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April 2011 Monday







1 Members Cash Draw 6.30pm Circle of Friends


3 Members Cash Draw 6.30pm

8 Members Cash Draw 6.30pm Women's Auxiliary Raffle Circle of Friends 15 Members Cash Draw 6.30pm Women's Auxiliary Raffle Circle of Friends



17 Members Cash Draw 6.30pm

24 Easter Sunday Members Cash Draw 6.30pm

Golf Section AGM 4 Legacy Monthly Meeting 12pm Welfare Committee Day Club 11 Day Club


6 Members Parma Lunch Special $13.50

7 Bingo! 1pm Men's Shed

12 Men's Shed Women's Auxiliary General Meeting Followed by Lorrain Lea Linen $5 inc light lunch Angling Meeting

13 Members Parma Lunch Special $13.50

14 Bingo! 1pm House, Finance & Gaming Committee Meeting Men's Shed Women’s Aux Bay Cruise Ex Rhyll 10am inc. Morning tea $24

18 Day Club


20 Members Parma Lunch Special $13.50

21 Bingo! 1pm Men's Shed

22 Good Friday Members Cash Draw 6.30pm

23 Easter Saturday



29 Members Cash Draw 6.30pm Women's Auxiliary Raffle Circle of Friends


Men's Shed

Men's Shed

25 Easter Monday 26 ANZAC DAY Morning Melodies Day Club Away The Johnny O’Keefe Dawn Service 6am Tribute Commemorative March 10.50pm

10 Members Cash Draw 6.30pm

Phillip Island RSL Sub Branch Inc Corner Cowes-Rhyll Road & Thompson Ave Phillip Island 3922 Ph: 5952 1004 Fax: 5952 1919


April 2011-May 2011

May 2011 Monday 30 Welfare Committee Meeting








Vale Board Our Condolences

1 Members Cash Draw 6.30pm

Men's Shed

Day Club 2 Welfare Committee Meeting

3 Men's Shed

4 Members Parma Lunch Special $13.50

5 Men's Shed

11 Members Parma Lunch Special $13.50

12 Men's Shed Bingo! 1pm House, Finance & Gaming Committee Meeting

Bingo! 1pm

6 Members Cash Draw 6.30pm Women's Auxiliary Raffle Circle of Friends


13 Members Cash Draw 6.30pm Women's Auxiliary Raffle Circle of Friends


8 Members Cash Draw 6.30pm

Our best wishes to Members who are unwell and in hospital

Day Club 9 Day Club

10 Men's Shed Angling Meeting

16 Day Club

17 Men's Shed

23 Day Club

24 Men's Shed Morning Melodies The Seekers Tribute

18 Members Parma Lunch Special $13.50

25 Members Parma Lunch Special $13.50

19 Men's Shed Bingo! 1pm

26 Men's Shed Bingo! 1pm

20 Serendipity Submissions Close Members Cash Draw 6.30pm Women's Auxiliary Raffle Circle of Friends


27 Members Cash Draw 6.30pm Women's Auxiliary Raffle Circle of Friends


If you require assistance, please call 5952 1004 and press extension 3

15 Members Cash Draw 6.30pm

22 Members Cash Draw 6.30pm

Important Notice


Serendipity is Bi-monthly and the next issue will be out June 1st. Submissions close Monday May 25th. Please hand in submissions to the office and any material is much appreciated

29 Members Cash Draw 6.30pm

New Website We have recently updated our website, go to and check it out. Feedback is much appreciated!



Letters from the Soldiers

ANZAC Day The Phillip Island RSL welcomes you to join us on ANZAC Day this year. Please participate in the day and pay respect to those who gave their lives, so that we may enjoy ours. Let us also remember those who served, suffered and are still suffering. Event: Dawn Service Date: Monday 25th April 2011 Time: 6.00am (please be present at 5.45am) Venue: Cenotaph opposite the pier. Details: Members and guests welcome

Our family is very grateful for the gift BUT what means more it that there are people back in Australia that appreciate and care for our members in uniform for their time and sacrifice whether they think Australia should be involved our not.

