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St Clareof Assisi Catholic Church DOWNSFIELD ROAD, CHESTER CH4 8HH

Parish Priest: Fr Martin Onuoha, mobile: 07748229598 . Tel 01244 671015, Diocese of Shrewsbury, Registered Charity 234025. Parish Website:


Psalter Week II

DEDICATION: March is dedicated to Saint Joseph. 2014 St Clare s Year of the Child Children s Liturgy: There is now Children s liturgy every Sunday during 9.30 am Mass. To facilitate this the sacristy has been refurbished so that our dedicated team of children s liturgists and helpers can get our little ones to pray, learn and laugh in more comfort. Rather than having to go across to the parish room. The team plan to make this time during the Mass interesting and exciting for the children. You can stay with your children if you wish. And do feel free to bring the babies as well (noise is not a problem).

FRIDAY REST! (Inner walk with the Lord) - with MASS, STATIONS OF THE CROSS, QUIET TIME & CONFESSIONS Please join us every Friday from 7pm. We start with the Mass, followed by the way of the Cross and a quiet time before the Lord Jesus exposed in the Blessed Sacrament, while Fr Martin will be available in the confessional to hear confessions and/or for a spiritual chat/direction until 9pm. The only exception will be the 28th, when there will be the Stations only, as Fr Martin will be away in Birmingham lecturing at Maryvale. If you could lead the stations one Friday, please add your name to the list at the back of the church. See booklets at the porch. Imagine beginning every weekend, this Lent, in the amazing Love, Peace & Joy of the Lord!

CATHOLIC ENQUIRY: Want to know more about Catholicism or just interested and have questions? A new Catholic Enquiry course ( RCIA) will begin on Saturdays starting 22nd March after the 6pm Mass. You are under no obligation if you attend. We will meet to collect a cup of tea/coffee in the parish room after Mass, and then adjourn to the presbytery. The meetings should finish about 8.30pm. Remember please to pray for special blessings on Dennis Drive. Each week the parish community is asked to pray for all in our parish area, especially for the intentions of all the residents of a particular road. This week may we please ask you to pray for God s blessings and graces on all on Dennis Drive. Next week: Johnsons Close. Weekend Masses: Saturday 6pm Sunday 9.30am 11.15am(Latin) Weekdays: Please see back page

Confessions Saturdays 5pm5.45pm and by arrangement

Children s Liturgy Sundays 9.30am In Sacristy

For Baptisms, Confirmation, Weddings and Funerals: Please call or email Fr Martin at the contacts above.

PLEASE PRAY FOR OUR SICK Bernie Ashcroft, Michael Ashcroft, Michael Baldacchino, Bep, Margaret Borrows, Joan Bullough, Jack Cannon, Rita Cannon, Andy Cowley, Helen Creaney,Emmanuelle, Erica Finn, Mary Frain, Michael Foley, William Galvin, Michelle Gentile, John Hall, Ann Hammer, Pat Harte (Hill), Kath Heffernan, Hilary, Ken Houghton., Alan Joinson, Gladys Joinson, Ann Leach, Sandra Lenel, Monica Mannion, Mary McDonough, Ann O Gorman, Rachael Owen, Polly, Rosemary Prendergast, Elizabeth Shaw, Peggy Shone, Maureen Tolefree, Freda Tyldesley, J.T, and Gaynor Whitmarsh.. LENT RETREAT. There is still one opportunity to do a One day Retreat at the Sandymount Retreat house in Crosby on Saturday 22nd March. Details are on a poster in the porch . To book a place either phone 0151 9244850 or go online to ANNIVERSARIES. Please pray for the soul of Eve Crowther whose anniversary falls about now.

