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SAS SENIOR Erika Zazueta paints a mural in honor of the Class of 2013 on the side of the main building for the physical portion of her senior project. The senior project requires hands-on experience, extensive research, and a multimedia presentation. See story on page five.

After 30 years, cross country makes city finals

Underclassmen lead runners to 11th out of 70 teams DAISY ALVAREZ SPORTS EDITOR


From left to right: (standing) Adolfo Carcano,Sergio Espejo,Albert Ramirez,Alex Mesa,Carlos Lemus,George Contreras, (kneeling) Andrew Vargas, Eduardo Salvador, Valeria Herrera, Peter Galindo, Xavier Magana. The cross country team lines up for a picture with their trophy and medals.

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For the first time in 30 years, cross country’s City Prelim finalists ran in City Finals, placing 11th among 70 schools. Freshmen George Contreras, Carlos Lemus, sophomores Valeria Herrera, Albert Ramirez, Sergio Espejo, Eduardo Salvador, Andrew Vargas, Alex Mesa, and junior Xavier Magana (all of whom are in SAS) participated in the Nov. 30 race. “From the start of the season, they were unified and demonstrated excellent teamwork, above what was expected,” said coach Adolfo Carcano.

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“It was this teamwork and frosoph team unification that played an important part, in having the team we have today,” he said. Valeria Herrera ran in the frosoph division and came in 40th place with a time of 23:52. The frosoph boys finished with 18:51,19:01, 19:14, 19:19, 20:06, 20:17, and 22:08 as their final times. Xavier Magana ran last in the JV Division and finished with a time of 19:14. “They showed extreme potential and fulfilled this potential everyday in practice with one goal in mind making it to city finals, representing Hollywood to the utmost

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highest standard, and bringing home the best rank in the city,” said Carcano. The team ended the season well, making history along the way. “Overall, it has been the greatest season ever for cross country at Hollywood High School,” said Carcano. The race was cancelled and postponed for two weeks due to rain. The team members are proud to know that they put in their best effort and got this far this season.

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Different year, different rules Regulations changed around drastically confuses students

Teachers and students were all left confused after mis-

understanding an announcement that was made during last month’s discipline assembly. Many students were left frustrated after thinking that if they were to commit one minor offense it was going prevent them from walking the stage. Principal Sanchez subsequently clarified the situation in that the only way the privilege of walking across the stage was going to be revoked was if the student were to commit a serious offense. Those who would bring a gun, knife or any illegal substances to school or those

who get into a fight would immediately be suspended and lose their privilege of walking the stage without being able to appeal their case. Although illicit chocolate and chicken sandwich sellers would not lose that privilege let alone be suspended, those students should know that they are committing a minor offense because it is against the school district’s policy to allow competition with Café L.A. The district’s policy on contraband in school includes requiring schools to conduct random searches to catch and discourage students who try to bring in items that are not permitted on campus.

About 70 random searches have been conducted in Hollywood High already. We wonder whether these searches are truly random or whether they occur in some buildings more than others. These searches are supposed to be random and without any prejudice, but many argue that it seems like they target a particular area of the school. Some students seem to be chosen at random while others seem to be deemed suspicious based on appearance. Let’s hope that the new year brings more justice, fair enforcement of rules, and equal treatment.

A waste of an assembly


Attending the discipline assembly with my fellow SAS and PAM students felt like a complete disaster. I could not hear a word the principal, assistant principal, or the dean were saying, because people were talking over each other and the staff had only one tiny amplifier.

I think many of us were already upset because of the new rules and regulations that have been implemented. Now we are are not allowed to go off campus for lunch. They have taken away the privilege for seniors that have received high scores on CST’s to go out and buy lunch at the local restaurants. I think some of the new rules are too harsh on students. Walking on stage is everyone’s goal and I do not think it is fair for us to not walk the stage if we were to get involved in a fight that the other person started. I think we should be given warnings or detention first. I know I left the assembly the same way I entered. During

my freshman year, we went over all the rules and regulations, and we had the rules inside an agenda given to us by the school. I think if the principal had gone to every homeroom individually, it would have been more calm, organized, and efficient, and students would have been able to better understand why these new regulations were enacted. Even if that was not possible, I would have preferred it if my homeroom teacher explained the new regulations to us and allowed us to write down our concerns as another alternative.

Why I love the holidays


I love the holidays. It is just that simple. Nothing beats the feeling I get when this time of year comes around. The crisp and refreshing air, vacations, and family moments make for this time a special place in my heart every year.

When winter comes roling in alongside the festivities, there is this pleasant feeling of revitalization I get from the cooler temperatures. Air conditioning cannot reproduce the cleaned up feeling the air gets when nature permits it to be chilled below the norm. Vacations are abundant as well! Because most of the world’s mainstream, religious festivities take place at this time of year, students in LAUSD get a lot of time off. This is a yearly treat worth savoring. Choosing what time I emerge from sleep every morning, how I want to spend my afternoons, and when I should have my cell phone out is all up to me and I

love those little freedoms! Schooling can take up a lot of time from hard working students outside of the classroom with rigorous loads of homework and after school activities. The holidays permit us all some reprieve so that we can have a chance to reconnect with the relatives we normally do not have the time to see. I look forward to my winter break with great excitement. Whipping my phone out merely to check the time while wearing a Chargers hat indoors with a nice breeze rolling in amongst idle chatter between relatives is going to be a blast!

