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Principal’s Welcome Bring Your Job to School Day Information, advice and guidance is becoming more and more important in the world of education. It is something George Green’s has always done well: there is so much outstanding practice in the school, it is hard to keep track of it all. One stunning example of careers education and advice happened last Monday with ‘Bring Your Job to School Day’. Years 9, 10 and 11 welcomed a whole array of different people from a variety of professions into the school. We had members of the business community here such as people from Barclays, Clifford Chance and Morgan Stanley. We had members of the uniformed services such as fire men and women, police officers and ambulance workers; also television presenters, probation service workers, youth workers, retail industry workers – you name it, we probably has someone here talking about it! Each person spoke to a group of students about their work and answered the students’ questions. What is so powerful about this day is that the students get an insight into the working lives of others, real people who are doing the jobs day in, day out. The conversations bring the world of work to life and many students are inspired by what they hear and have a clearer idea of what they might like to do and indeed, what they don’t want to do which is just as important. Many thanks go to the staff who organised the day lead by Stella Bailey, one of our deputy headteachers. It really was hugely successful. The team spent many hours contacting and organising the visitors. Thanks also go to the staff in general who asked their friends and family in to support the day.

Newsletter This will be the last edition of the newsletter in this format. We are taking a look at all our communications at the moment and trying to use all the technology available to refresh our approach. The newsletter will take the form of a half termly magazine with colour photos and a modern layout. We will also be getting a new website soon so keep your eyes open for that too. I want to take the opportunity to thank all the staff and students who have contributed regularly to the newsletter to keep you informed about how well our students are doing. It only remains for me to say Happy Valentine’s day! Jill Baker


The school re-opens after the half term holiday on Monday 24 February at the usual time. Please ensure your son or daughter is in correct uniform and arrives on time.

Final Issue - 12th February 2014


Budding Shop Assistants!

On Bring Your Job to school Day students in Nurture 7 and Foundation Learning 1 had a real Retail Experience! Ann Mace from the John Lewis Department Store came in to speak about her job in the Sports and Leisure department. We learnt all about a typical day at work as well as how to sell sports shoes. The class were then practicing their customer service skills in a market style setting selling groceries. To ensure we learnt as much as we could about Retail we went to visit the food store, Waitrose at Canary Wharf. We had a tour of the store including the huge loading bay! We got to speak to various staff members working in the shop as well as look at all the lovely cakes to eat. As we were leaving the shop Robert Hendrickson from Personnel gave us some lovely muffins and drinks to take back to school with us! A big thank you to Ann Mace for coming into see us, Lisa, Kerrin, Liz and Mr Ferreira for supporting the group and Robert at Waitrose for giving us such a lovely time! Miss Moore Foundation Learning

Drama department news Performing Arts, GCSE Drama & IB Theatre Students We had an eventful evening at The Roundhouse last Thursday evening when they were part of the “Fuerzabruta” experience. More of a multimedia extravaganza than a play. The pupils all enjoyed the event and were blown away by the amazing lighting, acrobatic, physical theatre and music. A truly Brazilian sensory onslaught. Exciting Blockbuster news Casting agent Sophie Dewey popped in last week on the hunt for fresh young talent for the next Warner Brothers called ‘PAN’. The pupils below have been asked to audition and I want to wish them all the best of luck, “break a leg”. Freddie Robinson 9G Ben Hanmore 7S Charlie O’Hara 9C Alfie Burnett 7R Ben Tidy 7R Kian Knight 7R Adam Collins 7D Mason Smith 7E George Harrison 8H Michael Drew 7P Thomas Paul


Have your say!

