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EMS Gallery Thessaloniki, Greece 2017


EMS Gallery Thessaloniki, Greece 2017 3


The first idea of an international watercolor exhibition in Greece was conceived in 2009 in Canada, in a watercolor Symposium where I was participating. The first International Watercolor Exhitibion was realized in Thessaloniki in 2012. Thirty artists participated. Two years later, in 2014, a greater exhibition, “Watercolor International II” was held in the prestigious Gallery of Macedonian Studies in Thessaloniki and in 2016 the 3rd Edition of Watercolor International took place in Piraeus Bank Conference Center. In 2015 we organized the 1st Watercolor Salon in Thessaloniki. Now, in 2017, we have the honor of realizing the second edition, “Watercolor Salon II” with top watercolor painters, well known in their countries and all over the world. Painters from Greece, England, USA, China, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Israel, Taiwan, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Japan, France, Belgium, Italy, Russia, Slovenia, Hungary, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Canada, Ukraine, Turkey, Myanmar, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Pakistan, Bangladesh. These artists were selected so that this exhibition focuses in contemporary watercolor and watermedia through their diversity. One can find different styles and techniques in watercolors, as watercolor today includes fluid acrylics, inks, tempera, egg tempera, collage and mixed watermedia. Some of the participating artists come from countries that have a great and long tradition in watercolor. This way, we have the chance to exchange ideas and learn from each other. This time we have some invited countries to participate: Belgium (curator Catherine De Ryck), India (curator: Amit Kapoor), Thailand (curator: La Fe), Indonesia (curator: Agus Budiyanto) and Asian countries (curators: Ze Ze Lai and Jayson Yeoh). These artists selected watercolor painters and paintings from their countries and I have to thank them all for their hard work. I would like to extend my thanks to the EMS Gallery (Museum Gallery of the Society of Macedonian Studies in Thessaloniki), all the sponsors, the jurors, the people who helped in organizing the exhibition and all the participating artists. George Politis RI, AWS



It is believed that watercolor painting is the oldest form of painting dating back to cave paintings, however they have been in continuous use since the Renaissance, when they were made popular by the artist Albrecht Dürer. The medium is most commonly associated with Britain during the period extending roughly from the mid-eighteenth to the mid-nineteenth century, Golden Age of watercolor. Chinese and Japanese masters painted on silk as well as exquisite handmade paper. Their art was filled with literary allusion and calligraphy, but the primary image was typically a contemplative landscape. This characteristic anticipated what was to be a central aspect of Western watercolor traditions in later centuries and in India, Persia the opaque gouache paintings developed. Among the many 20th-century artists who produced important works in watercolor, Wassily Kandinsky, Emil Nolde, Paul Klee, Egon Schiele, and Raoul Dufy. In America, the major exponents included Charles Burchfield, Edward Hopper, Georgia O’Keeffe, Charles Demuth and John Marin. Into the 21st century, artists have taken advantage of this unique medium to create striking works of art. Above all, watercolor painting is versatile, alternately offering rich, vivid tones or soft, soothing forms. It is perhaps the most common and the “simplest” method of creation. Watercolor art began its journey with Renaissance, remaining present through the centuries to follow. Today, we know of famous watercolors artwork by great painters like William Blake, J.M.W. Turner, James Whistler, John Singer Sargent, Paul Klee, Georgia O’Keeffe, and Edward Hopper, for instance. This form of painting found its way among the avant-garde movements as well, such as Neo-Expressionism, in the oeuvre of Francesco Clemente, Gerhard Richter, Eric Fischl and Anselm Kiefer, among others. With the development of the medium’s characteristics, watercolors are now as durable and colorful as oil or acrylic paints, and apart from artists such as Andrew Wyeth, David Hockney, many contemporary painters continue to practice water color as the main or one of their interests. I am glad to be the part of this Watercolor Salon II in Thessaloniki with artists from all over the world. George Politis a well known artist, master of water color from Greece deserves all credits for this exhibition in the EMS Museum Gallery, Thessaloniki. My best wishes to all the participating artists and everyone related to this exhibition. Rathin Kanji