Holy Father s prayer intentions for MARCH General Intention: That all cultures may respect the dignity of women. For Evangelization: That many young people may accept the Lord s invitation to consecrate their lives to proclaiming the Gospel Planned Giving Envelopes For those parishioners who have used planned giving envelopes during 2013/14, new boxes of envelopes to be used from Sunday 6th April are now available in the porch. Spare boxes are available if you have not used planned giving envelopes before and would like to do so. If you take a set of envelopes to use for the first time, please would you contact Mike Russell (659434) and let him know the envelope number you are using. Alternatively, write your details on the card at the front of the box and put the completed card with your Offertory giving in the first envelope you use. Lent Fast Day was on Friday 14 March 2014 - If you have forgotten to bring your envelope back this weekend bring it back next weekend with your offering. Gift Aid your donation if you can (The second (yellow) envelope is for you to use if you want to give regularly throughout the year with Direct Debit payments.) Alternatively, there may still be some envelopes in the porch for you to donate NOW.

OUR WEBSITE: Thankfully remembering how helpful you were in the process of upgrading our newsletter, we wish to call on us all, once again, for suggestions towards further develop-

ment and enriching of our website. We sincerely thank Dave for the great job so far. Ideas to Dave, Hugh or Jenny please.

Tea/coffee is available in the Parish Room after Saturday evening Mass and after the Sunday 9.30 am Mass. Or even before the 11.15 Mass. Tea or coffee on Sunday provided by SVP

Church Cleaning Group 3

Youth Zone EXPLORE THE CALL TO FAITH Join Bishop Mark and young people from around the Diocese to celebrate World Youth Day 2014. Who: Everyone welcome, from year 11 to those in their 20 s & 30 s. When: Palm Sunday - Sunday 13 April 2014, 2pm - 5.30pm. Where: Saint Chad s Catholic High School, Runcorn, WA7 5YH.

Why: To celebrate World Youth Day 2014, and to explore being a young Catholic today, through workshops on: New Media, Sport, Music, Youth Pilgrimage, Prayer and Praise. Excellent speakers, including Paschal Uche (Papal visit hero), and from the John Paul II Foundation for Sport, Youth 2000 leadership team, the Franciscan Sisters of the Renewal and others.

Are you new to St Clare s? We would like you to feel very much at home with us whether you are Catholic or not, and forgive us if we fail to notice a new face in our midst. We really do try.

Solemnity of St Joseph March 19th. The beloved and silent husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary. He was the earthly Guardian of Jesus

Let us taketime, in thecourseof the week, in passing, to go in and spend a moment with the Lord who is so near. (Pope Benedict XVI) Adoration 8.30-9.30 am Sundays and Wednesdays, and Friday after Mass and stations

Feast of St Patrick March 17th Patron of Ireland. As a missionary Bishop in Ireland he faced hardship and opposition, yet worked to conciliate, to evangelise and to educate local chieftains and their families he is remembered for his simplicity and pastoral care and his humble trust in God

"There is no problem, I tell you, no matter how difficult it is, that we cannot solve by the prayer of the Holy Rosary." --Sister Lucia, of the seers of Fatima

The rosary is said 20 minutes before every Mass here in St Clare s

ATTENTION ALL GIFT AID DONORS The tax year 2013/14 will be coming to an end on 5th April and the Parish will then undertake the process of claiming back the Gift Aid refunds on donations made in the tax year. If your circumstances have changed and you no longer pay income tax (or if for any other reason you do not wish to remain in the Gift Aid Scheme) please let Fr know or contact Mike Russell (659434) by 5th April, otherwise it will be assumed you have paid sufficient income tax for the Parish to reclaim Gift Aid on donations made in the tax year. MASS INTENTIONS. If you wish to have a Mass said on a particular date please try to book it well in advance. If you have booked a Mass and it has not yet appeared on the Newsletter, be patient as it will appear in due course. You can always contact Paula in the Parish Office on a Wednesday morning and she can tell you when your intention will be met so that you can be there. EASTER CHICKS. Easter isn't far away and our Easter Chicks will soon need eggs, Can you help? Donations to Judy please. Any Questions? Please see box at the back of Church. Catholic Teaching