Letters to the Editor

“I think the newspaper is interesting. I like when you guys put funny stuff like “embarrasing moments,” and the bond Hollywood High has.” -Aileen Santiago, TCA, 12th grade “I like the newspaper and how it followed up on the Athlete of the Month. It has a variety of interesting topics. The topics are related to the student life which makes it interesting.” -Natalie Hernandez, SAS, 12th grade “I like the way we are informed about school news when some kids don’t know about it (like myself). I also like the jokes,and the “Man On The Street’. I like it all!” -Kenya Larin, TCA, 11th grade “The newspaper keeps us students informed about events that happen in school, and lets us know about important deadlines for us the Seniors.” -Carmen Ochoa, TCA, 12 Grade Send your letters to

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What would you do to survive a zombie apocalypse?

“ I would survive the zombie apocalypse by going to Costco and staying there eating everything and watching movies on the T.V.” Walberto Barrios – TCA - 12th grade

“ I would survive a zombie apocalypse by doing what they did in the Walking Dead and sneak into peoples houses who are dead and eat their food and watch T.V.” Janeth Mendoza – TCA- 12TH

“ I would survive a zombie apocalypse by riding my horse Butternuts to Bill Murray’s house, chill in his pad, eat his food and watching Ghostbusters.” Michelle Becerra – SAS – 12th

“ I would survive a zombie apocalypse by not surviving it. I would probably ne the first to turn into a zombie. I am clumsy and I don’t run fast and I get scared easily.” Andrea Abadia – TCA -11th


Black Friday tramples through my holiday weekend


Does anyone know what Hell is like? Then go to Best Buy on Black Friday! People apparently like to shove and yell, despite it being right after Thanksgiving, a holiday of sentimental unity. Women discover a new-

found (or long dormant) sailor’s mouth, cursing other women and grabbing whatever they can reach for themselves and their seemingly infinite amount of children. Other crazed patrons try to get what they can, but then have to wait long, painful hours just to get it. One of my friends even had to wait an incredible three hours for a 42’’ inch screen TV and a small Blu-Ray player at Best Buy! Another friend of mine went to the Abercrombie and Fitch in the Glendale Galleria. She was waiting for one and a half hours outside, and one and a half hour inside just for one sweater. The sweater itself was originally $124, but it was on sale

for only $51. She also mentioned how she got a headcahe due to the fact that she had to hear a pair of Koreans behind her whine about the long lines, and because the store smelled like perfume mixed with sweat,blood,and tears. Glendale Galleria, is a pretty crowded mall on regular weekends, imagine on Black Friday? When I wanted to go to Best Buy or Costco, I thought twice before I stepped through those doors. It was still early, around 2 a.m., when I went through with my final decision, but 50 or so people were lined up outside their doors waiting for their chance to get things for an “amazing” deal.. Half-priced televisions,

clothes, it all seemed like a good idea until I saw the crowd. It was a very frightening experience indeed, but in the end, I feel like it was a rewarding one, too- the long hours of sleep I got definitely beat waiting in the blistering cold!

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“Hooray” hopes to raise $100,000 VICTOR RODRIGUEZ CHRONICLE REPORTER

Stormy Sacks, a Grammynominated musical composer, director and teacher at Hollywood High, announced he will be producing a fundraiser called “HOORAY FOR HOLLYWOOD... HIGH!” at the El Capitan Theatre on Jan. 10, 2013. Sacks is hoping to raise $100,000 with the help of legendary comedienne and alumnus Carol Burnett and some of the biggest stars and celebrities that have attended Hollywood High, as well as the performing arts magnet students. The reason for holding this fundraiser is to earn money for

the fall and spring productions, since there will be no other funding from the school this year. The fundraiser will honor Burnett, an award-winning student who graduated from Hollywood High in 1951 and served as editor of the school newspaper. During this event, Burnett will be awarded the Carol Burnett Honor of Distinction. In addition to being a wellknown actress, Burnett is also a bestselling author, and has received the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Her most recognized role is being the host of The Carol Burnett Show, which ran for 11 years and received 25 Emmy Awards.


The El Capitan Theatre located on Hollywood Blvd. where the production “Hooray for Hollywood...High” will take place on Jan. 10, 2013

Administrators get serious on school rules Students are warned of harsh consequences involved HOLLY SAN NICOLAS COPY EDITOR

tling that they actually had to address the discipline issue,”

In the midst of the current school year, students and staff may have noticed an increase in the enforcement of rules and regulations on campus. According to Principal Alejandra Sanchez, we have three campus aids- three less than last year. During school hours, two walk around the school while one stands by the entrance. From the assemblies that are warning what is deemed inappropriate and how the defiant individuals will be dealt with, to random searches conducted by campus security, many students say they are aggravated and confused as to why these procedures are necessary. “With discipline, you have to do it progressively,” Referalls given to students said Sanchez. “I felt it was a little unset-

said Rebekka Grammenos, an SAS student and senior class


treasurer. “Our school is becoming more strict, and the trust for students is going down,” said PAM student Harley Davis. It’s all a matter of perception, said Assistant Principal Tony Solorzano. “The rules can be stretched at times, or blinders can be put on some things...I think we’ve brought it to their attention that this can’t happen anymore.” According to Solorzano, the main issues to tackle include drugs, tardies, and the selling of food and other contraband items from off-campus. Sanchez explained what happens when an individual gets the food they are selling taken away. “If you are caught selling food on campus, you will have it confiscated. That gives Cafe LA competition, and we cannot have that...and if for whatever reason some-