Rathin Kanji, a well known artist and Fulbright Scholar, was the recipient of 1st Award in the 1st Watercolor Salon of Thessaloniki (2015) and juror for the third edition of the Watercolor International Biennial of Thessaloniki (2016)


Anne Abgott (USA) Crystal with Stargazer Lilies

Shaima Adnan (Pakistan) The Cafe


Mohammad Ali (Pakistan) Awakening

Yannis Adamantides (Greece) Borders of Mind

Akira Murata (Japan) Awakening

Anders Andersson (Sweden) Backlight

Isabel Alosete (Spain) Patmos

Sheikh Afshan (Pakistan) Roots


Marie Anne Alexandre (Canada) Red Shirt II

Ashraf Anum (Pakistan) Colonial #2


Aoe Kenji (Japan) Portofino

Aood Ampawa (Thailand) Market Corner

Artorn Budseetada (Thailand) Lavaux, Switzerland

Bancha Sriwong - Rach (Thailand) Nice, France

Constantinos Balian (Greece) Life from Water

Angela Barbi (Spain) Telecom Tower, Thessaloniki


Maya Basoeki (Indonesia) Dancing in the water

Claude Carretta (France) Still Life


Michel Calembert (Belgium) Composition en ecailles

Varsha Bathia (UK) Window, Cordoba

Agus Budiyanto (Indonesia) Exotic Color #2

Eudes Correia (Portugal) Turistas

Haris Christodoulidis (Greece) Composition

Rukiye Garip (Turkey) Violet


Catherine de Ryck (Belgium) The Point of the Sleepy People, Rhue, Scotland

Andy Evansen (USA) Laoshan Fishing Boats


Agnes Geets (Belgium) Tender

Ghulam Nabi (Pakistan) Old Thatta City

Ken Goldman (USA) My Wife Stefanie

Beni Gassenbauer (Israel) Locked

Michel DT (Belgium) Moonlight Under the Horizon

Victoria Grigorieva (Ukraine) Spring in Kiev


Laurie Goldstein Warren (USA) The Blues

Franc Golob (Slovenia) Untitled


Salman Haider (Pakistan) The Tomb

Jendrawan Husada (Indonesia) Summer Morning

Fotini Hamidieli (Greece) The boy’s shoe

Huang Wen Hsiang (Taiwan) Sunlight

Eliane Joosten (Belgium) My Country

Junwei Dai (China) Corner of Paris Street


Jorda Vito Teresa (Spain) Onada Sonora

Amit Kapoor (India) Cadaques


Toshiro Kamezaki (Japan) Autumn Station

Megha Kapoor (India) Powerful Roses

Hoshino Keiko (Japan) A Watemalan Lady

Rathin Kanji (India) Dream 50% off

Olga Kharchenko (Russia) Silence n the River

Gabriele Koenigs (Germany) Stavros


Foti Kllogjeri (Greece) Blue Sunset

Ingrid Lefevre (Belgium) Waree


Chris Krupinski (USA) A Pear and Strawberries

La Fe (Thailand) Rose 29072017

Kate Lialiampidou (Greece) Fallen Homes

Lim Bee Tat (Malaysia) Bread and Butter II

Doni Libra (Indonesia) The Lady with Fan

Liu Xide (China) Girl of Hani


Aniket Mahale (India) Morning Tea

Anne Mc Cartney (Canada) Grace


Mala Maladi (Indonesia) Hopefulness

Anna Massinissa (Italy) Orange Energetic Color

Laurin Mc Cracken (USA) Double Locked

Stan Miller (USA) Noelle - Life Study

Pavlos Michailidis (Greece) Diathlasis

Mark Mehaffey (USA) Catch a Fish


Joe Miller (USA) Looks Like Home to Me

Moelyoto Karno Soetjitro (Indonesia) Five Dancers


Katerina Michou (Greece) Smash

