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about us Band Hatton Button (incorporating Varley Hibbs) LLP has come into being as a result of the merger in spring 2013 of three of Coventry’s leading law firms, Varley Hibbs, Button Legal and Band Hatton, and can trace its roots through these firms back to 1896.

Our reputation for excellence in client care is underlined by our internationally recognised ISO Quality Standard accreditation, demonstrating thoroughness, accuracy and efficiency in the advice we provide and the way in which we carry out our work.

The firm works with businesses and individual clients across Coventry and Warwickshire, regionally, nationally and beyond and, through its predecessors has a well established reputation for providing service excellence to all clients.

We are consistently commended in the Legal 500, which recognises the top law firms in England and Wales, and our range of skills is further enhanced by our membership of Lawnet - one of the leading national groups of more than 70 independent law firms throughout the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

Our team of lawyers has extensive experience, which enables us to provide specialist advice to our business and individual clients. We specialise in a wide range of legal services and place great emphasis on the importance of communication, accessibility and responsiveness, and of building a strong personal relationship between Solicitor and client. We are always genuinely concerned for, and committed to, the best interest of our clients, and are conscious of the need for our advice to be not only technically accurate, but also practical, taking account of the wider commercial realities. We appreciate that our clients are looking for legal solutions.

Our established relationship with leading London law firms, and our membership of Lawnet’s sister European Group, also gives us and our clients access to resources incomparably stronger than many other firms in our region. We are conveniently based at the heart of the national motorway network with easy vehicle access and good car parking facilities, a short walking distance from Coventry Railway Station and within a few miles of Birmingham International Airport.

corporate & commercial services Band Hatton Button’s wide range of commercial clients ranges from sole traders and partnerships, through small and medium-sized companies, to large public companies and other similar organisations. We understand that, in a competitive world, businesses of all sizes need to have access to the highest standard of legal advice, delivered promptly and without jargon in order to enable them to form their own decisions. Company & Corporate We advise on a diverse range of issues including: • Shareholders rights and agreements • Business transfers or sale and purchase of assets • Mergers and acquisitions • Management buy-outs • Corporate reconstruction and refinancing • Company formation and restructuring • Compliance and governance • Company secretarial and administration • Directors duties and liabilities

Business Issues We understand businesses evolve on a daily basis and, in a changing environment, relationships with suppliers, customers, regulators and other stakeholders need to be carefully managed to ensure success.

Intellectual Property Protecting intellectual property rights (IPR) and investments in design and development can seem like a complicated task but it is as crucial as protecting any other significant company asset.

Band Hatton Button is able to advise on a wide variety of matters where businesses need to protect relationships and assets. We can also help to negotiate, draft and implement: •C  ommercial contracts - including agency, distribution, franchise, joint venture and consultancy contracts • Licensing agreements • Partnership agreements • Finance leasing agreements • Terms of trading • Joint ventures and similar arrangements

Band Hatton Button can help organisations understand intellectual property rights, which are often crucial to understanding the value of a business.

Our lawyers advise on a wide range of intellectual property issues including: • Copyright and database rights • Trademarks and brand protection • Patent protection and exploitation • Licensing and technology transfer • Registered design and design rights • Protecting information and trade secrets • Joint ventures • Safeguarding IPR in employment matters

commercial property Our commercial property team understands the necessity for cost-effective, pragmatic commercial advice. We have many years experience in dealing with all types of property transactions, from small leases of office or retail space to high value and complex multimillion pound property acquisitions or disposals. We provide a complete service in commercial conveyancing and property matters, covering a wide range of property types which include: • Offices • Industrial units • Warehousing • Shops and other retail units • Mixed use developments • Property for specialist uses • Educational establishments • Hotels •P  ublic houses, off-licences and other licensed property • Agricultural property

Areas of work which our commercial property team covers include: • The purchase and sale of commercial, industrial or investment property • Leases of property for landlords or tenants • Lease renewal, rent review arrangements and licensing • Development and building agreements • Funding and financial arrangements • Security documentation • Town and country planning issues • Estate development • Environmental issues • Property litigation and building disputes • Letting and management • Construction issues • Compulsory purchase • Property issues for charitable bodies

litigation - commercial dispute resolution Commercial disputes are, unfortunately, part and parcel of the competitive business landscape and seeking early expert advice is crucial. We can work alongside businesses to try to resolve disputes quickly, cost-effectively and with minimal disruption. Where circumstances permit, we will always try to resolve disputes through negotiation, but where this proves impossible or impractical, we will litigate to try to achieve the best results for your business, and will also advise you as to alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation - we have formally trained mediators in our team.