body gets sick while eating a sandwich or a candy they purchased from off campus, then it becomes the school’s responsibility.” As for the random searches, they “are not well-liked, but what the students don’t understand is that it’s not just us, it’s a district policy,” said Dean Essick Allen, whose office walls are heavily decorated with detention slips. “But generally, they’re conducted in front of two or three supervisors for the student’s safety and comfort.” While the measures taken to ensure safety as a school increase, so does the skepticism and negative feelings among the students. The staff, however, insist it is for students’ benefit. “The bottom line is to get the best we can get for our students,” said Allen.

Hollywood teams up with Kaiser Permanente New partnership may bring new food and equipment in weight room VANESSA GARCIA CO-EDITOR IN CHIEF

Kaiser Permanente selected Hollywood High School to be their first high school to partner up wth. Kaiser recently built an oncampus clinic for the students and their parents. Kaiser partnered up with the Saban Health Clinic to help expand the clinic. Parents and students are eligible for free health services . Kaiser has also donated a large sum of money to Hollywood High and will continue over the next three years. Kaiser representative Ryan Woodson has helped remodel the school garden by funding for better soil and a new fence. “Our goal is to change the environment here at Hollywood High,”’ said Woodson. Ideas of remodeling the

weight room with better equipment and exercise machines are being considered. A new weight room will be available for everyone to use the equipment to exercise. “It is great that we now have Kaiser to help us promote to every student to live healthier,” said Health Club President Dulce Gutierrez (SLC) 12th grader. Since the partnership with Kaiser began, many items that were sold in the student store or vending machines have been discontinued because they were not helping to promote a healthy living. “The reason why we did not sell chocolate bars this year was because it was unhealthy and what we are trying to do is to promote healthy habits,” said Principal Alejandra Sanchez.


The Kaiser Clinic is located in the Career Education Complex, close to the Orange gate.



Senior projects come full circle


After months in the making, seniors present themselves and their ideas to judges JACQUELIN PORTILLO OPINION EDITOR

Seniors became professionals for a day when they presented their Senior Projects on Dec. 6 on a variety of topics such as bullying, immigration, global warming, mental disorders, and cancer. The Senior Project consists of a letter of intent, a 7-10 page research paper, 20 hours of hands-on learning and a 7-10 minute presentation before a group of adult judges, most being teachers and administrators. Seniors began working on their Senior Projects in the month of August. After four months of research and preparation, seniors presented along with a PowerPoint or Prezi slide show. Their presentations were graded and have been judged by their fellow teachers, SLC administrators, and community members. Every senior with an Expository Composition class was required to do a Senior Project in order to walk the stage in May.

AP English Literature students are also required to do a Senior Project but they are scheduled to present during the second semester, after the AP Exams. The class of 2013 had more students thinking outside the box for their projects this year. Erika Zazueta, SAS student, was one of the few seniors to give dedication to her senior project by painting a mural on the outside of the main building. Her Senior Project topic was on Street Art. “What motivated me was my brother, who was a street artist. He passed away in February, and I just want to give back to the Street Art industry,” she said, “People usually choose easy topics like abortion, mental disorders, or a career. I didn’t want to be boring; I wanted to stand out.” Another SAS student, Ike Dayon, made an original comic book. “Well, I’m a big comic book fan and spend most of my time drawing, so why not make a full comic book for my Senior Project?”

Many students chose topics for personal reasons. TCA student Noris Castellanos said, “My topic is about religion and the afterlife, and why people believe in it. I was really interested on the afterlife and I began looking more into religion and read about reincarnation.” she said, “I really just wanted to learn more about it.” The personal connection was what gave each senior’s topic a unique quality. “I had to give my dog away, because I didn’t want her to be sent to an animal shelter to be put down. I volunteered at Barks N’ Bitches on La Brea and Melrose and definitely consider going back because of the experience I had,” SAS Senior Victor Tapia explained. “I want people to become aware of animal euthanasia.” The Senior Projects have given some students a more long-term motivation towards their topic. Zazueta said “If anything, I’m even more motivated now that I’ve learned about street art.”


Joel Fuentes’ mechanical hand he used in his presentation.


The holidays are around the corner, and it is that time of the year when Hollywood High’s H2O become carolers. The carolers will be spreading cheer and joy for the students and staff in commemoration of the holiday season. If you will not be in the school the week of their caroling then make sure to catch them in LAX airport or on the NBC news. H2O will be going from PHOTO CREDIT: DAISY ALVAREZ

Hollywood’s JROTC armed team drilling during competition at Monroe High School

Sheik batallion takes part in JROTC All-City competition DAISY ALVAREZ SPORTS EDITOR

The JROTC Sheik Batallion had their annual All-City Drill Competition on Saturday Dec. 8, at James Monroe High School. The Company team went up first, following commands that the Batallion Commander Freddy Garcia gave them along with their Platoon Leaders Executive Officer Estefani Luna and Command Sergeant Major Erick Avila. Garcia and Avila are SAS ju-

niors and Luna is a SAS senior. The Platoon went after, being lead by CSM Avila. This was then followed by the Armed and Unarmed Drill teams. The Armed team showed off their rifle skills with a routine they made while the Unarmed team did a routine which consisted of beats and claps. Finally, Squad went up, which consisted of 11 people lined up in a single row who follow commands which were given to them by Squad LeaderJam Delos Reyes, an SAS sophomore.

