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BMW Center  for  German  and   European  Studies              

Annual Report   2010-­‐2012    


  The  Edmund  A.  Walsh  School  of  Foreign  Service   Georgetown  University  


I am   pleased   to   present   the   combined   2010-­‐2011   and   2011-­‐

2012 Annual   Report   of   the   BMW   Center   for   German   and   European   Studies   of   the   Edmund   A.   Walsh   School   of   Foreign   Service,  Georgetown  University.  In  the  pages  that  follow,  you  will   find   words   and   images   depicting   the   broad   range   of   activities   carried  out  in  and  by  the  Center  during  the  past  two  years,  which   have   been   in   in   many   ways   quite   typical   for   the   Center   community,  full  of  promise,  ambition,  and  accomplishment.  In  other  ways,  though,  they   were   very   special.   Most   notably,   we   celebrated   the   twentieth   anniversary   of   the   Center's   founding   in   the   fall   of   2010   with   a   series   of   events   and   a   gala   reception   in   October.     On  the  occasion  of  the  reception,  I  was  asked  by  the  SFS  Office  of  Communications  for  a   comment:     The  decision  20  years  ago  to  create  a  set  of  demanding  academic  degree   programs  with  the  original  gift  from  the  German  government  has  paid   dividends   beyond   all   expectations.   The   BMW   Center   has   become   a   magnet   for   talented   young   people   seeking   to   deepen   their   understanding   of   Europe   and   to   integrate   that   knowledge   with   practical   skills.   At   the   same   time,   the   Center   has   generated   strong   impulses   at   Georgetown   and   within   Washington,   D.C.   that   have,   in   no   small   way,   helped   to   maintain   and   even   strengthen   transatlantic   ties   during  challenging  times.     A   second   highlight   of   this   period   is   the   appointment   of   a   new   core   faculty   member,   Dr.   Anna   von   der   Goltz.   She   adds   new   teaching   and   research   dimensions   in   modern   German  history  to  the  BMW  Center,  and  we  were  thrilled  to  welcome  her  to  the  Hilltop   when  she  arrived  from  the  UK  at  the  start  of  the  spring  2012  semester.       During   the   past   two   decades,   the   BMW   Center   has   established   itself   as   the   premier   center   of   its   kind   in   North   America.   The   Center's   faculty,   staff,   and   students   stand   before  a  future  that  is  both  bright  and  exciting.  And  so,  on  behalf  of  the  BMW  Center   community,  I  would  like  to  express  our  warm  and  sincere  thanks  to  the  BMW  Group  for   its  generous  financial  support  and  wise  counsel.       Sincerely  yours,  

Jeffrey  J.  Anderson   Graf  Goltz  Professor  and  Director   BMW  Center  for  German  and  European  Studies     3  


BMW Center  Events  Program      

BMW Center  events  are  intended  to  enrich  the  study  programs  of  our  graduate  students  and   at   the   same   time   to   connect   the   University   campus   to   the   broader   policy   world,   both   in   Washington,   D.C.   and   in   Europe.   In   the   two   academic   years   since   2010,   the   BMW   Center   hosted   60   public   events,   ranging   from   large-­‐scale,   multi-­‐day   policy   and   academic   conferences  to  formal  addresses  by  visiting  heads  of  state  to  intimate  luncheon  lectures  by   academics.  A  complete  list  of  events  organized  in  2010-­‐2011  and  2011-­‐2012  can  be  found   in  the  appendix.  

Mikheil  Saakashvili,  President  of  Georgia   Gaston  Hall,  Georgetown     University,  February  2,  2012  

Sabine  Leutheusser-­‐Schnarrenberger,  German  Minister  of  Justice   Riggs  Library,  Georgetown  University,  November  1,  2011  


Foreign Minister   Erkii  Tuomioja,  Finnish   McGhee  Library,  Georgetown  University,  February  17,  2012  

Jérôme Bel,  President    of  the  French  Senate     Clare  Boothe  Luce  Room,  Georgetown   University,  March  12,  2012  

  Each  year  the  Center  showcases  a  special  theme  in  European  studies.  During  the  fall  2010   semester,   the   programmatic   focus   was   on   the   20th   anniversary   of   German   unification.   The   centerpiece   of   this   program   was   a   partnership   with   the   Breakthrough   Art   Organization’s  exhibit   "20   Years   After   German   Unification   –   Critical   Perspectives   of   Berlin   Artists".  Related  events  included  a  one-­‐day   symposium   held   on   October   12,   2010,  entitled   “German  Unification  at  Twenty  Years”;  for  a  complete  list  of  this  special  events  program  as   well  as  those  in  2011-­‐2012,  see  the  appendix.  


American Consortium  on  European  Union  Studies     The   BMW   Center   is   a   member   of   the   American   Consortium   on   European   Union   Studies   (ACES),   an   EU-­‐sponsored   network   of   area   universities   involved   in   research   and   outreach   relating  to  European  integration  and  transatlantic  relations.    The  BMW  Center  participates   in   ACES   by   including   it   as   a   co-­‐sponsor   in   many   events   relating   to   the   European   Union.     ACES   has   provided   support   for   the   annual   Graduate   Student   Conference   in   2011,   “A   Changing  Europe:  Looking  Back  and  Moving  Forward”  and  in  2012,  “EU  External  Relations   in  the  Post-­‐Lisbon  Era”.    ACES  also  provided  support  for  a  conference  hosted  by  the  Center’s   DAAD   Visiting   Professor,   Asiye   Kaya,   entitled   “The   50th   Anniversary   of   Turkish   Migration   to   Germany:   (Re)Considering   the   Last   50   Years   of   Migration   and   Current   Immigration   Policies   in  Germany”.     French  Embassy  Network  of  Centers  of  Excellence     On  May  4th,  2012,  BMW  Center  Director  Jeffrey  Anderson  signed  a  memorandum  of   understanding  with  the  French  Embassy  that  admitted  the  Center  -­‐-­‐  and  by  extension  the   School  of  Foreign  Service  at  Georgetown  -­‐-­‐  into  the  French  Embassy  Network  of  Centers  of   Excellence  in  the  United  States.  Through  this  partnership,  the  BMW  Center  will  augment  its   event  programming  relating  to  France  and  the  Francophone  world.  Moreover,  the   agreement  also  provides  for  the  creation  of  a  graduate  student  internship  with  the  French   Senate  in  Paris.    

German  Politics  and  Society  


The Center   houses   the   editorial   offices   of   German   Politics   and   Society,   an   interdisciplinary   journal   published   by   Berghahn   Books.   Executive   editor   Jeffrey   Anderson   and   managing   editor   Eric   Langenbacher   are   upbeat   about   the   journal's   performance   and   trajectory.   In   addition   to   scheduled   publications,   GP&S   published   a   number   of   special   issues   during   this   period:   The   Berlin   Wall   after   Fifty  Years:  1961-­‐2011  (Summer   2011);   Cosmopolitanism   and  the   Study   of   German   Politics   (Autumn   2011);   and   Assessing   the   Consequences   of   the   1999   German   Citizenship   Act   (Spring   2012).     Copies  of  the  journal’s  tables  of  contents  from  the  past  two  years  can   be   found   in   the   appendix.     Looking   forward,   several   special   issues   are  under  review,  including  one  on  the  Élysée  Treaty  and  another  on   Turkish   migration   that   stems   from   a   conference   in   Autumn   2011   commemorating  the  50th  anniversary  of  migration  to  Germany  from   Turkey.    


Visiting Faculty   Prince  of  Asturias  Distinguished  Visiting  Professor  of  Spanish  Studies     Professor   Josep   Colomer,   the   tenth   Prince   of   Asturias   Distinguished   Visiting   Professor   of   Spanish   Studies,   was   appointed   to   the   School   of   Foreign   Service   in   2010-­‐2011,   and   remained   at   Georgetown   for   a   second   term   in   2011-­‐2012.   Dr.   Colomer   is   a   Research   Professor   in   Political   Science   at   the   Higher   Council   for   Scientific   Research   (CSIC)   in   Barcelona.       The   BMW   Center   is   pleased   to   announce   that   Professor   Clara   Ponsati,   Research   Professor   and   Director   of   the   Institute   of   Economic   Analysis   at   the   Higher   Council   for   Scientific   Research   (CSIC),   has   been   appointed   as   the   Prince   of   Asturias   Distinguished   Visiting   Professor  for  2012-­‐2013.  

Tenth  Anniversary  of  the  Price  of  Asturias  Chair  

We   would   like   to   take   this   opportunity   once   again   to   express   our   sincere   thanks   to   His   Royal   Highness   Prince   Felipe   de   Borbón   y   Grecia   and   to   Endesa   S.A.   for   their   generous   support  of  Spanish  studies  at  Georgetown  University.  The  10th  Anniversary  of  the  Chair  was   celebrated  at  a  special  ceremony  held  in  Madrid  in  the  Fall  of  2010;  to  mark  the  occasion,   Endesa  commissioned  a  special  publication:  Spain  in  America:  The  First  Decade  of  the  Prince   of  Asturias  Chair  in  Spanish  Studies  at  Georgetown  University  (Fundacion  Endesa,  2010).  The   publication   highlights   the   invaluable   contributions   of   all   of   the   previous   holders   of   the   Chair,  each  of  whom  dedicated  one  or  more  years  to  teaching,  researching,  and  enhancing   US-­‐Spanish  academic  relations  at  the  Edmund  A.  Walsh  School  of  Foreign  Service:     • Roberto  Garvía  (2008-­‐2010)   • Albert  Carreras  (2007-­‐2008)   • Xavier  Coller  (2005-­‐2007)     • Miguel  Jerez  Mir  (2004-­‐2005)   • Leandro  Prados  de  la  Escosura  (2003-­‐2004)   • Joan  Subirats  (Spring  2003)     • Francisco  José  Llera  (Fall  2002)   • José  M.  Portillo  (2001-­‐2002)   • Jesús  M.  de  Miguel  (2000-­‐2001)                         8  

Events Organized  by  Prince  of  Asturias  Chair    


From left  to  right:  Josep  M.  Colomer,  Prince  of  Asturias  Distinguished  Visiting  Professor  (2010-­‐2012),  and  Dr.   Colomer  with  HRH  Felipe  de  Borbón  y  Grecia,  P rince  o f  Asturias  and  c onstitutional  heir  to  the  Spanish  Crown    


Pedro Magalhães,  University  of  Lisbon  and  Georgetown  University,  “Political   Consequences  of  the  Economic  Crisis:  Voting  and  Protesting  in  Europe  Since  2008”  


Conference: “Spain  in  Europe,  Not  the  Same  as  it  Was?”   Opening  remarks  by  the  Ambassador  of  Spain,  Jorge  Dezcallar.   Georgetown  University,  Riggs  Library,  March  25,  2011   Event  program  provided  in  the  appendix.     Lecture:  “Election  and  Government  Turnover  in  Spain”   Professor  Josep  Colomer   Georgetown  University,  ICC  450,  November  30,  2011     Conference:   “Political   Consequences   of   the   Economic   Crisis:   Voting   and   Protesting   in   Europe  Since  2008”   Professors  Josep  Colomer  and  Pedro  Magalhães   (This   conference   was   jointly   organized   by   the   Department   of   Government   and   the   BMW   Center   for   German   &   European   Studies   of   Georgetown   University,   supported   through   the   Luso-­‐American   Foundation   Visiting   Professorship   and   the   Prince   of   Asturias   Chair,   Fundación  Endesa).   Georgetown   University,   Edward   B.   Bunn   Intercultural   Center,   7th   Floor   Conference   Room,   April  17-­‐18,  2012.   Event  program  provided  in  the  appendix.     Prince  of  Asturias  Visiting  Researchers     Dr.  Pablo  León  Aguinaga   Universidad  Complutense  de  Madrid     Mónica-­‐Sol  Glick     Universidad  Autónoma  de  Madrid     Andrés  Sánchez-­‐Padilla   Universidad  Complutense  de  Madrid     Xabier  Hualde-­‐Almunariz     Universidad  del  País  Vasco      

Italian Fulbright  Visiting  Professor  

The BMW   Center   for   German   and   European   Studies   and   the   Italian   Department   signed   a   new   agreement   with   the   Italian   Fulbright   Commission   in   2010   and   hosted   the   first   jointly   appointed   Fulbright   professor,   Barbara   Curli,   in   Fall   2010.     Professor   Curli   (Università   degli   Studi  della  Calabria),  holds  degrees  from  the  Università  di  Perugia,  the  Istituto  Universitario   Europeo,  and  the  Johns  Hopkins  University.  Her  research  focuses  on  contemporary  Italian   and  European  history,  international  economic  relationships,  and  working  women.       Daniele   Checchi   of   the   University   of   Milan   joined   us   as   the   Italian   Fulbright   Professor   in   the   Fall   of   2011.   Professor   Checchi’s   research   interests   focus   on   the   economics   of   education,   intergenerational  mobility,  labor  market  institutions,  and  union  density.      


