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Business Donates $12,000 to Magnet ALEJANDRA MANCIA CHRONICLE REPORTER

do. The Performing Arts Magnet plans to use the reward the most beneficial way possible. The money will supplement the budget cuts made by the district,” said Payne. The fundraiser will also benefit all productions made by magnet students. Reaching out to the community is part of Jersey Mike’s mission. All the franchise owners find ways to support their neighbors. Employees are also encouraged to volunteer their time and talent as well. “The way Jersey Mike’s is Helping out their community is joyful to those around,” said Payne. “Its great. I wish there were more businesses out there that would donate to schools in general.” The money will hopefully be a great help to PAM which is facing extreme cuts to their budget. Schools have been suffering

with a minimum $1 contribution to help the school. Jersey Mike’s Subs distributed approximately 10,000 coupons all over the community to help PAM. Coupons were also distributed to local businesses to help gain support and attention for the magnet. Part of the fundraising was in celebration of Jersey Mike’s franchise’s 50th shop opening in the Los Angeles area. The company also presented Hollywood High’s administration with cards, somewhat a resemblance to business cards, to be present on the day of the fundraiser. Of the $12,006, Peter Cancro, C.E.O of Jersey Mike’s Subs, donated $10,000 out of pocket. “He was impressed with all of the performances he has watched held by PAM,” said Elizabeth Payne, magnet counselor. “ It was the right thing to

Jersey Mike’s, a new sandwich shop near campus, raised $12,006 for the Performing Arts Magnet last month at a time when magnet’s budget is threatened. Lloyd Weintraub, the owner of Jersey Mike’s, chose PAM to be the fundraising recipient at the grand opening of his third sandwich shop at Sunset Boulevard and Vine Street. “I cannot imagine a more appropriate fundraising recipient for our opening than the Performance Arts Program of Hollywood High School,” said Weintraub. “No school in the country has amassed such a high profile list of graduates and talent.” On April 15, at the end of Hollywood Idol performance, students were given a fundraising coupon which was good for receiving a free regular size sub

cuts to programs, teachers, and money. The $408 million deficit the Los Angeles Unified School District is suffering is making it difficult for schools to retain staff members. The school board and the teachers’ union are negotiating over the number of furlough days and the number of teachers to be laid off. United Teachers Los Angeles is demanding that all layoff notices be rescinded.Once an agreement is reached, the dollar amount of budget cuts toward the magnet will be known. Even as the district negotiates teacher layoffs, a long-planned recording studio will finally be underway for the PAM, according to Principal Jamie Morales. Planning for the recording studio has been in process for the past five years. There has not been enough money to fund

the studio, but the money from Jersey Mike’s donation will finally make the studio a reality, according to Morales. Stormy Sacks, Vocal Music Director, will be dedicating the next few weeks to the construction of the recording studio. Sacks, whose job had previously been in jeopardy due to layoffs, has a possibility of keeping his position, Morales said. The magnet will also continue receiving the funds needed to run its programs. This was possible with the unexpected new tax revenue that has been received by the state of California. LAUSD’s share could be $300 million, according to UTLA. Luckily with the new money received, the deficit will shrink and schools will have the opportunity to continue running their programs. Manuela Chavez contributed to this story.

Sheiks’ Spring Sports Season Ends Strong

Girls team ends undefeated and Baseball makes it to first swimmer wins two gold at City Finals round of Div. II Finals Hollywood High swim coach. The League Championship was held at Miguel Contreras High School. The Sheiks won 27 gold medals and six silver medals.


Alexander Moshensky, captain of the boys swim team, won first place titles in the individual medly and the backstroke at City Finals on Friday, May 20. His time for the 200-meter medley was 2:00:68 while his 100-meter backsroke clocked in at 54.53 seconds. Last year, he qualified for the same events at City Finals and also won first place in the 200 individual medley, but only won silver in the backstroke. This year, he was faster in the backstroke by two seconds. “It felt great winning backstroke by 0.14 seconds, and winning first in two events was amazing,” said Alexander, a junior. At the Southern League Swim Championship on May 11, the girls swim team won first place after an undefeated season while the boys team took second place. After weeks of training, the swim team was confident that all the intense work would pay off. “ Strong coach, strong swimmers,” said Vladimir Landon, the


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Alexander Moshensky (above) does the breast stroke in the 200 individual medley for which he won the gold at City Finals. He also took first place in the 100 backstroke.

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Coach Lando was confident that his determined swimmers would achieve the honorable. To help prepare the team for League, Lando used swim statistics from other schools to strengthen swimmers. “95 percent of the team has improved, but the other five percent are working hard toward their goals,” said Lando, in his Russian accent. Girls Captain Rebekka Grammenos won first place in the 100-meter freestyle with a time of 1:01. She also won first place in the 50-meter freestyle and was a part of the winning 200-meter medley relay comprised of Jacqui Martinez, Marisela Meza, and Tawny Ramirez. “The team was pumped for the League Finals, especially the new swimmers, because it was their first series final meet.” said Rebekka, a sophomore. The boys medley relay team also won first place at League Finals with Alexander, Costin Sandoi, Christopher Popa, and Per Holmquist.

