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Balloon Collection™ Charming’s® fun and whimsical Balloon Collection™ has just popped up! These bright, all natural latex toys will show canines that Balloons aren’t just for parties anymore!



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The quintessential balloon animal! Dudley is the leader of the Balloon pack. LARGE # 79930L • UPC 875854008324 SMALL # 79930S • UPC 875854008140




Dudley the Dog

Baxter the Bull

Pearl the Pig

LARGE # 79931L • UPC 875854008331 SMALL # 79931S • UPC 875854008157

LARGE # 79932L • UPC 875854008348 SMALL # 79932S • UPC 875854008164

The Pamplona Popper! Baxter is a wild riding Balloon bull.

The Puffed up Porcine! Pearl loves to wallow in all her puffery.

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Hazel the Horse

The Bronco Balloon! Hazel loves to round up all her Balloon buddies. LARGE # 79933L • UPC 875854008355 SMALL # 79933S • UPC 875854008171

Shelly the Sheep

The Puffy Pillow! Shelly loves to follow her Balloon brethren on their adventures. LARGE # 79934L • UPC 875854008362 SMALL # 79934S • UPC 875854008300



e Duc th k

Digby the Duck

The Bobbing Bubble! Digby is the coolest duck on the pond. LARGE # 79935L • UPC 875854008379 SMALL # 79935S • UPC 875854008317


Meet the squawkers®... Henrietta,® her husband Earl,® their son, Jeff E. Coli,™ and Henrietta’s® charming parents…Grandma Hippie Chick™ and Grampa Gimpy Hip.®

All our toys are hand-painted,

This colorful family, their outrageous barnyard friends and companions will

lead free and made of

tickle you and your canine pals. Each character has a unique biography

all-natural latex

included with each toy. Guaranteed to bring a laugh to pet owners as well as

– safe and eco-friendly!

hours of fun to their favorite canine companion.

The Original Wild Chicken! Our famous original chicken Henrietta® was raised in America’s Heartland before taking Vegas by storm as a burlesque showgirl. Now retired, she lives a quiet life far from the Vegas footlights in a swanky trailer park in Florida. But the wild chicken in her still likes to let loose on a Saturday night! LARGE # 79888L • UPC 875854005613 SMALL # 79888S • UPC 875854005620 GIANT # 79888XG • UPC 875654007518


Play Chick Bunny!

Everyone is raving over Henrietta’s® return to Las Vegas, where she squawked through her star-making sold-out performance as the “Legendary Play Chick Bunny”. What will she do next? Give her a squeeze and hear her squawk! LARGE # 79891L • UPC 875854007389 SMALL # 79891S • UPC 875854007396

Santa’s Little Helper Holiday festivities are not complete without Santa’s Little Helper. Henrietta® is dressed for any Christmas celebration. Be sure and put her on your guest list! Ho, Ho, Ho, Henrietta®!

LARGE #79889L •UPC 856642000003 SMALL # 79889S • UPC 856642000065


Christmas Earl

Christmas Henrietta






Creative toys, creative play!™

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Christmas Earl® in his spiffy rheindeer garb is sure to be the highlight of the season! Ho, Ho, Ho, Earl®!

LARGE #79895L • UPC 875854008386 SMALL #79895S • UPC 875854008393

Our Barnyard Collection!™ Be amazed by their zany adventures as these characters squawk their way into your life! Small size latex toys are approximately 7” to 9”

The Ultimate Chick Magnet Earl was conceived in the back of an old pickup truck in Memphis. A legend in his own mind, he overcame his humble beginnings to bask in the glory of his alter ego “Earlvis”. Now semi-retired from his nightclub gigs, he runs a small honky-tonk joint in Florida where “Earlvis” sightings are occasionally reported. ®

LARGE #79890L • UPC 875854006139 SMALL #79890S • UPC 875854006146

Surfin’ Chicken Dude

The beloved offspring of the flatulent show-stopping union of Henrietta© and Earl©. Jeff is eager to hit the beaches with a dog bone toy in his short’s pocket, mirrored shades on his beady eyes, and a “Chick-a-bow-wow-bunga dude!” Hang five Jeff! ONE SIZE # 79882 • UPC 875854007556



