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SPONSOR’S OVERVIEW Philippine International Balloon Festival 2014 Philippine International Balloon Festival 2014 is one of the most awaited events yearly. This time around, in cooperation with Aircom Philippines Inc; as one of the media partner in the upcoming event, it will be much exciting as ever before! This is one of the biggest international events in Luzon covering the nations’ tourism advocacy and at the same time will feature the local government’s development programs, different government agencies, private sectors such as resorts, hotels, airlines, travel agencies, restaurants, real estate companies, telecommunication companies, franchise associations to socio civic organizations in effect inspiring other to emulate and looking forward to a spill over from influx of tourist, both foreign and local with estimated attendance daily of 66,000-100,000 tourist per day. It will still be a 4-day event on April 10-13, 2014 where hot air balloon flights are expected to fly out at 5:00 am. Other activities for the event include night glow, wakeboarding, kite flying, live bands, street dancing, cultural presentation, arts and crafts demonstration, cook-off competition, as well as a car show. Our Unmanned AIRSHIP, FIRE BIRD, SKYVIEW and SMART COPTER will be one of the Highlight during the Opening Ceremony up to closing Ceremony of the event. We will be available to perform an outdoor advertising for several interested companies during the event. This will also be an opportunity for us to create a unique advertising campaign using our smart copter for aerial videos We are pleased to invite your company to fill up a sponsorship slots available! Thank you! Mr. Eugene SH. LEE Regional Manager

Dear Sir/ Madam: Greetings!

Our company, AIRSHIP Communication Philippines Inc., would like to submit this letter of intent to invite you to become our major sponsor during the Philippine International Balloon Festival 2014. Your company’s advertising message will be HIGHLIGHTED during the event using our Outdoor Airship. We will be providing your company a unique outdoor advertising campaign that will really create a buzz for your push products this year. Our services lends itself so well to your type of business and we would appreciate having an opportunity to speak with you or one of your representatives about how we can help with your Advertising Campaign this year. We have unique marketing materials for your Ad campaigns and composed a team that has been carefully selected based on their individual skills and knowledge area. Our highly skilled team can successfully assist Globe Telecom achieve its objectives based on our: • Reliability • Expertise • Dedication If given the opportunity, we would deliver outstanding ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN to enable you to maximize your customer service experience to the Filipino people. Please see attachment for your review. Thank you and we look forward to supporting your company. We are eager to earn your business and assist you in achieving your objectives.

Sincerely, Francis D. Recana Marketing Manager

WHY USE BALLOON ADVERTISING? Advertising on AIRSHIP Balloon (Blimp), or whatever advertising inflatables you can think of with big banners are trendy, cheap yet easy to maintain are some of the highlighting features of it. Recent study concluded that DAR (Day after Recall) balloons are hard to beat, (Even harder for your competitor to surpass!)

The Airship Balloons are great means to publicize the product in grand openings like trade fairs, dealer sales, festivals and other occasions. Day and Night Advertising:  They fly up in the clean blue sky like skyscrapers with LED to advertise your business on the crowded market places and other rush areas during day time or night time where people doesn't really have the time to even take a glimpse of anything that is out of their track At such times, these advertising inflatables gain an advantage as they will be noticed by its uniqueness. Innovative means:  Airship advertising are relatively newer approach to advertise your business. Unlike the classical promos TV advertisements, public announcements, billboards posters, banners etc; Eye Catching nature:  Airship advertising is attractive, colorful and beautifully prepared advertisement balloons are bound to take everyone's attention passing by, thus adding up to your client-age . Increased Traffic:  Obviously we can create a “buzz” to clutch a few minutes from the public's busy schedule via your promos and you are bound to increase your business return. Easy to use:  These attractive advertising inflatables and helium balloons are very simple to use. Just fill in the air and let them fly up to the point you want to position them in sky. They will manage rest for you. Perfect reproduction of your logo:  The advanced technology facilitates you to make them of shape that resembles your product in best way. You can have them done in water bottle shapes, or cakes or anything that you would like to see them in. Further painting effects add to the fineness of the product, replicating your product faithfully. Cost Factor:

ď ś Cheapest yet the best; well these will price you least on your pockets while purchasing and maintaining them, while bringing you the customers more than any other media can.

Easy to maintain:  By following simple steps of caring and maintaining them, these advertising inflatables can serve you for around 2 to 5 years. Just take care of weather conditions a bit, keep them washed and they will work for more than the time you can think of.

Still doubting the efficacy of the advertising balloons, advertising blimps, helium balloons and other advertising inflatables; well give the above points one more look!! According to the survey:  90% of those questioned in a recent survey comment on and discussed balloon advertising they see.  Of those that observe billboards only 33% mention them.  Bus/Public Transit Advertising received only 22%.  Over 50% of the respondents stop and watch a balloon in flight.  Approximately 1/3rd of the people will snap a photo.  15% of the people will follow it to see where the Balloon goes.  A balloon provides strong local and regional community support gathering people attracted by the aerostat.  Besides the attention of thousands of people focused on them, balloons will often generate free publicity by other media coverage.  Noticability exists among both male and female aged 18 thru 34 and the 35 plus age groups.

ďƒź Only 4% of surveyed respondents could not name 3 balloons while 100% could name at least two. ďƒź Remember, anyone can buy a client lunch or dinner! A balloon flight will be

remembered and talked about for rest of their lives!



