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Getting ready to complete your funding application mething that Applying for funding is so all almost all voluntary and sm However, organisations need to do. ding writing a successful fun recipe –it application is like a good ts coming depends on a few ingredien right together well. Finding the lication app funder, filling out the information properly and providing all ingredients required are the three key to a successful bid. uccessful not Many funding applications are uns like the idea, but not s doe y because the funding bod completed, doctly rrec inco is because the application simply does not uments requested are missing, or it meet the stated criteria. eliminate the Proper research and preparation will your time is that ure ens ing, possibility of this happen r chances for grant not being wasted and increase you success. need to do to reThis briefing will cover what you will tion about your search, collate and prepare informa rly with your funproject in order to communicate clea e an plet der. It will also show you how to com lication. app of application form and write a letter

e Project Preparation Step 1 : You’r The title

fund ongoing runUnfortunately, most funders do not ey into specific ning costs, preferring to put their mon time frame, cific ‘projects’, (i.e., an activity within a spe or more one e trat with a set purpose and can demons outcomes). s but also your To enable not only your stakeholder project is about, r funders to know instantly what you r and clea is choose a title for your project that a). Are self-explanatory (e.g. Village Hall Play

Be realistic

have a direct, The best projects are usually small but sidered a measurable impact which can be con that you are are gs thin nt orta success. The most imp your aims and addressing a proven need and that ect that is proj A . istic real objectives are clear and w funders that sho will ssed focu achievable, useful and d. it has been well-planned and organise Stay focused r project plan and Make sure you maintain sight of you your chances of your original aims, as this will increase ues remain clear success. Be sure you and your colleag about your goals, especially: nt? and, • Why is your project importa the money to achieve use ally • How will you specific your aims? the project and enDesignate someone to co-ordinate is. sure that everyone knows who this Also: colleagues are clear about • make sure you and yourproj ect and the who is co-ordinating the ; funding applications gated, be certain this • If certain tasks need to be dele gets underway, as is done before the planning process te time. this could slow things down and was Benefits

rested in who Remember that funders are more inte needs of your the than ect proj r will benefit from you ing these benefits group or organisation. Demonstrat of ways, the best is vital, and can be done in a variety being: Statistics

or any statistics in use surveys, census, council records is needed. your area to help prove your project when presented s claim ing fund Statistics greatly help properly with a good application.

Be specific avoid vague statements and be as spe cific as possible about why your project is needed at this time. Explain use plain language to explain who will directly benefit and how from your project. Project costs Work out a breakdown of the costs and be realistic. People sometimes think that by aski ng for less they have a better chance of being successf ul. But, if the budget does not match the aims, it just looks like it’s not costed properly. Equally, do not inflate the budget artificially. Experienced gran t assessors can always spot over budgeting. If your group does not have a financia l officer or a dedicated treasurer, it may be a good idea to seek financial advice. Your figures and cost breakdowns must be accurate (e.g. if it is for larg er sums over a period of two to three years it will hav e to account for inflation). Monitoring & Evaluation The funder will need to feel confide nt that your organisation can competently man age the project and the funds. You will have to prove this in your application or letter. One way of doin g this is by setting up a clear monitoring and eva luation system. Describe in detail how the project will be evaluated when it comes to an end. Some proj ects will be easier to evaluate than others. How will you show what you have accomplished? For exa mple, if your goal is a renewed sense of well-being in a community, try using anecdotal evid ence, such as case studies. Exit strategy Most funders will want to see a clea r exit strategy as they will not want to continue fund ing you indefinitely and will want to know that you can survive once their funding has ended. State clearly what you will do once the initial proj ect and funding comes to an end (i.e. will you look for funding elsewhere?).