Since I last wrote at the start of January a whole half term has whizzed by. Usually by the time the holidays come around I am feeling tired and worn out and although I am certainly looking forward to some lie-ins during half term I am also very much looking forward to reflecting on my experiences so far at George Green’s and thinking through what I can do to support and lead us on our journey to Outstanding. My main area of responsibility is linked to behaviour; last year Ofsted recognised this as Good and I have certainly seen many examples of this here and better. I have observed lessons where students have been settled and focused and behaving in a way that aids both their learning and the learning of others in the class. I have seen at break and lunchtimes real calmness and kindness, where students cooperate with and listen to each other and actively help and encourage their peers. I also know that we can do better. After half term I am setting up a Behaviour Working Party and I am incredibly lucky in that 18 members of staff have already expressed an interest in joining this. Together with staff it is vital that we also involve the voices and opinions of our students. As a Rights Respecting School there are two articles in particular from the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child that are relevant here, Article 12 – Respect for the views of the child and Article 28 – Discipline in schools must respect children’s human dignity. I would also like to extend the invitation to our parent/carers and our Governors. If any of you are interested in reviewing the successes so far and planning changes and development for our future then please do come and see me, call me or drop me an email at tjefferson@ Wishing you all a restful holiday, hoping that the rain clouds clear away and looking forward to seeing you all next half term! Ms Jefferson Deputy Headteacher

Horizon Matt Hartley It’s the last day of the summer holidays and for one group of friends that means there is only one place to be: Horizon Shopping Centre. For some it's a chance to gossip and flirt, grab a milkshake and a bargain in the sales, earn some money and catch a film. But for two sisters it’s everything they've come to resent: an image of what their future looks like. As closing time approaches a summer of resentment and frustration can no longer be contained and two sisters stand up and fight for what they believe in.

Cast Dean Bowman Charlie McElligott Bailey Pryce Alvaro Sadowski Kieran Wall Teddy Simpson Molly Rayner Clodagh Poulton - Hoare Touhid Chowdhury Lizzi Bellinger Naomi Ojomo Cinderella Kutinyu

George Greens Theatre Tuesday 4th March 5pm For Tickets See Ms Williams


IB and IBCC students Aim to Attain! As part of the IB and IBCC Y12 Aim to Attain programme, our students spent PHSE day at Barclays in Canary Wharf developing their research skills, learning how to plan a research strategy and present information. Although these skills will support them on their IB courses, it is also an essential skill for their University courses. The second part of the day involved them using the skills developed in researching different areas of University life including: funding, benefits of living on campus, how university league tables are created, and the link between University and earning potential.

Welcome to George Green’s 6th Form Business Academy... On Friday Barclays were in school and we’ve now agreed on them being our sponsor for our new look Business Academy. We are the only school to be in a partnership with Barclays and it’s going to bring more opportunities for our Level 2 and Level 3 business students including: work placements for all Level 2 students, funding for facilities and equipment for 6th Form, sponsored events and us teaching business lessons in canary wharf! Exciting times to be part of George Green’s 6th form!

Mike Wilson came to address the Year 13 IB and IBCC students to give them some tips about how to succeed in life.

Mike has worked in the financial services industry since 1963 and founded the St. James’s Place Group (a wealth management firm) with Sir Mark Weinberg in 1991. His talk was inspirational and the students left feeling motivated. His main message was to set yourself regular objectives, be competitive, and to always have a positive attitude. He managed to turn his life around following an unsuccessful beginning and continues to challenge himself. PIBS Launch: Partners in Business are employee volunteers who provide Career Academy students with one-to-one support with coursework and life skills. They act as a role model, critical friend and advisor. On Tuesday, our IBCC students had a chance to speed network with people from a range of different corporate backgrounds ranging from lawyers, bankers to journalists. This was to allow them to meet the best person to mentor them for the next 18 months as part of the PiB programme. The students are looking forward to being mentored especially as it will help them prepare for their internships in the summer.


