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Career Choices- Observation Study Carla George April 2018

Career Choices- An Observation Study Carla George (Education Researcher)



April 2918

This article aims to explain how young people prepare towards making career choices involving opportunities using observational study findings.

Workplace Progression Profession Career Apprentice

1. Introduction Government emphasizes changes in the manner how apprenticeships will be delivered, and their focus is solely on employer led apprenticeships. They will be required to fund the apprenticeships using a set funding in accordance with business size and profiting. This will have enormous impact as now apprenticeships will become very competitive and the processes for learning will be in accordance with the company standards and procedures. This will have a great advantage as learning will be 100% authentic and there is no room for simulated learning activities. The assessors will be required to assess based on company’s standard and the government is encouraging further authentic assessments. 1.1 Career Options Examples of organisations that advertise newsletters and stories of success from their learners to reflect the results of our practice and including social media. The organisation overall adopts most Wenger’s approach as she expresses individuals as brokers where they are fully engaged with the process developing models and they have different approaches in developing new practices whether they are drifters, developing personal relationships or thrive on additional information and feedback to others. This is truly positive this shows that everyone has a sense of togetherness to ensure success and achievement within the organisation. There are a variety of definitions for employability paid or unpaid work or set attributes towards gaining a place of employment.

This area has been explored by A G Watts he has quoted a variety of text from S Knight and York relating to careful career planning and acquisition preparation for the world of work they also referenced interview skills as essential part of gaining employment. 1.2 Opportunities Superstition learning which involves carry acting on self-decision that goes against organisation’s practice. This type of learning is based on a success rate and targets without failure. Disadvantages of this type of learning that there are opportunities to fail this type of learning will require strategy an appropriate level of though including a great deal of selfconfidence. Organisations will allow for this regardless of their present situations it’s all about risk taking and in an ICT environment this is how you learn when constructing modern technologies. There are no mundane methods when constructing software or hardware you should find out what components work to develop a robust system. 1.3 Findings Below I carried a research into the process of how the business project was carried out from start to completion. Duties Marketing involved organising table clothes, crates certificates, selling tactics and advertising boards. Distribution of questionnaires to oversee customer’s requirements regarding their products. To deal with product buying records and singles, updating social website Facebook and Instagram including photographs to print.

Other duties including ordering bubble wrap and list of all Christmas fares and craft fairs close to the area, so they can sell their products. All information on finance are updated on charts. They also discussed between themselves regarding Christmas events at Caradus and Godstowe School, so they asked one another who lives close by to the areas, so they divided themselves in a group 8 that live close to the areas and discussed transportation they will either travel by train or close family members to take them. They also in the process of setting up their business accounts they need a signature from an adult to address this then HSBC bank will carry out their request. The group leader was very assertive and took a strong leadership role in directing her team and delegating the tasks that needed to be carried out. She also addresses behaviour issues such as mobile phones and talking during the meeting but overall the group was interacting and bringing ideas on board. The group developed a website using website everyone in agreed that the website should be published for customer awareness. They have also planned to carryout selling of products at Tulan Primary School on 10 Dec 16 between 1214.00 they need between 2-3 participants they also discussed transportation to the school their parents want list of those who are going to attend for this matter. Other Fare on the same date will be at Hanwell School and Godstowe School they will take marketing notes at the fares so that they will report all activities on the next session. Overall good delegation but the coordinator needs to be aware of some those that are not participating need to change the table seating so where everyone is faced together to reduce distractions and encourage more focus.

1.4 Summary Learning from this study schools and establishments are implementing the necessary tools in place to prepare young learners towards making the right career decisions. This an area that needs further developing and needs to be explored further. REFERENCES

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Observation study into preparation for young learners making the right career choices.


Observation study into preparation for young learners making the right career choices.