All teams/groups had to do their routines and commands in a limited amount of space and within a certain amount of time. The results of the competion are expected to be announced on Thursday. The Sheik Batallion hopes to make it in the Top 10 this year.

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classroom to classroom and crooning some Christmas tunes. However, with the impending stress of finals, maybe some early holiday cheer will be the cure. While asking some H2O students questions on what they think the public’s general reaction, PAM senior Olivia Johnson said, “Most of the students are usually shocked when they hear the rich sound that comes out of H2O, but it feels good to surprise my peers and put a smile on their faces.”


The passing of Jerry Brown’s Proposition 30 on election day with 55% of voters electing yes,has public schools happy about the new funds that they will be receiving. This proposition is a Sales and Income Tax Increase Initiative which will raise California’s sales tax from 8.25% to 8.5%. The money will be sent to the school districts and then they will distribute it amongst schools. ” The school year will end on June 7th, 2013,” said Principal Alejandra Sanchez about the final day of this school year. The graduation date for seniors is

set to be on May 29, as of right now but it is currently being discussed. Sanchez said she is “contacting the Hollywood Bowl to see if we can postpone it to a week later.”Making the graduation a week later would save the school a lot of money as seniors will not be absent for seven days. The deficit is currently 22% more than the budget, had Prop 30 not passed that percentage would’ve gone up too 28%. LAUSD now hopes to have no furlough days for teachers. Schools in California can expect more funds, complete school years, and better education for all of the students.

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Chewy Gooey Sugar Cookies

Bring out the giddy little kid in everyone with these crowd-pleasing cookies!

What you’ll need: -2 ¼ cups (11 1/4 ounces) all-purpose flour -½ teaspoon baking soda -1 teaspoon baking powder -½ teaspoon table salt -1 ½ cups (10 1/2 ounces) sugar, plus 1/3 cup for rolling -2 ounces cream cheese, cut into 8 pieces -6 tablespoons (3/4 stick) unsalted butter, melted and still warm -⅓ cup vegetable oil -1 large egg -1 tablespoon milk -2 teaspoons vanilla extract


Directions: Step 1. Adjust oven rack to middle position and preheat oven to 350 degrees. Line 2 large rimmed baking sheets with parchment paper. Whisk flour, baking soda, baking powder, and salt together in medium bowl. Set aside.

Step 2. Place 1½ cups sugar and cream cheese in large bowl. Place remaining 1/3 cup sugar in shallow baking dish or pie plate and set aside. Pour warm butter over sugar and cream cheese and whisk to combine (some small lumps of cream cheese will remain but will smooth out later). Whisk in oil. Add egg, milk, and vanilla; continue to whisk until smooth. Add flour mixture and mix with rubber spatula until dough becomes soft and consistent. Step 3. Divide dough into 24 equal pieces, about 2 tablespoons each. Using your hands, roll dough into balls. Working in batches, roll balls in reserved sugar to coat and evenly space on prepared baking sheet, 12 dough balls per sheet. Using the bottom of a drinking glass, flatten dough balls until 2 inches in diameter. Sprinkle tops evenly with 4 teaspoons of sugar remaining in shallow dish (2 teaspoons per tray), discarding any remaining sugar. Step 4. Bake 1 tray at a time until edges are set and just beginning to brown for 11 to 13 minutes, rotating tray after 7 minutes. Cool cookies on baking sheets 5 minutes. Using wide metal spatula, transfer cookies to wire rack and cool to room temperature.

Chicken Alfredo


The epitome of delicious- this takes the traditional taste of chicken alfredo and gives it a healthy twist so that you can have room for everything else!


What you’ll need: -6 skinless boneless chicken breast halves, cut into cubes -6 tablespoons butter, divided -4 cloves garlic, minced, divided -1 tablespoon Italian seasoning -1 pound fettuccine pasta -1 onion, diced -1 8 ounce package sliced mushrooms -1/3 cup all-purpose flour -1 tablespoon salt -3/4 teaspoon ground white pepper -3 cups milk -1 cup half-and-half -3/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese -8 ounces shredded ColbyMonterey Jack cheese -3 roma (plum) tomatoes, diced -1/2 cup sour cream

Step 1. In a large skillet over medium heat combine chicken, 2 tablespoons butter, 2 cloves garlic, and Italian seasoning. Cook until chicken is no longer pink inside. Remove from skillet and set aside. Step 2. Bring a large pot of lightly salted water to a boil. Add pasta and cook for 8 to 10 minutes or until soft; drain.