Event: Commemorative March Date: Monday 25th April 2011 Time: 10.50am (form up time is 10.30am) Venue: March starting outside the post office. Service at the Cenotaph. Details: Members and guests welcome All service members wishing to march and requiring transport on the day please call or see Administration. The Lone Pine Bistro will be closed for lunch service and open for dinner 5.30pm till 8.30pm. No football colours permitted.

My Forgetter & My Remembereer My forgetter's getting better, But my rememberer is broke To you that may seem funny But, to me, that is no joke For when I'm 'here' I'm wondering If I really should be 'there' And, when I try to think it through, I haven't got a prayer! Oft times I walk into a room, Say 'what am I here for?' I wrack my brain, but all in vain! A zero, is my score. At times I put something away Where it is safe, but, Gee! The person it is safest from Is, generally, me! When shopping I may see someone, Say 'Hi' and have a chat, Then, when the person walks away I ask myself, 'who the hell was that?' Yes, my forgetter's getting better While my rememberer is broke, And it's driving me plumb crazy And that isn't any joke.

Recently you sent our 26yr old daughter, Captain Sandy Warboys , beanies in Afghanistan.

2011 Committee President Snr. Vice President Vice President Treasurer Secretary Committee Committee Committee

Greg Mead Bruce Shelton Tom Mallaghan Steve Davie Brian Goldberg Chris Thompson Terry Heffernan Peter Paul

Our Daughter and the other members of the Mentoring Task Force 2 are there doing their best for Australia under tough conditions for about 8 months at a time. No flushing toilets, only squat holes and initially heat and dust and now coming into cold and snow. The worst is the lack of freedom to just take a walk and the constant worry about IED’s (improvised explosive device’s) and snipers. Most 26yr old females are shopping in malls and having coffee with their friends but Sandy chose a different path and we are very proud of her. Most of the MTF2 are in their 20’s and Australia should be very proud and grateful for them giving up their time and sometimes their lives. We are in the fortunate position to provide our daughter with anything she needs comfort wise but there are a number of troops who don't have the support back home so what your group is doing is fantastic and our family thanks you very much. The gifts are great but the appreciation and care behind the gifts means everything. Thank you so much and please pass our thanks onto all your lovely ladies.

We extend our thanks to Tony Burland, Roy Gunn and Jock McKechnie for their years of service to the RSL

Captain Sandy Warboys Family.

Women's Auxiliary

Thankyou very much for the support package we have received, it will prove very useful during the upcoming winter months.

Recently in Canberra the Victoria Cross Holders asked that we give our overseas forces our full support, we would like you all to know that our Women’s Auxiliary have been doing this for sometime, giving $5000 towards the purchase of B-Paks (cost $600) which supply wounded soldiers with everyday needs at the request of our National President and also knitting scarves and beanies. These are two of the letters we received. Our list of events is included in the calendar. Tuesday April 12th Lorraine Lea Linen & Manchester, light lunch $5 Thursday April 14th Bay Cruise and morning tea $24 We would love new members to join us and anyone may join us to help with the knitting.

Our team is fortunate enough to have the constant positive interaction with the local Afghans. The children are inquisitive like anywhere in the world, they don't ask for much and enjoy the gifts we give them such as pencils, toys and just to see their photo. As much as we would like to openly support and interact with Afghan women, cultural boundaries make this incredibly difficult in our area. The circumstances differ in various parts of the country which are proving to be quite progressive. The children will definitely benefit from your beanies in this harsh climate. Our team can thank you enough for the support and generosity that your centre is showing, we eagerly await mail from home and your package is much appreciated . Our combat team is just starting the tour, we’re finding the mission of mentoring and assisting Afghan security forces very rewarding, we’re looking forward to the next eight months and a safe return with Australia’s continued support.

For more information see reception or call Celia Fleming; 5952 1901


Celia Fleming Secretary and Delegate


April-May 2011  

6 Members Cash Draw 6.30pm Women's Auxiliary Raffle Circle of Friends 8 Members Cash Draw 6.30pm Women's Auxiliary Raffle Circle of Friends...

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