Types of Commercial Dispute Band Hatton Button’s dispute resolution team handles a wide range of disputes including: • Landlord and tenant disputes • Business tenancy renewals • Partnership/business disputes • Shareholder disputes • Property disputes • Contractual disputes • Construction disputes • Disputes arising from acquisitions and disposals • Intellectual property issues • Debt and insolvency • Product liability issues • Professional negligence • Foreign jurisdictions

Seek Advice Businesses today operate in a complex commercial environment in which disputes can easily occur.

Preventative Medicine Seeking legal advice at the outset of any commercial arrangement can prevent problems further down the line.

Litigation is perceived as an expensive process and it can be tempting for businesses to do nothing rather than pursue a remedy.

Many disputes arise as a result of the failure to define clearly relevant obligations and responsibilities.

Alternative methods to resolving disputes such as mediation or round table meetings can be more costeffective and quicker than going to court. We will guide you through the alternatives where appropriate.

Debt Recovery Cash-flow is the lifeblood of all businesses and without it there cannot be sufficient levels of turnover and profit. Credit control and debt recovery are therefore vital tools to the success of any business.

Properly drafted documentation produced at the beginning of any commercial arrangements can avoid future misunderstanding or provide a resolution should a dispute arise. Band Hatton Button is able to offer advice on a wide range of commercial and business relationships including: • Terms of trading • Joint ventures • Property co-ownership • Commercial contracts • Acquisitions and disposals • Shareholder agreements • Franchise agreements • Engaging professional parties such as specialist counsel or insolvency practitioners

advice for employers Employees are one of the most valuable assets a business has but when things go wrong they can represent a major risk to the business. Employment law is complex and keeping up-to-date can be time consuming and difficult. As specialist employment lawyers Band Hatton Button can help ensure good practice and minimise the risk of non-compliance. We work closely with our clients to become familiar with each business to enable us to provide tailored and relevant assistance. Band Hatton Button offers a wide range of services to support employers including: Contracts & Policies We are able to advise on and draft appropriate contracts and policies which are integral to reducing potential risks for employers. Band Hatton Button is also able to ensure management and employees are familiar with the policies and procedures by assisting with appropriate training programmes. Senior employees’ contracts should be drawn up in a way which gives the employee security and motivation but are also framed to protect the employer’s business secrets, confidential information and reputation. Restrictions on the activities of a senior employee should they leave the business should be considered. Band Hatton Button can also provide advice and prepare documents in relation to severance payments which may be made to employees in return for the waiving of any potential claim against an employer. Disciplinary, Dismissal & Grievance Procedures Our Solicitors can advise you about disciplinary, dismissal and grievance procedures which you will need to conduct, from time to time. We can guide you through the procedures and prepare related documents such as warning or termination letters. We can help you minimise the risk of being exposed to unfair dismissal and other employment claims. Band Hatton Button can help employers avoid the risk of being exposed to substantial claims by helping them accurately adhere to the ACAS code of practice.

Redundancy Band Hatton Button is able to help employers follow the correct procedures relating to redundancy and avoid potentially costly mistakes. We are able to provide help and guidance from the start to the end of redundancy processes whether they be large or small scale. Discrimination, Victimisation & Harassment It is unlawful to discriminate, victimise or harass individuals because of gender, sexual orientation, marital status, gender reassignment, race, colour, nationality, natural origin, ethnic origin, disability, age, religion or belief. This area of the law presents significant risks for employers and Band Hatton Button is able to give advice and support in relation to implementing equality and diversity policies and training. We can ensure that employers have policies in place prohibiting discrimination, harassment and victimisation to minimise liability and encourage positive working relations between staff. We can also advise and represent you should allegations of discrimination, victimisation or harassment be made against your business. Buying & Selling Businesses The sale and purchase of businesses which have employees are subject to complex regulations known as the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006 (also referred to as TUPE). Employers face significant risks if they fail to follow the necessary processes correctly. Band Hatton Button is able to ensure that the relevant regulations are adhered to and assist with essential legal tasks such as prior employee consultation and employment contract issues following any sale. Settlement Agreements Sometimes employers will propose a severance package to employees in which they settle their employment claims under a settlement agreement (formerly known as a compromise agreement). At Band Hatton Button, we are experienced in drafting these agreements on behalf of employers. Tribunal & Court Representation It is not always possible to deal with employment claims by way of a settlement agreement and our solicitors are experienced in advising you throughout tribunal and court proceedings.