All different, all equal, learn today, succeed tomorrow

Every Friday morning I look forward to teaching 8I. They are a class with beautiful manners, considerate ways and wonderful efforts in their learning. They are a caring group which affects their progress as a whole - if we can all work together, we can learn more which will lead to better futures for all of us. 8I complete their work, and participate in interesting discussions. Well done 8I and keep up the good work. From Miss Morris

George Green’s School Spring Concert Wednesday 26th February 2014 6.30pm in the Dining Hall TICKETS ON SALE NOW


This half –term has been a very busy time for the EAL Department. We have had a great number of students from all over the world joining us and what a credit they are proving to be to the school. We now have 55 EAL students on roll. Our Year 11s continue to work hard and Bushra Jannah is doing especially well and has gained an A in her controlled Assessment in Geography, the highest in the class, and is on a B overall in this subject. Year 10s are doing exceptionally well with Amit Sen, Tarik Tajmilur, Rifat Mahommed and Ben Roth all doing remarkable work in RE. Amit, Tarik and Rifat are on their way to making us proud in their Science lessons and tests as well. Amit has recently been entered for a Maths challenge and we await the results. Sofija Bashirova and Kiki Sung continue to do us proud with their hard work and dedication. Some of the EAL students, who have been here for longer, have also contributed greatly to the successful “settling in” of more recent arrivals. Thank you, Saykul Islam, Nahid Hassan and Rifat Mahommed for all your help. Also ,to Ira Ashia, who has been able to help other Italian students to settle in because of her good command of English, thank you. Year 8s have all settled in and are doing well, with Samuel Ola playing rugby for the school. In year 9, Ashia Aziz keeps improving and Al- Moatasem Al- Adawi and Tajmin Tajmilur are doing well in lessons. The year7s are proving to be a wonderful group of students and I know Miss Gainey is enjoying teaching them about the U.K. She and I are taking them on a trip to London on the 11th and I know their behaviour will be perfect and they will make the most of the day. I think I am the luckiest, and the proudest, teacher in the school. Miss Hoblyn.

Jack Petchey Award Winner For January 2014 Our winner for January’s award goes to Angel Starke. Angel has settled into her Foundation Learning class really well. Her communication skills have improved considerably and the whole team are very proud of her. So well done Angel and keep up the good work.

All different, all equal, learn today, succeed tomorrow


Prefect corner: ‘Well Done’ to the pupils who went on the Tower Hamlets trip. Shanab Barbar said “it was an amazing experience and when we went to Tower Hamlets I went to motor engineering were we talked about motor vehicle and we also learned about all the other GCSE engineering subjects they have”. This half term has been a great one keep up the hard work and please do attend some revision sessions. Yr11 prom committee meeting have decided to fundraise for Yr11 prom, there are 50p hot chocolates at break time, which Sindy Wade and Taylor Morgan are already doing. All year 11s should be focusing on revision and getting their passport to prom completed. Yr9 yr10 and yr11 should all be attending at least one revision session. A reminder of revision sessions Monday - Science Tuesday- Maths Wednesday- English Thursday- Option Friday – ICT

SPECIAL MENTIONS Miss Carter-Dunn would like to say well done to all of her Citizenship students. You have worked so hard this half-term! Citizenship Stars Year 7: Alex Cauchi (7P) Year 8: Reja Rafi (8M) Year 9: Rafu Chowdhury (9P) Year 11: Dannilea Murphy (11B) Year 9 and Year 11 Citizenship students must revise over halfterm. Ms Carter-Dunn will be checking that these have been done.

Great work at the Farm! On Thursday 6th February Musa Yilmaz and Tommy Downey were presented with their Jack Petchey Awards for their hard work and effort at Mudchute Farm. They were presented with their certificates by Margaret Tracey. The farm was also given £200 for the boys hard work and this is going to be spent on buying new waterproof clothing so that we don’t’ get wet when are working outside at the farm. These suits will be called “Musa suits” after Musa! Well done boys! Mr Nigel Orton Head of Foundation Learning

COMPETITION: DESIGN GEORGE GREEN’S STEM LOGO All KS3 students are invited to design a logo for the STEM club which has recently launched. STEM stands for ‘science, technology, engineering and mathematics’ so get creative and use your imagination to design something amazing! The winners logo will be used on the STEM club posters. Good luck! 6

STEM CLUB All KS3 students are invited to come along to the STEM club. Develop your skills and creativity doing fun activities that lead to a CREST award. Shortly after half term you will get the opportunity to be the first students in the school to work with the Lego Mindstorm Robots- learning to build and programme them and taking part in a national and international competition! See you on Wednesday at 3.15pm in Lab 5.