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The Varsity baseball team ended the season yesterday with a 6-5 loss to Franklin High in the first round of the Division II playoffs. The team came in second place in the Southern League and went onto the playoffs. They have lost only two games out of the eleven played this season. Their most anticipated game was against rival Los Angeles High School, whom they defeated May 6 after an intense eleven innings. Third baseman George Onate said, “It was a close game but we pulled through and won.” The team also won a blow out against Belmont High in March. Belmont’s pitcher was so upset that he took himself out of the game in the middle of the inning. Another player from the Belmont team simply preferred to sit on the field during the game. “Playing against these two schools have been the most memorable games in the sea-

Teacher How were on the you asked to prom? Street

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son so far,” said second baseman Enrique Lopez. Coach Cauley said he is impressed “both on how they play on the field and how they carry themselves. The team is very young and many of their mistakes are mental mistakes. However, as they play more games they learn from experience.” The team’s greatest strength has been their pitching ability. The Sheiks are the only team to give the fewest runs in their division this season. First-string pitcher Isidro Torres said, “It is good that we have such a variety of pitchers. It keeps the other players from getting to first.” The team has two starters, Isidro, and Jose Chavez, and one closer, George Onate. The strong string of pitchers is bringing the Sheiks to a different level in playoffs. “This season’s players are athletic and varsity-player material,” said Cauley, “plus we have been working together since summer. These kids don’t just put their minds into the game, they put their heart into the field.”

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2 MAY 2011


Sheiks Receive Recognition for their Hard Work AFSANA AFZAL Scholarship: Change A Life Description: The scholarship targets highly academic achieving students, who demonstrate interest in community service and a have financial need. The scholarship can be applied towards schoolrelated expenses and is granted to the student’s school account. Amount: $5,000 “I feel very honored. This award will definitely help me in my academic pursuits.”

Breigh Montgomery Scholarship: Posse Scholarship Description: The Posse Scholarship is a highly competitive leadership scholarship that covers full tuition for all four years of college. The Posse Foundation works with numerous prestigious institutions while attempting to find a posse of approximately 10 students to attend school together and become the leaders on campus. Amount: $45,000 per year “I was surprised that I won it, but I was so excited. The scholarship will allow me to take advantage of all the opportunities that my college offers that I didn’t think would have been possible.”

Eina Del Castillo Scholarship: Incentive Awards Pogram Description: The Incentive Awards Program provides up to $32,000 in scholarship funds over eight semesters, and student support services to low-income students and first generation college students who have demonstrated leadership potential, high academics, and a commitment to serve others. Amount: $10,000 “It’s amazing because they are covering most of my tuition at the number one public school in the U.S.!”

Rocio Delgado

Students get more than they bargained for

Daion Stanford

Scholarship: Armenian Chamber of Commerce Scholarship Description: The Armenian Chamber of Commerce performs a random drawing of nominated students from selected schools in Los Angeles County. The money can be applied towards any school-related expense. Amount: $500 “ I’m not Armenian but they love me!”

AP MIX-UP: vanessa jaramillo chronicle reorter

It appears that Advanced Placement exams were more complicated this year. Many students were disappointed because of the many complications that occurred during that hectic week. According to students, they signed up and paid for their exams ahead of time only to later discover that there was no exam for them. Some students were not even on the exam list and had to get permission from Mary Sousani, the College Counselor, to take an exam for a class that they had been taking all year. Many people were upset over the many discrepancies about the AP exams. The students said they were told too early and were not reminded about the deadline by the administration. Senior Jocelyn Menendez said, “I missed the deadline and I was not able to take the exams. As a senior, I have many deadlines to meet and it is hard to keep up with all of them. It would have been nice to be reminded of it.” Those who missed the deadline were able to take a make up exam for a late fee. Unfortunately, not many teachers or students were aware of this. “If I had known about the make up exams, I would not have minded paying the extra forty dollars,” said Sophomore Narda Martinez. Those who did not take a test on the day of the exam were re-scheduled for another day and time. Sousani and Jenny Liu, the AP Exam proctors, declined to comment.

Vadym Budilovskyy Scholarships: Change A Life, Best Buy, R. & P. Sherwindt Scholarship Description: The Change A Life scholarship targets highly achieving students, who demonstrate interest in community service and have high financial need. The Best Buy Scholarship is highly competitive and targets students who proved leadership in the community and high academic achievements. The R. & P. Sherwindt Scholarship is a scholarship fund that was set up by UPenn Alumni and is awarded purely on the basis of financial need. Amount: $5000, $1000, $11,800. Total: $17,800. “This money will be a great contribution towards my future endeavors.”