Plan ahead! Allow yourself plenty of time for writ ing a funding application. Make a note of the dea dline for submissions and the ‘turnaround time ’ as these can vary greatly between funders (e.g. mon thly, twice yearly, etc.). If you are planning a big project and are applying for a larger sum of money, allow for 6-9 months. Assume nothing assume that the funder has no prio r knowledge of your group, organisation or local area . What may be obvious to you may not be obvious to the person assessing your application. Get it read get someone not associated with the project to read the application or letter when it’s finis hed. This will give you a good idea of how it read s. Type do not hand write your applications , even if the rules allow it and you think your handwr iting is very neat. It will always look more professional whe n typed neatly. Don’t rush a successful funding application take s time and effort. Don’t rush it. Make sure everything is exactly how you want it to be. If some of your answers look weak, or you nee d more statistical information, take the time to get it right as this will maximise your chance of succ ess and save time in the long run. Documents send all supporting documentation required (if asked). Funding applications can be immediately rejected if supporting documents are missing or incomplete. If sending a copy of your annual accounts or your constitution make sure they are signed and dated. Most funders will ask for your most recent bank statement, and this must be the original. Always make sure to affix corr ect postage if you are posting the application. Single or multiple funder? You may decide to apply to one fund er for the full amount or a few funders for different aspects of the project. Some funders don’t like to be the sole funder on a project, while others do. Bear in mind that you might not be successful, so it’s imp ortant to have other potential funders to apply to.

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Completing the application form Copy it ion form, and use make several copies of your applicat , the final version way these to draft your answers. This ect; (always typed) will be perf ! Read the questions, twice all the ood erst und and read make sure you’ve er; fund the ask ’t, don you questions. If ed Answer all questions ask the form. If a on n never ever leave a blank questio nisation, write orga r you question does not apply to ‘N/A’; Use the funder’s language es in the use key ‘buzzwords’ from the guidelin buster section on application, where you can; (see jarg for more ideas) Be positive rease’, ‘maximise’, use confident, active words like: ‘inc g words like:‘ ‘save’, ‘assist’, ‘decrease’ and avoid usin would’, ‘could’, ‘should’ and ‘may’; Keep focused objectives and stay focussed on your vision, aims and vincing. con and keep what you say clear, concise ation Writing a letter of applic application form dard stan no has Even when a funder they will usually and requests a letter of application, have guidelines you need to follow. ress the • find out who the correct contact is and add letter accordingly; paper, with details of the • send your letter on hea(ifded licable); app charity or company no. uld never exceed 2 sides sho It rt. • Keep your letter sho of A4; munity members such as a • Ask local prominent com or, and any other local police officer, councillors, maj community to local high standing members of the ation for the end give a reference/letter of a recomm proposed project. k this • Use factual information, and remember to bac up with statistics.

Application check list: • Project title; or • Introduction and brief history of your group organisation; osal including cost; • Summary of the project prop g why it’s important • project description – includin how it will be and how it will directly benefit users, luated, and the eva run, how it will be monitored and results you expect to achieve; • A summary of other fundrers; with contact information • be sure to finish the lette mor e information. Attach for them to contact you for r: the following documents to your lette • Project budget; . your constitution); • Governing document (e.gacco unts (or projected • The most recent annually form ed organisation). accounts if you are a new al information, Note: Some funders welcome addition s, publications, DVD like examples of past work (project ut. etc.) This is worth finding out abo In the end... form or letter for Make a copy of the final application ers send all funding applications. Not all fund ’t panic if you don acknowledgements of receipt, so ul, you can essf don’t hear from them. If you are succ making future n whe use this application as a reference ember to Rem ers. funding applications to similar fund all of d rme info thank the funder and keep them to hard be can progress. Unsuccessful funding bids the of all r afte lly accept and disappointing, especia If you are work put into the application process. the funder for tact unsuccessful, do not hesitate to con help you with to and feedback to set your mind at rest able valu n lear your next application. You could case of too a ply sim lessons. Sometimes, however, it is . ions little money and too many applicat

Further information & res ources

Funding directories Voluntary Arts England, Ireland, Scot land and Wales’ websites all have detailed funding sect ions with nation specific information. The Directory of Social Change prod uces a wide range of fundraising guides. You can brow se and order online at: ng.html Websites We would like to thank “The Voluntar y Arts Network” for assisting with some of this informa tion