Visiting Scholars     Each   year,   the   Center   receives   many   requests   from   scholars   who   seek   affiliation   with   the  BMW  Center  while  undertaking  their  research  in  the  nation’s  capital.  Over  the  last  two   years,   the   Center   welcomed   approximately   20   visiting   scholars   hailing   from   France,   Germany,   Khazakstan,   Spain,   and   the   United   States.   They   participated   in   lectures   and   symposia,   made   use   of   Georgetown   University   research   facilities,   and   discussed   their   research  with  faculty  and  students.    

DAAD  Visiting  Professor/Konrad  Adenauer  Visiting  Professor     In   2009,   the   German   Academic   Exchange   Service   (DAAD)   agreed   to   provide   matching   funding   for   the   creation   of   a   5-­‐year   DAAD   Visiting   Professorship   (Gastdozentur)   to   supplement  temporarily  the  Adenauer  Endowment  payout.    Professor  Asiye  Kaya  from  the   University  of  Applied  Sciences  Bielefeld  joined  the  BMW  Center  in  the  Spring  of  2011.    In  fall   2012,  Professor  Kaya  organized  a  major  conference  on  “The  50th  Anniversary  of  Migration   from   Turkey   to   Germany:   (Re)Considering   the   Last   50   Years   of   Migration   and   Current   Immigration  Policies  in  Germany,”    held  at  the  Carnegie  Endowment  for  International  Peace   on   October   26-­‐28,   2011   (program   can   be   found   in   the   appendix).     Papers   from   this   conference   are   under   review   for   a   special   issue   in   German   Politics   and   Society.   This   conference   was   made   possible   by   a   remarkably   broad   collaboration   of   funders,   and   we   gratefully  acknowledge  their  contributions:     The  German  Academic  Exchange  Service  (DAAD)   The  American  Institute  for  Contemporary  German  Studies  (AICGS)   Heinrich  Böll  Stiftung   Goethe-­‐Institute   Friedrich-­‐Ebert-­‐Stiftung   American  Consortium  on  European  Union  Studies  (ACES)   Institute  for  the  Study  of  International  Migration,  Georgetown  University   German  Marshall  Fund   Center  for  Eurasian,  Russian  and  East  European  Studies,  Georgetown  University   Institute  for  Turkish  Studies,  Georgetown  University    


Academic Programs     Graduating  Classes  of  2011  and  2012    

2011 MAGES  Graduates  at  the  Austrian  Embassy  


2012 MAGES  Graduates  at  the  British  Embassy  

The MAGES  classes  of  2011  and  2012  each  consisted  of  20  students  from  Bulgaria,  Finland,   Germany,   Kyrgyzstan,   Latvia,   the   Netherlands,   Poland,   Romania,   and   the   United   States.   Representing   the   diversity   of   the   MAGES   program,   students   in   this   class   pursued   a   wide   range   of   concentrations,   from   “International   Business   Diplomacy”   to   “Transatlantic   Security.”   Students   entered   MAGES   with   an   average   of   two   years   of   work   experience,   and   most   of   them   had   worked   or   studied   in   Europe   prior   to   matriculation.   Although   it   is   no   longer  mandatory  for  students  to  test  in  the  German  language,  most  students  chose  German   as  one  of  their  two  MAGES  languages.  Students  also  tested  in  Czech,  Danish,  French,  Italian,   Latvian,  Romanian,  Russian,  Spanish,  and  Turkish.    

MAGES  Admissions  Overview  Spring  2011  and  Spring  2012     In  Spring  2011,  there  were  58  applications;  39  were  admitted  (67%),  20  enrolled,  and  three   deferred   their   admission   to   fall   2012.   For   Spring   2012,   there   were   50   applications;   39   were   admitted  (78%),  19  enrolled,  and  two  deferred  their  admission  to  Fall  2013.     Applicants   to   the   MAGES   program   applied   to   68   other   schools   and   programs.   Our   biggest   competitors   were   George   Washington   University’s   Elliot   School   of   International   Affairs,   Johns  Hopkins  University’s  School  of  Advanced  International  Studies  (SAIS),  and  American   University’s   School   of   International   Service   (SIS).   Applicants   also   considered   Columbia   University,   Tufts   University,   University   of   Chicago,   and   Georgetown   University’s   Master   of   Science  in  Foreign  Service.       Applicants   learned   about   the   BMW   Center   through   web   searches   (27%),   undergraduate   advisors/faculty  (19%),  graduate  admissions  fairs  (7%),  and  MAGES  alumni  (11%).       The   MAGES   class   of   2013   consists   of   20   students   from   Germany,   Romania,   Bulgaria,   France,   and  the  United  States.  Some  of  the  more  well-­‐known  universities  and  colleges  represented   in   the   applicant   pool   include   Mount   Holyoke   College,   Sarah   Lawrence   College,   Wellesley   College,   and   West   Point.   Students   in   the   class   of   2013   entered   with   an   average   of   two   years   of  work  experience.     The   MAGES   class   of   2014   consists   of   19   students   from   the   Czech   Republic,   United   Kingdom,   Germany,  India,  Turkey,  Ukraine,  and  the  United  States.  Students  in  the  class  of  2014  held   undergraduate   degrees   from   well-­‐known   places   such   as   the   University   of   Pennsylvania,   Wellesley  College,  and  the  United  States  Naval  Academy,  and  they  entered  with  an  average   of  two  years  of  work  experience.    

Dual Degree  MAGES  Students     One   student   is   enrolled   in   the   dual   MAGES/German   Ph.D.   program   (Class   of   2013),   one   student   is   enrolled   in   the   dual   MAGES/History   Ph.D.   program   (Class   of   2013),   and   one   student  is  enrolled  in  the  dual  MAGES/Government  Ph.D.  program  (Class  of  2014).       One  student  in  the  Class  of  2013  and  two  students  in  the  Class  of  2014  are  enrolled  in  the   BSFS/MAGES  dual  degree  program.    


MAGES/Undergraduate Students     The   European   Studies   Certificate   program   for   undergraduates   in   the   School   of   Foreign   Service   and   the   College   successfully   graduated   three   students   in   the   spring   of   2011   and   three  in  the  spring  of  2012.  The  BMW  Center  offered  courses  to  undergraduates  in  the  fields   of  political  economy,  cultural  studies,  government,  and  history.    

Internships     MAGES   students   are   encouraged   to   hold   internships   while   at   Georgetown,   especially   during   the   summer   between   their   first   and   second   years   of   study.   In   2010-­‐12,   students   held   internships  in  Washington,  D.C.  and  abroad.       CGES   runs   a   program   with   select   employers   called   the   MAGES   Signature   Internship   Program,   which   gives   us   an   opportunity   to   strengthen   partnerships   within   the   transatlantic   community   in   Washington,   D.C.   and   to   give   our   students   the   best   internship   experiences   possible.   The   program   aims   to   provide   employers   with   high   quality,   reliable   graduate   student   interns   whenever   they   are   needed.   In   turn,   employers   agree   to   give   interns   a   valuable   experience   to   enrich   their   professional   and   academic   development.   The   MAGES   Signature   Internship   Program   employers   included   BMW   AG,   the   Center   for   European   Policy   Analysis,  the  Friedrich  Ebert  Stiftung,  and  the  German  Marshall  Fund  of  the  United  States.     In   addition   to   our   Signature   Internship   Program,   many   students   find   internships   on   their   own.  Here  is  a  sampling  of  places  our  students  interned  in  2010-­‐12:     American  Institute  for  Contemporary  German  Studies   Atlantic  Partnership   Amnesty  International   Avascent   Council  on  Foreign  Relations   Defense  Intelligence  Agency   Embassy  of  Liechtenstein   European  Parliament  Liaison  Office   EU  Delegation   Japanese  Center  for  International  Finance   Office  of  the  United  States  Trade  Representative   United  Nations  High  Commissioner  for  Refugees   Vital  Voices  

Career  Services    

The BMW   Center   is   committed   to   assisting   students   in   various   aspects   of   their   job   search   prior   to   graduation.   Students   can   use   the   SFS   Career   Development   Center   for   career   guidance,  as  well  as  the  Supervisor  of  Academic  Programs,  for  feedback  on  resumes,  cover   letters,   and   mock   interviews.   In   2010-­‐12,   students   had   the   opportunity   to   attend   various   MAGES  and  SFS  career  events,  where  speakers  from  different  job  sectors  spoke  about  their   career   paths   and   gave   advice   to   students.   CGES   alumni   continue   to   provide   excellent   support  to  students  in  the  area  of  professional  development.  


Alumni   Graduate  Placement     The  MAGES  program  graduated  20  students  in  2011  and  20  students  in  2012.       Five   graduates   from   the   Class   of   2011   were   finalists   for   the   prestigious   Presidential   Management   Fellows   (PMF)   program.   Three   of   the   five   accepted   the   fellowship.   The   PMF   program   was   founded   to   attract   outstanding   graduate   students   to   careers   in   the   federal   service.   Students   nominated   by   their   university   programs   go   through   a   rigorous   selection   process;   the   finalists   are   invited   to   go   to   a   PMF   job   fair   where   offices   of   the   Federal   Government  recruit  future  employees.  Finalists  who  are  placed  in  jobs  have  assignments  in   offices   handling   domestic   and   international   issues,   technology,   science,   health,   criminal   justice,   and   other   fields.   Students   are   chosen   based   on   the   following:   breadth   and   quality   of   accomplishments,  capacity  for  leadership,  and  commitment  to  a  career  in  the  analysis  and   management  of  public  policies  and  programs.     Two   graduates   from   the   Class   of   2011   and   three   graduates   from   the   Class   of   2012   were   finalists   for   the   prestigious   Bosch   Fellowship   Program.   The   Robert   Bosch   Foundation   Fellowship   Program   is   a   distinguished   transatlantic   initiative   that   each   year   offers   twenty   accomplished   young   Americans   the   opportunity   to   complete   a   high-­‐level   professional   development   program   in   Germany.   Over   the   course   of   a   nine-­‐month   program,   Bosch   Fellows  complete  two  work  phases  at  leading  German  institutions,  each  customized  to  the   fellow’s   professional   expertise,   and   attend   three   seminars   across   Europe   with   key   decision-­‐ makers   from   the   public   and   private   sectors.   Fellows   are   recruited   from   business   administration,  journalism,  law,  public  policy,  and  closely  related  fields.     Other  graduates  from  2011  and  2012  are  at  the  following  organizations/institutions:           Artic  Institute     Avascent   Bertelsmann  Foundation   Deloitte   Institute  for  the  Study  of  International  Migration       Siemens   Oxford  University   U.S.  Department  of  State       Highlights     2011   MAGES   graduate   Malte   Humpert   is   the   founder   and   executive   director   of   The   Artic   Institute,   a   non-­‐profit   dedicated   to   building   knowledge   and   expertise   on   the   Artic   Region.   An   article   written   by   Mr.   Humpert   was   cited   in   the   September   1,   2012   issue   of   The   Economist.       2010   MAGES   graduate   Eniola   Mafe   was   named   one   of   the   “99   under   33”   most   influential   foreign  policy  professionals  by  the  Diplomatic  Courier  and  Young  Professionals  in  Foreign   15  

Policy. Ms.   Mafe   is   the   Africa   Program   Manager   at   Vital   Voices   Global   Partnership.   She   focuses  on  economic  development,  organizational  development,  and  entrepreneurship,  and   is   the   program   manager   for   the   Africa   Businesswomen’s   Network   (ABWN),   a   partnership   among   local   African   businesswomen’s   organizations   that   enhances   the   management,   business  development,  and  leadership  skills  of  businesswomen.    

