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George Bickford-Smith Landscape Architecture Portfolio

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Landscape Planning - University Project


Ecological Design and Management - University Project

04 Planting Detail Design 08 Construction Detail Design 09

Nature, Design and People - University Project


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PERSONAL Interest Reading Drawing Travel Photography

Landscape Theory Drawing Photography

EDUCATION The University of Sheffield, UK Master of Landscape Architecture

Northumbria University Mathematics BSc

George Bickford-Smith 47, Loscoe Road, Nottingham NG5 2AW +447837011112

Photoshop CAD Illustrator Hand Drawing

SPSS Presentation Skills Mathematical Precision

Presentation Skill SketchUp Team Working/ Communication

Teamwork Academic Writing

WORK EXPERIENCE Labourer at Geoff Jordan PLC

Work experience in Ashfield Parks and Open Spaces Department

EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES June 2013 | September 2014

Football player for Sunday Team Walking in Peak District with Friends

Small scale construction Landscaping steps and surfaces

Experience of working with Landscape Architects

01: Landscape Planning Socio-ecological Diagram

Suburban surface run-off water cleaned in Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems Location: Sheffield, UK Scale: Planning A project looking to connect the Porter Valley in the Sheffield using different scales of Agriculture, from personal production to agricultural business, which are already thriving in the area.

Cleaned water used for food growing

Agricultural run-off re-cleaned before entering the river by proposed woodland/ wetland drainage bordering food production sites

Axonametric Planning Diagram

Landscape Planning

Existing Trees Proposed Food production sites/ schemes as ‘agricultural stepping stones’ Existing Allotments/ School Food Production Proposed Fruit Network Proposed Pollinator Network 0



Driving force to open the green corridor to the public generated by the ‘agricultural stepping stones’ and proposed networks

Hydro-electric power captured for use in local agriculture, re-connecting the river with its history using a change in industrial function, whilst also making the river more visible and connecting it with people’s everyday lives


0 500m Landscape Planning

02: Ecological Design & Management

02: Ecological Design and Management

Ecological Design and Management

Location: Sheffield, UK Scale: Design The Problem of flooding of the Porter Brook and Sheaf river, which meet under the nearby train station, drive the de-culverting of the Porter Brook , as well as other responsive interventions, in this design. The proposed design also responds to the surrounding city centre activity, the need for a new foot bridge and strengthening ecology on the existing brownfield site.


Food Web, Ecoligical Zones and ‘Habitat Highline’

ogy Zones

Dry/ Wet meadow Gradient


Rain Garden Planting

Roof parapet acts song post needed by the Black Redstart

Crushed rubble from the existing site, at various sizes, used to recreate brownfield conditions on surrounding roof spaces

‘Living Habitat Frames’ Art Space Log piles and Betula Pendula frame wall art and create animal habitat Green Roof

Pipestrelle and Noctule Bats

Earth Worm

Rain Garden Planting


AA Specimen tree, grasses and wildflowers

Flowering Amenity Grass Woodland Edge/ Wet Woodland Tawney Owl

Common Moth

Porter Brook Section, A to AA

Ox Bow Lake Section, B to BB

Specimin tree with short grasses and wildlfowers to encourage ground Aquifiers cleaning the Ox bow feeding birds lake to encourage invertebrates

Sandbank Habitat

Wet Woodland Woodland with deep shade Edge groundcover understorey

Ecological Design and Management

Seasonal Wetland

Sedum Polystyrene

Cafe and Habitat Highline, C to CC ‘Habitat Highline give access across the railway line on one level and leaves a tranquil space underneath

Mixed short grasses for invertebrate Habitat

Green Roof Design

Black Redstart


Flood and Storm-water Srategy Terraces on the west shore of the site help bring water down from street level using traditional permeable retaining walls made from grit stone recovered from the original site

Ecological Design and Management

Average level of Porter Brook


0.5m above average

1m above average water level

Ecological Design and Management



0 50m

Ecological Design and Management Ecological Design and Management

Planting Design Detail


Construction Design Detail

Sub Base/ Earth

1:50 Plan

Key all gw

in ain

ret ce a r Ter


Grit Stone Setts x 2m

Leave relitively deep gaps in between the setts for earth and vegetation.


Gritstone Pavers/Setts

Apply Hoggin layer at least 20 mm thick with a camber to drain water into the vegetation

Gritstone Wall


Ter ra

Grasses B’

Metal Handrail Base

ce r e


x 3m

Corderouy Hoggin


wal l


1:5 Gritstone Setts Edge Section B to B’



PCC/ Railing Post Grounding Concrete Concrete Bed and Haunching

1:10 Handrail Ground Fixing Section

1:5 Handrail Wall Mounting Plan View


1:20 Drainage Detail Section Finish the steps with a rough texture and strips of un-cut rock as part of the nosing detail for grip and visibility.

Name: George Bickford-Smith

Fix the Wooden hand rail above ground level to avoid rotting. Finish wood with weather resistant varnish.

Scale: 1/50, 1/20, 1/10, 1/5

Ecological Design and Management

1:20 Steps Section A to A’


03: Nature, Design and People



Nature, Design and People

Location: Sheffield Scale: Design A project tackling the problem of detatchment from the outdoor environment for people due to living in tall social tower blocks. The design is also responsive to waterlogged surfaces on the existing site, and Sheffield’s strong attatchment to climbing, through the design of a gorge providing recreation and water management.


There are designed opportunities for climbing throughout Sheffield

0 100m

Nature, Design and People



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