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>> BURO FOUR GOT THE BUZZ... “We worked with The MJ Group on the branding of our new offices - 21,000 sq ft in Central London. The best introduction to a graphics and print supplier that we have ever received! The level of trust that we were able to attribute to them often only comes from a supplier you have worked with for many years. Moving offices was a crucial and stressful time for us and MJ were able to rest our minds assured that no job was too big for them. The MJ Group are more than purely production they have the ability to challenge and enhance your ideas, provide creative suggestions and solutions just when you need them and incorporate the latest technology and products. Their ability to work to high standards of production and tight deadlines, whilst maintaining a calm and personable approach is truly admirable. We could not recommend them enough and continue to use them for creative corporate solutions.“

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WARNING! WARNING! Recent studies have revealed that The MJ Group may be highly addictive. The first time user gets an instant rush from the quality and high level of service. Subsequent visits stimulate brain pleasure centres resulting in a relaxed euphoria and carefree contentedness. The “user” loses the will to carp and complain, finds anger difficult and affects a beatific smile even when provoked. It’s sad. But the late stage of the syndrome is the most piteous. When away from MJ, the “users” (or “clients” as they like to be called) hand constantly twitches toward the telephone, an unwilled impulse to make a call or to return to the source of the pleasure. Victims have been known to turn up on the doorstep of MJ, whimpering and clutching a package, hoping to be taken for what they always claim is “just one more project”.

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Puma The British Library Buro Four Vitra ISG Knoll The British Museum Britain’s Got More Talent Corporation of London Girl Guiding


MJ’s addictive formula is made up of Environmental Graphics, Design, Exhibition Displays, Book Binding, Pitch & Proposals, Print, Digital Reprographics and Cardboard Engineering. 8



Elisia Gallone Buro Four 10

In spite of La Senza’s incessant supply of quality and fashionable foundations they believe they impart to the mid – market sector, Mintel explains how the fear of destitution after the economic downturn has compelled consumers to miserly fasten their pockets on leisure goods. This lifestyle attitude has created a huge impact on La Senza and the lingerie market entirely. La Senza’s profit/loss margin in 2008 went down -64%, and within 2009 -108%, putting the company in financial crisis, explained on Nexus. Lion’s Capital has seized nearly half of La Senza’s loss to keep the company running in hopes to gain more market attention and profit.

lost the passion for purchase, and is now being bought less frequently. Subsequently, La Senza’s perception as a brand has changed amongst its competitors, with primary research indicating its turn from their previous outlook of ‘comfortable’, ‘romantic’ and ‘sensual’, to being perceived as trendy’ and ‘more for youngsters’, demolishing their main brand values. The public understanding of the brand has been compromised and the desire for lingerie has declined, engulfed by the constant accountability of subsiding expenses.

Current situation.

As Britain pervades with unemployment, loss of capital, and uncertainty to what the future prevails, Mintel illustrates how consumers are wisely adopting to constrained lifestyles, segregating the essentials with dispensable choices. Lingerie, which once was acquired through impulse and fervency, has

Meet the Savvy Saver

Our Audience. Underwear is about intimacy, about touching. Silk next to the skin can remind us that there is more to life than standing in the rain waiting for the bus. – Linda Grant, The Telegraph

New British liabilities to assess expenses are further examined by Rosie Murray – West, in The Telegraph February 2011 quoting that, ‘people get a buzz out of saving money and it has become more socially acceptable’. There are over 2.4 million discount seekers found every single day, of which half are involved in shopping for clothes. A number of circumstances, the downturn, the rise of the Internet bringing a cheaper international market to the U.K, and a culture of thriftiness conceive this manner towards control.

Trendsetter Article in Mintel 2011 report confirms the new wave, indicating that in 2010, 43% of Britons have been saving on emergency funds, compared to the 28% in 2009. However, despite this stipulation, British women were first in the lingerie consumption market just under two years ago. Elodie Piveteau in the Lingerie Yearbook reveals how they are were at the top of ranking, closely followed by the Germans and the French, spending over ⅓rd of their fashion expenditure just on preferred night and indoor lingerie. It was even stated in primary research that lingerie created ‘a passion and admiration for oneself,’ giving women confidence, satisfaction, or simply comfort. The figures show that the undulation of purchasing under garments jovially was the optimum desire for women, however it seems that the financial trend is retaining them from it. Presently, it is bought during occasions or when travelling on holidays, but mostly to entice their partners. Women have forgotten why and how to purchase for themselves, albeit two years ago they were purchasing regularly.

Objectives. Personal PR wish to introduce La Senza’s customers to their bespoke campaign, Without Discomfort, to achieve the following defined objectives catering to repositioning the brand. a) Outshining the mood of melancholy by showing the passion in lingerie for women, and how it creates an atmosphere of content b) Diverting women’s needsled routine, and re-introducing a more desire-led panache to lingerie purchasing c) Building a sense of identity through intimates by characterizing the garments with women’s moods and personalities, illustrating the emotional connections women have with their intimates d) Strongly, and therefore vividly informing customers that the comfort women seek, La Senza offers through perfect fit, fabric and fashion e) Personalizing the La Senza experience by interacting with customers and showing that both luxury and fashion can come at an affordable price

f) Enforcing National Women’s Day as a sign of celebration of women, creating an atmosphere of gratitude and self – love, enticing women to purchase for themselves g) Reinforcing La Senza’s correct brand values of comfort and affordability to their customers, whilst maintaining their current fashionable outlook and quirky stance

The Nectar Look Book 2010 Don’t be pointless with your shopping...

The Nectar Look Book 2010 Don’t be pointless with your shopping...


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georgelangham website folio

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