managing credit and recovering debts Band Hatton Button offers a tailor-made fixed fee package to provide costs based upon results. Our services are professional and ethical and we always aim to work with debtors to achieve the best possible results for our clients. The main features of the service we provide are: • Professional and ethical letters before action • Accepting and dealing with all debtor communications • Clear and prompt legal action • Enforcement • Debt recovery abroad • Progress reports • Recovery of costs, fees and interest when possible • Avoiding bad debt • Insolvency options • Defended claims service Our Service Businesses should immediately contact our debt recovery department whenever they have: • A slow or reluctant payer • A proposal for deferring the payment of a debt • Notification of a creditors’ meeting, insolvency proceedings or administration Whenever a debtor is reluctant to pay, even where there is no dispute, our debt recovery system will pursue that debtor by: • A seven day letter • Legal proceedings • Pursuing enforcement of judgement • Calculating interest and costs to be added to debt Fixed Fee Band Hatton Button will act on a fixed fee basis and report the progress made at each stage on all outstanding claims.

Defended Claims We have the experience to handle a wide range of defended claims in commercial disputes and will tailor our services to meet each company’s exact requirements. Insolvency In instances of insolvency, Band Hatton Button will take all necessary steps to ensure the maximum return possible for its clients. Credit Control Our credit experts can provide assistance with credit procedures, credit checks and guidance on drafting relevant terms and conditions. Enforcement Once judgement has been obtained against a debtor, it is vital to choose the correct method of enforcement to avoid available funds being lost to other creditors. Band Hatton Button can help you decide which method of enforcement should be chosen. Among the wide range of enforcement options available to a creditor are: • Seizure of goods • Charging orders against property • Attachment of earnings • Intercepting money held by others • Winding-up • Bankruptcy • Instalment orders

other services Specialist Units Band Hatton Button has a number of specialist units which provide support to businesses in specific sectors including: • Education • Charities • Business start-up • Hotels and leisure The units pull together the various elements of commercial advice which our clients require, ranging from specific issues affecting particular sectors to more general legal issues such as: • Property • Litigation • Employment • Compliance and Governance Employer Protection Scheme Band Hatton Button’s Employment Protection Scheme is the easy and cost effective way to remove the burden of employment legislation from any business. Increasingly complex and potentially expensive employment legislation is affecting the profitability of many businesses across the UK. Now is time to look at how Band Hatton Button’s expertise can allow businesses to leave the complexities of employment law to the professionals and focus on doing business. Organisations turn to us not only because they are facing more frequent employment disputes that are of a greater cost but also because the insurance or HR advisors they have approached are failing to meet their business needs. We have launched a dedicated Employment Law Protection Scheme for our clients to help employers deal with these problems. To find out more contact our employment department on 02476 632 121 or visit our website.

Legal Health Check We offer an employer health check service which includes an extended free initial diagnostic consultation followed by discounted fees on any work required to address areas of concern. The health check covers a diverse range of subjects including: • Employment contracts • Grievance/disciplinary procedures • Terms of trading • Protection of intellectual property rights Charity law Charities have been experiencing significant challenges over the last few years - A new system of regulation and governance imposed by the Charities Act 2006 Financial constraints arising from the economic downturn - reducing sources of funding - from individual donors, government and other funding Difficulties in finding and engaging persons who are willing to devote their time and energies to the Charity but at the same time assume a level of personal risk In many respects Charities are facing similar problems to those encountered by businesses and therefore have similar requirements for legal advice and assistance. However because of the Charities Act, Charities have special needs which can only be supported by solicitors like Band Hatton Button. Acting for a large number of local charities - large and small - we have developed a substantial amount of experience and expertise in the practical and legal needs of Charities. We can assist with: • The formation and registration of Charities • Conversion of Charities to companies limited by guarantee • Statutory compliance • Mergers and winding up