National funders LANDFILL TAX CREDIT FUNDING The aim of the LTCS is to encourag of the benefits of sustainable wastee and make people aware such as recycling and the re-use of management practices, waste and to work with communities that live in the close prox imity to landfill sites in order to improve their social and The landfill tax credit scheme enab physical environments. to donate up to 6.0 per cent of theiles landfill site operators r landfill tax liability to environmental projects in return for a 90 per cent tax credit. A register of landfill operators is main & Customs at To tained by HM Revenue locate the list enter “List of Registered Landfill Site Operato rs” marks) in the search box on their web(including the speech site. ENTRUST - ENTRUST is the regulator that over the activity of all Environmental Bodies (EBs) across sees the UK and give final approval of grants. WREN - WREN - Waste Recycling Environmenta ple of an Environmental Body distribut l Limited is an examing the Landfill Tax credits of Waste Recycling Group plc throughout WRG’s operating areas. (WRG) to projects Project applications which dem rate self help, viability, sustainability and offer benefitsonst to large numbers of people receive priority for funding. BIFFAWARD - Biffaward is a multi-million pound envi ronment fund managed by the Royal Society of life Trusts, which utilises landfill tax credits donatedWild by Biffa Waste Services. In less than nine years Biffaward has awa rded £80 million to more than 1,000 environmental and across the whole of the UK and this community projects creation and upgrading of numeroufunding has enabled the s new children’s play areas. LOCAL LANDFILL COMMUNITY FUN DS This funding source has given generou environmental projects such as child sly to community and ren’s playgrounds (contact your Local Authority for furth er information).

Partnership Funding You may wish to consider Partnership Funding (often called ‘Matched’ funding). Partnership Fund National Lottery, is when you make ing, through the your grant application. This fundinga contribution to go with is available to all. AWARDS FOR ALL  www.awardsfo Awards for all is a National Lottery gran t scheme for local communities. There are different sche in the UK, offering funding up to £10, mes for each country 000 (up to £5,000 in Wales) and is open to schools. THE FOYLE FOUNDATION  www This foundation is an independent grants trust that distributes grants to UK charities who se core work is in the areas of Learning, the Arts and Hea operational in November 2001, Thelth. Since it became disbursed over £31.3M in grants. Foundation has already will fund both revenue and capital projects aimeThey d at supporting the development of learning or the Arts schools can apply for projects with . State funded Primary benefit, but must demonstrate whydirect educational funded from statutory or other fundtheir project can not be ing. If you have a PTA, friends or fundraising arm, this shou ld be the applicant on behalf of the school. THE CLORE DUFFIELD FOUNDATIO N The Foundation is a grant-making orga concentrates its support on educatio nisation that n, the arts, museum and gallery education, cultural lead ership training, health and social care and enhancing Jewish particular emphasis on supporting life, whilst placing a children, young people and society’s more vulnerable indiv projects from schools are welcome iduals. Imaginative performing rather than building. d, though funding is for COMMUNITY FUND The Co-op Group Community Fund n/ in 2007 to hundreds of local groups,donated a total of £1.2m groups, self-help organisations and projects, community charities nationwide. YOUR HERITAGE OurGrantGivingProgrammes/YourHer Your Heritage provides grants of betwitage/ een £3,000 and £50,000 to support projects that relat or national heritage of the UK. They e to the local, regional that help people to learn about, lookwelcome applications after and celebrate heritage in a fun and enjoyable way introduced new application material. In April 2008, they s and guidance for this program. Your Heritage is a rolling prog ram and there are no deadlines for applications. It is expe ceive a decision on their applicationcted an applicant will rewithin 10 weeks of receipt. They have three aims relat conservation and participation. ing to learning, THE ERNEST COOK TRUST  www The Trust provides grants that children and young people. Ther on educational needs of the board of trustees meet twice ea is no application form, but £4,000 in April and October. Grantsyear to consider grants of range from £100 - £4,000. TESCO CHARITY TRUST COMMUN ITY AWARDS These awards benefit organisations whose core work supports children’slocal to a TESCO store education, welfare and children with disabilities.