Jeff E. Coli™



Large size latex toys are approximately 11” to 18”

Grandma Hippie Chick ! ™

Grampa Gimpy Hip


Grandma Hippie Chick left her Kentucky coop to be a“free bird”: barefoot and beaded. She performed at the “Chickenstock” Festival of ’69, where 500,000 birds gathered for 3 days of music & peace. Henrietta© was conceived in a blur of psychedelic hormones & free love. Grandma Hippie Chick™ now lives a quiet life on the farm with her true love Grampa Gimpy Hip™.

Grampa Gimpy Hip was born in the old country, although he can’t quite recall which country that was exactly. Most of his day is spent entertaining young chicken whippersnappers with stories of yesteryear, the vast majority of which are wildly inaccurate and historically impossible. Grampa Gimpy Hip® lives with his loving mate Grandma Hippie Chick™ in their coop of thirty years in America’s Heartland.

LARGE #79915L • UPC 875854007907 SMALL # 79915S • UPC 875854007914

LARGE # 79914L • UPC 875854007921 SMALL # 79914S • UPC 875854007938



Our Farm Collection!™

The Fashion Plate of the Farm. Fashion savvy Chicktoria is the envy of coops on both sides of the farm pond. Those who suggest that her full chicken breasts may be enhanced by hormones are the same jealous chicks who suggest she may have had a beak job. Her beauty is undeniable – she is simply chicktacular! With her famous husband Beakham®, they’re raising their 3 little roosters in a palatial coop in Beverly Hills. ™

LARGE # 79918L • UPC 875854007983 SMALL # 79918S • UPC 875854007990


A Very Sporty Bird!

Beakham’s storied football career began early on the English family farm. His mad skills, bad chick tattoos and chickidy good looks soon were discovered by the famous Manchickster Football Club, and from there the rest is history. Having his choice of all the chicks in England, Beakham® chose the beautiful Chicktoria™. Together they’re raising their 3 little roosters in a palatial coop in Beverly Hills. ®

LARGE # 79919L • UPC 875854008003 SMALL # 79919S • UPC 875854008010

Captain Buzz™

Buddy Hogley®

Piggy Sue®



These wild toys will entertain you with their crazy tales of adventure as they charm their way into your life!

Little Piggy Sue grew up fat and happy on a small southern farm. She adopted a healthier lifestyle and Hollywood offered Sue her own reality series: “The Fine Swine’s Guide to Fitness”. Years of success freed Piggy Sue® to settle down and breed a family. Her lifestyle makes her pigpen the pride of 4-H clubs county wide.

A Rock and Roll Legend

Buddy Hogley® was born a very privileged pig who had the finer things in life. He turned down college to become a famous musician. Inspired by the songs of Elvis Pigsley, Buddy started his own band, “The Pork Rinds™”. Buddy met the love of his life, the beautiful Piggy Sue® and wrote a hit song dedicated to her which remains a music legend.

A Notorious Buzzard

LARGE # 79916L • UPC 875854007945 SMALL # 79916S • UPC 875854007952

LARGE #79917L • UPC 875854007969 SMALL # 79917S • UPC 875854007976

ONE SIZE # 79887 • UPC 875854007532

A Healthy Porcine Queen! ®

Meet Captain Buzz™, the most notorious Buzzard to sail the seven seas. In search of new endeavors, Buzz was drawn to a seafaring life. With a peg-leg, a left hook, and a glint in his eye, this sneaky scalawag stepped into the life of a plundering pirate. He now swaggers about as he rules the seven seas!