  CGES  Alumni  Association  (CGESAA)     The   Alumni   Association   continues   to   play   an   active   role   in   the   Center.     Alumni   planned   a   variety   of   events   throughout   the   2010-­‐2011   and   2011-­‐2012   academic   years   to   support   students’   professional   development.     CGESAA   also   convened   regularly,   held   social   events   to   bring  alumni  together,  and  showed  support  for  the  Graduate  Student  Conference.     CGESAA  members  attended  the  MAGES  Final  Colloquium  in  April  2011  and  2012,  at  which   the  second-­‐year  students  presented  their  final  MAGES  projects.    CGESAA  is  responsible  for   giving   out   the   Jill   Hopper   Award   at   the   Colloquium   each   year.     The   Alumni   Association   president,   Zachary   Wynne,   coordinated   the   Hopper   Award   process.     Created   in   1999   to   honor  the  memory  of  Jill  Alexandra  Hopper  (Class  of  1996),  the  Hopper  Award  recognizes   dedication  to  academic  service  and  scholarship.    Second-­‐year  MAGES  students  are  selected   via   a   two-­‐tiered   process   of   peer   nomination   and   alumni   assessment   of   finalists’   Master’s   Projects.     The   winner   of   the   2011   Jill   Hopper   Award   was   Michael   McKeon,   whose   project   was   titled   “Doctrinal   Activism   through   Popular   Legitimacy:   An   Analysis   of   the   European   Court   of   Justice’s   Relationship   with   the   European   Citizenry”.     Susan   Fratzke   was   the   winner   of   the   award   in   2012,   and   her   project   was   titled   “Civic   Participation   Among   Kurdish   Migrants  in  Germany”.                                       Presentation  of  the  2011  Jill  Hopper  Award  to   Presentation  of  the  2012  Jill  Hopper  Award  to     Michael  McKeon   Susan  Fratzke     In  2012,  the  BMW  Center  launched  a  new  Alumni  outreach  initiative  to  reconnect  with  the   program’s  alumni,  especially  those  based  in  Europe,  and  enlisted  the  support  and  assistance   of   the   CGESAA.     Together,   CGESAA   and   the   senior   leadership   of   the   Center   put   together   three  events  that  brought  together  over  60  alumni  in  the  US  and  Europe.       16  

The initiative  kicked   off  on  May   22  in  Washington,   D.C.  with  a  reception  at  the  Hillyer  Art   Gallery  that  featured  a  talk  about  the  relationship  between  the  US,  Europe,  and  China  given   by   Steven   Hill,   author   of   Europe’s   Promise   and   co-­‐founder   of   FairVote.     In   June,   Center   Director,   Jeffrey   Anderson,   and   CGESAA   President,   Zachary   Wynne,   traveled   to   Berlin,   Germany   to   host   a   reception   at   the   Soho   House,   which   was   attended   by   alumni   based   in   Berlin,  Brussels,  Munich,  Hamburg,  and  several  other  European  cities.    This  was  followed  by   a  more  informal  Germany  vs.  Denmark  Euro  Cup  viewing  dinner  in  Frankfurt,  Germany,  that   was   attended   by   locally   based   alumni.     We   extend   special   thanks   to   Brent   Goff   (’98)   in   Berlin   and   Chris   Porter   (‘98)   in   Frankfurt   for   their   help   in   coordinating   these   successful   events.     Given   the   extremely   positive   response   received   after   the   events   in   D.C.   and   Germany,   the   Center   plans   to   work   with   CGESAA   to   put   together   more   outreach   events   on   the   West   Coast   in  the  US  and  again  in  Europe  in  the  coming  academic  year.  

  Steven  Hill  speaking  at  the   Hillyer  Gallery  in  W ashington,   D.C.  on  May  22,  2012  


Phoebe W ood,  Jeff  Anderson,  Reneta  Kenolova  (MAGES   ’09),  Chris  Porter  (MAGES  ’98),  Zach  Wynne  (MAGES   ’07),  Liz  Johnson  (MAGES  ’13),  Tina  Ruby,  and  Jens   Kugele  watching  the  Euro  Cup  at  Zum  Rad  in   Frankfurt,  Germany  on  June  17,  2012  

Katrin Sieg,  MAGES  Professor,  and   Christine  Le  Jeune  (MAGES  ’08)   catching  up  at  the  Soho  House  in   Berlin,  Germany  on  June  16,  2012  


Governance and  Administration   Advisory  Council     At   the   2010   Advisory   Council   meeting,   which   coincided   with   festivities   marking   the   BMW   Center's   20th   anniversary,   representatives   from   BMW   AG   announced   the   creation   of   a   MAGES   summer   internship   position   in   the   Government   Relations   Department   at   the   company's   headquarters   in   Munich.   To   date,   two   MAGES   students,   David   Gregg   (Summer   2011)   and   Lars   Miethke   (Summer   2012)   have   participated   in   this   exciting   new   program.     The  Advisory  Council  was  briefed  on  the  academic  and  administrative  status  of  the  Center   and   discussed   priorities   and   challenges,   including   the   search   for   a   new   history   faculty   member   following   Professor   Chickering’s   retirement,   the   state   of   the   Endowment   and   the   University’s  austerity  measures,  and  the  future  of  the  Chair  in  Political  Economy.  Professor   Jeffrey   Anderson   asked   for   recommendations   for   new   Advisory   Council   Members.     The   BMW  Center  for  German  and  European  Studies  is  pleased  to  present  three  new  members,   starting  in  fall  2012:  Cathryn  Clüver,  Caroline  King,  and  Jeffrey  Thinnes.      

Executive Committee     The   BMW   Center’s   governing   body,   the   Executive   Committee,   consists   of   the   Center   Director,   the   MAGES   Director,   the   Dean   of   the   School   of   Foreign   Service,   Center   faculty,   faculty   representatives   of   departments   with   which   the   Center   has   joint   degree   programs,   and   a   MAGES   student   elected   by   his   or   her   peers.   The   Executive   Committee   advises   the   Center   Director   on   programmatic   and   curricular   policies,   and   facilitates   cooperation   among   the   various   parts   of   the   University   associated   with   the   Center.     The   Committee   worked   on   a   variety   of   issues,   including   implementing   the   learning   goals   and   assessment   mechanisms   developed   in   preparation   for   Georgetown   University’s   Middle   States   accreditation   review.     Additionally,   the   Committee   made   a   decision   after   careful   consideration   to   revise   the   MAGES  curriculum  by  reducing  the  number  of  interdisciplinary  electives  from  three  (3)  to   two   (2).     This   change   allows   students   to   increase   the   number   of   free   electives   in   their   tailored  programs  of  study,  thus  allowing  greater  flexibility  in  their  area  of  concentration.    

Center Faculty  

The   BMW   Center   is   pleased   to   welcome   two   new   faculty   members:     Assistant   Professor   Anna  von  der  Goltz  (SFS/History)  and  Visiting  DAAD  Professor  Asiye  Kaya.         Dr.   von   der   Goltz   joined   the   BMW   CGES   core   faculty   as   an   Assistant   Professor  in  January  2012,  filling  the  position  left  vacant  after  Professor   Roger   Chickering’s   retirement.   She   holds   a   joint   appointment   in   the   School  of  Foreign  Service  and  the  History  Department.    From  2006  until   2011,   she   held   a   Junior   Research   Fellowship   at   Magdalen   College,   Oxford.   Before   coming   to   Georgetown,   she   was   a   Leverhulme   Early   Career   Fellow   and   Affiliated   Lecturer   in   the   Faculty   of   History   at   the   University   of   Cambridge.     Her   work   on   the   Hindenburg   myth   won   the   Wiener   Library's   Fraenkel   Prize   in   2008   and   the   German   History   Society's   and   Royal   Historical  Society's  Joint  Essay  Prize  in  2006.     18  

Professor Kaya   joined   the   BMW   Center   in   January   2011,   and   her   teaching   and   research   focuses   on   migration   theories   and   comparative   migration   policies/politics   in   Europe   and   North   America,   social   inequality,   minority   and   majority   figurations,   formation   of   belonging,   gender   and   intergenerational   relations,   qualitative   and   interpretative   research  methods  and  methodologies  –  especially  biographical  research.   She   is   associated   with   the   Center   for   Transdisciplinary   Gender   Studies,   Humboldt   University   Berlin,   and   is   a   non-­‐resident   fellow   in   the   program   "Society,   Culture   and   Politics"   at   the   American   institute   for   Contemporary   German   Studies   (AICGS).   She   received   her   PhD   in   Social   Science  from  Georg-­‐August-­‐University  in  Göttingen-­‐Germany  in  2006.     After  a  long  and  productive  affiliation,  Kathryn  Olesko  opted  to  leave  the  Center  and  accept   an  invitation  to  join  the  core  faculty  of  the  Science  and  Technology  in  International  Affairs   (STIA)  program  at  Georgetown  University.  We  are  grateful  to  Kathy  for  her  many  years  of   dedicated  service  to  the  Center  and  wish  her  well  in  her  new  endeavors  with  STIA.     We   would   also   like   to   acknowledge   the   hard   work   of   MAGES   Supervisor   of   Academic   Programs  Marie  Gschwindt  de  Gyor,  who  left  CGES  in  August  2011,  as  well  as  recognize  the   efforts   of   Supervisor   of   Academic   Programs  Cristina   Dinu,   who   finished   a   one-­‐year   academic  term  with  CGES  in  May  2012.      

New Faces  in  Administration     We   would   like   to   extend   a   warm   welcome   to   several   new   members   to   the   administrative   team  in  the  Center.     Tyler   Lopez,   our   Program   Assistant,   came   to   us   in   July   2011   from   the   Women's   Learning   Partnership,   an   international   women's   human   rights   organization   based   in   Bethesda,   MD.   He   holds   a   B.A.   in   International   Studies   from   Virginia   Tech.         Phoebe   Wood,   our   Events   and   Publications   Coordinator,   joined  us  in  August  2011.    She  previously  worked  for   the  Bretton  Woods  Committee  in  D.C.,   and   she   holds   a   B.A.  in  International  Relations  from  Boston  University.    


Appendix   Attachment  A:  Personnel     Core  Faculty:   -­‐ Jeffrey  Anderson,  Graf  Goltz  Professor  and  Director  of  the  BMW  Center  for  German   and  European  Studies,  School  of  Foreign  Service;  Professor,  Department  of   Government   -­‐ Abraham  Newman,  Assistant  Professor,  School  of  Foreign  Service   -­‐ Kathryn  Olesko,  Associate  Professor,  Department  of  History  and  School  of  Foreign   Service  and  Director,  Master  of  Arts  in  German  and  European  Studies  (resigned   Spring  2012)   -­‐ Katrin  Sieg,  Professor,  School  of  Foreign  Service   -­‐ Anna  von  der  Goltz,  Assistant  Professor,  School  of  Foreign  Service  (starting  January   2012)   -­‐ Holger  Wolf,  Associate  Professor,  School  of  Foreign  Service     Visiting  Faculty:   -­‐ Daniele  Checchi,  Italian  Fulbright  Visiting  Professor,  Fall  2011   -­‐ Josep  Colomer,  Price  of  Asturias  Distinguished  Visiting  Professor  in  Spanish  Studies   -­‐ Barbara  Curli,  Italian  Fulbright  Visiting  Professor,  Fall  2010   -­‐ Asiye  Kaya,  DAAD  Visiting  Professor     Adjunct  Faculty:   -­‐ Jon-­‐Christopher  Bua,  Sky  News  Correspondent   -­‐ Reba  Carruth,  PhD,  University  of  Minnesota   -­‐ Dieter  Dettke,  PhD,  University  of  Bonn   -­‐ Richard  Kuisel,  PhD,  University  of  California,  Berkeley   -­‐ Gale  Maddox,  PhD,  University  of  Virginia   -­‐ Jeremiah  Reimer,  PhD,  Cornell  University   -­‐ Kirsten  Selinger,  Foreign  Service  Officer   -­‐ Thomas  Selinger,  Foreign  Service  Officer   -­‐ William  R.  Smyser,  PhD,  The  George  Washington  University     Staff:   -­‐ Katherine  Carta,  Events  and  Publications  Coordinator  (until  June  2011)   -­‐ Lauren  Covert,  Administrative  Assistant  (until  May  2011)   -­‐ Cris  Dinu,  Supervisor  of  Academic  Affairs  (2011-­‐2012)   -­‐ Marie  Gschwindt  de  Gyor,  Supervisor  of  Academic  Affairs  (until  August  2011)   -­‐ Tyler  Lopez,  Program  Assistant  (after  July  2011)   -­‐ Christina  Ruby,  Assistant  Director  of  Finance  and  Administration   -­‐ Phoebe  Wood,  Events  and  Publications  Coordinator  (after  August  2011)      


