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Plants Issue

Talk to them, share your secrets with them, they are great listeners and secret keepers, I bet they love to be photographed. Plants give life to everything around, including us humans. All of them are complete artistic masterpieces, living their colorful life, without disturbing or annoying anyone around. Too many of them disappear every day by the cruel hands of human beings.

Lisa Geue Rhizopus stolonifer R. stolonifer is a threadlike mold and a heterotrophic species; it is dependant on sugar or starch for its source of carbon substances for food. It uses food matter, generally breads or soft fruits, like grapes or strawberries, as a food source for growth, nutrition and reproduction. R. stolonifer is a mass of mycelium, the vegetative filaments of the fungus, and a fruiting structure. Most of the mycelium is composed of multinucleate, rapidly growing hyphae. When the mold’s spores are released they produce more mycelium through germination. As the mold matures it begins to turn black. R. stolonifer is an agent of plant disease; it breaks down organic matter through decomposition. When kept in a moist environment, such as a piece of bread, the parasite can quickly spread within a few days. Its spores are commonly found in the air. The spores grow most rapidly at temperatures between 15°C and 30°C where they are able to germinate to their full potential.

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Credits (in alphabetical order) Aaron Gutsche

Athanasios Gatos

Ada Hamza

Atu Gelovani

Addam Karpeles

Axel Calatayud

Akasha Rabut

Benedetta Falugi

Alba Yruela

Benoit Chailleux

Alexander Osypenko

Benoit Paille

Alexis Clerc

Brian Vu

Allan Fernandes

Candice Guillaume

Ana Lobo

Carola Ferrero

Andrew Kelly

Charles Bouchaib

Ania Mokrzycka

Cheyenne Sophia

Ante Jang

Christian Werner

Damian Riehl

Ivana Karic

Derek Vincent

Jelena Markovic

Dima Nevredimov

Joao Gabriel Maracci Cardoso

Eliot Chen

Jose Gallego Robinson

Fatma Gultekin

Joshua Forth

Francesco Artibani

Julie Lansom

Goran Jovanovic

Kaska Maniak

Hollie Fernando

Kelley Smith

Holly Levey

Laina Briedis

Iden Dien

Levi Mandel

Ina Niehoff

Liam Hart

Irina Munteanu

Lina Scheynius

Lisa Geue

Mariya Ustymenko

Liza Shelestun

Marlon Geller

Luiza Potiens

Martina Kovacevic

Lukasz Wierzbowski

Matias Hinostroza

Luke Kim

Matt Casey

Malone Brandon

Matthew Bivens

Marc West

Michael Alfaro

Maria de la O Garrido

Miguel Soll

Mariam Sitchinava

Milica Kolaric

Mariana Pacho Lopez

Miranda Lehman

Marija Kovac

Monika Jorgesen

Marina Richter

Nadjezda Ocepek

Namon Eve

Ruslan Varabyou

Nastya Velychko

Samantha Murasko

Nicholas Pomeroy

Sarah Hermans

Nikita Sobolev

Sasa Stucin

Osma Harvilahti

Shiri Lee Webb

Pia Riverola

Simon Kossoff

Qeu Meparishvili

Stephanie Gonot

Rebekah Seok

Sveta Gracheva

Ricardo Passaporte

Sylvian Emmanuel P

Ricardo Sousa

Takuroh Toyama

Roco Perna

Tammy Mercure

Roma Moskalenko

Toby Harvard

Trevor Triano

Tyrone Williams

Vivian Weidmann

Winslow Laroche

Yoshinori Mizutani

Zach McCaffree

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CZE Magazine, Issue #14 (Plants) Released by an independent publisher George Nebieridze. Tbilisi, Georgia, September 2013

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