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George Green’s School

Principals Welcome

Last Friday once again I was made a very proud Headteacher, some of our student’s were having some very special artwork displayed in an event that was hosted by the Streets of Growth Team in the HSBC Building, Canary Wharf. Unfortunately I was unable to attend myself, but many of my committed staff popped in to have a look and gave me wonderful reports on their return. I was told how professional they presented themselves during the event and how grown up they were. You are all stars, keep up the good work. Well done.

George Green’s Artists

Six of our pathway 4 students have had their hard work exhibited at the HSBC headquarters in Canary Wharf. Supported by the Streets of Growth team, the group have been working since October 2013 to produce artwork based on themes such as War and Travel. The students were given privileged access to examine artefacts in HSBC’s archives; a historical collection including staff registers and photographs, maps, passports, dairies, notebooks and paintings. The students; Courtney Linford, Elizabeth Bellinger, Renel Clarke, Iman Ahmed, Aftural Islam and Jamie Kennedy, had to work on creative techniques as well as working to a tight schedule. They also had to deliver presentations of their work and adapt it in response to feedback from clients, all vital workplace skills. Streets of Growth are working on a 3 year project with George Green’s school entitled ‘Routes to Roots’. The organisers were impressed with the efforts the students put into their work and the way they pulled together to work as a team. We are all very proud of them for their hard work and achievements and for representing the school in such a positive way.

Issue 20 - 31st January 2014


MFL Mentions

Top Merit Scorers this week in MFL Harry Bell 7P Overall –By year group Year 7-Harry Bell 7P Year 8-Hamsa Ali 8H Year 9-Ubah Abdulle 9H Year 10-Talukdar Cameron-Nessa 10C Year 11-Claudia De Almeida 11M Miss Di Fraia would like to mention Hamza Mohammed and Sabbir Ahmed for their beautiful team work when preparing for their Speaking Controlled Assessment in Spanish. Miss Abdi would like to mention her KS4 class for working so very hard on their speaking Controlled Assessment, good luck guys! Well done to Ms O’Leary›s 8.6. They are shaping up to be the best in the Year group. Everyone deserves a mention, so here goes: Hamza, Syed, Asad, Shannon, Fahim, Riyad( Great spontaneous GCSE questioning),Joe, Zakir, Ekram, Danielle, Adil, Donique ( Great accent!), Lauren, Mohammed, Anjuma, Tahir and Kamran. I also want to say Well done to my other Y8 students who come to homework club. They get their homework done in half the time and are always ready for next lesson. Dionne and I want to thank all those came to Careers in Languages. We had a great day as you can see from our photos and Dengyan San and  Fahmida Begum›s account. On Saturday morning, a group of year 10 and 9 pupils studying languages attended the University of Westminster›s annual career in languages day. Although we were off to a late start, the day was up and running with four lectures on transcreation, subtitling, translating and interpreting, from four very experienced professionals. To be frank, lectures were not the best way to start an early Saturday morning, but it was very interesting. We learnt a lot about jobs that we hadn›t really thought about before, and we realised that we could possibly have a future in languages. The job opportunities in this field are vast, we didn›t even know what transcreation was! After hearing about these jobs, we realised we underestimated how difficult these jobs really are! We then headed off to break, where there were tea, coffee and snacks provided - almost the highlight of our day! There were more lectures after that... At last it was lunch! We explored central London, the vast options of food were overwhelming! We returned to the university with a more interactive activity - learning another language! There were three different choices of what we could learn: Chinese, Arabic and Russian. These are very different from the European languages that we are so accustomed to, as we soon found out. A couple of friends and I decided to choose Russian, which we found to be a very enjoyable experience! It was a language that I had barely touched on before that day, but now I still remember a couple of phrases! We›re even considering learning the whole language in the future! After this we attended a class on interpretation. This was certainly intriguing! They took volunteers from an audience to demonstrate many different types of interpretation - which we all thought was going to be quite easy - but we found that this was not the case at all! A volunteer had to translate a problem about bunions and they soon realised that without preparation or training, they were simply unable to cope with the pressure that they were faced with. After the interpretation class, we took a translation one! They could have done with a couple more seats, I would say as we had to stand the whole time! The room itself was quite nice though, it›s nice to see how different the learning experience will be in university. We were told about the different opportunities you could have even whilst you›re studying for languages. For example if you were doing a translating course, they could organise a dummy booth at a UN conference where you translate and interpret the conference as you would as a professional! Obviously the dummy booth wasn›t hooked up to any real microphones, so no one except yourself would hear! We ended the day with an... interesting to say the least... Q&A session, then we headed off into the pouring rain and the dull ambience of central London during a storm. до свидания! (Goodbye in Russian!)