Attachment B:  Faculty  Publications     Anderson,  Jeff.    From  the  Bonn  to  the  Berlin  Republic:  Germany  at  the  Twentieth  Anniversary   of  Unification.  Ed.  with  Eric  Langenbacher.  New  York:  Berghahn  Books,  2010.     Dettke,  Dieter.    "Europe  and  Russia:  from  neighborhood  without  a  shared  vision  to  a   modernization  partnership,”  European  Security,  Volume  20,  No.  1,  March  2011,  pp.  127-­‐142.     Dettke,  Dieter.    Germany  Says  No:  The  Iraq  War  and  the  Future  of  German  Foreign  and   Security  Policy.    Baltimore:  Johns  Hopkins  University  Press,  2009.     Kuisel,  Richard.    The  French  Way:  How  France  Embraced  and  Rejected  American  Values  and   Power.  Princeton  University  Press,  2011.     Gale  A.  Mattox.  "Resetting  the  US-­‐Russian  relationship:  is  'cooperative  engagement'   possible?"  European  Security  v.  20,  n.1,  March  2011,  pp.  103-­‐116.       Gale  A.  Mattox.  "Germany:  From  Civilian  to  International  Actor,"  Chapter  6,  The  Future  of   Transatlantic  Relations:  Perceptions,  Policy  and  Practice,  Stanford  University  Press,   2011,  pp.113-­‐136.     Newman,  Abraham.    “The  Long  Arm  of  the  Law:  Extraterritoriality  and  the  National   Implementation  of  Foreign  Bribery  Legislation,”  with  Sarah  Kaczmarek.  International   Organization,  65(4):  745-­‐70.  2011.     Newman,  Abraham.    “International  Interdependence  and  Regulatory  Power:  Authority,   mobility  and  markets,”  with  Elliot  Posner.  European  Journal  of  International  Relations,   17(4):  589-­‐610.  2011.     Newman,  Abraham.    “Transatlantic  Flight  Fights:  Multi-­‐level  governance,  actor   entrepreneurship  and  international  anti-­‐terrorism  cooperation,”  Review  of  International   Political  Economy,  18(4):  481-­‐505.  2011.     Newman,  Abraham.    “Watching  the  Watchers:  Transgovernmental  Implementation  of  Data   Privacy  Policy  in  Europe,”  Journal  of  Comparative  Policy  Analysis,  13(2):  181-­‐194.  2011.     Newman,  Abraham.    “Making  Global  Markets:  Historical  institutionalism  in  international   political  economy,”  with  Henry  Farrell.  Review  of  International  Political  Economy,  17(4):   609-­‐38.  2010.         Newman,  Abraham.    “Governing  Lipitor  and  Lipstick:  Capacity,  sequencing,  and  power  in   international  pharmaceutical  and  cosmetics  regulation,”  with  David  Bach.  Review  of   International  Political  Economy,  17(4):  665-­‐95  2010.       Newman,  Abraham.    “Transgovernmental  Networks  and  Domestic  Policy  Convergence:   Evidence  from  insider  trading  regulation,”  with  David  Bach.  International  Organization,   64(3):  505-­‐528.  2010.     Newman,  Abraham.    “What  You  Want  Depends  on  What  You  Know:  Firm  preferences  in  an   information  age,”  Comparative  Political  Studies,  43(10):  1286-­‐1312.  2010.     21  

Newman, Abraham.    “Flight  from  Risk:  Unified  Germany  and  the  role  of  beliefs  in  the   European  response  to  the  financial  crisis,”  German  Politics  and  Society,  28(2):  151-­‐164.   2010.     Newman,  Abraham.    “Austerity  and  the  End  of  the  European  Model,”   May  1.  2012.       Newman,  Abraham.    “The  Greek  Haircut  and  Europe’s  Shared  Responsibility,”  November  15.  2011.         Newman,  Abraham.    “Time  for  a  New  European  Politics  of  Solidarity,”   August  25.  2011.     Newman,  Abraham.    “International  Organization  Control  Under  Conditions  of  Dual   Delegation:  A  transgovernmental  politics  approach,”  in  Who  Governs  the  Globe?,  eds.   Deborah  Avant,  Martha  Finnemore,  and  Susan  Sell,  Cambridge:  Cambridge  University  Press,   p.  131-­‐152.  2010.     Newman,  Abraham.    “The  Global  Governance  of  Data  Privacy  Regulation:  European   Leadership  and  the  Ratcheting  Up  of  Canadian  Rules,”  in  Mapping  Transatlantic  Security   Relations:  The  EU,  Canada  and  the  War  on  Terror,  ed.  Mark  Salter,  Abington:  Routledge,  p.   98-­‐109.  2010.     Newman,  Abraham.    “Europe’s  Parliament  Takes  a  Stand,”  with  Henry  Farrell.    February  26.  2010.       Newman,  Abraham.    “Innovating  European  Data  Privacy  Regulation,”  in  Experimentalist   Governance,  eds.  Charles  Sabel  and  Jonathan  Zeitlin,  Oxford:  Oxford  University  Press,  p.  29-­‐ 42.  2010.     Sieg,  Katrin.    “Cosmopolitan  Empire:  Central  and  Eastern  Europeans  at  the  Eurovision  Song   Contest.”    European  Journal  of  Cultural  Studies  (2012,  in  press).       Sieg,  Katrin.    “Identity  Issues  in  German  Feminist  Movements  and  Theater.”    Theater   Research  International  37:1  (2012)  74-­‐76.       Sieg,  Katrin.    “Class  of  1989:  Who  Made  Good  and  Who  Dropped  Out  of  German   History.”    The  German  Wall:  Fallout  in  Europe.    Ed.  Marc  Silberman.  New  York:  Palgrave   Macmillan,  2011:  165-­‐83.       Sieg,  Katrin.    “Black  Virgins  and  the  Discourse  of  Muslim  Gender  in  Europe.”  New  German   Critique  109:37  (Winter  2010):  137-­‐85.     von  der  Goltz,  Anna.  ‘Talkin’  ’bout  my  generation:  conflicts  of  generation  building  and   Europe’s  ’1968’.  Goettingen:  Wallstein  Verlag,  2011.       von  der  Goltz,  Anna.  "’Generations  of  68ers:  Age-­‐related  constructions  of  identity  and   Germany’s  ’1968’."  Cultural  and  Social  History  8.4  (2011):  473-­‐491.    


von der  Goltz,  Anna.  "A  polarized  generation?  Conservative  students  and  West  Germany’s   ’1968’."  “Talkin’  ‘bout  my  generation”:  Conflicts  of  generation  building  and  Europe’s  ‘1968’.   Ed.  Anna  von  der  Goltz.  Goettingen:  Wallstein  Verlag,  2011.     von  der  Goltz,  Anna.  "Eine  Gegen-­‐Generation  von  „1968“?  Politische  Polarisierung  und   konservative  Mobilisierung  an  westdeutschen  Universitäten."  Die  1970er  Jahre  –  auch  ein   schwarzes  Jahrzehnt?  Politisierungs-­‐  und  Mobilisierungsprozesse  zwischen  rechter  Mitte   und  extremer  Rechter  in  Italien  und  der  Bundesrepublik  1967-­‐1982.  Ed.  M.  Livi,  D.  Schmidt   and  M.  Sturm  .  Bielefeld:  Transcript  Verlag,  2010.     von  der  Goltz,  Anna.  "Die  Macht  des  Hindenburg-­‐Mythos:  Politik,  Propaganda  und   Popularität  im  Ersten  Weltkrieg."  Die  Macht  des  Populären:  Politik  und  populäre  Kultur  im   20.  Jahrhundert.  Ed.  V.  Borsó,  C.  Liermann  and  P.  Merziger  .  Bielefeld:  Transcript  Verlag,   2010.  



Attachment C:  CGES/MAGES  Event  List  2010-­‐2012     August  2010     MAGES  Orientation   ICC  450   August  26  and  August  27,  2010     CGES  Welcome  Back  Party   Meditation  Gardens  (Observatory  Hill)   August  28,  2010     Kaffee  and  Kuchen  with  CGES  Faculty  and  Staff   2nd  year  students  speak  with  MAGES  Director  to  receive  important  information  about  their   MAGES  degree  requirements   ICC  501   August  31,  2010     September  2010     Bosch  Fellowship  Presentation   CDF  International  Internship  Opportunity   ICC  450   September  14,  2010     “My  Germany”   Co-­‐sponsored  with  The  Program  for  Jewish  Civilization   Lev  Raphael,  Author   CCAS  Boardroom,  ICC  241   September  20,  2010     “How  I  Spent  My  Summer  Vacation”   Moderated  by  Marie  Gschwindt  de  Gyor   Presentations  from  second-­‐year  MAGI  on  summer  research  activities   ICC  501   September  24,  2010     Gregory  Flynn  Memorial  Soccer  Match   Co-­‐sponsored  by  the  CGES  Alumni  Association   Kehoe  Field,  Georgetown  University   September  26,  2010     “Sustaining  Social  Solidarity  after  the  fall  of  Finance  Capitalism”   Professor  Cathie  Martin,  Boston  University   CCAS  Boardroom,  ICC  241   September  27,  2010           24  

CGES Faculty  Roundtable/Interdisciplinary  Forum   Featuring  Professors  Anderson,  Newman,  Olesko,  Wolf  and  Sieg   Philodemic  Room   September  30,  2010     “20th  Anniversary  of  the  Center’s  Founding”   Evening  Reception   Edison  Place  Gallery   September  30,  2010     October  2010     Okupational  Oktoberfest:  Career  Event   ICC  501   October  5,  2010     “All  in  the  Family:  Screening  Europe  at  the  Eurovision  Song  Contest”   Co-­‐sponsored  with  The  Mortara  Center  for  International  Studies   Featuring  Katrin  Sieg,  Professor,  School  of  Foreign  Service  &  Moderated  by  Kathleen   McNamara,  Director,  Mortara  Center  for  International  Studies   Mortara  Center  for  International  Studies   October  6,  2010     MAGES  Admitted  Student  Open  House     ICC  501   October  8,  2010     "German  Unification  at  Twenty  Years"   A  one-­‐day  symposium  (copy  of  program  on  the  following  page)   Mortara  Center   October  12,  2010     “Invisible  Wounds:  Late  Consequences  of  Political  Repression  in  East  Germany”   Dr.  Karl-­‐Heinz  Bomberg   CCAS  Boardroom,  ICC  241   October  14,  2010     “The  Curse  of  Berlin:  Africa  After  the  Cold  War”   Co-­‐sponsored  with  The  African  Studies  Program   Dr.  Adekeye  Adebajo,  Executive  Director,  Center  for  Conflict  Resolution,  South  Africa   McGhee  Library   October  28,  2010     November  2010     Speed  Networking:  Career  Event  with  Alumni  and  Current  Students   Moderated  by  Marie  Gschwindt  de  Gyor,  Supervisor  of  Academic  Programs   120  McCarthy  Hall,  McShain  Lounge  (large)   November  4,  2010     25  

