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George Spillman Washington Successful Businessman

George Spillman, who was born in Washington state, is a successful businessman based in Roseville, California. He is known for his “professionalism with compassion,� a value system introduced to him at a young age by his father. Throughout his career, he has started and managed several small businesses in California and continues to find new ways to expand his business and entrepreneurial career in technology.

George Spillman Washington Expanding into Technology Sector George Spillman of Washington state has been a successful entrepreneur throughout Northern California. He now lives in Roseville, California and is working on starting a new technology company there. He is known for his community involvement and his willingness to give back to his neighbors to improve their safety and help provide services if needed. He is very well respected in the area.

George Spillman Washington Former Army Ranger George Spillman was based in Washington and is one of the few to serve in the US Military as an Army Ranger, one of the most elite fighting forces in the world. In 1999, he earned a Carnegie Medal for his heroic rescue of a mother and her two children from a burning truck. All three lives were saved in the incident. Spillman has been successful upon his reentry to civilian life as well, starting and managing several companies in Northern California.

George Spillman Washington Involved in Community Sports Programs George Spillman Washington is deeply involved in community sports programs in his community of Roseville, California. He has founded and managed several small businesses throughout Northern California and loves to help kids learn and play sports. He thinks that participating in team sports, even for a few years, helps kids build character and learn lessons they would never learn in a classroom.Spillman enjoys helping his community succeed by volunteering to help people find proper continuing education programs throughout the area.

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George Spillman Washington - Successful Businessman  

George Spillman from Washington is a local entrepreneur based in Roseville, California. He has built companies throughout Northern Californi...

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