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Things to consider before paying for a MMORPG The subject of “pay to play” multi-player MMORPG games is one that has been kicked around often among avid gamers. Camps on both sides of the issue have raised some very valid points that newer gamers may want to consider before investing in “pay to play” online MMORPG games. Supporters of “pay to play” games will argue that premium games offer a better gaming experience through enhanced graphics, more levels, a larger variety of characters and scenarios as well as improved technical support. However, gamers on the other side of the issue claim all those paid perks can be had for free, if you just know where to look. If you still haven't made your mind up about investing in “pay to play” multi-player MMORPG games, here are some things for you to consider when deciding whether to take the paid plunge into online gaming. Is there a comparable game available for free? Some online gaming sites offer “free play” games that are very similar to the “pay to play” variety. For example, World of Warcraft (WoW) is an insanely popular subscription based multi-player MMORPG game with over twelve million subscribers. A free alternative to WoW is the increasingly popular Runes of Magic. Avid “free play” gamers claim that Runes of Magic is just the same as WoW, except without the monthly subscription fee. Checking out some websites that offer free multi-player RPG games for free alternatives to “pay to play” games is a good idea for the budget conscious gamer. Pay to Play vs Pay As You Go “Pay to play” multi-player MMORPG games offer a variety of paid perks that gamers can choose from. However, it's prudent to know what's included in the price that you pay. For instance, is a game that charges a flat rate subscription fee each month all inclusive or are there still premium items in game for purchase (such as weapons, armor etc) that are not included in the price? If so, most of the “free play” games offer premium items for purchase in game as well, but without the on-going subscription fee. By opting for the “free play” and/or “pay as you go” version of a game, players can still get premium perks without having to pay for the ones they won't use via a monthly subscription. Are you getting what you pay for? Creators of online MMORPG games have a common goal in mind – making money from a service they provide. But are they really offering anything that free multi-player MMORPG games don't? Research the games and find out what the perks are. Sometimes it happens that they aren't “perks” at all, just regurgitated features that other gaming platforms already offer for free. Read on previews & reviews of multiplayer MMORPG games online before paying for a MMO game at – a game portal for reviews & info on online MMORPG games.

Things to consider before paying for a MMORPG  

Are you a MMO game enthusiast and have to pay for playing the game? Read on the article to make sure to consider few important things before...

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