“U.S. Midterm  Elections  Roundtable:  Where  Do  We  Go  From  Here?”   Lohrfink  Auditorium   November  5,  2010     “The  Barbarians  from  Our  Cultural  Circle:  Nazi  Perpetrators  in  the  Eyes  of  their   German  Jewish  Victims”   Co-­‐sponsored  with  The  Georgetown  Institute  for  Global  History   Professor  Mark  Roseman,  Indiana  University   ECR  Boardroom,  ICC  7th  Floor   November  10,  2010     “The  Other  Schindlers:  Why  Some  People  Chose  to  Save  Jews  in  the  Holocaust”   Co-­‐sponsored  with  The  Program  for  Jewish  Civilization   Agnes  Grunwald-­‐Spier,  Author   ICC  662   November  12,  2010     “The  German  ‘Business  Model’  Love  It  or  Hate  It?”   Dr.  Ulrich  Blum,  President,  Full  Professor  of  Economics  Halle  Institute  for     Economic  Research   CCAS  Boardroom,  ICC  241   November  29,  2010     December  2010     “Looking  Beyond  Lisbon:  The  EU  and  the  US-­‐European  Relationship”   President  Wilfried  Martens,  President  of  the  European  People’s  Party  (EPP)   Former  Prime  Minister  of  Belgium,  Minister  of  State   CCAS  Boardroom,  ICC  241   December  1,  2010     "Germany  and  the  Financial  Crisis:  What  Gives?"   co-­‐sponsored  with  the  Mortara  Center  for  International  Studies   Mortara  Center   December  3-­‐4,  2010     January  2011   “The  Ghosts  of  Europe”   Co-­‐sponsored  with  The  Institute  for  the  Study  of  Diplomacy  &  The  Center  for  Eurasian,   Russian  and  East  European  Studies   Anna  Porter,  Author   CCAS  Boardroom,  ICC  241   January,  21,  2011               26  

February 2011     “Has  Germany  Mastered  Its  Past?  The  Impact  of  Collective  Memories  on   Contemporary  German  Political  Culture”   Eric  Langenbacher   Mortara  Center  for  International  Studies   February  2,  2011     “A  Changing  Europe:  Looking  Back  and  Moving  Forward”   15th  Annual  Graduate  Student  Conference   Copley  Formal  Lounge   February  5-­‐6,  2011     “Gaming  the  World:  How  Sports  are  Reshaping  Global  Politics  and  Culture”   Andrei  Markovits,  Author,  Professor  of  Germanic  Languages  and  Literatures,  Professor  of   Sociology,  The  University  of  Michigan   Mortara  Center  for  International  Studies   February  9,  2011     Luncheon  with  Dr.  Vladimir  Handl   Dr.  Vladimir  Handl,  expert  on  European  security  issues   Georgetown  Faculty  Club   February  15,  2011     March  2011     Bloodlands:  Europe  Between  Hitler  and  Stalin   Professor  Timothy  Snyder,  Yale  University   Mortara  Center  for  International  Studies   March  14,  2011     “Belonging  in  3-­‐D:  Re-­‐forming  Citizenship  and  Identity  at  the  EY,  National  and  Local   Levels”   Professor  Joyce  M.  Mushaben,  University  of  Missouri,  St.  Louis   CCAS  Boardroom,  ICC  241   March  15,  2011     “The  Eurozone  Crisis:  Stumbling  toward  Economic  Government”   Professor  David  Cameron,  Yale  University   CCAS  Boardroom,  ICC  241   March  17,  2011     “Spain  in  Europe:  Not  the  same  as  it  was?”   Co-­‐sponsored  with  The  Prince  of  Asturias  Chair  in  Spanish  Studies   All-­‐day  conference   Riggs  Library,  Healy  Hall   March  25,  2011      


“Germany and  Genocide  in  Africa  and  Anatolia:  Creating  the  Color  Line  and  the   National  Line”   Professor  Eric  D.  Weitz,  University  of  Minnesota   Co-­‐sponsored  with  the  Georgetown  Institute  for  Global  History  and  the  African  Studies   Program   McNeir  Auditorium,  New  North  Building   March  28,  2011     “The  European  Sovereign  Debt  Crisis  &  the  Imbalances  in  the  Eurozone:  Is  Germany   to  Blame?”   Professor  Brigitte  Young,  University  of  Muenster,  Germany   ECR  Boardroom,  ICC  7th  Floor   March  29,  2011     April  2011     “The  Role  of  Civic  Organizations  in  International  Reconciliation:  The  German,  Polish   and  Russian  Experience”   Co-­‐sponsored  with  The  Center  for  Eurasian,  Russian  and  East  European  Studies   Copley  Formal  Lounge   April  4,  2011     Private  Reception  in  honor  of  Mr.  Jose  Maria  Aznar,  Former  Prime  Minister  of  Spain   ICC  501   April  5,  2011     MAGES  Admitted  Student  Open  House     Car  Barn,  Room  427   April  8,  2011     Alumni  Luncheon  w/  Nicole  Renvert   ICC  501   April  15,  2011     MAGES  Colloquium   Second-­‐year  Student  Thesis  Presentations   Mortara  Center  for  International  Studies   April  16,  2011     "What   -­‐   if   anything   -­‐   is   undermining   the   EU   social   model?   Quite   likely,   it's   the   EU   itself"   Professor  Jens  Alber,  Wissenschaftszentrum  Berlin  für  Sozialforschung   CCAS  Boardroom,  ICC  241   April  19,  2011               28  

May 2011     Luncheon  in  Celebration  of  Professor  Walter  Laqueur   Co-­‐sponsored  with  the  Center  for  Peace  and  Security  Studies   Riggs  Library,  Healy  Hall   May  2,  2011     “Democracy  versus  Stability:  How  Should  We  Deal  with  Autocratic  Systems?”   Panel  discussion  with  Dr.  Daniel  Byman,  Mr.  Niels  Annen  and  Ambassador  James  Dobbins   Philodemic  Room   May  5,  2011     MAGES  Graduation  Reception                                                                                                   Hosted  by  the  Austrian  Embassy                                                                                                           The  Austrian  Embassy   May  19,  2011     August  2011     MAGES  Orientation   ICC  450  and  McGhee  Library   August  25-­‐26,  2011     CGES  Welcome  Back  Party   New  North  204   August  28,  2011     Kaffee  and  Kuchen  with  CGES  Faculty  and  Staff   2nd  year  students  speak  with  MAGES  Director  to  learn  important  information  for  their   MAGES  degree  requirements   ICC  501   August  30,  2011     September  2011     “The  Future  of  Europe  and  its  Global  and  Regional  Responsibilities”   Dr.  Kurt  Biedenkopf   CCAS  Boardroom,  ICC  241   September  7,  2011     “Strong  Europe  with  a  Human  Touch-­‐  A  Retrospective  on  Hungary’s  EU  Presidency”    Ambassador  György  Szapáry   ICC  462   September  9,  2011     Bosch  Fellowship  Presentation   ICC  462   September  14,  2011    


FLAD Book  Presentation:  Carlucci  Versus  Kissinger:  The  US  and  the  Portuguese   Revolution   Bernardino  Gomes  and  Tiago  Moreira  de  Sá   Mortara  Center  for  International  Studies   September  16,  2011     Gregory  Flynn  Memorial  Soccer  Match   Kehoe  Field,  Georgetown  University   September  18,  2011     “Germany  as  a  Geo-­‐Economic  Power”   Hans  Kundnani   CCAS  Boardroom,  ICC  241   September  20,  2011     “How  I  Spent  My  Summer  Vacation”   Moderated  by  Kathy  Olesko   Presentations  from  the  second  year  MAGI  on  summer  research  activities   ICC  501   September  23,  2011     Alumni  Speaker   Christopher  Porter,  MAGES  ‘08   ICC  501   September  26,  2011     “The  German  Federal  Constitutional  Court  at  60:  Karlsruhe  Copes  with  the  Pull  of   Europe”   Dr.  Heiko  Holste   McGhee  Library,  ICC  301   September  28,2011     October  2011     Okupational  Oktoberfest:  Career  Event   ICC  501   October  4,  2011     “France  and  Diversity”   Humanity  in  Action   Mortara  Center  for  International  Studies   October  12,  2011     Zeit  Foundation  Conference   CCAS  Boardroom,  ICC  241   October  17-­‐18,  2011           30  

“Kennedy and  Berlin”   Dr.  William  Richard  Smyser   McGhee  Library,  ICC  301   October  21,  2011     “Ireland,  the  United  States  and  Europe:  Roads  to  Recovery”   Ambassador  Michael  Collins   ECR  Boardroom,  ICC  7th  Floor   October  25,  2011     “50th  Anniversary  of  Migration  to  Germany  from  Turkey”   Asiye  Kaya,  CGES   Carnegie  Endowment  for  International  Peace,  1779  Massachusetts  Ave.  NW   October  26-­‐28,  2011     November  2011     “Civil  Rights  and  Data  Privacy  in  the  Digital  Age”   German  Minister  of  Justice  Sabine  Leutheusser-­‐Schnarrenberger   Riggs  Library,  Healy  Hall   November  1,  2011     Thanks-­‐O-­‐Ween   ICC  501   November  4,  2011     “New  World  Balance:  Global  Politics  in  Uncertain  Times”   Christopher  Patten   Mortara  Center  for  International  Studies   November  7,  2011     "Geopolitics,  Great  Games,  and  Gas:  The  Ever-­‐Changing  Status  Quo  of  Eurasian   Pipeline  Projects"   Corey  Johnson   ECR  Boardroom,  ICC  7th  Floor   November  8,  2011     Professional  Development:  Speed  Networking   Moderated  by  Kathy  Olesko   120  McCarthy  Hall,  McShain  Lounge  (large)   November  10,  2011     Professional  Development:  Job  Search  101   Moderated  by  Anne  Steen,  SFS  Career  Center   ICC  450   November  16,  2011           31  

“Mourning &  Warning:  Russian  Repentance  &  German  Atonement“   Mischa  Gabovitsch   CCAS  Boardroom,  ICC  241   November  16,  2011     Fall  Open  House  for  Prospective  Students   ICC  501   November  17,  2011     “Fair  and  Unfair  Income  Inequalities  in  Europe”   Daniele  Checchi,  Italian  Fulbright  Visiting  Professor   ICC  450   November  29,  2011   “Election  and  Government  Turnover  in  Spain”   Josep  Colomer,  Prince  of  Austurias  Distinguished  Visiting  Professor   ICC  450   November  30,  2011     December  2011     “The  Commission  President  in  Crisis  –  Political  Leadership  in  the  European  Union”   Henriette  Mueller,  Visiting  Scholar,  CGES   ICC  450   December  2,  2011     CGES  Holiday  Party   ICC  501   December  2,  2011     January  2012     "Do  New  Labour  Activation  Policies  Work?  An  Analysis  of  the  German  Hartz  Reforms"   Jens  Alber   ICC  450   January  17,  2012     “Pension  Politics  in  Western  Europe:  the  Role  of  Electoral  Pressure”   Ellen  Immergut   ICC  450   January  31,  2012     February  2012     “Why  Georgia’s  Transformation  Matters  in  the  Post-­‐Soviet  Space”   Mikheil  Saakashvili,  President  of  Georgia   Gaston  Hall   February  2,  2012         32  

“EU External  Relations  in  the  Post-­‐Lisbon  Era”   16th  Annual  Graduate  Student  Conference   Copley  Formal  Lounge   February  3-­‐4,  2012     “Impact  of  the  Euro  Crisis  on  Employment:  Challenges  and  Potential  Policy   Responses”   Commissioner  László  Andor   CCAS  Boardroom,  ICC  241   February  7,  2012     “The  Emancipation  of  Europe’s  Muslims:  The  State’s  Role  in  Minority  Integration”   Jonathan  Laurence   CCAS  Boardroom,  ICC  241   February  16,  2012     "The  European  Union  -­‐  A  Common  Foreign  Policy  After  the  Crisis?"   Erkii  Tuomioja,  Finnish  Foreign  Minister   McGhee  Library,  ICC  301   February  17,  2012     March  2012     “Hitler's  Hangman:  The  Life  of  Heydrich"   Co-­‐hosted  with  the  Department  of  History   Robert  Gerwarth   ICC  662   March  1,  2012     Jérôme  Bel,  President  of  the  French  Senate   Clare  Boothe  Luce  Room,  ICC  573   March  12,  2012     "Maroc-­‐France:  La  cuisine  en  partage"   Co-­‐sponsored  with  the  French  Department,  The  Embassy  of  the  Kingdom  of  Morocco,  the   Maison  Francaise,  the  Center  for  Contemporary  Arab  Studies,  the  Department  of  Arabic  and   Islamic  Studies,  the  Institute  for  the  Study  of  International  Migrations,  Georgetown  College,   the  Department  of  Anthropology,  and  the  Women's  and  Gender  Studies  Program   Fatema  Hal   ICC  425   March  13,  2012     “The  Euro:  From  Crisis  to  Resolution?  Some  Reflections  from  Ireland  on  the  Road   Thus  Far”   Brian  Cowen,  Former  Irish  Prime  Minister   Mortara  Center  for  International  Studies   March  21,  2012         33  