Mong Mong Sho (Bangladesh) Song of Nature

Myint Naing (Myanmar) Yangon View

Nang (Thailand) Dream

Ines Monteiro (Portugal) Birds

Woon Lam Ng (Singapore) A sunlit morning


Barbara Nechis (USA) Moonglow 2

Ngurah Darma (Indonesia) Woman Awaiting, Bali

Ahmet Ogras (Turkey) Rainy Day in Istanbul

Nicolette La O’ (Indonesia) Journey


Ong Kim Seng (Singapore) Temple Street

Alain Page (France) Temple Khmere - Angkor - Thom

Peepo Sahashanat (Thailand) Moo

Pikulthong (Thailand) Untitled


Margareta Palm (Sweden) Peaceful Waters Flow

Richard Price (USA) Sunset


Richard Plincke (UK) Archaeologist’s Dream

Hannie Rieuwerts (Holland) Red Cat

Lana Privitera (USA) Yellow Apple

George Politis (Greece) September Morning

Sahashi Ikuko (Japan) Shine

Kanthraj N. (India) Cambodia Series


Thomas Schaller (USA) Rooftops - Lucca, Italy

Li SiYi (China) Crystal Lights


Hong Shan (China) Melody of Vienna

Vikrant Shitole (India) The Break

Karen Sioson (Philippines) Bougainvillea Series

Konstantin Sterkhov (Russia) Thorns and Petals

Andrew Smith (Malta) Maltese Church Interior During Religious Feast

Natalia Studenkova (Slovakia) Winter Angel from Kosice


Suchart Henkwamdee (Thailand) Street Life, Bangkok

Marie Theophilou (Greece) Untiled

Ali Abbas Syed (Pakistan) The Two Friends

Umi Madyanto (Indonesia) The Sea Eyes


Sandor Szikszai (Hungary) Advent

Tjitrawati Karmojono (Indonesia) Rhythm of Grace

Rainbow Tse (Hong Kong) My Country

Martine Vanparijs (Belgium) Vassiliki


Tzovanakis Dimitris (Greece) Landscape

Lorraine Dietrich (Canada) Carpe Diem


Warapol Moonbunjong (Thailand) Switzerland

Tzovanakis Ioannis (Greece) Landscape

Untoro (Indonesia) The Royal Family

Xiao Li Chang (China) Fresh series

Sandra Walker (UK) Amphorae - Crete

Ruhiye Yalgin (Turkey) Uzum


Frank Webb (USA) Fresh Air and Light

Jayson Yeoh (Malaysia) Faintly Discernible #1


Kwok Hoi Yan (Hong Kong) Irresistible Joy

Besnik Xhemaili (Kosovo) Tulip

Fu Man Yat (Hong Kong) Street Market

Khin Maung Zaw (Myanmar) Bagan under Morning Rays

Donna Zagotta (USA) Almost Home

Yulian Sodri (Indonesia) A happy day


Zhou Gang (China) Mekong River Market After Rain

Ze Ze Lai (Hong Kong) Stranger in the Night


Zhou Tianya (China) First Snow

Kiranawati Gitra (Indonesia) The Girl in the Sand

Watana Kreetong (Thailand) Cha Am, Fisherman Village, Thailand

Fabien Petillon (Belgium) Clara


Anne Abgott (USA) Yannis Adamantides (Greece) Shaima Adnan (Pakistan) Sheikh Afshan (Pakistan) Akira Murata (Japan) Anne Marie Alexandre (Canada) Mohammad Ali (Pakistan) Isabel Alosete (Spain) Aoe Kenji (Japan) Aood Ampawa (Thailand) Anders Andersson (Sweden) Ashraf Anum (Pakistan) Constantinos Balian (Greece) Bancha Sriwong - Rach (Thailand) Angela Barbi (Spain) Maya Basoeki (Indonesia) Varsha Bathia (UK) Agus Budiyanto (Indonesia) Artorn Budseetada (Thailand) Michel Calembert (Belgium) Claude Carretta (France) Haris Christodoulidis (Greece) Eudes Correia (Portugal) Lorraine Dietrich (Canada) Catherine de Ryck (Belgium) Michel DT (Belgium) Andy Evansen (USA) Beni Gassenbauer (Israel) Rukiye Garip (Turkey) Agnes Geets (Belgium) Ghulam Nabi (Thailand) Ken Goldman (USA) Laurie Goldstein Warren (USA) Franc Golob (Slovenia) Victoria Grigorieva (Ukraine) Salman Haider (Pakistan) Fotini Hamidieli (Greece) Huang Wen Hsiang (Taiwan) Jendrawan Husada (Indonesia) Eliane Joosten (Belgium) Teresa Jorda Vito (Spain) Junwei Dai (Hong Kong) Toshiro Kamezaki (Japan) Rathin Kanji (India) Amit Kapoor (India) Megha Kapoor (India) Hoshino Keiko (Japan) Olga Kharchenko (Russia) Kiranawati Gitra (Indonesia) Foti Kllogjeri (Greece) Gabriele Koenigs (Germany) Chris Krupinski (USA) La Fe (Thailand) Ingrid Lefevre (Belgium) Kate Lialiampidou (Greece) Doni Libra (Indonesia) Lim Bee Tat (Malaysia) Liu Xide (China) Anna Massinissa (Italy) Anne Mc Cartney (Canada) Laurin Mc Cracken (USA) Aniket Mahale (India) Mala Maladi (Indonesia)


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Mark Mehaffey (USA) Pavlos Michailidis (Greece) Katerina Michou (Greece) Joe Miller (USA) Stan Miller (USA) Moelyoto Karno Soetjitro (Indonesia) Mong Mong Sho (China) Ines Monteiro (Portugal) Myint Naing (Myanmar) Nang (Thailand) Barbara Nechis (USA) Woon Lam Ng (Singapore) Ngurah Darma (Indonesia) Nicolette La O’ (Indonesia) Ahmet Ogras (Turkey) Ong Kim Seng (Singapore) Alain Page (France) Margareta Palm (Sweden) Pikulthong (Thailand) Richard Plincke (UK) George Politis (Greece) Richard Price (USA) Lana Privitera (USA) Kanth Raj (India) Hannie Riewerts (Holland) Sahashi Ikuko (Japan) Peepo Sahashanat (Thailand) Thomas Schaller (USA) Hong Shan (China) Vikrant Shitole (India) Li SiYi (China) Karen Sioson (Philippines) Andrew Smith (Malta) Yulian Sodri Konstantin Sterkhov (Russia) Natalia Studenkova (Slovakia) Ali Abbas Syed (Pakistan) Sandor Szikszai (Hungary) Suchart Henkwamdee (Thailand) Marie Theophilou (Greece) Tjitrawati Karmojono (Indonesia) Rainbow Tse (Hong Kong) Tzovanakis Dimitris (Greece) Tzovanakis Ioannis (Greece) Umi Madyanto (Indonesia) Untoro (Indonesia) Martine Vanparijs (Belgium) Sandra Walker (UK) Frank Webb (USA) Warapol Moonbunjong (Thailand) Xiao Li Chang (China) Besnik Xhemaili (Kosovo) Ruhiye Yalgin (Turkey) Yan Kwok Hoi (Hong Kong) Fu Man Yat (Hong Kong) Jayson Yeoh (Malaysia) Donna Zagotta (USA) Khin Maung Zaw (Belgium) Zhou Gang (China) Zhou Tianya (China) Junwei Dai (Hong Kong) Watana Kreetong (Thailand) Fabien Petillon (Belgium)

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This catalog has been printed for the International Exhibition “Watercolor Salon II� held in November - December 2017 in EMS Gallery, Thessaloniki, Greece.

Thessaloniki Watercolor Salon II Catalog  
Thessaloniki Watercolor Salon II Catalog  

Thessaloniki Watercolor Salon II. Catalog. November - December 2017. EMS Gallery, Thessaloniki, Greece.