What must I bring to a confession? Essential elements of every confession are an examination of conscience, contrition, a purpose of amendment, confession, and penance. The examination of conscience should be done thoroughly, but it can never be exhaustive. Contrition: No one can be absolved from his sin without real contrition, merely on the basis of lip-service . Contrition is a heartfelt sorrow for our sins, because by them we have offended so good a God Purpose of amendment: the resolution not to commit that sin again in the future. Confession: The penitent must declare the sin to the confessor and, thus, confess to it. Penance: The final essential element of confession is the penance that the confessor imposes on the sinner to make restitution for the harm done-YOUCAT 232 [ CCC 1450-1460; 1490-1492; 1494]

D a t e / Ti m e Sat 15/03 Mass 6.00pm Sun 16/03 8.30-9.30am Adoration Rosary / Benediction 9.30am Mass 11.15 Mass (Latin) Tue 18/03 7.00pm Mass

F e a s t / Co l o u r

Re adin gs

Offe re d Fo r

Second Sunday in Lent

Gn 12: 1-4; Ps 32; 2 Tm 1: 8-10;

David Brown (KC)

Family Fast Day Collection

Mt 17; 1-9. .

Lorenzo Mansutti Jan Rosair (KC)

Purple Ferial Purple

Is 1: 10. 16-20; Ps 49; Mt 23: 1-12.

Eileen, Gill & Wendy

Wed 19/03, 8.30am Holy Hour/Adoration 9.30am Mass

St Joseph

2 S 7: 4-5. 12-14. 16; Ps 88; Ro 4: 13.16-18.22; Mt 1: 16. 18-21. 24.

Joan Carter RIP

Fri 21/03 7.00pm , Mass followed by Stations of the Cross then exposition and & Confessions


Martha Okegbe RIP


Gn 37: 3-4.12-13.17-28; Ps 104; Mt 21:33-43. 45-46 Ex 17: 3-7; Ps 94; Rm 5: 1-2. 5-8;

Edna Carter

Third Sunday in Lent

Jn 4: 5-42

James Prendergast

Sat 22/03 Vigil Mass 6.00pm Sun 23/03: 8.30 -9.30am Adoration, Rosary Benediction 9.30am Mass 11.15 Mass (Latin)



In Thanksgiving to St Jude

OUR FIRST COMMUNION ENROLMENT MASS comes up on the 30th of this Month, a bit late this year because of changes in the school. The children will then be almost half way through their preparations. May we keep them all in our prayers. RITE OF ELECTION FOR CATECHUMENS: Please may we pray for those to be received into the Church here in our parish, and all over the diocese, this Easter. May the Lord guide and sustain their faith, and may they receive encouraging support and welcome from our parish and diocesan family. O UR PARISH PRAYER: Ab b a, Fathe r, we thank you for all the g ifts and g race s You have p oure d out on our p arish fam ily. Throug h the inte rce ssion of our p atron, St Clare , our com p ass and g uid e , g rant us the g race to ke e p our e ye s fixe d on Christ your Son, the sp otle ss m irror, and re fle ct His stre ng th, His hum ility, His p ove rty, and His love in all we d o and say. The n, unite d in that vision, and e m p owe re d b y Your Sp irit, m ay we work tog e the r for the com ing of Your King d om , until that d ay whe n you finally call us hom e . We ask this through Jesus Christ, Our Lord. Amen. St Clare pray for us.


On Tuesday Class 2 went to the Catholic High School to per f or m in t he Big Sing . We sang wit h 8 ot her pr imar y schools performing songs and dances about traditional f air y t ales. Our class per f or med a Ginger br ead Man Dance which was excellent . I t was lovely t o see so many parents come to watch. Everybody had a fantastic day

St Clare's parish Newsletter 16th march 2014  
St Clare's parish Newsletter 16th march 2014  

St Clare's Chester parish newsletter. 16th March 2014