PD: Roundtable  on  Living  in  the  Real  World   ICC  501   March  23,  2012     Admitted  Student  Open  House   Car  Barn  427   March  30,  2012     April  2012     “Political  Strategies  in  a  Globalized  World”   Andreas  Seeringer   ICC  501   April  11,  2012     MAGES  Colloquium   ECR  Boardroom,  ICC  7th  Floor   April  13,  2012     MAGES  Happy  Hour   Buffalo  Billiards,  Washington  D.C.   April  14,  2012     “Brand  New  EU,  Brand  Old  Nations”   Dr.  Aniko  Imre   ICC  450   April  16,  2012     “Political  Consequences  of  the  Economic  Crisis:  Voting  and  Protesting  in  Europe  Since   2008”   Josep  Colomer,  Prince  of  Austurias  Distinguished  Visiting  Professor  and  Pedro  Magalhães,   Department  of  Government   ECR  Boardroom,  ICC  7th  Floor   April  17-­‐18,  2012     PD:  Financial  Planning   ICC  501   April  18,  2012     “Britain,  the  Eurozone  Crisis,  and  the  Future  of  Europe”   David  Muir   ICC  450   April  19,  2012     “The  Eurozone  Debt  Crisis  IV:  Causes  and  Consequences”   David  Cameron   ICC  462   April  20,  2012       34  

“Europe’s Demilitarization:  What  Future  for  Transatlantic  Defense  Cooperation”   Clara  O’Donnell   ICC  450   April  24,  2012     “Bridge  Builder:  An  Insiders  Account  of  Over  60  Years  in  Post  War  Reconstruction,   International  Diplomacy,  and  German-­‐American  Relations”   Walther  Leisler  Kiep   Clare  Boothe  Luce  Room,  ICC  563   April  27,  2012     “Security  vs  Diversity”   Ariane  Chebel  d'Appollonia   CCAS  Boardroom,  ICC  241   April  30,  2012     May  2012     “The  Prince,  the  Crypt,  and  the  Historians:  Kaiser  Friedrich  III  and  the  Continuities  of   Monarchical  Geschichtspolitik  in  Imperial  Germany”   Frank  Lorenz  Mueller   ICC  462   May  2,  2012     Town  Hall  –  Class  of  2012   ICC  450   May  14,  2012     Graduation  Reception   British  Embassy   May  17,  2012     Commencement   May  18,  2012     Inaugural  D.C.  Alumni  Outreach  Event   Featured  Speaker:  Steven  Hill   Hillyer  Art  Gallery   May  22,  2012     June  2012     Alumni  Outreach  Events   Berlin  and  Frankfurt,  Germany   June  16-­‐17      


cordially invites you to attend a one-day symposium

German Unification at Twenty Years

Tuesday, October 12, 2010 The Mortara Center for International Studies 3600 N. Street, NW Georgetown University A glimpse of the panelists: M ary Sarotte, Professor of International Relations, University of Southern California Sir M ichael Burton, UK Minister to Berlin 1985-1992 Vladislav Zubok, Professor of History, Temple University Frederic Bozo, Professor, Department of European Studies, La Sorbonne, University of Paris III & Woodrow Wilson Center Public Policy Scholar 2010-2011 Richard Barkley, US Ambassador to the GDR, 1988-1990 Christiane Lemke, Professor and Max Weber Chair for European Studies, NYU Norbert Frei, Theodor Heuss Professor, The New School for Social Research Paul Nolte, Professor of History, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Robert Gerald Livingston, Senior Visiting Fellow, German Historical Institute, Washington, D.C. [Breakfast and lunch will be provided at this event] To see further details of the conference program, please see attachment.

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Unification at Twenty Years German

Program a one-day symposium sponsored by the BM W Center for German and European Studies in the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University October 12th Conference Room, M ortara Center for I nternational Studies Georgetown University 3600 N St. NW Washington, DC 20057


Continental breakfast


Panel I : The I nternational Context Mary Sarotte, Professor of International Relations, University of Southern California Commentator: Abraham Newman, Professor, Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University


Coffee Break


Panel I I : The Four Powers Sir Michael Burton, UK Minister to Berlin 1985-1992. Vladislav Zubok, Professor of History, Temple University Frederic Bozo, Professor, Department of European Studies, La Sorbonne, University of Paris III & Woodrow Wilson Center Public Policy Scholar 2010-2011 Richard Barkley, US Ambassador to the GDR 1988-1990 Commentator: W.R. Smyser, Adjunct Professor, Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University




Panel I I I : German-German Dimensions Christiane Lemke, Professor and Max Weber Chair for European Studies, NYU Norbert Frei, Theodor Heuss Professor, The New School for Social Research Commentator: Dieter Dettke, Adjunct Professor, Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University


Coffee Break


Panel I V: Germany 20 Years On Paul Nolte, Professor of History, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Robert Gerald Livingston, Senior Visiting Fellow, German Historical Institute, Washington, DC Commentator: Jeffrey Anderson, Professor, Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service and Government Department, Georgetown University


2010-­‐2011 Special  Events  Series:     The  State  and  Future  of  Solidarity     in  Contemporary  Europe         EVENTS  SCHEDULED  FOR  THE  FALL  AND  SPRING  SEMESTERS:       September  27:       April  19:      


"Sustaining Social  Solidarity  After  the  Fall  of  Finance  Capitalism"  with   professor  Cathie  Martin,  Boston  University   “What  –  If  Anything  –  is  Undermining  the  EU  Social  Model?    Quite   Likely,  it’s  the  EU  Itself"  with  Jens  Alber,  Wissenschaftszentrum   Berlin  für  Sozialforschung    

2011-­‐2012 Special  Events  Series:     Diversity  in  Europe      

Transfixed by   the   financial   crisis,   we   risk   losing   sight   of   long-­‐term   forces   that   are   transforming   the   face   of   Europe.   Although   Europe  has  always  been  home  to  a  rich  mix  of   peoples,   recent   demographic   trends   and   migration   flows   have   triggered   thorny   challenges.  In  a  2011-­‐12  special  events  series,   the   BMW   Center   will   highlight   the   past,   present,  and  future  of  diversity  in  Europe.    

  EVENTS  SCHEDULED  FOR  THE  FALL  AND  SPRING  SEMESTERS:     October  12:       October  26-­‐28:    

November  1-­‐2:     February  16:     April  16:     April  30:  

"Exploring Diversity  in  France"  with  Humanity  in  Action  and  the   BMW  Center  for  German  and  European  Studies   50th  Anniversary  of  Migration  from  Turkey  to  Germany:   "(Re)Considering  the  Last  50  Years  of  Migration  and  Current   Immigration  Policies  in  Germany"  with  Professor  Asiye  Kaya,   Georgetown  University   “Porous  Nations?  Migrants,  Transnationals  and  Illegals  in  the  Cinemas   of  Maghreb,  Quebec  and  France”  hosted  by  the  Department  of  French,   Georgetown  University   “The  Emancipation  of  Europe’s  Muslims”  with  Jonathan  Laurence,   Political  Science  Department,  Boston  College   “Brand  New  EU,  Brand  Old  Nations”  with  Professor  Aniko  Imre,   School  of  Cinematic  Arts,  University  of  California  Los  Angeles   “Security  vs  Diversity”  with  Ariane  Chebel  d’Appollonia,  Associate   Professor,  School  of  Public  Affairs  and  Administration,  Rutgers   University-­‐Newark   39  

2011-­‐2012 Special  Events  Series:     Political  Consequences  of  the  Economic     Crisis  in  Europe                                   EVENTS  SCHEDULED  FOR  THE  FALL  AND  SPRING  SEMESTERS:     September  20:     October  25:     November  29:     November  30:       January  17:  


“Germany as  a  Geo-­‐Economic  Power”  with  Hans  Kundnani,  editorial   director  at  the  European  Council  on  Foreign  Relations   “Ireland,  the  United  States  and  Europe:  Roads  to  Recovery”  with  Irish   Ambassador  to  the  United  States  Michael  Collins     “Fair  and  Unfair  Income  Inequalities  in  Europe”  with  Daniele  Checchi,   BMW  Center  for  German  and  European  Studies,  Georgetown   University   “Election  and  Government  Turnover  in  Spain":  A  roundtable  on  the   November  20th  Spanish  Election  with  Josep  Colomer,  Prince  of   Asturias  Chair,  Georgetown  University   “Do  New  Labour  Activation  Policies  Work?  An  Analysis  of  the  German   Hartz  Reforms”  with  Jens  Alber,  Adjunct  Professor,  BMW  Center  for   German  and  European  Studies,  Georgetown  University  

January 31:     February  7:  

March  21:     April  17-­‐18:  

April  19:     April  20:      

“Pension Politics  in  Western  Europe:  the  Role  of  Electoral  Pressure”     with  Ellen  Immergut,  Adjunct  Professor,  BMW  Center  for  German   and  European  Studies,  Georgetown  University   “Impact  of  the  Euro  Crisis  on  Employment:  Challenges  and  Potential   Policy  Responses”  with  Commissioner  László  Andor,  EU   Commissioner  for  Employment,  Social  Affairs  and  Inclusion,   European  Commission   “The  Euro:  From  Crisis  to  Resolution?    Some  Reflections  from  Ireland   on  the  Road  Thus  Far”  with  Brian  Cowen,  Former  Irish  Prime   Minister   “Political  Consequences  of  the  Economic  Crisis:  Voting  and  Protesting   Since  2008”  hosted  jointly  by  the  Department  of  Government  and  the   BMW  Center  for  German  and  European  Studies,  supported  through   the  Luso-­‐American  Foundation  Visiting  Professorship  and  the  Prince   of  Asturias-­‐Fundación  Endesa  Chair   “Britain,  the  Eurozone  Crisis,  and  the  Future  of  Europe”  with  David   Muir,  former  political  advisor  to  Gordon  Brown   “The  Eurozone  Debt  Crisis  IV:  Causes  and  Consequences"  with   Professor  David  R.  Cameron,  Political  Science  Department,  Yale   University    


Attachment D:    Table  of  Contents  for  Special  Issues  of  German  Politics  and   Society     Special  Issue:  The  Berlin  Wall  after  Fifty  Years:  1961-­‐2011   Summer  2011     00   Introduction   Hope  M.  Harrison,  History  and  International  Affairs,  George  Washington  University     01   Walled  In:  Ordinary  East  Germans'  Responses  to  13  August  1961   Patrick  Major,  History,  University  of  Reading       02   The  Double  Task  of  the  East  German  Border  Guards:  Policing  the  Border  and   Militarily  Defending  It   Jochen  Maurer,  University  of  the  Bundeswehr   Gerhard  Sälter,  Berlin  Wall  Memorial     03   The  Berlin  Wall  as  a  Site  of  East-­‐West  Legitimacy  Battles  in  Divided  Germany   Pertti  Ahonen,  History,  University  of  Edinburgh     04   The  Architecture  and  Message  of  the  “Wall,”  1961-­‐1989   Leo  Schmidt,  Architecture  Conservation,  Brandenburg  University  of  Technology     05   The  Berlin  Wall  and  its  Resurrection  as  a  Site  of  Memory   Hope  M.  Harrison,  History  and  International  Affairs,  George  Washington   University       Special  Issue:  Cosmopolitanism  and  the  Study  of  German  Politics   Autumn  2011     00     Introduction   Claire  Sutherland,  Government  and  International  Affairs,  Durham  University     01     Cosmopolitanism  and  Globality:  Kant,  Arendt  and  Beck  on  the  Global  Condition   Roland  Axtmann,  Politics  and  International  Relations,  Swansea  University     02     The  Resilience  of  the  Nation  State:  Cosmopolitanism,  Holocaust  Memory  and   German  Identity   Stephen  Welch,  Government  and  International  Affairs,  Durham  University   Ruth  Wittlinger,  Government  and  International  Affairs,  Durham  University     03   Distance  matters:  Germans’  Cosmopolitan  Relationships  in  the  Borderless  Europe   and  Beyond   Katja  Sarmiento-­‐Mirwaldt,  Employment  Relations  and  Organisational  Behaviour,   London  School  of  Economics  and  Political  Science     04     Evil  Dangers,  Unknown  Strangers:  American  and  German  Perceptions  of  Threat   Mary  N.  Hampton,  National  Security  Studies,  U.S.A.F.  Air  Command  and  Staff  College       42  