Scholarships: Walmart Scholarship, UTLA Scholarship Description: The Walmart Scholarship is a fund that grants money to graduating senior in need of financial assistance. The UTLA Foundation offers a series of numerous scholarships targeted towards providing assistance for high achieving students. Amount: $3,000, $1,000. Total: $4,000 Quote: “I’m just happy I got the money, because college is expensive!” PHOTO CREDIT: STEPHANIE CHAVEZ and Vadym Budilovskyy

MAY 2011



Triple Play Festival at the Egyptian Theatre Tomorrow’s filmmakers at the beginning of their careers

jennifer guido woaria rashid CHRONICLE REPORTERS

MET students will express their acting and directing skills as they participate in Triple Play: A Showcase of Short Films at the Egyptian Theatre Saturday, June 11. Students from Cleveland High School and Kennedy High School will also be participating in the film festival. A committee of video production teachers from different schools selected the films that will be shown at the film festival. The previous New Media Academy had connections with the Egyptian Theatre. After the New Media Academy transferred to Helen Bernstein High School, Antonio Manriquez, Video Production teacher, kept in contact with the Egyptian Theatre, thus allowing for the student to premier their films at no cost. When the students present their films to the public, they receive credits, build confidence and feel proud about their masterpieces. Hollywood High students will present two films: Pumping Brains, directed by Sam Chavles and The Kid-

napped, directed by Kevin Lozano. MET ects,” said Kevin. Pumping Brains is about humans trystudents are also creating a mockumentary called, “Bleep,” directed by Henry ing to survive the apocalypse while defeating flesh-eating zombies. The film Castillo and Chase Keegan. Professional actors participated in the making of these films. Castings were held at Hollywood High for a couple of days. Luckily, for the video production class, the actors volunteered to Screen shot from the short film Pumping Brains directed by Sam participate Chavles. Social Studies Teacher Michael Bitran worked along with in these professional actors like Leon Walker during the production of the films. film. “I think that it is a really good thing that they are willing to combines adventure and comedy. help out high school students, and that Sam said he anticipates that people will they are willing to commit to our proj- have a blast watching his film. “Everyone

News Briefs

American Cancer Society Relay for Life Cancelled HNAS has cancelled their American Cancer Society Relay for Life event due to Walt Disney’s newly animated film Cars 2. The event was scheduled for May 28, but because of the film, Disney will occupy the field for a month and a half. Last year Disney paid the school $25,000 for rights to use the field to promote the movie Toys Story 3. The money from this event was used by the administration to buy the Sheik football team new gear. This year, Disney will pay the school another $25,000. The school has not yet decided how use the money. Hugo Osorio

JROTC Award Ceremony

The J.R.O.T.C. Awards Ceremony rewarded deserving Hollywood High cadets with medals, trophies, and certificates. The award ceremomy took place on May 18. Sheena Telin was awarded Cadet of the Year, as she was top cadet with a high score in the All City Competition and received 14th place of all cadets in L.A.U.S.D. “I was so privileged and did not expect to be awarded Cadet of the Year,” said Sheena. The JROTC Battalion also had a ceremony as they passed over the chain of command from Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Zieress Francisco to current Operations and Training Officer Lord Rigonan. Monica Renoj

Student Body Elections

Students will be able to vote for next year’s Student Body President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer on June 2. Candidates for these positions will give the student body their speech at an assembly during advisory. Afterwards, students will be able to vote for their preferred student body officer. Manuela Chavez and Maria Alcoser

Battle of the Bands

LACER is sponsoring Battle of the Bands on May 27 at the Big Gym. Entrance is $5 at the door, with all proceeds going to the Hollywood High Marching Band. Winners will receive cash prizes. The winner will receive $300 in cash. Maria Alcoser

loves zombies so I figure that it’s going to turn out great.” Currently, Sam is searching for seven to eight students who are willing to look like zombies for his film. The Kidnapped is a mystery film about a man who is accused of kidnapping his wife. “[The Kidnapped] is going well. I have it all planned out and I really like the script,” said Kevin. The mockumentary, Bleep, is a comedy about a social economic court case. A mockumentary is a documentary substituted into a comedy. The script was altered to make it a more comedic rather than a serious film. The project was a collaboration between Carolyn Fagan’s world literature class, Dr. Steven Steinberg’s economics class, and Antonio Manriquez’s video class. They came up with the idea for the film and the other students produced the film. “I’m really glad there are students in this school who like to make movies and I wish more students came by to take my class,” said Manriquez.