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School Play Area Funders RBS SUPERGROUNDS  www.sup munity programme com on milli £6 a is ds oun ergr RBS Sup nominate their local that allows RBS Group employees to e awards are for PriThes rd. Awa ds school for a Supergroun mary and Secondary schools. nine months to plan, Successful Supergrounds Schools have nds projects. Each grou ol scho r thei nt leme develop and imp 00. £4,0 of t gran a ives nominated school rece N THE ESMEE FAIRBURN FOUNDATIO k rg.u irn.o www.esmeefairba independent grantThis Foundation is one of the largestary interests are the UK’s Prim making foundations in the UK. environment and encultural life, education, the natural d, to participate more tage dvan disa are who abling people, strand dedicated to fully in society. They have a funding is open to Early Years, that ’, ‘New Approaches to Learning Primary and Secondary schools. GROUNDS THE JOHN LAING LONDON SCHOOLwards.htm AWARDS  Landscapes, In partnership with charity Learning this award offers cash up to £3,000,Special Educational and is open to Early Years, Primary, Needs and Secondary Schools in information, see:the Greater London area. For more ARTS COUNCIL  www.artscouncil.o drama and music, you As the Primary curriculum features e as an extension of could think about using your play spac a stage, musical ring featu aps perh s, area your teaching ect has an arts based equipment and seating. If your proj Council. Arts the theme, it’s worth contacting YOUTH SPORTS TRUST  working with the been has ent Since 2001, the Governm Youth Sport Trust to support three in primary schools phases of playground development across England. RDS THE B&Q ‘ONE PLANET LIVING’ AWA rds /awa com ive new partnership These awards support their progress , which aims to help onal Regi Bio rts with sustainability expe to help their and t prin foot them reduce their ecological rds are launched awa B&Q The e. sam the eve achi rs custome 00 and £10,000 of B&Q every January and offer between £1,0UK and Ireland that are the ss acro s tion products to organisa ance their local working on projects that aim to enhto ‘One Planet Living.’ In rn retu to them help or ity commun £5,000 combined addition, B&Q offers two awards of it innovative sciencesubm that ols cash/product to scho erstanding about the based proposals, showing a real und tackling of nce orta imp the and ent environm climate change. GROUNDWORK TRUST  www.groent regeneration charity ronm envi ing lead a is ork ndw Grou reality in many of the making sustainable development a apply for any amount can You . ities UK’s poorest commun er information between £1,000 and £100,000 for furth Street, Birmingham, wall Corn 7 85-8 e: offic d Hea act cont B3 3BY Tel: 0121 236 8565 r website). (or look for your regional office on thei ) - Learning Through Landscapes (LTL ning through Lear s serie s Note nd Grou r As part of thei ng for school raisi fund on ance guid Landscapes produce ible funds to poss of list a as grounds development, as well access this information to r orde In ly. app can ols scho h whic g Through Landscapes’, schools must be members of ‘Learnin the LTL on d aine cont are details of how to join ASDA Foundation will benefit the Support a wide range of projects that s. Funding: Varies store A ASD of ity community in the vicin events your tact Con . depending on individual case for more information. store A ASD l loca your at ator rdin co-o

Regional Funders ENGLAND ramme Children’s Play Summary of the prog tive is based on the initia Play ’s dren Chil on Our £155 milli review Getting Serious recommendations of the 2004 play play as “what children ren’s About Play, which defines child w their own ideas, in and young people do when they folloons.” reas own r thei for and their own way person to see how you Contact your local authority named lable by avai are ils deta e Thes . lved invo be may contacting BIG. Email: Telephone: 08454 102030 Textphone: 08456 021659 SPORT ENGLAND  www.sportenglan ble for developing a This government agency is responsim. Their radical new world-class community sports syste ple playing and strategy is designed to get more peo talent get to the very enjoying sport and to help those with to capitalise on the top. The new approach is designed ented by the London pres nity ortu opp ime -lifet -in-a once es, and to use its power 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Gam and succeed in sport. If part take to ple to inspire more peo significant sporting your playground plans would have grant. a for ble eligi be d coul you , efits ben FOOTBALL FOUNDATION largest sports charity The Football Foundation is the UK’s FA, Sport England and The ue, Leag ier Prem the funded by improve facilities, create the Government. Their mission is to throughout England. ities mun opportunities and build com ey to develop new or Their facilities scheme provides mon efit. These include ben ity mun com for ities improved facil s or artificial pitches and changing rooms or clubhouses, gras ects that address proj fund multi-use games areas. They education and health. social exclusion and inequalities in small grants scheme, for r thei via ey, mon ide Also, they prov icipation by both small projects that aim to increase part ball by supporting foot s root s players and volunteers in gras ities. activ new the costs associated with providing