Reinventing the  Banat:  Cosmopolitanism  as  a  German  Cultural  Export   James  Koranyi,  History,  University  of  St  Andrews    

Special  Issue:  Assessing  the  Consequences  of  the  1999  German  Citizenship  Act   Spring  2012     00   Introduction:  Assessing  the  Consequences  of  the  1999  German  Citizenship  Act   Triadafilos  Triadafilopoulos,  Political  Science,  University  of  Toronto     01   Coming  to  Terms  with  a  Misinterpreted  Past?  Rethinking  the  Historical  Antecedents   of  Germany’s  1999  Citizenship  Reform     Andreas  Fahrmeier,  History,  Goethe  Universität  Frankfurt/Main       02   Germany’s  Citizenship  Policy  in  Comparative  Perspective     Marc  Morjé  Howard,  Government,  Georgetown  University     03   A  Bridge  or  Barrier  to  Incorporation?  Germany’s  1999  Citizenship  Reform  in  Critical   Perspective     Karen  Schönwälder,  Max  Planck  Institute  for  the  Study  of  Religious  and  Ethnic   Diversity,  Göttingen       Triadafilos  Triadafilopoulos,  Political  Science,  University  of  Toronto     04   “What  Do  You  Expect?  That  We  All  Dance  and  Be  Happy?”  Second-­‐Generation   Immigrants  and  Germany’s  1999  Citizenship  Reform     Sandra  Bucerius,  Criminology,  University  of  Toronto  



Attachment E:  Prince  of  Asturias  Conference  Programs     “Spain  in  Europe,  Same  as  it  Was?”   March  25,  2011,  Georgetown  University,  Riggs  Library     9:00  Welcome   9:15.  Introduction   Jeffrey  Anderson  (Director,  BMW  Center  for  German  and  European  Studies,  Georgetown   University)   Jorge  Dezcallar  (Ambassador  of  Spain  in  the  United  States)     9:45  How  to  Digest  Historical  Memory   Chairman  and  discussant:   Eusebio  Mujal-­‐Leon  (Georgetown  University)   Presenters:   Omar  Encarnacion  (Bard  College)   Eric  Langenbacher  (Georgetown  University)   Don  Doyle  (South  Carolina  University  and  W.  Wilson  Center)     11:45  Lunch     12:30  From  Consensual  Transition  to  Adversarial  Democracy   Chairman  and  discussant:   Josep  Colomer  (Prince  of  Asturias  Chair,  Georgetown  University)   Presenters:   Richard  Gunther  (Ohio  State  University)   Jose  R.  Montero  (University  Autonoma  of  Madrid)   Bonnie  Field  (Bentley  University)     2:30  Coffee  break     2:45  From  a  Booming  Economy  to  Jeopardizing  the  Euro   Chairman  and  discussant:   Matthew  Canzoneri  (Georgetown  University)   Presenters:   Jose  Viñals  (International  Monetary  Fund,  Department  Director  of  Monetary  and  Capital   Markets)   Manuel  Conthe  (former  Secretary  of  State  of  the  Economy  Government  of  Spain,  and  World   Bank)   Vicente  Salas  (Board  of  the  Central  Bank  of  Spain  and  Professor  of  Economics)   Jose  M.  Gonzalez-­‐Paramo  (Board  of  the  European  Central  Bank  and  Professor  of  Economics)     5:00  Conclusion              


“Political Consequences  of  the  Economic  Crisis:  Voting  and  Protesting  in  Europe  Since   2008”   April  17-­‐18,  2012,  Georgetown  University,  Edward  B.  Bunn  Intercultural  Center,  7th  Floor   Conference  Room     Day  1:  April  17th,  2012     9.30.  Opening   10.00-­‐12.00  HARD  TIMES  FOR  INCUMBENTS  (1):  ICELAND,  IRELAND,  AND  PORTUGAL   Indridi  Indridason  (U  California  Riverside)  –  Discussant:  Harold  Clarke   Michael  Marsh  (Trinity,  Dublin)  –  Discussant:  Paolo  Bellucci   Pedro  Magalhães  (U  Lisbon  and  Georgetown  U)  –  Discussant:  Pedro  Ramos  Pinto     12.00  -­‐1.00  Lunch  (in  place)     1.00-­‐3.00  HARD  TIMES  FOR  INCUMBENTS  (2):  SPAIN,  GREECE,  AND  ITALY   Mariano  Torcal  (Pompeu  Fabra,  Barcelona)  –  Discussant:  Irene  Martín   Eftichia  Teperoglou  (MZES,  Mannheim  and  CIES-­‐ISCTE,  Lisbon)  and  Emmanouil  Tsatsanis   (U  Athens  and  CIES-­‐ISCTE,  Lisbon)  –  Discussant:  John  Karamichas   Paolo  Bellucci  (U  Siena)  –  Discussant:  Raymond  Duch     Day  2:  April  18th,  2012     10.00-­‐12.00  ROUND-­‐TABLE:  SPAIN  AND  PORTUGAL  IN  EYE  OF  THE  HURRICANE   Chair:  Jeffrey  Anderson  (Georgetown  U)     António  Costa  Pinto  (U  Lisbon)   David  Muir  (Director  of  Political  Strategy  for  British  Prime  Minister  Gordon  Brown,  2008-­‐ 2011)   Josep  Colomer  (Georgetown  U)   Nuno  Mota  Pinto  (World  Bank)     Pedro  Gete  (Georgetown  U)     Closing:  Ambassador  Nuno  Brito  (Ambassador  of  Portugal)     12-­‐1.00pm:  Lunch     1.00-­‐3.00  PROTESTS,  “INDIGNANTS”,  AND  SOCIAL  UNREST   John  Karamichas  (Queen’s  U,  Belfast)  –  Discussant:  Indrid  Indridason   Pedro  Ramos  Pinto  (U  Manchester)  –  Discussant:  Eftichia  Teperoglou     Irene  Martín  (U  Autónoma  Madrid)  –  Discussant:  Pedro  Magalhães     3.00-­‐5.00  POLITICAL  CONSEQUENCES  OF  THE  ECONOMIC  CRISIS:  MACRO-­‐ COMPARATIVE  VIEWS   Harold  Clarke  (U  T  Dallas)  –  Discussant:  Mariano  Torcal   Raymond  Duch  (Oxford  U)  –  Discussant:  Josep  Colomer   Josep  Colomer  (Georgetown  U)  and  Pedro  Magalhães  (ULisbon  and  Georgetown  U)  –   Discussant:  Michael  Marsh     5.00   Closing:   Antonio   de   Lecea   (Minister,   Principal   Advisor   on   Economic   and   Financial   Affairs,  EU  Delegation  in  the  USA)     45  

Attachment F:  DAAD  Visiting  Professor  Conference  Program     The  50th  Anniversary  of  Migration  from  Turkey  to  Germany:  “(Re)Considering   the  Last  50  Years  of  Migration  and  Current  Immigration  Policies  in  Germany”     Wednesday,  October  26th,  2011   Goethe-­‐Institut   812  7th  Street,  NW   Washington,  D.C.  20001     6:00pm:     Welcome     Asiye  Kaya:  Opening  Talk  [BMW  Center  for  German  and  European  Studies,   Edmund  A.  Walsh  School  of  Foreign  Service,  Georgetown   University]     6:30pm:     Film  Screening:  “Almanya  -­‐  Welcome  to  Germany”  (2010)     Reception  to  follow  the  film     Thursday,  October  27th,  2011   Carnegie  Endowment  for  International  Peace   1779  Massachusetts  Ave,  NW   Washington,  D.C.  20036     10:00am:   Welcome     10:15-­‐12:15pm:   Germany  as  an  Immigration  Country  and  its  Others   Cornelia  Wilhelm:  Diversity  in  Germany:  A  Historical  Perspective  [Tam   Institute  for  Jewish  Studies,  Emory  University]   Deniz  Göktürk:  Sites  of  Migration:  Moving  Containers,  Transient  Archives   [Department  of  German,  University  of  California  Berkley]   Ruth  Mandel:  Fifty  Years  of  Migration,  Fifty  Years  of  Waiting:  Turkey,   Germany  and  the  EU  [Anthropology,  University  College   London]   Moderator:  Lily  Gardner-­‐Feldman  [American  Institute  for  Contemporary   German  Studies,  Washington,  D.C.]     12:15-­‐1:15pm:  Lunch  will  be  served     1:15-­‐2:45pm:   Media  –  Representations  and/of  Immigrants   Zeynep  Kilic  and  Jennifer  Petzen:  Give  Me  Your  Educated,  Your  Artists,  Your   Creative  Masses:  Commodification  of  Immigrant  Art  and   Artists  in  the  Migration  Context  [Sociology,  University  of   Alaska  Anchorage  and  Diversity  Studies,  Alice  Salomon   University  of  Applied  Sciences  in  Berlin]   Katrin  Sieg:  Ordinary  Cosmopolitans:  Postmigrant  Documentary  Theater  in   Berlin  [BMW  Center  for  German  and  European  Studies,  


Edmund A.  Walsh  School  of  Foreign  Service,  Georgetown   University]   Moderator:  Sinan  Ciddi  [Institute  for  Turkish  Studies,  Georgetown   University]     2:45-­‐3:00pm:   Coffee  Break     3:00-­‐5:00pm:   Identity  –  Belonging  and  Transnationality   Czarina  Wilpert:  Identities  and  Ethnicity  in  the  Migration  from  Turkey  to   Germany:  A  Historical  View  [Sociology,  Technical  University   in  Berlin]   Daniel  Williams:  Being  a  Citizen  and  Being  a  German:  Second  Generation   Migrants  and  Belonging  in  Germany  [Department  of   Sociology,  University  of  Maryland  College  Park]     Halil  Can:  Alevi  Belongings  Beyond  Borders  –  Transnational  and   Multigenerational  Identities  and  Politicizations  Between   Turkey  and  Diaspora  [Institute  for  European  Ethnology,   Humboldt  University  in  Berlin]     Moderator:  Yvonne  Haddad  [Prince  Alwaleed  Bin  Talal  Center  for  Muslim-­‐ Christian  Understanding,  Edmund  A.  Walsh  School  of  Foreign   Service,  Georgetown  University]     Friday,  October  28th,  2011   Carnegie  Endowment  for  International  Peace   1779  Massachusetts  Ave,  NW   Washington,  D.C.  20036     9:15am:     Welcome     9:30-­‐11:30am:  Social  Justice  –  Integration  –  Participation   Paul  Mecheril:  ‘Integration’  as  Dispositive:  A  Critique  [Intercultural   Education,  Department  of  Pedagogy,  University  of  Oldenburg   in  Germany]   Esra  Erdem:  Social  Milieus  and  Integration  Policies:  A  Critique  from  a  Social   Justice  Perspective  [Research  Unit  Gender  &  Globalization,   Humboldt  University  in  Berlin]   Cengiz  Barskanmaz:  “Eternal  Migrants”  Seeking  Racial  Justice  [Law  and   Society  Institute,  Humboldt  University  in  Berlin]       Moderator:  Eric  Langenbacher  [Government  Department,  Georgetown   University]     11:30-­‐11:40am:   Coffee  Break     11:40-­‐1:00pm:  Race,  Gender  and  Intersections   Jin  Haritaworn:  Regenerating  Degenerate  Bodies  and  Spaces:  Transatlantic   Travels  of  ‘The  Ghetto’  from  Moynihan  to  Pfeiffer  [Sociology,   University  of  Helsinki]   Maureen  Maisha  Eggers:  Negotiating  Intersections  of  Racialization  and   Gender  Framing  in  Berlin  Schools  –  Diversity  as  a  New  Term  of  