ADMISSIONS Afzal, Afsana Binte UC Berkeley Alba, Boston Charles Pierce College Alvarado, Linda Isabel CSU Northridge Alvarenga, Sandra LACC Alvarez, Margarita CSU Los Angeles Andreyeva, Masha UC Berkeley Arreguin-Galvan, Edgar SMC Baires Amaya, Joanna UC Irvine Barahona, Jessica CSU Northridge Barrera, Jocelyn UC San Diego Beniga, Steve CSU Los Angeles Boror, Brenda Lizeth LACC Bucaram, Jafet SMC Budilovskyy, Vadym UPenn Calenzani, Kevin Clark CSU Long Beach Carballo, Catherine UC Davis Carcano, Aline UC Irvine Carillo, Bernardo LACC Castro, Jennsy Diana CSU Northridge Cho, Jane Leslie SMC Choi, Na Ra UC Irvine Chrakian, Harout Jerry SMC Colchado, Kevin Los Angeles Valley College Covarrubias, Yeiser Omar LACC Cowo, Miguel Alexander SMC Cueto, Laura Santos LACC Dayon, Kizzy-Iola Pierce College Del Castillo, Eina UC Los Angeles Del Cid, Christopher CSU Los Angeles Delgado, Rocio Beatriz Mount St. Mary’s College Deras, Molly Valeria Glendale Community College Deruso, Maciah Chesarae CSU East Bay Diaz, Dennis Leonardo UC Santa Cruz Echeverria, Nahuel Pierce College Escobar, Daniel LACC Feldman, William Chandler UC Santa Cruz Felix, Matthew Cuenca LACC Fictoria, Brittany CSU Channel Islands Francisco, Zieress Cruz UC Davis Friedman, Sharon CSU Northridge Fuentes, Arlene Ariana West Los Angeles College Fuentes, Samuel Jonadab CSU Northridge

Fung, Pawarisa UC Irvine Garcia, Elia Alejandra SMC Gharibyan, Vardges SMC Giron, Wendy SMC/Los Angeles Trade Technical College Gomez-Iraheta, Freddy UC Santa Cruz Gonzales, Richard Rolando CSU Fullerton Gonzalez Rodas, Hector UC Santa Cruz Granados, Alma SMC Guerrero, Samantha Sasha Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise Guzman Rodriguez, Yesenia SMC Guzman, Maria Elizabeth USC Hernandez, Damaris UC Irvine Hernandez, Gladys Jazmin UC Irvine Hernandez, Jesus LACC Insigne, Arlo Martinez UC Los Angeles Jaramillo, Vanessa UC Riverside Jimenez, Kevin Karl UC Berkeley Jotie, Catherine LACC Juarez, Eduardo Pierce College Kazandjinan, Annie CSU Northridge Kevorkov, Stanislav Pierce College Khaydarova, Viktoria UC Berkeley Lemus, Andrea SMC Lopez Jr, Reynaldo SMC Manukyan, Arman UC Davis Maraon, April Concepcion SMC Martinez, Jacqueline UC San Diego Martinez, Paola Elizabeth UC Davis Martinez, Sharon Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise Matute, Luis Fernando Los Angeles Community College Mejia, Christian Javier San Bernardino Valley College Mendez, Jennifer Crystal UC Davis Menendez, Jocelyn Northwest Vista College Miranda, Sonia Calderon LACC Monterde-Flores, Diana SMC Montgomery, Shireen Breigh Dickinson College Morales, Katherine UC San Diego Morataya, Claudia Pierce College Nevado, Frank Los Angeles Trade Technical College Nigoza, King Omar Pierce College

Orellana, Erika Vanessa UC Davis Ortiz, Wendy SMC Osorio, Hugo Armando CSU Los Angeles Paiz Jr, Giovanni LACC Pak, Helen UC Merced Paz, Francis Nicole SMC Perez, Cesar Agusto LACC Perez, Wendy Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise Pineda Jr, Edgar SMC Renteria, America SMC Reyes, Roberto Carlos CSU Northridge Reyes, Victor Hugo LACC Roche, Brenda Elizabeth SMC Rodriguez, Stefanie Pierce College Romero, Jasmine CSU Northridge Rubio, Araceli SMC Samayoa, Karen Mabel SMC Sanchez, Decker Pierce College Sanchez, Mary Cruz Mount St. Mary’s College Sandoval, Jose Faustino United States Marine Corps Santiago, Alan Yurem LACC Sedrakyan, Eric UC Berkeley Segismundo, Marionne LACC Segismundo, Maxine Pierce College/ Glendale Community College Senatin, Vada Francezca LACC Simonyan, Anahit Pierce College Soriano Coreas, Francisco LACC Sorto, Samuel Esteban LACC Sumuano, Krystal Montser UC Riverside Telin, Sheena Mae Air Force Community College/Air Force Academy/AFROTC Valdez, Jaren Bolaoen Pasadena City College/ Pierce College Valdez, Joshuan San Francisco State University Vasquez, Luis Enrique Glendale Community College Ventura, Christian UC Riverside Ventura, Frank Pasadena City College Villicana, Jesse Andy LACC Yeghiazaryan, Mikayel UC Los Angeles Zesati, Jennifer Mount St. Mary’s College