other services European issues Businesses and private individuals are increasingly affected by the impact of European Union law. Businesses wishing to take advantage of trading conditions under the Single Market need to be aware of the impact of EU legislation on UK law when, for example, entering into commercial agreements, employing personnel, importing and exporting goods, recovering debts and resolving disputes in other jurisdictions. Individuals may require advice on property transactions, employment issues, consumer protection and family matters. It is also important to know when European Union law does not apply, and when advice is needed on the domestic law of another Member State. We are conscious of the impact of European law upon our own domestic legal system, and also of the need which some of our clients have for advice and assistance upon issues arising in other European countries. As members of LawNet and LawNet’s sister organisation Eurojuris International, a grouping of over 500 independent legal practices throughout most countries of Europe, we and our clients have direct access to legal advice and assistance in the towns and cities of Europe in which you may be conducting business. Eurojuris International is unique in that no other organisation of its kind operates in so many different locations across Europe. Eurojuris lawyers are based on the spot, they know local authorities and customs, speak the language and since they can draw on their local knowledge, fees are kept to reasonable levels. Eurojuris members are committed to providing a consistently high quality of level service through their exclusive Quality Standard. Countries covered by the Eurojuris organisation include: Austria; Belgium; Denmark; Finland; France; Germany; Iceland; Ireland; Italy; Liechtenstein; Luxemburg; Netherlands; Norway; Portugal; Spain; Sweden Switzerland. The organisation has developed links far beyond Europe, so that if you require advice and assistance in other countries worldwide, we may be able to provide that contact.

Licensing We have an experienced Licensing Unit at Band Hatton Button we will be able to discuss your specific requirements with you in respect of :• Licensable activity • Premises Licence (Including transfer of licence in event of disposal) • Designated Premises Supervisor • Personal Licence • Temporary Event Notice. A Premises Licence is needed where any licensable activity is taking place. Such activities include: the retail sale of alcohol, supply of alcohol by a club, the provision of regulated entertainment and the provision of late night refreshment. If you hold a Personal Licence, you will not need to seek a transfer of the Licence every time you move between licensed premises. The law requires that every sale of alcohol is made by a holder of a Personal Licence and also that all premises which hold a Licence has a Designated Premises Supervisor who will be the holder of a Personal Licence and who will be in day to day charge of the premises. We can assist on these and all other aspects of the licensing process, including the acquisition, disposal and leasing of licensed premises.

other services Band Hatton Button Online We have recently introduced a new service - Band Hatton Button Online - which enables our clients to obtain certain advice and basic documentation via our website. This is developing as an alternative concept in the provision of legal services. For more information please visit our website Free Initial Consultation Without Obligation Band Hatton Button offers all clients a free initial consultation of up to half an hour without obligation on any issue of legal concern. This enables us to establish how we might be able to assist with an issue and the likely cost of doing so. Private Individuals We also provide a wide range of services for private individuals, which include: • Wills, trusts and probate • Residential property • Employment • Family and matrimonial • Litigation • Personal injury and accident claims • Personal insolvency For further information please visit our website

in conclusion Band Hatton Button LLP is dedicated to providing excellent legal solutions to both businesses and private individuals. We wish to serve as your primary resource and your partner in all aspects of your legal requirements and pride ourselves on delivering the highest levels of professionalism, quality and service. Our teams of lawyers have extensive experience, which enables us to provide specialist advice to our business and individual clients. We specialise in a wide range of legal services, but maintain personal contact involvement at Partner and Senior Execute level - a unique combination. We hope that in this short brochure, we have been able to demonstrate our extensive experience and expertise which enables us to provide the specialist advice which our clients require, allied to our commitment to the highest standard of client care and service. More information is available on our website and we look forward to working with you, as with all our clients, in a constructive and responsive manner, in order to provide practical legal solutions.

25 Warwick Road Coventry CV1 2EZ DX: 11207 – Coventry 1

024 7663 2121 024 7622 9038

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