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Taking Care of Man's Best Friend

It is undeniable that dogs are man's most loyal companion, try feeding a stray dog food frequently and you'll find he'll become attached to you, not only because you fed him but also because he feels that you're a friend and will not hurt him.

Apart from getting happiness and a best friend, dog's also provide you with things that would usually cost you a lot of money such as free security, instant playmate for you or your son, and they are also great as a wingman.

So, with all the advantages we get from them it only natural that we take care of them and give them the best they can get. And here's how...

Name, Clothing and Shelter That might sound like it would cost you a lot but not really, naming your dog would be very enjoyable by you and your family, and your dog too! Clothing is not really necessary, but it's nice to give them a little warmth on winter days, and shelter, well, you've already got a house, time to share it!

Food and Dental Health Feeding your dog is something, but feeding and taking care of his teeth and mouth is something better. At a young age start brushing their teeth, you can utilize the reward system so that they will not be afraid and in fact look forward to brushing their teeth. When they grow older you can use rubber toys to keep their teeth from being sharp and also clean their teeth.

Skin Lice, fleas and allergies are the worst things your get could get. So, before do anything you can to prevent it rather than treating it when it's there, prevention is always better than cure. There are plenty of dog soaps that can prevent and remove fleas and lice. Also check your dog's diet, some breeds of dogs are allergic to some food. Keeping your pet comfortable and away from various skin problems is important.

Old Age Dog's life spans are short, but they vary on different breeds, as your dog gets older so do their appetite and energy. They would sometimes get weaker, and most dogs are susceptible to having arthritis with old age. To prevent arthritis in dogs, give him a supplement of glucosamine, which is an important component in bones, ligaments and joints.

Taking care of dogs  
Taking care of dogs