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Life can take it's toll on all of us, post pregnancy symptoms, “mommy weight�, family problems and even simple day to day stressful activities. Because of this, we would tend to drop somethings to provide more attention to another. And it leads to us being in the dark when it comes to make-up trends.

Mature Skin vs Younger Skin Remember that there is a big difference between mature skin and younger skin. Younger skin tends to be smooth and tight while older skin tends to be dry and loose. So pay attention to what you buy before applying it on your skin.

Spend More Time We are all busy, but with the proper time management anything is possible, so in every break you get, try to spend more time learning about your current appearance and while you're at it, wash and moisturize.

Light Application Being older does not mean we need to apply more make-up to look younger, in fact it is the opposite. Everybody knows we're old, and we have to accept that. What we need to do is make ourselves presentable, create an image of wisdom that comes with old age. It's not about the degree of make-up but what make-up we choose.

Colors Make-up companies usually release a batch of new make-up on a seasonal basis, and like it or not, most of it is not geared towards the older consumers. So opt for more natural colors like bronze and avoid those overly vibrant colors which will have the opposite effect instead.

Carry It and Flaunt It Being old is nothing to be ashamed of, it should be worn over our heads like a crown. It is a reminder that we have been through a lot and yet we are still able to look dashingly gorgeous. So be proud of it, nothing brings out the beauty in a woman like confidence.

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Keeping up with make up  
Keeping up with make up