4 MAY 2011


Prom Starts with Proposals In the Prom Proposal System the people are represented by two separate, yet equally important groups. The Unnerved Proposers who instigate the process through a creative medium and the Proposees who possess absolute authority over the restless Proposers due to their supreme jurisdiction over the final verdict. These are their stories. AFSANA AFZAL COPY EDITOR

Perhaps one of the craftiest prom proposals this year was Karl Resurreccion’s to Kita Grayson. The proposal didn’t come as a complete surprise, said Kita, as many of her friends had been repeatedly asking, and suggesting, who she anticipated her prom date to be; Karl’s was noticeably more frequent among the names that came up. So when, on a regular Friday morning during first period in AP English Literature, one of Karl’s close friends asked Kita to accompany her to the bathroom, Kita knew what was up. She played the part and went along, thinking there was a good chance a surprise proposal was waiting for her when she got back from the bathroom trip. But, alas, to Kita’s surprise, the period dragged on, without the mere hint or smell or anything remotely sweet and romantic, unless you find existentialism so riveting you want to take it to prom. But that’s your issue, man. But, as the bell rang and the students poured into the hallways, Kita had suddenly become everyone’s center of attention. Taped to the walls, leading all the way to her second period class, were countless flyers reading, “Kita, Will You Go To Prom With Me? – Karl.” Karl’s artfulness in making his friends go out and stick flyers all over the school is what deceived Kita. “I asked Tobenkin to “summon” out Kathryn Loutzenheiser and Jennifer Mendez so they could put the posters up. Because if she had noticed my absence she would have guessed what was happening,” said Karl. Even though Karl had fled the scene, allegedly because he had a fever and had to run to the nurse, Kita accepted his offer at nutrition and sealed the deal. “I was happy and excited. It was adorable,” said Kita. *************************************** It was an extremely cold and rainy day when Kevin Calenzani and Wendy Perez waited at a crowded bus stop on Wilshire waiting for the 20. Braving the wind and cold, Kevin, who was wearing “five layers of clothing that day,” suddenly made a dangerous move. Risking his life for his love, Kevin started removing his jacket and then, one by one, his shirts, exclaiming, to Wendy’s disbelief, how hot it was. “I was being all sarcastic, because we have the sarcasm thing going on,” said Kevin. In front of the crowd at the bus stop, Kevin took off all but a white t-shirt that read, “Will You Go To Prom With Me?” “Her face just glowed. She looked me in the eye and gave me a nod and kissed me. It was a really nice feeling,” said Kevin. “It was cute and funny,” said Wendy. ********************************************************** Christopher Del Cid turned a dreary day in Journalism into a very memorable one by asking Karina Galvan to prom. Chris’ artistic abilities, as displayed on numerous issues of the newspaper, have not escaped anyone’s notice. He used his creativity to ask the girl he truly admires. Barred from leaving the room by Newspaper Adviser, Karen Cusolito, the Journalism staff was puzzled as to what the reason might be for this sudden directive. While they were busy discussing story ideas, while lounging on Coach Cary Cauley’s couch, someone spotted a procession of four ROTC cadets surreptitiously sneaking into the room. They were carrying posters that read “Karina Galvan, Will You Go To Prom With Me?” and were accompanied by the man himself, Chris Del Cid. “I wanted to make is special for her because she’s a really good friend of mine,” said Chris. With a wilted rose in his hand, the always comical yet nervous Chris commented that the flower was more nervous than he and presented it to his would-be prom date Karina and she heartily accepted. “It was very sweet but also very unexpected,” said Karina. ********************************************************************************** Rocio Delgado was having a fun day at her friend’s birthday party, not knowing the surprise awaited her at home and how hard her boyfriend had worked to make it happen. Edgar Pineda had bought a dozen balloons and countless flowers to surprise his long-time sweetheart Rocio. Edgar had arranged for the flowers and balloons to be placed on Rocio’s bed before

she came home from the party. But to get there, he had to talk to Rocio’s mother. “I was really nervous when I talked to her Mom,” said Edgar. “It’s like the third time I’ve ever spoken to her.” But to Edgar’s relief, Rocio’s mother was up for this surprise. She came home to find her bed flooded with flowers and balloons, one of which spelled out Edgar’s proposal. She called him immediately and said yes. “I was very happy. He’s very thoughtful,” said Rocio. “It’s sort of assumed that we’ll go to prom together, but I’m glad that he took the time and effort to do all this for me.” ********************* Richard Gonzalez took his girlfriend Lily Ortega to a fancy Peruvian restaurant on Vine called Los Balcones