MAT CORNER Last week Year 9 and 10 MAT students and their parents and carers attended the KS4 MAT Parents’ Evening. The event was well attended and it was a pleasure to speak to so many parents and carers about their child’s future. We heard about an impressive range of opportunities that are available, both from within George Green’s School and from outside agencies. It was a particular highlight when Dr Mary Henes launched ‘The Brilliant Club’ – an opportunity for students to visit top universities and have tutorials, in small groups, with PhD students. Dr Henes commented both on the wealth of opportunities we provide for MAT students at George Green’s and the fact that students could not take the application forms, for the Brilliant Club, out of our hands quickly enough! Thank you to everyone who made this event possible. For those who have not yet applied, do not forget to get your applications for Book Club to Ms Begum. If you have any questions about any issues to do with More Able and Talented provision at George Green’s, please contact Miriam Wright on

Message from Mrs Ahmed. Well done to all of you in my 10.1 chemistry class. You all have been working extremely hard and are truly becoming a chemist. Keep up the good work. Don’t forget to continue to revise and attend revision on Mondays.

DRAMA DEPARTMENT NEWS Year 8 8T did some great devising work this week, from Jeremy Kyle to WWII the work created could not be more diverse. I look forward to the finished products. 8R stunned and amazed me last Friday with their mature and imaginative working style. Please keep it up. Performing Arts Not long till curtains up, keep learning those lines I would like you off book by next week. Naomi Ojomo keep up the comic exaggeration it really makes your character work, Kieran Wall remember to breath and take your time s l o w, Clodagh Poulton – you are doing really well, now let’s try to really bring that character to life. Ms Williams Drama club Some great comic short scenes being created, Jessica Smith as Zanni, Sara Bainiama as Doctor and Mason Smith as the 1st Actress also the tension mounted when Luiza, Cynthia and Valarija devised a dramatic break in with a twist. Hope to see the Y12 students next week. All years welcome Tuesday 3.15- 4.15 Room T4

Positive on call

Well done Year 8 boys who where playing really well at rugby Thursday morning Mr Davis wanted some pictures taken for the newsletter.


STEM competition Design A Logo/Badge


Watch out for this amazing competition to design a logo or a badge for the GGS STEM club. If your design is chosen, it will be used on STEM club T-shirts, on the GGS website, and also on badges to wear! More details to follow shortly......

Wednesday afternoon saw the launch of George Green’s new STEM club for Key Stage 3 run by Mr Butcher and Dr Glen - Snacktory Factory Students started to learn about assembly lines and to build their own conveyor belt. Even in this first club the students had to use their skills to solve problems, adapt ideas to suit machinery. They were absolutely brilliant. All the students that come along and are involved in the project will be entered for a CREST award. Members of the STEM club will be working with the robots from Lego shortly after half term and learning to build and programme them as part of the Elite Engineering Programme. If you are interested there is still time to join the club which runs on Wednesdays from 3.15pm to 4.30pm

STEM Year 9 Golders Trip

12 year 9 students went to Golders Associates a global engineering company in Algate East. After an initial presentation describing the core business, the group engaged in various aspects of engineering. The Group was set a task to redevelop and expand an existing quarry site which they took to with great enthusiasm. They met various employees who were based abroad from various locations such as Ireland and Ecuador. Students behaviour was exemplary. The impact of this trip enabled students to aspire to become engineers in their chosen career. Thank you to Miss Surujpaul for organising and to Brian James for accompanying students on this inspirational trip for our lovely year 9 students. By Miss Angela Rennie Smith


