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ChunYu Lee Industrial Design


VALD Industrial Design, Taiwan.

Industrial Design Intern. July 2013 • Participated in early product ideations and research. • Sketched concepts and rendered product presentation board. • Rendered 3D models to create visualization of product details

Institute for Information Industry, Taiwan. Design Assistant. June - November 2011 • Coordinated with designers to conceptualize products. • Designed posters and catalog pages for an exhibition. • Website layout design for an exhibition.


California College of the Arts

Industrial Design. September 2012 - May 2015

Vancouver Film School

3D Animation and Visual Effects. May 2009


Adobe Creative Suite: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign 3D Modeling Software: Solidworks, Rhino, Google SketchUp Animation: Softimage, Maya, Zbrush

3Drafter Minecraft X 3D Printer 4 months project

Time is of the essence.

Despite of the speed how quickly a 3D printer produces a print, users of a 3D printer request faster production speed.

Qualities from different printing profile

Qualities of a print widely rely on the profiles the prints start with. Different result of a same model could vary widely based on the oreientation on the print bed.

The first layer matters

The success rate of a print heavily relies on the first layer of the print. The print is 90% certain of a sucessful print if the first couple layers are well printed.


The majority of desktop 3D printer users print prototypes on the printer in despite of how well the printer is capable of highly finished prints.




• Intuitive 3D modeling method is as simple as picking and placing. • Gameplay is encouraging for all levels of users to start 3D modeling. • Blocky graphic style is ideal for prototype models. • Entertainment is combined with creativity.

“Notch hasn’t just built a game, He’s tricked 40 million people into learning to use a CAD program.”

Cody Sumter, Human Dynamics group at the MIT Media Lab.

Design Direction • Textured cubic boxes • Edgy fillets that form a sharp object. • Combination of matte and glossy surface • Light green and auqa green





Heating zone

Air suction tube

Air suction rack

The air suction tube performs “pick and place” mechanisms by utilizing a air suction motor built in the 3D printer. Then, the air suction rack heats up the plastic block material and assemble the blocks when they become adhesive.

Blocks of materials

Air Suction & Assembly

Air Suction Tube

“Pick and Place” system



One Stool Designed for 6 weeks project

±0 is a brand of the “just right” symbol. As the brand name suggests, their design is just right as if nothing can be taken away or added to the design.

The concept of One Stool is to design a stool that will create a visual illusion that the seating piece is floating in the air.

One Stool 12” x 12” x 18”

The design of One Stool concentrates on the harmonous hints of a stool. Details such as the double layers suggest the users to pick up the stool from the gaps.

The opening holes on the second layer of the seat piece hint the impressions of a floating layer disconnected from the first piece. However, the tiny supports inside the opening make the second layer a support piece preventing the legs from tipping.

Besides sitting, what is the other major action done to a stool? The answer is relocating the stool.

One Stool

Thread & Toast Designed for Luzhou 4 weeks project


To design and make a dish and utensil for display and consumption of one specific food item that is part of my cultural background.

Chopsticks & bowl


LuZhou, Taipei, Taiwan

CheZai Noodle Soup

Thread & Toast


Designed to serve the traditional CheZai noodle soup in Luzhou, Taipei, Taiwan. The newly designed utensil is inspired by how spaghetti in the western culture. Thread & Toast combines the Chinese spirit of tea and western dinning etiquette to create innovative and interesting method to enjoy a traditional Chinese dish.




Thread & Toast Designed for Luzhou

Thank you

George 2014 industrial design portfolio  
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