Indoor Venue (Day and Night Rates) Price: Specifications: Inclusions:


Php 50,000 (EVAT exclusive) A/C03 length 3.9m/ height 1.6m Standard Package Ad banner (2.3mx0.9m) or sticker LED light 3 hours Advertisement duration

Price: P100, 000 (EVAT Exclusive) Outdoor (Day Rate) Specifications: Firebird (1 unit) Inclusions: Standard Package Price: Php 100,000 (EVAT exclusive) with special LED Light effects Specifications: A/C09 Controller/Technician Length 10m/ height 2.7m 5 minutes duration Inclusions: Standard Package Unit delivery and Set up Ad banner (5.5x1.8m) 3 hours advertisement duration Price: 160,000 (EVAT Exclusive) Specifications: Firebird (2 units) Outdoor (Night Rate) Inclusions: Standard Package with special LED Light effects Price Php 120,000 (EVAT exclusive) Controller/Technician Inclusions: 2 hours Advertisement duration 5 minutes duration LED light effects Unit delivery and Set up Optional additional LED Logo 20,000+

*Customized Unit is made to order (Tax not included)


Php 300,000


A/C09 Length 10m/ Height 2.7m SPECIAL OFFER Ad banner (5.5x1.8m) LED light effects Event Schedule (April 10, 11, 12, 13) Day and Night Time advertisement Maximum of 3 hours




2 meter x 4 meter


Each Balloon has three banner


2,000$ per banner


Who we are? Airship Communication started in South Korea to design, build and operate specialised remote-controlled indoor/outdoor unmanned airship for use in advertising, crowd entertainment, surveillance, photography and videography which was now considered as ABOVE THE LINE but cost effective ways to promote products or brand at any event. 1988

- It was highly recognized by global market as the first unmanned airship advertisement in the world. - Unmanned Airship was chosen to promote the Olympic torch relay in Pusan - Seoul including the over heading activity flight in Olympic Stadium, grand opening and closing remarks flight formation ceremonies. -Took aerial photo and video coverage in Paralympics opening and closing ceremony.

1993 2000 2002 2007 2010 2013

– Korea Aerospace Research Institute supports the development of a 22 meter world’s first unmanned airship and 13 meter customized (UFO type) and successfully operated during Daejeon Expo. - ASEM(Asia-Europe Meeting) Secret Service Security supported Aerial video. - Flying and Aerial Photography was recognized in Japan and Korea World cup. – Eco- Friendly Electric Airship was develop. – Fire bird initial operation. – Business expansion in the Philippines

We focused mainly to BIG companies here in the Philippine as we are offering unique advertising concept, quality, safety and values accessible to all. We are recognized as a quality conscious organization that has been continuously attracting large number of customers and partners. Our network has expanded from here to the reality of each company, where we are one of the leading technology providers in the Philippines. MISSION The mission of the Airship Communication Philippines Inc is to provide companies with the highest level of Outdoor-Indoor Advertising Campaign. We exist to attract and maintain customers. When we adhere to this maxim, everything else will fall into place. Our products and services will exceed the expectations of our customers. VISION We intend to provide our customers with the best indoor-outdoor advertising materials from beginning to end, with a unique technology available just a phone call away, affordable, and safety performance.

KEYPOINT ADVANTAGE It’s amazing; they moved within the event vicinity to create attention to peoples mind, creating a unique impact and eventually create brand recognition. Airship Balloon Advertising is an excellent promotional medium for it has advantages such as: •

New concepts in advertising always make a “BUZZ” to generate attention.

Dynamic and unique marketing materials moving around the event area can reach large number of audience and make an opportunity to target potential clients.

Generating media value through print, TV, radio, internet that enhanced audience reach.

Aerial Filming can capture views wide and clear, used for major sporting and cultural events.

Live filming of major events generates huge media value for advertisers

It can increase sales due to their formidable ability to generate brand awareness and recall.

Our Airships are unmanned and controlled by our professional staff on the ground. He can safely fly the airships almost anywhere with the right conditions, and have combined thousands of hours experience operating at very diverse location. LATEST EVENTS HANDLED EVENT





Convention in the Philippines


SMX Aura, Philippines

October 5, 2013

NBA Global Games, Philippines


Mall of Asia Arena

October 10, 2013

Wedding Celebration


Century Park Hotel

October 15, 2013

Racing Event


Carmona, Cavite

November 15, 2013

Ms. Teen Pasay


Cuneta Astrodome

November 27, 2013

Santa Run (Toby’s Sports)


Roxas Blvd. Pasay City

December 14, 2013

New Year Countdown 2014

FIREBIRD (two units)

Mall of Asia by the Bay

December 20, 21, 25,31, 2013

Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year Ads


Roxas Blvd. Manila

January 16-25, 2014

Wedding Proposal


Guguinto, Bulacan

January 26, 2014

Wedding Celebration SKYVIEW Tagaytay February 13, 2014 FIREBIRD

Calaruega, Hacienda Isabella

Phil. In’tl Pyromusical Competition OUTDOOR AIRSHIP

Mall of Asia by the Bay

February 15, 2014


FIREBIRD (two units)

Mall of Asia by the Bay

February 15, 2014

Worldbex Convention


World Trade Center Mla. March 12-16, 2014

(Contract signed)


Phil. Int’l Pyro Musical Competition FIREBIRD (two units)

Mall of Asia by the Bay

March 22, 2014

Mall of Asia Arena

April 4-6 2014

Lubao, Pampanga

April 10- 14 2014



Phil. Int’l Balloon Festival 2014