Our Plush Collection!™

Legend has it that the largest alligator ever trapped was more than 19 feet long, weighing close to a half-ton. Well, we have the one that got away! “Tator, the Dog-lovin’ Gator”™, was born restless in a Louisiana Bayou but headed for the land of orange & blue - the gator holes of Florida swamplands. Your dogs will love drawing “first bite” again & again! LARGE # 777GATL • UPC 875854007570 SMALL # 777GATS • UPC 875854007563

This Chicken goes Plush!

Plush Chick Magnet!

ONE SIZE #79920 • UPC 875854008027

Earl was conceived in the back of an old pickup truck in Memphis. A legend in his own mind, he overcame his humble beginnings to bask in the glory of his alter ego “Earlvis”. Now semi-retired from his nightclub gigs, he runs a small honky-tonk joint in Florida where “Earlvis” signings are occasionally reported.

These darling little guys are perfect for teething puppies!

ONE SIZE Sparky the Snake # 777SNAKE UPC 875854007501 Toro the Bull # 777TORO UPC 875854007495 Pork Chop the Pig # 777PIG UPC 875854007488

Our famous original chicken Henrietta® was raised in America’s Heartland before taking Vegas by storm as a burlesque showgirl. Now retired, she lives a quiet life far from the Vegas footlights in a swanky trailer park in Florida. But the wild chicken in her still likes to let loose on a Saturday night!


Earl Plush

Charming Little Toys


Henrietta Plush

Our Dog Lovin’ Gator!

Charmin’ Darlins’™

Tator the Gator ™

Lush and velvety soft toys with a sassy flair for the pooch who appreciates the finer things in life!


ONE SIZE #79921 • UPC 875854008034


MVP Collection™





# 79925 • UPC 875854008119

# 79922 • UPC 875854008089

# 79926 • UPC 875854008126

The ultimate poultry on pedals! He is an individual master of tireless athleticism!





Take 5 with Charming’s® MVP Collection™ and hang out with all of your favorite Star Athletes! Whether kicking the soccer ball around with Beakham®, or passing the puck with Grunstky™, you are in for a good time!


A soccer scoring squawker! He is the complete package of mad skills and chickidy good looks!

The high scoring, high squawking hoopster! He is a beacon of tireless commitment and unflappable nerves!



Gruntsky Gruntsky

“The Grunt One!” An unbelievable talent who’s unlikely to be surpassed in grunting glory! # 79924 • UPC 875854008102


The big batting bird! He is a great leader and the consummate professional. This is the coop that Tweeter built!


The big passing porker. With an air of humble greatness he gives us grunting perfection! # 79927 • UPC 875854008133

# 79923 • UPC 875854008096


Troll Dog™ Collection

Stanley Troll

Stanley’s still got it! The coolest Grampa Troll you’ll ever meet. # 79945 • UPC 875854008263

Mildred Troll

The Mother Hen of the Trolls. A nurturing and lovable troll who still enjoys a good wrestle. # 79948 • UPC 875854008294


Misty Troll

Barry Troll

Mildred Troll

Stanley Troll

The fun and furry Troll Dog™ Collection will delight dogs across the land. Your favorite childhood toy can now be your best friend’s favorite toy!

Barry the Troll

Misty the Troll

# 79946 • UPC 875854008270

# 79947 • UPC 875854008287

Ready to tumble Barry is tough on the outside but a big softy on the inside! This no-nonsense Troll just wants a new best friend to love.

What a cutie! Your dog will love Misty’s wooly ears and warm smile. Who knew Trolls could be this adorable?

Silly Safari™ Make a fashion statement with your choice of 4 snazzy argyle tug toys. Each canvas rope toy has a squeaker and is sure to be your pet’s new rough and tumble best bud!


n ha


ll ie




e el


y n n e L

i eL



n hi


y l l o

e th

r e h

p ip

t y ple




Ellie the Elephant

Holly the Hippo

Lenny the Lion

# 79940 • UPC 875854008225

# 79941 • UPC 875854008232

# 79942 • UPC 875854008249

Green Argyle: The color of harmony and balance. Ellie is for the socially refined dog that will never turn down tug time with its master!

Purple Argyle: The color of sensitivity and caring. Holly is for the dutiful dog that plays only to please its master.