SCOTLAND 2014 COMMUNITIES 2014 Communities is a new micro gran ts programme, offering local sports clubs, voluntar y and community organisations, community councils £300 to £1,000 to support and stim and schools grants of ulate grass roots involvement in sport and physical activ programme, Big Lottery Fund has £0.5 ity. In year one of the grants. 2014 Communities will cont million to award in the Glasgow Commonwealth Gamesinue to operate up to in 2014, but what we focus our funding on and how we deliv change based on learning leading up er our funding may to 2014. You can find out more about 2014 Com munities and the work of the Big Lottery fund in Scot land by calling 0870 240 2391 or email us at enquiries.scotland@biglotteryfund.o AWARDS FOR ALL SCOTLAND Awards for All gives groups a quick and easy way to get small Lottery grants of between £500 Projects can encourage a wide rang and £10,000. e of community, arts, sports, heritage, health, education and projects. Funds are available for activ environmental people together, improve their qual ities which bring them to take part in local activities ity of life, encourage and help groups to become well organised. call our team for advice on 0141 242 14 00 or email us at SCOTTISH RURAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME Aimed at promoting economic and RDP/LEADER community development within rural areas. Fund Action Groups (LAGs) who take deci ing is awarded by Local sions on projects which are community driven and have wide community benefit. SCOTTISH NEIGHBOURHOOD STA TISTICS This site allows you to search for stati inputting your postcode. Statistics onstics in your area by overall deprivation can be useful in crime, health and demonstrating funding need.

WALES THE AGGREGATES LEVY SUSTAIN The Aggregates Levy Sustainability ABILITY FUND Fund for Wales (the ‘Fund’) was launched on 26th June 2002 and is administered by the Welsh Assembl y Government. Applications to the Fund are assessed on a quarterly basis. The Panel com by an Advisory Panel from the following organisations: prises of representatives 1. The Welsh Assembly Government 2. The Countryside Council for Wale 3. The Welsh Local Government Assos 4. The Quarry Products Association ciation 5. The Wales Council for Voluntary Acti on. The Fund will focus on six different types of scheme. In addition, the Fund will also be available as a potential source for third party funding for the Land fill Tax Credit Scheme. Applications: Further information and grant applicat ion packs can be obtained from their web site: www .wal Contact: The Wales Sustainability Fund Unit Planning 4b Welsh Assembly Government Cathays Park Cardiff CF10 3NQ COALFIELDS REGENERATION TRU The Coalfields Regeneration Trust offeST development support to organisation rs funding and project the social and economic regenerations which contribute to areas of Wales. The Trust is currently of the former coalfield for 2003/06. For further information allocating £4.2 million contact: Maritime Offices Woodland Terrace, Maesycoed Pontypridd, CF37 1DZ PRINCE’S TRUST CYMRU  www.prin For young people and community sustainable projects. £254,430 fund ies undertaking ing allocated across Wales in 2000/01. For further informa tion contact: 2nd Floor, Baltic House Mount Stuart Square Cardiff, CF10 5FH Tel:02920 437000 WALES COUNCIL FOR VOLUNTARY ACTION Wales Council for Voluntary Action sector. It represents, campaigns for,is the voice of the third voluntary organisations, communitysupports and develops volunteering in Wales. As a funder of action and organisations WCVA has safeguardedthird sector overall funding. Available to the sect and increased the programmes that provide support or in Wales. It runs grant cultural, mental health, infrastructurfor environmental, e, community buildings, volunteering and community regenera tion causes. For further information contact: 2nd Floor, Baltic House Mount Stuart Square Cardiff, CF10 5FH Tel: 0870 6071666 THE SPORTS COUNCIL FOR WALES Provides a range of development and funding services to a variety of organisations, all geared increasing sports participation andto achieving the goals of improving standards of performance. Tel: 0845 045 0904

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Jargon Buster

nisation to represent a Accountable body - the agreed orga ers fund to hip partners funding criteria or Added value - impacts not listed in original outputs k of project spending, Audit/auditable - an external chec y. systems and accountabilit Budget - financial planning for the

life of the funding.

