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George Green’s School

Principal’s Welcome Happy New Year!

I would like to wish all students, parents/carers and members of our local community a prosperous and peaceful 2014. The term has got off to a great start with all students really focused on their work – long may it continue! This term we welcome two new members of staff. Briony Bender is joining our Central Support team. Welcome Briony. We also welcome Ms Trin Jefferson who is our new Deputy Headteacher; she introduces herself below. She replaces Charles Claxton who left at the end of last term to be Principal of a new secondary academy in Silvertown, Newham. Ms Jefferson will be in charge of behaviour and inclusion. Ms Whiting, who used to do this, has moved to Mr Claxton’s old role dealing with the curriculum. We wish them both every success in their new roles. Jill Baker My name is Ms Jefferson and I am in the incredibly privileged position of being the new Deputy Headteacher at George Green’s school. I wanted to write and introduce myself so that parents and carers, as well as students, can put a face to the name and know a bit about me before we meet. I was born in Woolwich just over the river and lived in Greenwich until I was about 18 months old when my family moved out to Kent. I have always loved reading and books (currently reading ‘What I Talk About When I Talk About Running’ by Haruki Murakami) and English became my favourite subject. I completed my degree in English and Philosophy and then went on to study a PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate in Education) in English with Drama and Media Studies. I have always taught in London schools, firstly in the Borough of Westminster and then Waltham Forest. I have also always wanted to work in Tower Hamlets and once I read about George Green’s I knew that this was the Tower Hamlets School that I wanted to work within. By the time you read this I will be coming to the end of my first week and I cannot tell you how great it has been! Despite the dreadful rain and wind I have had a brilliant introduction to life here. I have taught lessons and taken assemblies, had meetings and met students. It is already clear to me that there are some outstanding young people here and that the adults who work here want all of our students to achieve to the best of their ability. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or queries and thanks to everyone who has welcomed me so warmly to George Green’s. Ms Jefferson Deputy Headteacher Issue 17 - 10th January 2014



Thank you so much to all the students and Ms Baker for looking after the animals over Xmas -they all are doing really well! All pupils are welcome to attend animal club which is held in lab 8 on Tuesday and Friday after school at 3p.m. Please see Esther for a permission slip to join. Happy New Year to all my wonderful animal clubbers!!

Bring your Job to School Day Monday 3rd of February is ‘Bring your Job’ to School’ day. Last year we had over 200 visitors with Ms Awoberu recruiting the most volunteers! This will be our third year of ‘Bring Your Job’ programme which we run as part of our students’ work experience.  We hope to make the day even more brilliant and exciting for our young people. The day will consist of volunteers coming into our school to share their expertise and experience of their chosen career. Some students will have the opportunity of visiting a variety of work places including Hair and Beauty, Construction, Creative Arts, Catering, Law and much more. So students be ready to choose your five top career choices with your form tutors next week and staff get recruiting to beat Ms Awoberu off the number one spot! Zoe Bender, Community Officer


Computing corner

Hello Year 8 Quite a few of you are asking me: what is the point of taking Computing as a GCSE? I would not need computers for what I want to do anyway. Fair comment, but are you sure that your future career does not involve computers? And even if it does not, computers are indeed EVERYWHERE. I recently came across an article about wearable computers. I was too curious, I had to look it up on the Internet. My findings are that along the Google glasses and Samsung Galaxy Gear, there might be in the future a computer weaved into the clothes you might wear. This new type of computer has a personal assistant dubbed Jarvis, similar to the voice-activated Google Now and Apple’s Siri that will assist you. It allows connection and communication. What for? For example the wearable computer can allows families to get alerts if children or elderly parents leave a specific geographic area. The wearable computer can send information to monitor a baby breathing and temperature sleeping in another room. The wearable computer will provide information to a runner about their heart rate and calories loss. Can you imagine downloading a new tee-shirt design to the shirt you are wearing right now? That is computerised clothing. That is the future. All these fantastic features will be user-friendly... if you can use them and understand the basics of computing.


Whitechapel Mission!

The Heads of House and Miss Cientanni would like to welcome all students back and hope you had a wonderful holiday and new year! Keep up the good work of getting house points/merits as every point is important! At the moment Abbey Green house is in the lead...

A massive thank you to all students and staff that donated money whilst I attempted to play my clarinet at the end of last term!!!

We will be advertising exciting house events via our notice board on level 3 and the newsletter so watch this space! Thank you to everyone that helped to raise so much money last term as we will be able to sponsor a guide dog for the blind now! Well done!!!

