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basketball exhausting,fun bounces,active,playing vary trying but fun ball

Chocolate could someone eat it every where how much could you eat o it could taste as good as brownies chocolate make you want to bathe in it olof the snow man even likes chocolate looking at chocolate make your savory all around people like chocolate topping could be put on it eat food taste good but chocolate is better

Science fun,exciting experimenting,reading,exploring system,theory,philosophy,hypothesis theorizing,reasoning,magnifying vital,analytical information

Just Because I Don’t Like to Read Just because I don’t like to read It doesn’t mean I don’t know how to read It doesn’t mean I’m dumb Doesn’t mean i'm not good at reading It doesn’t mean I’m not smart ok.

I like to read the Cirque Du Freak By Darren Shan I like to read Diary of the Wimpy Kid I don’t like to read History books I don’t like to read Twilight I don’t like to read romance books

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