All different, all equal, learn today, succeed tomorrow

IB Information Technology Global Society (ITGS) Year 12 and 13 Bett Show

On the 23rd, we went to the BETT show at the Excel Centre. This is a show about technological innovation in education. This is significantly mapped to our work in IB ITGS, IT in education. It was a good place to find out about educational solutions. We visited an Intel presentation, learning about how google documents was used in collaboration to re-design an area that was to be re-developed. It made me realise the benefit that IT can have in school environments for teaching and learning. There was lots of things available for SEN students. The most enjoyable experience was Muksood crashing into canary wharf using motion sensors and the lego mindstorms. It was an enjoyable day. By Craig Lockyer, Eric To, Muksood Ahmed, Ali Annas (12 IB ITGS Students)

All different, all equal, learn today, succeed tomorrow


Year 7 News

Year 7 Form of the week This weeks form of the week is 7 Bottlenose Dolphin. A great showing by 7D appearing in both the merits cup and the attendance cup this week. Well Done 7D! The Merits cup We have a real battle for the merits cup this half term with regular appearances from almost all form groups. 7H, 7R and 7T are all very close at the top of the table for half term with other form groups close behind. If 7D continue on their current run they will overtake them and win the cup. Congratulations to 7R for coming top this week. 1st 7R 2nd 7D 3rd 7H Year 7 Attendance Attendance is levelling off just under 95%. That means year 7 are dropping about 1% in attendance each term. We could have less than 90% attendance half way through year 8 at this rate! My challenge to year 7 is to beat themselves. We need at least 95% in the year group. Attendance is important as this will reflect in student’s levels and GCSE grades latter in school. Though it not all doom and gloom we have some forms doing amazingly. Once again individual forms are keeping up the year 7 attendance. The top 2 are over the 97% target for individual forms and 3rd place is close by. Good work 7S, 7T and 7D. A massive well done to 7S for coming top of the table with 97.92% almost a perfect 100%. Well Done 7S! Attendance cup 1st 7S 97.92% 2nd 7T 97.08% 3rd 7D 96.52% Year 7 attendance by term 96.65% Autumn 1 attendance 95.4% Autumn 2 attendance Year 7 attendance this half term 92.93% 6/01/2014 – 10/01/2014 94.78% 13/01/2014 – 17/01/2014 94.64% 20/01/2014 – 24/01/2014 Mentions Ms Brown and Ms Kelly would like to mention Hussein Yussuf in 7S. He is a very polite, well mannered young man and is a good role model for the rest of 7S. He is always punctual and behaves impeccably during registration.  Dr Choudhury would like to welcome Hafsa, Lily, Morium, Faisal, Eva and Solomon as new members of 7T and praise them for their great start at George Green’s School. Ms Akhtar and Ms Di Fraia would like to mention the whole of 7D students for being really mature and acting like responsible adults on PSHE day. What a lovely bunch of thinking beings!!! Miss Koli would like to say a massive ‘Well done’ to 7R for being participating really well in their Graphics classes. It was brilliant teaching you all and I enjoyed every lesson. You are all amazing and keep up the hard work!


All different, all equal, learn today, succeed tomorrow

Last Fridays Staff Football! Score: GGS 4 - 0 Bow Boys.

Well done to George Greens beating arch rivals Bow Boys at the Beckham Academy. It was a great display from all staff members keeping discipline and representing the school in the highest regard. Special mention goes to the defence and Keeper for keeping a clean sheet. Goals . 1-0. Billy Gray; - 20 Yard shot into lower right-hand corner, keeper got a hand to it but couldn’t keep it out. 2-0 Mokbul Hussain; - Received a layoff from Bobby, took on two players then chipped the keeper into the same corner. 3-0 Bobby Lefold; - Assist from Billy Gray this time, cracking shot into the roof of the net, keeper had no chance. 4-0 Ben (Team Physio); - Great Lob from 18yards, left the keeper stranded!


On Tuesday I had the pleasure of attending the Y8 boys PE class. Mr Davies’ class were being coached by a Rugby specialist. Every student was participating. They formed opposing lines and when the whistle blew the attacking team moved forward passing the ball behind to each player in their advance whilst the opposing team used all their strength to stop them. Mr Bell’s class were being coached in football. Again every student took part. The defenders worked hard to protect the goal with midfield doing their best to get the ball up to the strikers. Both teams demonstrated excellent skills and sportsmanship. Well done Y8 boys. Miss Barthram

All different, all equal, learn today, succeed tomorrow


Bringing a taste of Spain to George Green’s 6th Form… On Friday, we have IB students and staff from IES Marqués de Santillana visiting George Green’s 6th Form as part of the Spanish exchange programme we are developing – they will be one of our IB Partner School’s and our Spanish speaking International Students and our IB Spanish students will be introducing them to our School. This is an exciting partnership that will encourage an exchange of cultural experiences for our IB students and develop their international mindedness.