We would also like to thank all the staff that so kindly donated food items for the Whitechapel mission (homeless adults and children). The money and the food items are being collected ASAP and will be very much appreciated by those that are in need. Thanks again! Esther and Debbie Ferry


LRC CORNER Happy New Year to you all and a very big Welcome Back. We hope you all had a lovely peaceful break and that you managed to fit in lots of reading time. Accelerated Reading classes are back in full swing and we are looking forward to seeing you all in and out of the library changing your books, quizzing and building up lots of points. This week we have five new accelerated reading books:‘Ninja: Death Touch’ by Chris Bradford – Book level 4.2 (red) Points 1 ‘Geek Girl’ by Holly Smale – Book level 4.5 (red) Points 9 ‘The World of Norm: May require Batteries’ by Jonathan Meres – Book level 3.7 (orange) Points 4 ‘Boy Nobody’ – by Allen Zadoff Book level 3.6 (orange) Points 9 ‘Unleashed: Trick or Truth’ by Ali Sparkes Book level 6 (black) Points 7 That is it! Short and sweet for this week. Have a lovely weekend………………………and keep on reading…………….. Pat, Martine and Syed

DRAMA DEPARTMENT NEWS Performing Arts A great first week back. Well done to all of you who have been working effortlessly to learn your lines for the upcoming performance of Horizon. Naomi you have given me many enjoyable moments this week and I know your characters is going to develop more and by the performance date you will have me rolling in the aisles. Ms Williams Year 7 Commedia dell Arte has begun for all of you this week, what an exciting unit of work. I know your friends and family will all be keen to come and watch your performances in March, lots of work to be done before then and I know you are all going to do your best. Year 8 You have a challenging term ahead, lots of independent work to be done to create those devised pieces. I look forward to you all using the various practitioners skills that we have explored in your final pieces. Good luck GCSE Drama Research work has begun for your Unit 3 exam, I am sure you will all be focused and creative when the devising process begins. Have a productive day at the Half Moon on Monday and I can’t wait to see the amazing pieces you create for your exam in March. Ms Williams


All different, all equal, learn today, succeed tomorrow

5 All different, all equal, learn today, succeed tomorrow

Important message from Maths

“Calculators are part of your PFL. They need to be in every Maths lesson. This will help you get familiar with your calculator so you can use them efficiently in your exams. Please make sure you have one. If not, they will be going on sale from next week for £3.50 - Please go to the Maths office for one. Year 9 and Year 11, you have review day next week - this will be an opportunity for your parents/ guardians to get one if you do not have one already”


Overall Top Merit Scorers of the week is Shanjida Naher 8T Well done. Number of positive merit slips for the last 7 days Total Average per pupil Top Merit Scorer Lates Attendance 8T 1066 44 Shanjida Naher 3 94% 8R 712 28 Nazrin Humayra 6 92% 8I 642 26 SakilUddin 2 91% 8U 759 30 Labonna Ali 6 86 % 8M 671 25 Ibrahim Yusuf 4 88% 8P 660 30 Luiza De Almeida 9 94% 8H 897 35 Mohammed Ullah 5 87% Which form will have the highest average by Friday ? Results will be announced in assembly next week. Year 8 motto - “A dream will always triumph over reality, once it is given the chance.” Stanislaw Lem Special Mentions this week Ms Hurley and Ms Leo would like to say, well done to all of those pupils who have been achieving 3 or more merits every day this week, what an amazing achievement! We would like to welcome Samuel, Dawid and Zakariya who have all joined 8M. We would also like to welcome Mr Bell who has joined 8M as a tutor. Let’s not forget the challenge we have been set by Ms Baker, to have 3 days with no alerts. We haven’t quite reached it yet but the number of alerts we have been getting have gone down. Let’s all make a huge effort to achieve this next week. Remember we all have a part to play.


Well done to the following students for attending and working so hard in animal club (sorry if I have missed anyone!): Jamie Mccarthy Sadie Stokes Chelsea Leigh- Landerkin Bertie Tough Fadamo Ali Alex Cauchi Daniel Barrow Masumah Begum Esther Ruston


Review Day Reminder ‘Review Afternoon for years 9,11 and 13 is on Wednesday 15th January 2014. This will take place from 2pm - 6pm. School will close at 1.15pm for all year groups. It is vital every parent/carer attends the Review Afternoons as it is only by working together that we will achieve our ultimate goal - the best for your child. For IB students, this will be an opportunity to discuss your child’s January mock exams.’

All different, all equal, learn today, succeed tomorrow

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All different, all equal, learn today, succeed tomorrow


ALL PARENTS/CARERS WELCOME Island Schools working in Partnership                                              

WALKING WEDNESDAYS Starting January 22 nd 2014 9am – 10am We meet in George Greens reception and then we walk around the Island for an hour.

Come join us here at George Green’s on Wednesday Mornings and together we will get fit!


WEIGHT LOSS  PROGRAMME  FOR  PARENT/  CARERS                                    

Wednesday 10am-­‐11am  

This is  a  free  healthy  Living  Plan  supporting  the   British  Heart  Foundation  Healthier  Lifestyle   Campaign.  

Starting Wednesday  22nd  January  2014   For  more  information  please  Contact:  Charlotte  Constantinou  0207  987  6032  ext519  

Or leave  your  details  and  we’ll  get  back  to  you.   8

All different, all equal, learn today, succeed tomorrow

Newsletter 17 January 10th 2014  
Newsletter 17 January 10th 2014