All different, all equal, learn today, succeed tomorrow


Overall Top Merit Scorers of the half term is Sakil Uddin in 8I. Well done Sakil, you have worked really hard this half term and shown amazing improvement Number of positive merit slips for the last half term: Total Average per pupil Top Merit Attendance 8T 6629 265 CJ Barth 93.5% 8R 7356 295 Samirah Begum 95.8% 8I 7689 308 Sakil Uddin 93.8% 8U 7315 293 Labonna Ali 91 % 8M 6843 253 Ishak Ali 92.4% 8P 4894 222 Emad Uddin 98.9% 8H 8442 338 Abdul MD Ullah 93.7% Year 8 motto - “A dream will always triumph over reality, once it is given the chance.” Stanislaw Lem Special Mentions this week Ms Hurley and Ms Leo would like to say, to the following students who are all on track to meet their end of year 8 targets in English and Maths and are making good progress in all other subjects. 8T Khalid Rokshana Christopher Farhana Mohima Anika Lewis Emily Libby Nadia Wafa Kamil Nahim Shanjida Aurora Chloe

8R Nazra Muhammad Taslima Sabiha Samirah Danny Ashley Jubiya Saiful Tommie Kowthar Mohammed Sealtiel Humayra Hanna Alex Fang Ling


Zarrin Nicole Tasnia Chantel Lukas Masuma Jason Safa Amani Ahlam Larry Dawud Sabrin Kirsty Faiza

8U Rafi Labonna Abdul Tahsin Owen Mohammed Fahmida Rima Chelsee Mbombo Mohammed Elizabeth Taslima Riyaad Maisha

8M Lauryn Shahana Shayeeb Shakil Syed Mahima Shannon Faiza Tohora Umar Samia Abubakar Abir Mohammed Nishitha Viet Ibrahim

8P Abdi Halima Samia Shannon Cynthia Jana Valerija Abu Luiza Deanna Emad Ekram


Annila Hamsa Jack Kalam Eren Asma Kirsty Sahel Tahmid Lauren Lauren Mohammed Fariha Sumayyah Sara

Ms Daling and Ms Bramley would like to mention… Nazra Ali for being collaborative and pushing herself out of her comfort zone. Ms Abdi and Ms Orton would like to mention… Aurora Zymberi in 8T for being PRINCIPLED on PHSE day.

George Green’s School is supporting Safer Internet Day 2014 George Green’s School is joining hundreds of other organisations across the UK in celebrating Safer Internet Day and promoting the safe and responsible use of technology. To celebrate the day, George Green’s School will be hosting lesson themed ‘Safer Internet’ as part of PSHE tutor period. Safer Internet Day 2014 is on Tuesday 11th February 2014, with the theme ‘Let’s create a better internet together’, offering the opportunity to focus on both the creative things that children and young people are doing online, as well as the role that we all play in helping to create a better internet. Jill Baker, Principal of George Green’s School said “The Internet is an amazing learning resource. It is so important that we help our young people to use it creatively but wisely. ” Safer Internet Day (SID) is organised in the UK by the UK Safer Internet Centre in February of each year to promote the safe and responsible use of online technology and mobile phones for children and young people. Safer Internet Day 2014 is on Tuesday 11th February 2014, with the theme ‘Let’s create a better internet together’. The UK Safer Internet Centre is a partnership of three leading charitable organisations, Childnet International, the South West Grid for Learning (SWGfL) and the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF). These organisations are committed to working to make a safer and better internet. All partners recognise the unparalleled opportunities the internet offers and actively encourage its positive use for social, leisure, economic and educational advancement. The partners all work towards the Childnet target; to make the Internet a great and safe place for children. The UK Safer Internet Centre is online at