Del Peru. After the first course, Richard showed Lily a 5-minute video that he had made of himself singing “Suffocate” by J. Holiday. “Then I gave a little speech about how we were meant for each other, what we had been through and that I love her,” said Richard. Right when Richard-in-the-video was about to ask Lily to Prom, Richard-in-reallife said, “Hold on. Let’s wait for dessert.” Then the chef, who Richard knew due to his family’s frequent visits to the restaurant, came out with a plate of dessert that said, “Will You Go to Prom with Me?” “The whole process was very romantic. Even the waiters and waitresses were very excited,” said Richard. “I felt very honored to be asking the girl I love to Prom. Moments like that I will cherish for the rest of my life.” ********************************************************************************** Maxine Segismundo turned the tables this year and instead asked her boyfriend, Eduardo Juarez, to Prom by making a video. “I put some clips of us and made a video and posted it up of his Facebook,” said Maxine. The video consisted of funny moments that Eduardo was reluctant to show anyone. And what was Eduardo’s reaction to the video? “I was like O.M.G! I had a smile on my face,” said Eduardo. “All the guys want the girls to do something.”


MAY 2011


Prom was Poppin’ and the House was Rockin’ Wallis Annenberg Center fascinates Class of 2011 Students enjoy a night under the stars


Class of 2011’s Night Under the Stars turned out to be a night full of glitter, glamour, and lots of fun. Although the event disappointed on some levels, it was a very memorable night for many. Walking into what is known as the Big Lab at the Wallis Annenberg Center, the bedazzled seniors took a step back to admire the magnificence of the venue. “The location was very elegant,” said Gladys Hernandez. “I loved seeing all my friends dressed up.” From the charming contrast of the blue and white table sets and the beautifully lit

“I didn’t like the food. Mine was cold and the chicken was not cooked well,” said Eric Sedrakyan. “I think for a prom, we should have had better food.” “I liked the modern atmosphere of the venue,” said Vanessa Jaramillo. “But, the dinner service was confusing. They were just grabbing our plates and not even asking us.” But the biggest complaint by far was about the music. “Although the location of the Senior Prom was quite picturesque and presentable, the DJ did a mediocre job of playing an array of good songs throughout the night,” said Margarita Alvarez. While Albert Torres wished for more Top 40 and electronica, the Prom Queen herself, Katherine Morales, was disappointed she didn’t get the chance to make a speech. “I wanted to say, ‘the success of one woman does not come with the failure of another, because tonight we are all queens.’ But they didn’t let me,” said Katherine. Still, being in the company of friends who have stuck with each other through these four long years, dressing up to embrace one night that will go down in history, was what made all the difference. The dance floor was jampacked following the


background t h a t illuminated the entire room, to the fountain that served as a magnificent centerpiece, the venue received the most praise. But not everything was quite as impressive at the fountain or the skylight. Not only were there no stars, the event on the whole ended much too quick. “We were enjoying ourselves, but lost track of time. I thought the whole thing would’ve lasted much longer,” said Viktoria Khaydarova. The average food did not impress all the seniors.

Class of 2011 had blast at the Wallis Annenberg Center’s Big Lab. Seniors swayed to the music and had a great time with friends.

dinner service a n d , despite

the erratic music, the energy did not falter. “I loved the friendly atmosphere on the dance floor,” said Masha Andreyeva. “I liked dancing with all the fools. It was freaking perfect,” said William Feldman. Although the music choice could have been better, the selection provided much variety,

6 MAY 2011


Teacher on the Street

How were you asked to prom? “I didn’t go to prom. Those days it was mostly boyfriend/ girlfriend dates. No one really asked friends.” -Raul Grijalva (SAS Counselor)

-Karla Hernandez, 10th Grade, AVID

“I was going steady with my boyfriend and he just understood he had to take me or we were broken up.”

Dear Editor, Overall, I like the newspaper. I like how there is a lot more color added to the center spread pages. I also like that the comics are larger and easier to read. The photographs are very well taken, especially the sports shots. There is not much to dislike. Although, I would like the horoscopes to come back, they were fun to read. -Cecilia Flores, 10th Grade, SAS

Interviewed and Photographed by: Alejandra Mancia (Chronicle Reporter) and Hugo Osorio (Chronicle Reporter)

Comic 2: “Meanwhile...”

Dear Editor, The Crimson Chronicle’s a great piece of work. It really shows the students that they have the right to know the inside scoop on upto-date news about the school. The articles it contains have begun to continuously grab my attention since I started reading deeper in to the newspaper, making me look forward to, almost anticipate, the new editions. Keep the informational stream flowing. -Christian Ventura, 12th Grade, SAS

Chris Del Cid Chronicle Contributor Comic 1: “Lurning is phun”

Dear Editor, I like the newspaper and I do think you guys are doing a good job this year, but I would like for the Crimson Chronicle to be more “appealing.” I want to see legit horoscopes and more fun things. Dear Editor, I want to see more interviews and what really goes on in school. I like the fact that we get to see the positive side of our school and the negative side. Is school really safe is a question I would like for you guys to answer. Like, for example, there are rumors that future graduates will not graduate at the Hollywood Bowl. Overall, I suppose I can say that the school news staff is doing a good job.