ort the building up of Capacity Building - measures to suppmunity to perform at com a skills and knowledge to enable its best ability . machinery/ property. Capital - spending on equipment/ charity but delivers as a Charitable aims - not registered as charity . le status from the Charitable status - received charitab . ion miss Com s Charitie Cocktail funding - a mixture of fund

ing sources.

egically deliver Co-financing - an ESF initiative to strat term unemployment long le tack to r orde in funding (usually rd partners e.g. LSC - Objective 3) using recognisable awa ect when initial proj a for Continuation funding - funding es. ceas funding may have to provide a Contributions in kind - Applicants rves or from another rese cash contribution from their own ing) “in kind” is when sponsor. A contribution (or match fund r than cash. othe is ect proj a into t inpu an applicant’s staff or volunteer de: inclu kind in s Acceptable contribution ent. ipm equ or time; or the provision of services Criteria - a set standard. h the project may have a Displacement - The extent to whic sectors or areas. ies, pan com r othe on t effec negative ways of running Eligibility - only certain activities and rding to each funding projects are classed as eligible acco programmes rules and regulations. ment Fund) - aims to ERDF (European Regional Develop al inclusion by soci and improve economic prosperity lopment and investing in projects to promote devestry into other sectors indu of ation rsific dive encourage the in areas lagging behind. ) - funds given to areas ESF (European Structural Funding pean Union. The funds Euro the by ion rivat of economic dep ons and intended to are specifically targeted at agreed regi ons. regi e thos promote the regeneration of w belo 3 & 2 1, s ctive Obje Also see s training, human ESF (European Social Fund) - fundschemes to promote resources and equal opportunities used to complement the employability (ESF funding may be 1, 2 & 3 below ERDF activities) Also see Objectives the impact and Evaluation - final report measuring ect. proj a of ess tiven effec ing for a project comes Exit Strategy - a plan for when fund ges are built upon and chan ned to an end, in order that plan s. maintained during subsequent year call for proposal to Expression of interest - a solicited spend specific funding. report on the financial Financial reporting (quarterly) - a health of a project. delivering services to Grass roots - on the ground working real people.

l corporation. Incorporation - to constitute as a lega d introduction to Letter of introduction - an unsolicite Trust/ Funder. to attract larger funds. Leverage - a small amount of money training undertaken by Lifelong Learning - Education and ing them to allow , lives r individuals throughout thei and skills. e ledg know r thei ate upd lly inua cont restrictive Business Code Limited by guarantee - bound by of Conduct. match another funder. Match funding - partial funding to lar activities/ events Milestones - pre-determined and regu to mark project progress. l/ recording of activity. Monitoring - an on-going appraisa the Priority objectives Objectives 1, 2 and 3 - Relating to s (see above), the three Fund al ctur Stru pean Euro within the 1: to promote objectives for 2000-2006 are: Objective Objective 2: to ent; lopm deve regions lagging behind in cture; and Objective 3: to stru infra r poo with ons regi ert conv education, training and support regions needing support for jobs. On track - spending as per budget. ct result of project Outcome(s) - visible change as a dire funding. the beginning, usually Outputs - tangible targets you set at . ents irem requ based on funding budgeted Over-spend - spending more than evidence of ible tang rs cato indi ance Perform d against a specific performance/ improvement measure goal. event Retrospective - cannot pay after the Revenue - spending on staff erspend Slippage - a contingency fund or und rprises with less than 250 SMEs - small and medium size ente employees shot of spending at a Spending profile (to date) - a snap given time n directly to an State Aids - If public money is give any many limits on this e Ther Aid. e Stat a is organisation, it a complex area and the because it distorts competition. It is on deals with queries Lond State Aids Policy Unit (SAPU) in project going after Sustainability - method to keep a to address ect proj of ty funding runs out or abili environmental targets Under-spend - spending less than


Unincorporated - governed by cons corporation

titution without legal

le precautions to ensure Disclaimer: We have taken reasonab Briefing is accurate. this in that the information contained d to be legally However, the document is not intende legal advice take you end mm reco We comprehensive. covered herein. ters mat the of any before taking action on

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Your Funding Guide  
Your Funding Guide  

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