Blue Argyle: The color of compassion. Lenny is for the sensitive dog that is big hearted but always up for a good wrestle!

Ripley the Rhino

Red Argyle: The color of strength, health and vitality. Ripley is for the outgoing dog that prefers a vigorous game of tugging to napping by the fire! # 79943 • UPC 875854008256


Party Collars® & Hats! From our 8” XS to our 20” XXL Party Collars®, you will be able to outfit your festive canine, whether petite or grand, for any occasion. All collars and hats are quality hand crafted. UPC codes for Party Collars® are available upon request.

Charming® Party Hats!

The Perfect Topper!

#77061B Blue – Small

#77061PK Pink – Small

#77060B Blue – Large

#77060PK Pink – Large

Rhinestone Party Collars®


Be Dressed for any Occasion!

# 77019 Autumn Rhinestones

# 77029 Black & White Rhinestones

# 77021 Red Rhinestones

# 77077 Rainbow Pride Rhinestones

# 77126 Dark & Light Pink Rhinestones

# 77127 Dark & Light Blue Rhinestones

# 77027 Springtime Rhinestones

Victory Party Collars速 Show your Team Spirit!

Lakers/LSU # 77047 Purple/Yellow Pom Poms

Bulldogs # 77101 Red/Black Pom Poms

Bumblebees # 77102 Yellow/Black Pom Poms

Hurricanes #77105 Orange/Green Pom Poms

Jayhawks #77109 Royal Blue/Red Pom Poms

Gators # 77103 Blue/Orange Pom Poms

Seminoles # 77104 Yellow/Garnet Pom Poms

Longhorns #77106 Orange & White Pom Poms

Tar Heels #77107 Light Blue/White Pom Poms

Wolverines #77108 Yellow/Reflex Blue Pom Poms

Wild Cats #77110 Purple/Silver Pom Poms

Gamecocks #77111 Garnet/Black Pom Poms

Tigers #77112 Orange/Purple Pom Poms

Flowered #77076 Red w/Roses

Flowered #77201 Light Pink/Fuchsia w/Flower Lei

Flowered Party Collars速

Flowered #77074 Fuchsia w/Roses

Blooming Fun!

Flowered #77075 Light Pink w/Roses


Seasonal Party Collars速

Holiday Best Dressed!

Valentine Valentine-Sweethearts # 77038 # 77037 Pink w/Multi-Colored conversation hearts Red/Pink w/Red conversation hearts


Valentine #77042 Red/Silver w/Red & Silver Hearts

Valentine #77041 Red/Pink w/Red & Pink Hearts

Easter #77510 Hot Pink/Yellow/w/Bunnies & Chicks

Easter #77064 White w/Multi-Colored Bunnies

Easter #77070 Light Pink/Lilac w/Bunnies

Easter # 77071 Light Blue w/Bunnies

Halloween #77502 Red/Black w/Skulls & Crossbones

Halloween #77501 Orange w/Spiders & Bats

Halloween #77078 Orange/Black w/Pumpkins

Halloween #77500 Purple/Black w/Witches & Cats

Christmas #77031 Red/Green w/Stars

Christmas #77086 Red/Green w/Bells

Christmas #77087 Red/White/Green w/Trees & Bells

Christmas #77550 Red/Green w/Reindeer

Seasonal Party Collars®

Christmas #77090 White w/Snowflakes


Passover/Hanukkah #77088 White w/Blue Stars

Event Party Collars®

Mardi Gras #77034 Purple,/Green/Yellow/Gold w/Stars

St. Patrick’s #77048 Green w/Shamrocks

Birthday #77054 White/Pink/Purple w/Multi Pom Poms

Canadian #77600 Maple Leaf

Make it Special!

Patriotic #77035 Red/White/Blue w/Stars

Wedding #77100 White w/Pearls & Bows

Animal Print #77117 Pink Leopard

Animal Print #77118 Brown Leopard

Creative toys, creative play!™


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