All different, all equal, learn today, succeed tomorrow


MAT CORNER It has been yet another busy half term for MAT students. For year 11 and option subjects, deadlines are looming and it has been excellent to see so many MAT students using Study Hall and Study Support. I’m sure all the hard work will pay off when you open those envelopes in August! Last week, I was inundated with applications for the Brilliant Club for Year 9 and 10. There were some truly exceptional applications, which not only reminded me of the talent which we have, but also disappointed me as there were not enough places for everyone. Well done to all who applied. Remember, if you didn’t get in this year, there will be other opportunities in the future. Finally, Year 7 and Year 8, don’t forget to meet me at 7am at Reception on Thursday 13th February for your Graduation Trip. It should be an absolutely wonderful day where you will reap the rewards for all your hard work. If you have any questions about any issues to do with More Able and Talented provision at George Green’s, please contact Miriam Wright on

MAT Opportunity Calling all students interested in COMPUTER PROGRAMMING OR IT CAREER! Tower Hamlets Peer education team have developed a project in partnership with Workshare called Raspberry-Pi. The project aims to help young people between the ages of 15-19 understand the nature of coding and learn how to use a Raspberry-Pi computer. If selected, young people are required to attend 8 working sessions, and 2 employability sessions and, on completion of the course, they will receive an accredited qualification from the British Computing Standards, the Chartered Institute for IT.


Healthy Cooking Club!

When it comes to healthy cooking, there are so many wonderful foods to choose from and so many different ways to prepare food. It’s a lifelong adventure that is so much fun! The Healthy Cooking Club will teach you how to plan healthy meals and give you delicious healthy recipes.

Limited spaces available Please text “YES” along with “YOUR NAME” to our parent text line 07852 665 386 or call Charlotte on 0207 987 6032 Ext 519 Or come along to our Coffee Afternoon Friday 7th February 12.30p.m.-2p.m. To guarantee yourself a space.

Young people will also: • keep their own Raspberry-pi devices • Receive CV and Interview Skills workshops • visit top city firms in the IT industry • Have the chance to secure one of 3 threemonth paid internships with Workshare over summer 2014. If interested please contact Nahimul Islam as soon as possible on: | Telephone Number: 07944606026 to book a taster session at a local youth centre. There may be an application/interview procedure if a high volume of applications are received.  Course dates are yet to be finalised but are expected to take place between February 24th to March 25th. Deadline to sign up to these sessions is at 6.00PM on the 17th February 2014. More information regarding the course can be found on the attached document. PLEASE CONTACT MISS SURUJPAUL IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS IN RM 221!

Please come to George Green’s Reception.


All different, all equal, learn today, succeed tomorrow

Year 7 News Year 7 Form of the Half term

The form of the half term for Spring 1 is 7 Hawksbill Turtle. They have been consistently in the top 3 for merits and also high in the attendance league. They easily deserve winning the merits cup. A big well done to a fantastic form. Well done 7H! The Merits cup 7R were so very close to winning the merits cup 2 half terms in a row. However 7H has outdone them to win it this half term. A great competition. Good work 7H, 7R and 7D. Well done 7H! 1st 7H 2nd 7R

