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A War on Education?


Recent layoffs put school function in jeopardy Hollywood High School has lost three clerks and one beloved custodian of 38 years to layoffs and reassignment brought on by the most recent budget cuts. LAUSD is laying off “classified employees”--the staff who maintain the school’s organization and supply all the necessary means for teachers to efficiently do their jobs. Teachers are outraged that the one-time $103 million grant received from the Federal Jobs Bill is not being used to keep the layed-off staff on board, but LAUSD maintains that conserving the money now is vital to keeping next year’s staff. “If LAUSD spends the money now by bringing employees back this year, it will have to cut double the amount next year,” read a district-wide notice sent by Superintendent Ramon Cortines. On Nov. 30, 2010, Rocio Nieto and Olga Castaneda were laid off, and Gary Satterfield and Maria Berber were demoted from Hollywood High School. “I think the unions gave up too easily,” said Principal Jaime Morales at a meeting held by

the school’s teachers on Nov. 18, to protest the lay-offs. In mid-November, about 50 teachers picketed outside

1968. He has worked at Hollywood High School for the last 30 years, and has the most seniority of the overall staff. Having seniority should have prevented his demotion to another school, but “Gary’s case has no logic whatsoever,” said Morales. “And it will be fixed.” Maria “Lupita” Berber, MET office technician, was transferred to an elementary school in the city of Carson. The reason for her transfer was the PHOTO CREDIT: NEIL FITZPATRICK further necesTHE TEACHER AND CLASSIFIED UNIONS protested outside of the School sity of clerks at Board heaquarters in Downtown on Nov, 30. elementary schools the school in protest, and on the last day rather than high schools. Her colleagues of employment for the most recently and students miss her organization skills, eliminated staff, about 200 teachers and reliability, and efficiency as a member of classified employees protested outside of the MET staff. “Lupita was a valuable key LAUSD headquarters downtown. person in MET,” said Alejandra Sanchez, Satterfield, Hollywood High’s custoassistant principal of MET. “She was exdian, has been employed by LAUSD since tremely good with parents, students, and


staff members.” Textbook clerk Olga Castaneda has helped teachers and students of Hollywood High with the organization and distribution of textbooks. Castaneda’s organization and timely actions has helped teachers and students return books on time without hassle. Without her assistance, the distribution of textbooks and their timely return will become hectic for students and teachers, especially for this year’s seniors, who will not be able to graduate if books are unaccounted for. Rocio Nieto, HNAS secretary, has worked with Hollywood High School for four years. She believes it is unfair that the layoffs are taking place while the district is spending millions on a new public school. The Robert F. Kennedy Community School near downtown Los Angeles will be the most expensive public school in the United States with expenses totaling $578 million, according to The Huffington Post. Education will continue to lose funding over the next few years. Federal stimulus funds that have been buoying LA’s public education system, such as the Individuals and Disabilities Education Act, will be gone before the 2011-2012 school year. LAUSD claims that next year will financially be the most difficult, and laying off people now will save many jobs later.

New Dress Code May Be“In” for New Year Cleavage and midriff are “out” KARLA SAMAYOA ENTERTAINMENT EDITOR

Hollywood High administrators have proposed a new dress code to ban short skirts, torn jeans, and visible brassiere straps from school grounds. The code is currently being perfected by the administrators, teachers, and staff and is most likely to be implemented by the end of the 2010-2011 school year. The issue has been discussed at school-

Males are not to wear any gang-related attire, such as, overly large shirts, shirts displaying profane words or imbased management meetings for two ages, or jeans sagging below the hips. months and may be voted on in January. And as always, all non-Hollywood High The dress code is split into two sections hats will be confiscated. to incorporate restrictions of both male These regulations are not, however, and female attire. Females are banned meant to be restricting or uncomfortfrom wearing revealing clothing, such as, able to students. Dr. Emma Jeannette shirts that are overly tight or sheer. Skirts Burns, assistant principal, said students and shorts must extend past their finger- are free to voice their opinions and coltips, and pants must not be deliberately laborate in creating a fair dress code. ripped above the knees or show any bare “School is not only a place to learn skin. reading, writing, and higher education,”

said Burns. “You learn about mannerisms, how to dress for success, and how to present yourself to others.” The purpose of the dress code is not to punish students, but to curtail inappropriate dressing habits. Students will not receive any form of punishment for violating the dress code, but they may be asked to put on another shirt over an inappropriate shirt, or pull up their pants if they are sagging. Parents may also be called depending on the clothing. Student safety and Hollywood High’s See Page 5

Orpheus and Eurydice

The Performing Arts Magnet wrapped up their fall play on Dec. 12. See story, page 8.

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Jonathan Flores as Orpheus, Brenda Perez as Eurydice, and Roxana Jimenez as Serafina.