Step 3. Meanwhile, melt 4 tablespoons butter in the skillet. Saute onion, 2 cloves garlic, and mushrooms until onions are transparent. Stir in flour, salt and pepper; cook for 2 minutes. Slowly add the milk and the halfand-half, stirring until smooth and creamy. Stir in Parmesan and Colby-Monterey Jack cheeses until is melted. Stir in chicken mixture, tomatoes and sour cream. Serve over cooked fettuccine. SEE VIDEO ONLINE!!!!!!!!!!SCAN THE CODE

THE HOLIDAY SEASON how to: Survive the Holidays Jacqueline Portillo Opinion Editor

Decemeber 2012




If we’re honest, we can acknowledge that the holidays are full of warmth and love for many families. It can also be a time when family dysfunctions can rise up can bite us in the buttocks. No family is perfect, except for the Kardashians, obviously, but some are downright toxic; the Pitt-Jolie is a good example. Once you can be honest with yourself and say, “As much as I love them, my family’s messed up”. You can be able to do you -steps to Family- Dysfunction –Loner- Disorder.

Step 1:PLAN THE ESCAPE Try to expose yourself as minimally as possible. If you must HAVE dinner with your family (nobody does anyway), just slam your face on the plate and say you’re done and excuse yourself from the table. You’ll not only mark your reputation as the fastest eater, but as the polite one who excuses himself from the table. Step 2: DON’T RELY ON THE DESSERTS That is the trap, beware! Remember, the dessert table is the table where you’re crazy aunt catches you to evangelize you and criticize your outfit. Ask your younger siblings to bring you the desserts to you so they can put up with the annoying adult.

Enjoy playing with Real snow? Whoville is the place to go. Grinchmas is back! Universal Studios Annual Christmas celebration is back and for limited time. So hurry on and join the fun.

Step 3:Laughing is the best medicine (Medically proven, all dentists recommend it) Find humor wherever and whenever you can. It’s okay to roll your eyes to the adults talking about their jobs. Sarcasm is the best tool yet. You’re cousin got an award? Congratulate her on the plastic trophy painted as gold, it’ll make her day.

Step 5:Don’t hesitate to confront Nothing is better than drama in the family reunion during the holidays. If you’re uncle tries making you seem like you’re too “young” to be with the adults. Be blunt, and stand up for yourself. Never hold it in, it’s bad for the soul. Step 6:BreatheIf you are verbally abused by an adult or put on the spot, be the bigger person. Don’t let it get to you. Just get their chair for them, put it in the backyard and keep them outside so they can think things through. They obviously need time alone, be the better person and give it to them.

Step 7:Ask is this what you really want? To be here with family, and act like everything is perfect? You know what to do, tell them you’re going to the bathroom and ditch them. Walk around the block, get some Starbucks and come back right before dinner begins. Nothing is better than some caramel frappe on such beautiful day. Step 8:Compassion: Be compassionate of others. If a problem rises up or it gets awkward, firmly address the situation and present the solution. Ask them to leave. They will understand and feel your compassion towards the family and the problems. Silence is golden, but ducT tape is silver. Step 9:Spotlight It works every time. Peer pressure can apply to parents, and it’s the holiday anyways, so you can trust families with your life, right? Why not mentions how you’re grades are “B” average but you’re parents still don’t want to buy you your Xbox this Christmas. Tell the world, it’ll solve your problems. Once you get home, you will only get loving attention from your parents for putting them on the spotlight.

Step 10:Santa Claus Most important tip of all, saving you from millions of questions. You’re little siblings or cousins ask about Santa Claus all December? Be the mature person, and be honest, tell them how he doesn’t exist. They will cry for a few days, or months but it is for the best, they will love you even more than what they did. You will no longer be asked questions or hear songs for Santa for the next few years.’

Downtown on ice is back! Ice skate around downtown and enjoy the beautiful of PersHING sqUAre. location: 532 South Olive Street, Los Angeles, California 90013


Step 4:BUDDY SYSTEM Never, never ever, leave your cell phone or laptop at home. Without such important devices, you will NOT survive the holidays. A family member will always start venting about how he or she doesn’t have a special someone during the holidays. Who cares? Your friend just sub tweeted you on Twitter that is so much more important than giving advice to some depressed loner.




New Music from 1D, Lana Del Rey, and Rihanna

One Direction

One Direction’s much anticipated “Take Me Home” album was released on Nov. 11, including their single “ Live While We’re Young,” they released the entire album with 13 tracks, a “Deluxe” version with 17 tracks, and a Deluxe Yearbook version with 17 tracks and a small lyric book. Fans were not disappointed when the album was released, making it Number 1 in the UK and other countries in only a week. The album begins with their famous single “LWWY" which was the first music video released for this album. The video features all five boys, Niall, Liam, Harry, Zayn, and Louis. The boys drive around and swim and party with friends, showing that everyone should enjoy and live their life while they can. The album continues with other pop songs like “C’mon C’mon” and “Rock Me.” Most of the tracks are full of pop beats, with the exception of two songs that are slow and acoustic. This isn't the first time the boy band sensation has released a hit album; their first album "Up All Night" became number 1 and went platinum in many other countries. Their prominence surfaced after they

last album. Broken dreams, Carpe Diem, and Pining For a Lover all seem to be Del Rey’s motif along with the beauty of freedom being a recurring one in “Paradise.” Her statuesque features and dazed yet dreamy mannerisms make Del Rey a hauntingly fascinating performer to watch.

participated in the UK X-Factor, where they competed individually but were then put together in a band. One Direction will start their world tour next year when they will sing their new hit singles, and make girls around the world swoon. This album is a bit different than the first one, but it sure won’t disappoint any die hard fans or newcomers to the One Direction fandom. Daisy Alvarez

Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey pranced her way onto the music scene in 2011 with her debut single “Video Games.” A music video created by Del Rey herself was posted on youtube and became a viral hit with over 20 million views. After her sudden fame, she released her second studio album “Born To Die” in January. It quickly became one of the best selling albums of 2012 with songs that evoke a nostalgic feel such as “Blue Jeans”, “Born To Die”, and “Summertime Sadness.” Although seen as controversial and vulgar at times, Del Rey continues to glamorize the griminess of life. “Paradise” is her newest album, and it can be seen as a sequel to “Born To Die,” adding eight new songs which seem to continue the theme of her

Her deep, velvety voice softly echoes into your ears with disturbing songs such as “Ride,” a 10 minute epic video where an enigmatic Del Rey walks the streets of an old southwest town, hangs out with old biker gang members, rides on the back of a Harley and occasionally plays pinball in an...odd way. If you want to know what I’m talking about, you’ll have to see it for yourself. If you already have, well enough said. Lana Del Rey’s fancies, aside from being obsessed with old men, which we hear a lot about in this album, seem to include pop culture references and the

United States of America. (Who knew she was so patriotic?) She delivers lyrics such as “No one’s gonna take my soul away, I’m living like Jim Morrison” in the song “Gods and Monsters” and “Elvis is my daddy, Marilyn’s my mother, Jesus is my bestest friend,” in “Body Electric.” The whole album is a bit disturbing and very much exploitive, but the music is great. There are soft piano chords, melodic strings and occasional pop beats mixed throughout. Del Rey’s persona of a sultry, wandering girl with a taste for the darker things in life is what really sets her apart from other musicians. She embodies a romanticized vision of all the melancholy life has to offer and makes one almost crave it. Del Rey seems to have embraced the magic of movie making and poetic brilliance which makes for an enticing cocktail of cinema and music. “Paradise” is definitely one of my favorite albums of the year, and it has me anticipating what the gorgeous Del Rey will do next time. Kimberly Soto


Singer Rihanna released her seventh album “Unapologetic” on Nov. 19. It features 14 upbeat songs, including the October hit “Diamonds.”

Many people love Rihanna and her recent demonstration of musical maturity since her first album, which was released in 2005. Rihanna’s new songs are a mix of hip-hop and pop. The song “Numb” is one of the slower songs on the album but it is still fun to listen to. The beats in the song “Jump” are fun to listen to and is a good song to sing along to. “Stay” is a ballad with deep lyrics about love. The song “Right Now” sounds like a song that will most likely be heard at parties because of its club vibe and lyrics. Some of her songs are about love while others are about partying and having fun. Each song has its own message that is waiting to be heard. Other voices are featured on the album like Chris Brown, Eminem, Future, and Mikky Ekko that make each song a little more different from each other. The album is complete with both slow and upbeat songs so as to attract a more widespread variety of fans. Rihanna’s long-time fans will not be disappointed with the content of the album and will enjoy most, if not every, song it has to offer. Joanna Bautista

Spartan 117 makes his brave return in Halo 4 ELLIOTT GATICA CHRONICLE REPORTER

This game preserves the essence of all the previous Halo games. Even if this game has several new mechanics, they contribute to the greatness of such a masterpiece. Halo 4 should be on every “tobuy” list for Xbox 360 owners. While this game offers the previous feelings from other Halo games along with the original weapons, much more is added to the hectic

warfare for a more enhanced and highly fun experience to newcomers and hardcore fans of the franchise. There is a place for the most casual of shooting game fans in Halo 4. From the traditional red vs. blue team slayer games and capture the flag to the more competitive infection matchmaking and custom games, this game offers a great variety to something other than just campaign. New game types have landed in this game including the

new free-for-all regicide. This game variant allows players to be fighting for the crown. The one with the crown is labeled the king (who all players strive to kill for extra points). Along with the multitude of matchmaking madness, this game offers a backstory to the original story of Halo 4’s campaign called Spartan Ops. There are several missions offered in this mode. From time to time, new missions will be added to continue the story and action to enhance the

experience of gamers. The campaign continues exactly 4 years, 7 months, and 10 days after the ending of Halo 3, being launched into outer space, and Master Chief, the beloved protagonist, wakes up to find the ship in wreckage and Cortana malfunctioning. The elites have sided with the Covenant once again in this hectic war against the forerunners--a new foe under their ruler, the Didact.




Daughtry & 3 Doors Down






The who















How to Survive the Apocalypse Rules made by a paranoid but very much alive student WILLIAM SAN NICOLAS CO-EDITOR IN CHIEF