3rd 7D

Year 7 Attendance Unfortunately Year 7s half term attendance has dropped yet again. We need to start Spring 2 with a real push to get attendance up to a minimum of 95%. No form achieved 95% accept for 1. Great work 7P for showing everyone how it is done. Well done 7P Spring 1 Attendance Cup 1st 7P 95.44% 2nd 7T 94.76% 3rd 7H 94.69% 4th 7S 94.5% 5th 7O 94.32% 6th 7D 93.89% 7th 7E 91.49% 8th 7R 88.31% Year 7 attendance by term 96.65% Autumn 1 attendance 95.4% Autumn 2 attendance 93.42% Spring 1 attendance Year 7 attendance this half term 92.93% 6/01/2014 – 10/01/2014 94.78% 13/01/2014 – 17/01/2014 94.64% 20/01/2014 – 24/01/2014 90.37% 27/01/2014 – 31/01/2014 93.81% 03/02/2014 – 07/02/2014 Mentions Ms Ferner would like a special mention for 7P. They have proved to be a group that uphold all the ideals of our international school, in particular they are openminded, questioning critical thinkers. In addition to this they are genuinely supportive of each other and of me as their teacher. If I have ever had to have words with any of them about my expectations they take this in good part and very quickly come up to scratch again! Without exception they are a pleasure to teach. Mr Munck would like to mention Mehrab who has very positive influence on class. Ms McLeggan would like to say well done to 7R boys who won the netball tournament on PHSE day. Also, well done to Kianat, Bhaja and Freya who were particularly good at the rugby!!

Mr Remita would like to congratulate his four year 7 teaching groups. Each of them are very keen and always arrive at least five minutes before the start of the lesson (when lesson takes place after break time, between or after lunch), ready to work and cooperate. Ms McLeggan would like to say well done to 7.2 migrants this week. They took on the role of their characters well. Some fantastic assessments on fair trade as well! Miss Akhtar and Ms Di Fraia would like to say well donme to 7D for being a fantastic form group and well done to Rukshana and Shakil for representing the class well as secret students. Ms Kelly and Grace would like to say well done to 7S for making it half way through the school year already. You have just had a really excellent half term - with very few incidents and lots and lots of merits. (We still cannot believe that we aren’t the form with the most merits!). That said, let’s keep it up after the holidays and make sure you all do your homework!! Support those in the form that need it with their homework - you know who they are - and then we will have even fewer incidents and more merits. Next term is our time to shine. We believe in you. Well done to the year 9 football team who were brilliant on Wednesday beating Sir John Cass 6 - 2. Well done to the Year 10 boys who went and played a Futsul tournament at Bethnal Green on Thursday night. The teacher from Bethnal Green commented on how good your behaviour and attitude was. Well done to the group of year 10 boys who visited West Ham on Friday night to present in the boardroom at the club. Your pitch was excellent and you all looked really smart. Well done to year 7 pupils who despite being 4-2 down at half time put up a superb fight back and won 6-4. Mr Davies

Photographs are of Mr Davies’ GCSE PE group who were working very hard in their lesson last week.

All different, all equal, learn today, succeed tomorrow


Re- core sports kwik cricket competition.......... On Wednesday 5th February 2014, our foundation boys who entered the cricket competition and played against four other teams from the borough and won, yeah!!! Congratulations boys!!! I would like to say a big thank you to our foundation students for taking part in the competition and winning the game. The trophy is on its way and will be placed in school for everyone to see. A very big thank you goes to John and Jay for their help and effort to encourage our boys. Well done we are very proud of you all!!!!!!!! Jeffrey Nana Antwi, Musa Yilmas Quddoos Oduntan, Jordon Clement, Alex Paneyicteu, Tyrhus Robinson and Adebayo Oshilija Angela Camilleri

Year 10 West Ham United Business Enterprise Competition 07/02/14 A big well done to Kerl, Saner, Charlie Terry, Charlie Palmer, Mike and Rechae for competing against five other schools last Friday. The boys had to pitch their idea to a panel of judges at West Ham Football ground to encourage more people from Africa and American to travel to the UK to become West Ham fans. The boys really stood out and the judges commented on how really mature and smart they dressed and spoke. They really did George Green’s School proud! Well done again boys!


All different, all equal, learn today, succeed tomorrow

Newsletter 21 February 12th 2014  
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