-Peter McDonald (Math Teacher)

Chris & Fester

All letters to the editor need to be signed, however, names can be withheld upon request.

-Tawny Ramirez, 11th Grade, SAS

“I just picked up the phone and called her. ‘Do you want to go to prom?’ Real simple and she went with me. We had live music.”

-Karen Puumela (Magnet Clerk)

Letters to the Editor

Comic 3: “Romantic Mess”

Crimson Chronicle Staff Editor-in-Chief: BREIGH MONTGOMERY Opinion Editor: Karina Galvan News Editor: maria alcoser Entertainment Editor: KARLA SAMAYOA Sports Editor: KEVIN CALENZANI Copy Editor: AFSANA AFZAL Photo Editor: STEPHANIE CHAVEZ




Karen Cusolito A copy of the school newspaper is also viewable at


MAY 2011



Chicago Comes to Hollywood Roxie: The Naive

Velma: The Vengeful

Attention Seeker


Shayanne Ortiz “Number seventeen- the SPREAD EAGLE!” -Velma Kelly

Amos: The Gullible Husband

Max Herrera Mae Butryn “He liked to take me out, and show me off… ugly guys “Roxy, I am tired of your fancy footwork.” -Amos Hart like to do that.” -Roxie Hart

“Mama”: The Pricey Friend

Billy Flynn: The

Mary Sunshine:

Lying Lawyer

The Reporter

Aaleyah Pierce Trevor Chandler “When you’re good to Mama, Mama’s good to “Who cares, I’m in it for the money anyway.” you!” - Billy Flynn -Matron “Mama” Morton

Devon Yaffe “There’s a little good in everyone.” -Mary Sunshine

Photo Credit: Manuela Chavez

How to Become a YouTube Sensation

Woaria Rashid Chronicle Reporter

Anyone can get their 15 minutes of fame, but if you set out to work towards your aspirations, you can get your 15 minutes of fame, subscribers, “likes,” and thousands of worshipping comments from people all around the world. There are several basic formulas to be a dominant feature on YouTube: be a natural (or not!) “Triple Threat”- a singer, an actor, and a dancer; create your own dramatic and emotional show that will tug on your audience’s heart strings; create a show parodying current gossip

topics such as Rebecca Black or Arnold Schwarzenegger, or maybe a comedic show that can get people to ROFLMAO. In order to be a Triple Threat, your very first video must possess the ability to grasp your audience’s attention so they don’t lose interest. So if you love ballet and want the world to know of your “beauty” and “grace”...just don’t. Please, Just don’t. The majority of the viewers will fall asleep regardless of how “beautiful” you look in a tutu. You can try to make videos that are High School Musicalish because those “teens” can

act, sing, and dance at the same time. Or maybe watch several episodes of Hannah Montana and steal her wicked dance moves. Creating your own show is easy but owning it is the challenging part. You have to get the word out that your show is “dope” so viewers will be curious about what you have to offer. Other users on YouTube will come across your videos while you’re still a budding flower and steal your ideas to make videos which will probably become the Most Watched Video of all time. If you create a dramatic show, make sure that

people believe everything you say: for example, do not say “Hi! This is CoolKid94 and this is my very own dramatic show.” Make up a completely new you, just like lonelygirl15 did. If you don’t have the skills to do any of this, then your last and only hope is to get YouTube to hate you. Hatred will give you the same publicity as love; however, if any YouTube-ers catch you in person, they will probably have a tomato in their right hand and a video camera in their left. Being hated is easier than acquiring talent; you can address controversial topics such as

abortion, Doomsday, or terrorists with the best (worst) viewpoints. Don’t forget, everyone wants to hear your opinion! Maybe you will be so successful at being hated that you’ll grow to instant fame, just like Jessi Slaughter. Slaughter was attacked viciously by members of 4chan, but she had millions of hits. If you want fame, you’ll reach for it the easy way or the hard way. If you can succeed like she did, your videos will appear on CNN and you will be invited by Oprah to talk about your issues. If you don’t have any, pretend so that you can be on television!

8 MAY 2011


Season Finishes as Girls Fail to Make the Final Cut Unlikely athlete makes city final debut in pole vault EDMUNDO REA CHRONICLE REPORTER Good communication, new coaches, and determination resulted in an excellent season for the varsity girls track team. These girls became undefeated Southern League Champions and took the title from Los Angeles High, who had been holding it for three years. “The girls worked extremely hard for this and they deserve nothing less than this title. It is something to be proud of, to bring back a title to Hollywood, a title we lost three years ago and to add the accolade undefeated is even better,” said Coach Adolfo Carcano. Since the start of the spring semester in February, the girls have come a long way, becoming more consistent and well organized. Many had signed up for track, but in the end, only the determined individuals kept their head up high and did not quit. The coaches recognized the girls’ strength and dedication increase as

PHOTO CREDIT: ALINE CARCANO Junior Jessica Perez races in the final leg of the 4x4 at city prelims on May 19.