There are plenty of crazy things to be prepared for these days, not to mention the end of the world. If you are seeking proper guidance in surviving anything from a zombie outbreak to a robot rebellion, then look no further my savvy survivor. The following are some of my rules to survive anything that goes down come doom’s day. Rule #1: Be sure that you hoard everything right here, right now. Think about it, you may not want to eat that mushy thing in the fridge right now, but tomorrow if the world ends, gangs of bandits could be slaughtering each other over that strange mushy substance. So play it safe, and leave it in the fridge at least until someone else tries to eat it and throw it away. Then it’s their problem. Rule #2: It’s not your problem. If your neighbor from down the street is banging on your door begging desperately to be let in to use the phone kindly direct him to the nearest existing payphone. Why? Simple, if it doesn’t affect you, it doesn’t matter. It is much better to stay isolated to avoid any potential dangers out there. The only exception to rule number two is if the

person in need is extremely attractive or if the person has cookies. Cookies are yummy and imperative to your survival. Rule #3: Never do your homework. This is a subtle strategy designed to hide your brilliance. If people assume that you are too dim to figure out your homework, then they totally will not suspect your brilliant ambushes and combat strategies should you decide to try and raid them for supplies and entertainment. Besides, you’ll be better off spending your time honing your fighting skills in your favorite video game, those moves are pretty easy to do yourself if you just watch them a bunch of times, right? Rule #4 Keep your friends close to you. Those nights you spent out with the guys or the girls laughing and having a good time will have an excellent pay off in the near future. Give yourself time in each outing to assess their use to you in an emergency. Test their reflexes and jab at them with forks and stuff, don’t worry if it hurts them, it builds character. Rule #5 Locate the fall guy. How do you outrun a crazed, man eating Macintosh computer? Simple, run faster than your friend. Find the least

useful member of your group if you were foolish enough to actually join one and elect him/her to be the one left behind as a distraction or offering to whatever psycho that manages to get the drop on you. Look on the bright side, it buys everyone else time and the psycho gets a new friend to play with. Everyone wins. Rule #6 Go out with a bang. Eventually, staying alive by playing it safe is going to seem boring, difficult, and like way too much work. If you are running out of supplies or some other thing that is critical to your health, like cookies, then take a stand! March on into whatever place holds the bad guys in this situation and demand that they surrender to you because they are totally outclassed, outmatched, and outwitted by you. Make any other demands that you please and if they give in to them, then you just got some free stuff! If they don’t, then what happens next could definitely win you some serious respect in the afterlife. Now remember to follow these rules and lead a long, happy and successful life! The Crimson Chronicle claims no liability whatsoever if you try these ideas and get hurt because you did them wrong.


Breaking Dawn Part 2 sinks its teeth into the box office

Red Dawn Brings Yawns Remake leaves fans with unanswered questions


Red Dawn opened in theaters on 21 Nov. 2012. Red Dawn is a remake of the original film that came out on 1984 starring Patrick Swayze, C. Thomas Howell, Lea Thompson, Charlie Sheen and Jennifer Grey. The recent release of the movie stars Josh Hutcherson, Chris Hemsworth, Josh Peck, Adrianne Palicki and Isabel Lucas. From the start of the movie, there is confusion. Nothing is being explained and nothing seems to be making sense. The characters of Jed and Matt Eck-

ert constantly bud heads and that is one of the first things you notice. Soon, Spokane is invaded by North Korea but it was not just Spokane; the attack was on national scale. Unlike the original Red Dawn, they do not give any explanation on why North Korea invades the United States. Soon, Russia gets involved and again there is no explanation on why this occurs. The Eckert brothers make it to safety along with other rebellious young people. The group of people took the name The Wolverines and they decided to arm up and defend

Spokane. The effects in the battle scenes looked more realistic in comparison to the original since technology has advanced within the three decade time gap. As a result, the highlights of the film were the fight scenes. Other reviewers have given this movie a bad review. They say that this remake does not compare to the original. I do not recommend seeing this movie in theaters unless you are just watching for the action. I would just wait until it is out on DVD or BluRay.



Breaking Dawn Part 2 hit theatres on Nov. 16, 2012. Before the movie was shown on screens fans were already hectic waiting for the midnight show. It was expected to be the best out of the Twilight series, and in the end, it was. Surprisingly even non-Twilight fans agreed it was the best, and many decided to watch it twice. The movie started off with Bella (Kristen Stewart) getting used to her heightened senses. Edward (Robert Pattinson) takes her into the woods to get her her first drink of blood. Returning from her catch, Bella finally sees Renesme (Mackenzie Foy), her daughter for the first time. Renesme’s birth was a miracle, but to others, she is a potential threat. The Volturi

saw her as an immortal child and in order for the Cullens to prove them wrong, they gathered witnesses from all over the world. When it came to prove that Renesme was not a threat, both the Volturi and the Cullen family met at a battlefield. Little did the viewers know that there would be a twist brewing up towards the end. For the people who have not seen the movie, I will not ruin it for you. You will have to watch it to find out. Even those who read the book are in for a surprise. The applauses at the end of the films said it all; the directors had done an outstanding job in creating the film. It was a great way of ending the Twilight Saga. To the non Twilight fans, you can finally say it’s over.

10 DECEMBER 2012


Soccer comes from behind to defeat Franklin KARRYN HUDSON CHRONICLE REPORTER

The boys soccer team defeated Franklin High School 5 - 4 after coming from behind on Dec. 5. After playing the first half with a score of 0 to 4 and several attempts, the team seemed like it was not going to make it. Team captain, SAS senior Franklin Ayala, had been pulled out of the game due to a pulled muscle and several of the team’s starters were on the bench due to some injuries. The team was not getting any better, after four goals by

Franklin in the first half, the team needed a pick-up. The team eventually got that pick-up when the second half started, and so did its starters. Forward, Alex Flores, made a


penalty kick and the team went on from there. Team captain, SAS senior Edgar “Chipi” Barrientos, scored two goals, forward Alex Flores, SAS junior,

scored two, and forward Alejandro Silva, SAS sophomore, scored one. “Due to injuries we didn’t start our starters but once we

put them in they got it done,” said Coach Jorge W. Maldonado. Ayala and midfielder, TCA senior Kevin Dominguez, received yellow cards and had to be pulled out of the second half, but they could still be heard cheering on their team mates. “We’re proud of how well the team handled the situation,” said Barrientos. “After being down 4 - 0 at half time, it is still hard to believe we came back.”