6th Form applications Over 120 students have now applied to George Green’s 6th Form, with over 85 for the IB and IBCC programmes! Interviews will start next week – make sure you know your time and what you need to bring. Good luck Y11 – show us your outstanding interview skills!

Partners in Business launch event at George Green’s School Y12 This week we are inviting our Buisness Partners from across London into George Green’s 6th Form, to meet our IB and IBCC students in Y12 – they will be working with them through the Careers Academy programme over the next two years to prepare them for the world of work and University.

City of London Business Traineeship Programme Our Y13 IB Economics and Business and Management students are having a session this week on the funded internship programme managed by the Brokerage, that provides paid internships to students following completion of their A levels or equivalent qualifications. Just one of the many opportunities we offer through the IB and IBCC to support students in developing skills for the world of work!


All different, all equal, learn today, succeed tomorrow

Future First Year 13 Insight Day with Barclays Bank

Through our Business Academy programme with Barclays, 5 students have been successful in applying for the Insight Day with Barclays bank to develop their employability skills (like CV, interview and networking skills), and to hear about Barclays’ Retail Development Programme which is a fantastic opportunity for students who want to get a degree but are also really eager to start working! Well done to: Akhturul Islam Daniel Curry Amber Stone Rahilla Maalig Mustaq Ahmed

Year 8 TRIUMPHs Overall Top Merit Scorers of the week is Abdul Asad in 8U, this is the first time you have been top merit scorer. Well done! Number of positive merit slips for the last 7 days Total Average per pupil Top Merit Scorer Lates Attendance 8T 1211 50 Chloe Robinson 4 93% 8R 1475 58 Hanna Mohammed 8 97% 8I 1573 63 Sakil Uddin 2 – Amazing! 92% 8U 1723 69 Abdul Asad 16 94 % 8M 1457 54 Viet To 10 91% 8P 959 44 Abdul Fahim 22 – Needs to improve 94% 8H 2055 82 Armel Seri 14 94% Which form will have the highest average by Friday ? Results will be announced in assembly next week. Year 8 motto - “A dream will always triumph over reality, once it is given the chance.” Stanislaw Lem Special Mentions this week Ms Hurley and Ms Leo would like to say, Well done to all of the year 8s this week who have been showing the characteristics of the George Green’s Learner Profile. Check out the Wonderwall nominations to see who we think demonstrated these the most. Ms Dann, Mr Bell and Ms Aziz would like to mention… The excellent drama homework some of the form showed to their tutors, it was very impressive. Ms Begum and Ms Short would like to mention… Zakir Hussain in 8U for the improvement in his behaviour and attitude towards learning. Also they would like to mention Habib for always being helpful. Ms Kortun and Mr Karim would like to mention… Fahim Abdul 8P for the improvement in his behaviour during registrations. Also they would like to mention Emad, Hannah and Ekram 8P for setting a great example to the class. Ms Ahmad and Ms Akhtar would like to mention… Faiza and Jason in 8I for being wonderful. Mr Remita, and Mr Rashid would like to mention… Top Merit Halima Begum 8H for a frogtastic sense of humour. Scorer Abdul Ms Abdi and Ms Orton would like to mention… Wafa in 8T just for being herself. All different, all equal, learn today, succeed tomorrow


House News!! We have now sponsored a beautiful guide dog puppy called ‘ Cally’ !! Well done to everyone for all their hard work raising money and working hard for the House system. Pictures of Cally are on the house notice notice board! We are in the process of planning a movie night soon for years 7 and 8 to raise more money...we will update everyone via our House notice board and newsletter! Keep up the good work of getting house points/merits!


George Green’s School Spring Concert Wednesday 26th February 2014 6.30pm in the Dining Hall

All different, all equal, learn today, succeed tomorrow

Newsletter 20 January 31st 2014  
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