the season progressed. As they noticed their times improved with their daily afterschool training. With competition brought performance and each one acknowledged one another’s improvement. Girls that proceeded to City Prelims were Seniors Malaysia Griffin, Aline Carcano, Flor Cardenas, Kathyryn Loutzenheiser and Juniors Mari Santos, Jessica Perez, and Bernice Ortiz. “I missed my race last year and I finally got to run this year, and it was great knowing I improved my time,” said Cardenas. Aline Carcano said, “I wasn’t nervous, I was very excited because it was my biggest goal to run against the best. It was a very fun experience.” Even though they qualified for city preliminaries, only Chase Keegan, MET senior, qualified for City Finals. Keegan competed in pole vaulting. He tied for second

place with six other competitors. It was surprising to the coaches because he rarely showed up to practice. “He did the best he could with what he had,” Coach Carcano said. The new coaches made an impact for the girls this year. Last year, Coach Hendrix poorly demonstrated communication skills and effort in helping out the team compete and train. Aline said, “Last year, he let us do our own thng, so everyone was disorganized.” This year, Head Coach Jim McElroy and distance coach Carcano have really stepped up in their position and have proven that they deserve to be at Hollywood by doing what they are supposed to be doing: coaching. “A lot of heart, a lot of love, and a competitive spirit,” said Head Coach Jim McElroy, is what brought the team together as a whole.

Powderpuff Football Gets Rough as Seniors Crush Juniors 26-12



everything was over. On Thursday May 19, Seniors and Juniors went against each other in flag footLeadership has been orgaball. Seniors wore red and juniors wore nizing the Powderpuff Football white, proud to show their sheik pride. games for four years. It allows Both teams were pumped and ready to girls to experience what playgive it their all, but the Seniors stayed ing football is like. Whoever on top throughout the whole game. The wanted to play filled out applicrowd was having fun and dancing to the cations and medical releases. music played by Leadership. They were trained by the footThe girls tackled harder than the guys; ball team. Sweat, joy and tears they were fierce and showed no mercy. were left on that field when

The heat was crucial but the Lady Sheiks showed no stress. Star players included Senior Lineman Molly Deras and Quarterback Sam Ortiz. “It was a good game, we had unfinished business and we had to finish them,” said Senior and star player Sam Ortiz. The game was so aggressive that some girls got into a fight and one Senior, Monserratt Del Real, was kicked out. Mr. Tolj and Ms. Sanchez were called to control it. But, even though they were one less, it

Turning Back the Clock to 1997

did not stop the Seniors from achieving their victory. The Juniors were not left behind by far. They also fought with strength and skill against the Seniors. “We worked hard, had fun, and got aggressive,” said Junior Linemen Stephanie Garcia. After four quarters, the Seniors won the game 26-12. The game ended with both teams shaking hands and their proud exhausted faces held up high.

History Teacher David Payne takes boys volleyball to playoffs JOE CURIEL CHRONICLE REPORTER The boys volleyball team reached their peak with a 7-7 record that led them to a first round playoff game against Eagle Rock High on May 10. Making his return as a volleyball coach since leading them to success in 1997, Co-Atheltic director and Social Studies Teacher David Payne stood in for the volleyball coach, demonstrating an impressive result in bringing together, yet again, not only a team but a group of athletes.

This season will make it his last time coaching Hollywood’s volleyball team. “Overall, this was a huge success and I’m proud how this team conducted and progressed. This was just a great group of guys,” said Coach Payne, smiling. Payne will not coach next year because he’s a devoted father, caring for his three girls at home. As a last remark he said, “This team ignited my passion for coaching and I would love to do it again someday.” The Eagles are number

three in the city division and the Sheiks knew they would face a challenge. They were bombarded by the veteran varsity team throughout the game. Tears were dropped when the game ended 3-0. “Our motor skills were the cause of our loss. We were very nervous and were expected to win at all costs,” said Senior Eduardo “Love” Juarez, setter and team captain. “I felt we could have beaten the team if we put our heads together and kept our cool,” said Junior Middle Blocker

Carlos Rodriguez. The Sheiks’ most valuable players of this season were Boston Alba, a steady middle blocker, Eduardo Juarez, for outstanding focus and team leadership, and Jaren Valdez for best impacts. The Junior Varsity team, on the other hand, had a successful season with 7-5 record. Payne said he saw “really good improvements from the team and many showed the ability to be at Varsity level.” Senior Jaren Valdez, opposite hitter, said laughing, “They’re not going to be as good us

because no one can match us.” After an outstanding season Sheiks can now look forward to the former Varsity league champions to win this season’s playoffs. All eyes are set for league champions once again. Seeing what the boys were up against, the girls are conditioning to have a ruthless offense and are to be more agile against any threat. “We’re going to win, work hard, and we’re going to be more determined than ever to be league champions,” said Junior Setter Krista Lubiano.

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