Six Hollywood High Musicians March Their Way To All-City Drumline Competition ASHLEY CARILLO CHRONICLE REPORTER

Six fortunate Hollywood High School drumline members have been selected from a wide range of students and now are rehearsing their way to march in the All-City Marching band. Lidia Sanchez a PAM junior, Marvin Rodriguez a CCA junior, Kimberly Molina a TCA junior, Krist Martin Inocencio a PAM junior , Yoana Estrada a PAM junior, and Christopher Diaz a SAS senior have been selected to march in the 2012-2013 All-City marching band. They will march Bandfest, the Disneyland parade, the Martin Luther King parade and the Rose parade.

TCA junior Kimberly Molina feels that,” All-City means a lot because from the district, I was one of the few kids from the district who made it.”

Marvin Rodriguez, a CCA junior,”would like to thank my instructor and the Hollywood High School band for being back. I would like to thank L.A.C.E.R for bringing back marching band.”

”An honor to make it...because it has pushed me into becoming a better person since last year. Becoming a better person in the band.”

The way that these students get in is by their instructor recommending them to be in the All-City marching band. They are required to be brass players, read music, know the B flat scale, and have a minimum of a 2.5 GPA. When auditioning, they are given 5-6 pieces of music and are broken off into sections. Once they are signed off, they have to go to rehearsal every Saturday until winter break from 8 AM to 4:10 PM. Once they are on winter break, they have to go to rehearsals everyday except Sundays. They receive 200 hours of community service, AllCity jackets and special pins.

SAS Senior Christian Diaz and is now marching All-City for the second time feels that All-City is,”an honor to make it...because it has pushed me into becoming a better person since last year. Becoming a better person in the band.”

Drumline instructor, Diego Montiel has taught these

musicians,”how to read music, march, character, and discipline because it’ll be difficult for them to go to a 12 hour long rehearsal.” Montiel said he is,”very excited for them to come back and bring back what they have learned. I am proud of everyone especially Chris because he is learning and playing the tuba at All-City. The tuba is the most difficult thing to play and it is going to be a long parade.” These players and their instructor are very excited and honored to be marching and representing Hollywood High School in the 2012-2013 All-City marching band.




Lady Sheiks compete in their first scrimmage game Girls Soccer lost their first home game against Franklin High 3-0 ASHLEY CARILLO CHRONICLE REPORTER

HHS soccer player running with the ball towards the goal net.

The girls soccer team lost their first pre-season game to Franklin High School last Wednesday by a score of 2-1 for junior varsity and 3-0 for varsity. Marlene Recinos, an NMACAA sophomore, scored the only goal for the JV team. Players seemed to take the loss in stride. “We should improve as a team,” said Maritza Botello, an NMACAA junior. Although disappointed by the loss, the girls are looking


forward to winning upcoming events. “The game was strong even when we faced tough obstacles,” said varsity player Karla Hernandez, an NMACAA senior. “This game was practice to us and our coach since we have a lot of new girls. We are still finding out where to position them and we also lack in communication since everyone is new to the game.” Hernandez said their goal this year is to be one of the top three schools in the league in order to make it to playoffs.

Girls Basketball beats Franklin 59-29 With more experience, team shows confidence in it’s first preseason game KARRYN HUDSON CHRONICLE REPORTER

The varsity girls basketball team has kicked off its season with a win after they beat Franklin High School 59 - 29 on Nov.30 at a home game. This year the girls varsity team is more experienced and confident than last year. The team had been playing tournament games which were

leading up to this win. With a thirty point lead, the team was able to blow up the court. Center, SAS Sophomore Michelle Zuniga, had 12 rebounds and ten points, and she is considered to be the player of the game. Leading scorer and point guard, Mary Mikaelian, SAS sophomore, scored 18 points, and guard, Sandy Perez, SAS sophomore, had 16 points. When asked how he felt his team played, coach Lou Herron said, “They handle adversity really well because they could have caved in but they decided to play well.”


SRLA runners have been increasing their mileage the past weeks. On Sunday Dec.9, they ran their first half marathon. For a couple of the runners it was their first time running 13.1 miles, but every runner was looking forward to the race, as well as their coach Geoffrey Buck (SAS Math teacher). “SRLA is one of the most important things that I do;

I encourage teachers to get involved. “said Geoffrey Buck. He is excited for the upcoming half marathon that will take place on Jan. 12th, 2013. The race will be a bit challenging, but he knows the runners will enjoy it. Runners are proud of being a part of SRLA, as it helps them achieve a goal that many can not accomplish.

The team suffered some injuries. Team captain, SAS Senior Diana Lopez, collapsed during the first quarter and was out for the remainder of the game. Even with a fallen captain, the team continued to play against Franklin. By the time the third quarter had come around, the Sheiks were well on their way to victory. Unfortunately, not all the teams had a win. Junior varsity lost but they still played a great game for their first time.

Crimson Chronicle Dec. 2012  

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