: to enhance every aspect of YCIS, from classrooms to activities, from professional development to financial aid

Targeted Campaigns: to support targeted areas of improvement ranging from curriculum enhancements to securing a new campus

Community Giving: Giving to our Parent Organization, or raising funds to support charity such as Seeds of Hope or special scholarshipYour grants. Character and Time

Like most independent private schools, tuition alone does not cover the total cost we look to building a solid foundation for the Your contribution ofyearbook, timeforward and financial support are all important and we Room parent, library, concessions, movie future growth of our school, YCIS has established an Annual Fund to help hope that every YCIS family will support the school in a way that–is right for night, opportunities, classroom volunteers, etc etc cover the cny difference between tuition and the cost of each student’s them. YCIS also receives matching funds from corporations and other The unrestricted gifts between made to thePO Annual will help school we extend clarify andFund school organizations do to help your financial support. A high participation meet its budget goals and help the school: rate will help ensure that we utilize as many of the resources that are · Hire and retain well qualified, experience teachers with a passion and dedication to student learning · Make constant improvements to our curriculum and support professional development · Maintain good facilities and spacious classrooms and play areas for our students · Offset tuition discounts such as sibling discounts and tuition assistance for families experiencing unexpected financial challenges Gifts to the Annual Fund will empower us to offer our students the exceptional, bilingual and holistic educational experience that will help prepare them for the global village of the future. We ask that every family support the Annual fund each year with a tax deductible gift by June 1 st of the school year.

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Annual fund FAQ 1. Why not raise tuition?

Keeping tuition as low as possible helps a wider diversity of families to be able to send their children to our school. If we were to sharply raise tuition, we may lose some of our current families and discourage others from joining us. Having an Annual Fund allows families to give additional support to our school based on their personal circumstances. 2. Is my gift tax-deductible? Yes! Donations to the Annual Fund are fully tax-deductible. YCIS is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. 3. Who can participate? Parents, grandparents or other family members, teachers, students, alumni, friends – anyone with a connection to our school who feels passionately about helping us achieve our vision of raising confident, bilingual responsible global citizens capable of taking on the challenges of our ever-changing world. 4. How can I double my gift with matching funds? Many Bay Area companies offer a matching gift program for their employees who make tax-deductible donations to non-profit organizations. Some companies that have given matching gifts locally include Google, HP, Cisco, Abobe, Lockheed Martin, Acxiom, Symantec, Dell, eBay, Intel, Intuit, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, Siemens, Wells Fargo, Kaiser Permanente, Sun Microsystems, Yahoo! To double your gift, ask your Human Resources department for a matching gift form, hand it in to YCIS with your check and we will take care of the rest. 5. What if I can only give a small gift? No problem! All gifts, no matter what the amount, show how much our families care about our school and are an investment in our students’ education. 6. Will my gift be anonymous? Absolutely. YCIS-Silicon Valley will not publish donor names or amounts. Page 8 ¼ picture; ¾ page describe targeted campaigns - Targeted campaigns are held to help raise funds for the specific targeted needs of the school, ranging from curriculum enhancements, facility renovations, and funding special scholarships/grants.

Targeted school needs YCIS has grown from just a handful of students to over 200 today. Each year, there is opportunity to effect enhancements through targeted funds directed to campaigns based on school need. As the school matures and evolves, these needs will also evolve and can range from technology enhancements, library improvements, curriculum enhancements and eventually to larger efforts such as campus renovations or even raising funds to secure a new campus for YCIS. Our past campaigns include: • A new playground structure and canopy for the newly renovated preschool campus • A mobile technology lab and funds for a network enhancement at the elementary campus • Funds to expand the selection of Chinese and English reading material in the library Grants and Endowments The YCIS community is a very unique and special family created from the many contributions of love over the years. Our parent community recognizes the value of the YCIS education and has helped seed a fund to allow the unique education to be accessed by families that may not have otherwise considered a bilingual, holistic education. This fund continues to be funded through generous parent contributions. Page 9 ¾ page FAQ Why should I contribute to a campaign when my child may benefit may not necessarily receive immediate benefits? The YCIS Silicon Valley has continued to grow and improve because of the generosity of the past YCIS community contributing for your child today. As we look into the future, today’s contributions will help to grow the school and continuously improve upon the excellent reputation of YCIS in the Bay area. When are targeted fundraising campaigns conducted and how are campaigns decided upon? The frequency of targeted campaigns vary by school and how large the targets are. Since YCIS is a relatively new school in the Bay area, our

campaign goals are for smaller amounts with relatively quick implementations. In our annual Chinese New Year Gala, we ask for funds towards our targeted campaigns which are determined by the school based on our long term school strategy. Do I have to give to the Annual fund and the Targeted Campaigns? YCIS relies upon the Annual Fund to provide excellent cutting Âź page picture Page 10

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Fundraising ycis v2