Address? [Childhood  and  Diversity,  Magdeburg-­‐Stendal   University  of  Applied  Sciences]   Moderator:  Angelika  Führich  [The  Paul  H.  Nitze  School  of  Advanced   International  Studies,  Johns  Hopkins  University]     1:00-­‐2:00pm:   Lunch  will  be  served     2:00-­‐4:00pm:   Roundtable  Discussion  with  Politicians  and  Scholars:  Migration,   Immigration  Policies  and  Immigrants   With:            B.  Lindsay  Lowell  [Institute  for  the  Study  of  International   Migration  (ISIM),  Georgetown  University]   Michael  Werz  [Senior  Fellow,  Center  for  American  Progress,   Washington,  D.C.]         Sebastian  Edathy  [Member  of  the  German  Parliament  SPD]         Özcan  Mutlu  [MP  Berlin  State  Parliament]         Mary  Giavognoli  [Director,  Migration  Policy  Center]  (invited)   Leni  Gonzales  [League  of  United  Latin  American  Citizens  (LULAC)   Virginia]  (invited)   Moderator:  Asiye  Kaya  [BMW  Center  for  German  and  European  Studies,   Edmund  A.  Walsh  School  of  Foreign  Service,  Georgetown   University]     4:00pm:     Closing  Remarks      


Attachment G:    MAGES  Student  Statistics     Five-­‐Year  Averages  (2008-­‐2012)     Male             Female               U.S.  Citizen           Non-­‐U.S.  Citizen           Average  Years  of  Work  Experience             GRE  Verbal           GRE  Quantitative         GRE  Writing           Average  Undergrad  GPA       Average  Applications  per  Year       Average  Enrolled           Percent  of  Enrollees  with  Merit-­‐Based  Aid     Incoming  Class  of  2011     Class  Size:             Countries  of  Origin:     Undergraduate  Institutions:  

Undergraduate  Majors:     MAGES  Incoming  Class  of  2012  Profile     Class  Size:             Countries  of  Origin:  

36% 64%   81%   21%   2   620   660   5   3.7   60   20   88%  

20 Students   Germany,  France,  Romania,  Bulgaria   California  State  University,  Georgetown   University,  Georgia  Institute  of  Technology,   Humboldt  University,  Iowa  State  University,   Mount  Holyoke  College,  Sarah  Lawrence   College,  Scripps  College,  St.  Lawrence   University,  St.  John’s  University,  United  States   Military  Academy,  University  of  Alabama,   University  of  Colorado,  University  of  Florida,   University  of  Iowa,  University  of  Virginia,   Wellesley  College,  Whitman  College,  Yeshiva   University   International  Affairs,  Government,  History,   Economics,  European  Studies,  French,   German,  Political  Science  

19 Students   Czech  Republic,  United  Kingdom,  Germany,   India,  Turkey,  Ukraine,  United  States  


Undergraduate Institutions:  

Allegheny College,  Bates  College,  Binghamton   University,  California  State  University  at  Long   Beach,  Georgetown  University,  George   Washington  University,  Hope  College,  Loyola   Marymount  University,  Michigan  State   University,  SUNY  Buffalo,  United  States  Naval   Academy,  University  of  Economics  (Prague,   Czech  Republic),  University  of  North  Carolina   at  Chapel  Hill,  University  of  Pennsylvania,   University  of  Washington,  Whitman  College,   Washington  State  University,  Wellesley   College  

Undergraduate  Majors:  

Graduate  Placement         2005   Public   33%   Private   17%   Nonprofit   25%   PhD   25%   Unknown   0%      

Comparative Literature,  Economics,  English,   European  Studies,  French/French  Cultural   Studies,  German,  History,  International   Affairs,  International  Political  Economy,   International  Politics,  International  Trade,   Philosophy,  Political  Science,  Spanish  

2006 17%   22%   35%   17%   9%  

2007 12%   29%   41%   0%   18%  

2008 14%   24%   19%   14%   29%  

2009 29%   33%   10%   10%   14%  

2010 20%   20%   10%   15%   35%  

2011 25%   45%   15%   5%   5%  

MAGES Placement 2005-2012 Public 14% 21% 13% 26% 25%

Private Nonprofit PhD Unknown


2012 Average   15%   21%   25%   27%   25%   23%   0%   11%   20%   16%  

Attachment H:    Overview  of  MAGES  Courses     Fall  2010  Course  Schedule     MAGES  Core  Courses     First  Year:I   GEST  547     The  European  Economy   Professor  Holger  Wolf     GEST  590     The  European  Union   Professor  Jeffrey  Anderson     GEST  541       Modern  German  and  European  History   Professor  Kathryn  Olesko     Elective  Courses     INAF  514     US/European  Economic  Relations   Professor  Barbara  Curli     INAF  522     Political  Institutions   Professor  Josep  Colomer     INAF  654     International  Regulatory  Politics   Professor  Abraham  Newman     INAF  731     Aerospace  and  Defense  Industry   Professor  Ulf  Gartzke     INAF  907     MAGES  Internship  Tutorial   Staff     HIST  646     Collective  Identities:  20th  Century  Europe   Professor  Richard  Kuisel     GERM  659     Rasse  to  Race:  Afro  Germans   Professor  Katrin  Sieg       51  

GERM 433     Turkish  German  Literature  of  Migration   Professor  Katrin  Sieg     ITAL  551       Italy  and  the  Idea  of  Europe   Professor  Barbara  Curli     SEST  582     Politics  of  European  Security   Professors  Dieter  Dettke  and  Gale  Mattox       Spring  2011  Course  Schedule     MAGES  Core  Courses     First  Year:     GEST  552     Comparative  European  Politics   Professor  Jeffrey  Anderson     GERM  510       Theorizing  Culture   Professor  Katrin  Sieg     Second  Year:     GEST  980     MAGES  Master’s  Project  Seminar   Professors  Kathryn  Olesko  and  Eric  Langenbacher     Elective  Courses     HIST  435                         Americanization  of  Europe   Professor  Richard  Kuisel     HIST  734     Protest/Violence  in  Euro  Post  1945   Professor  Martin  Klimke     INAF  425     Migration  Debates  &  Policies   Professor  Michael  Werz     INAF  446                       European  Political  Systems   Professor  Josep  Colomer   52  

INAF 461     European  Economic  Integration     Professor  Holger  Wolf     INAF  480     German  Economy  21st  Century   Professor  Holger  Wolf     INAF  506     Politics  and  Media:  American-­‐Euro  Perspective   Instructor  Jon-­‐Christopher  Bua     INAF  530     Balkan  Instability:  Intl  Peacebuilding   Professors  Thomas  and  Kirsten  Selinger     INAF  537     Games  and  Strategies  in  Politics   Professor  Josep  Colomer     INAF  539     Turkey:  Debate  EU  Access   Professor  Soner  Cagaptay     INAF  547       Belonging  and  Politics  Euro  and  US   Professor  Asiye  Kaya     INAF  557     Gendered  Discourses  on  Immigrants   Professor  Asiye  Kaya     INAF  592     Diplomacy  &  Statecraft   Professor  Richard  Smyser     INAF  907     MAGES  Internship  Tutorial   Staff     Fall  2011  Course  Schedule     MAGES  Core  Courses     First  Year:     GEST  547     The  European  Economy   Professor  Holger  Wolf   53  

GEST 590     Politics  in  Europe  &  the  EU   Professor  Jeffrey  Anderson     GEST  541       Modern  German  and  European  History   Professor  Kathryn  Olesko     Second  Year:     INAF  590     International  Relations  in  Europe   Professor  Abraham  Newman     GEST  980     MAGES  Seminar   Professor  Kathryn  Olesko     Elective  Courses     INAF  478     Race,  Ethnicity  and  Migration  in  EU   Professor  Asiye  Kaya     INAF  517   Migration  in  Germany  Post  1960s   Professor  Asiye  Kaya     INAF  532     Institutional  Differences  EU/US   Professor  Daniele  Checchi     INAF  731   Aerospace  and  Defense  Industry   Professor  Ulf  Gartzke     INAF  907     MAGES  Internship  Tutorial   Staff     HIST  445     European  Intellectual  History  19th  Century   Professor  Kathryn  Olesko     HIST  646     Collective  Identities:  20th  C.  Europe   Professor  Richard  Kuisel       54  

PECO 201     Analytical  Tools  for  Political  Economy   Professor  Josep  Colomer     ITAL  551     Italy  and  the  Idea  of  Europe   Professor  Daniele  Checchi     SEST  582     Politics  of  European  Security   Professors  Dieter  Dettke  and  Gail  Mattox     Spring  2012  Course  Schedule     MAGES  Core  Courses     First  Year:     GERM  510     Theorizing  Culture   Professor  Katrin  Sieg     INAF  590     International  Relations  in  Europe   Professor  Abraham  Newman     Second  Year:     GEST  980     MAGES  Master’s  Project  Seminar   Professors  Holger  Wolf  and  Abraham  Newman     Elective  Courses     HIST  435     Americanization  of  Europe   Professor  Richard  Kuisel     HIST  632     Divided  Germany  1945-­‐1989   Professor  Anna  von  der  Goltz     INAF  439     German  Model  and  Its  Discontents   Professor  Jeremiah  Riemer     INAF  445     International  Relations:  US-­‐Spain   Professor  Pablo  Leon     55  

INAF 446     European  Political  Systems   Professor  Josep  Colomer     INAF  476     Europe’s  Promise  and  Predicaments   Professor  Jeffrey  Anderson     INAF  480     German  Economy  21st  Century   Professor  Holger  Wolf     INAF  506     Politics  &  Media:  American-­‐Euro  Perspective   Instructor  Jon-­‐Christopher  Bua     INAF  530     Balkan  Instability:  Intl  Peacebuilding   Professors  Thomas  and  Kirsten  Selinger     INAF  547       Belonging  and  Politics:  Euro  and  US   Professor  Asiye  Kaya     INAF  592     Diplomacy  &  Statecraft   Professor  Richard  Smyser     INAF  733     Tran  Environment/UN  Climate  Change   Professor  Reba  Carruth     INAF  739     Qualitative  Research  Methods   Professor  Asiye  Kaya     INAF  907     MAGES  Wash  D.C.  Internship  Tutorial   Staff  



Attachment I:  Members  of  Advisory  Council  and  Executive  Committee     Advisory  Council     Members  2010-­‐2012   -­‐ Ms.  Britta  Baron   -­‐ Prof.  Dr.  Kurt  Biedenkopf   -­‐ Mr.  Alexander  T.  Ercklentz   -­‐ Dean  Carol  Lancaster   -­‐ Mr.  Hans  Graf  von  der  Goltz   -­‐ Mr.  Andrew  Gundlach   -­‐ The  Honorable  Thomas  Hughes   -­‐ Prof.  Dr.  Arnold  Picot   -­‐ Dr.  Norbert  Reithofer   -­‐ Mr.  John  E.  Rielly   -­‐ Mrs.  Elizabeth  A.  Voight  (resigned  in  2011)       Executive  Committee     Members  2010-­‐2012   -­‐ Jeffrey  Anderson   -­‐ Matthew  Canzoneri   -­‐ Richard  Kuisel   -­‐ Abraham  Newman   -­‐ Kathryn  Olesko   -­‐ Peter  Pfeiffer   -­‐ Katrin  Sieg   -­‐ Holger  Wolf   -­‐ Jessica  Lewis  (student  representative  2010-­‐2011)   -­‐ David  Gregg  (student  representative  2011-­‐2012)   -­‐ Cristina  Dinu  (non-­‐voting,  2011-­‐2012)   -­‐ Marie  Gschwindt  de  Gyor  (non-­‐voting,  2010-­‐2011)   -­‐ Christina  Ruby  (non-­‐voting)  


2010-2012 BMW Center for German and European Studies Annual Report  
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