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Man on the Street

How do Sheiks spend their holidays? See Page 3

Hollywood High’s Clubs Give Back

What exactly do CSF and Key Club do to help out the community? See Page 4


Decade in Review

As the world enters into a new decade, The Crimson Chronicle takes a moment to review the highs and lows. See Pages 6-7

Get Your Potter On

See Page 8



Rules are Rules

School policies have become stricter and more demanding. EDMUNDO REA CHRONICLE REPORTER

School policies have always been a part of H o l l y wood High, but now it seems administrators are enforcing those rules much stronger than before. School officials will confiscate all hats and beanies on campus. Cell phones and ipods also get confiscated if they are in plain sight. Skateboards will be taken away if they are not stored in the SLC offices. Hats and beanies have always been confiscated because the school believes this will cause problems involving gangs and crews. I highly doubt that this risks the safety of the students. The school is meant to provide students with a safe environment. If the administration does not agree on the degree of safety, they should in-

crease supervision, not ban items of clothing. Only Hollywood High headwear is allowed on campus. It seems as though the school is trying to raise profits by banning headgear not purchased from the school, using students apparent love and use of headwear. Confiscation of cell phones have led to upset and depressed students. Cell phones should be always kept nearby in case of emergency. When cell phones are taken away, the students’ parents have to pick them up. The school should allow students to pick up their phone by the next day, but it would be more beneficial to get them afterschool. According to school policy skateboards are a safety violation and must be stowed away in the SLC offices. By adhering to this rule, I was forced to wait for half an hour after school to retrieve my skateboard from the SAS Office. I had to wait

until a staff member had showed up with keys and opened the door for me. Another policy costing students time is the tardy policy. Many students are being assigned extra hours of detention because of the school’s tardy policy. It has been noted by many that tardy slips are not actually given out at or after 8 o’clock, but some time before the start of school. The students are unfairly stopped from going to class even before the tardy bell has rung, when two minutes is often more then enough time to make it to one’s advisory or first period. If you refuse to receive a tardy slip, you can end up getting suspended from school. Along with being late, if you are seen carrying fastfood items into campus before the start of school, administrators will forcibly throw away the food you have just spent a good amount of money on.

pearance. Their pictures are computer modified and designed to generate the ideal essence of the promised product. Girls just don’t realize that the models have tons of make-up caked onto their faces and have been digitally airbrushed to look flawless; creating the illusion that these products will make one look perfect. I dislike when girls complain, “Oh my god my face look’s disgusting”, because they are not wearing make-up. Boys are annoyed by these daily complaints and sometimes lie in order to stop the complaining. Typically boys will say that it looks fine. Applying make-up is normally used to enhance beauty or cover blemishes, but sometimes it decreases a woman’s attractivness. The use of too much make-up can cause acne, damage skin, and eventu-

ally cause wrinkles. The use of liquid and powder bases clog pores, trapping dirt and oils in the skin. Unless thoroughly cleaned, acne will occur. Acne isn’t a pretty sight, ladies! Eye liner and mascara will increase wrinkles around eyes. Girls under the age of 14 shouldn’t use makeup at all because it causes the skin to age quicker. Teenage girls who apply an abundance of make-up tend to look like clowns. Apparently the current make-up trend is vibrant red lip stick, lots of blush, and bright eye shadow. Honestly, how is this attractive? If looking like a clown is the “new look” then half of our school is professional. Believe it or not, guys find girls more attractive without makeup because a girl always looks most beautiful in her natural state.


Teenage girls and make-up have become one. In today’s society a female can’t go a day without the use of any cosmetics. Even the simple usage of lip gloss has become important. Many teenage girls refuse to leave the house without make-up on. Teenage girls have become so self-conscious that they refer to themselves as disgusting and “stupid looking” without any make-up on. Girls tell me that when they look at themselves in the mirror, they see someone unattractive and unworthy. Girl’s believe that being “Hot” is imitating commercial supermodels promoted by the media. However, many of these models are distorted from their actual ap-

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Hat Policy Dear Editor, I am a dedicated HHS student who is very concerned about the hat policy. Taking away hats from students is a racist policy that ignores our basic freedoms. We wear hats to express our feelings or commitment to a team. If LAUSD and HHS want a school where students feel respected, safe, and intelligent then they must change the hat policy. Sincerely, Joseph Anguiano, 9th Grade Tardy Policy

Dear Editor, This letter is regarding the tardy policy on campus. It seems very unfair to many people in school. The administrators and staff take it really seriously and give harsh consequences. Our school tardy policy is too bleak. I think the tardy policy should be made longer by one or two minutes. Sincerely, Usmonbek Muslimbekov, 9th Grade Cell Phone Policy

Dear Editor, Students should be allowed to use their cell phones during nutrition and lunch because that is the only time during school to just be themselves. Students should also be able to use cell phones because they can contact school staff when they see a hidden weapon or narcotics on another student or report a fight that has gone unnoticed. Sincerely, Luis Martinez, 12th Grade

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Forced Chocolate Sales Leave a Bitter Taste Afsana Afzal Copy Editor

Chocolate sales on school grounds seems to be a Hollywood High school tradition. Since my freshman year, I have been incessantly begged to buy chocolates, for this cause or that. But since the candy sale has been mandated for the honor that is an on-stage graduation, four years of blood, sweat and tears will no longer suffice. Along with having a considerably satisfactory GPA, passing the CAHSEE, and having no more than 10 absences, students must also lug around a cardboard box contain-

ing cardboard chocolates and coax their peers and teachers to buy some. If Sesame Street’s Rosita can tell that chocolate is a “sometime-food,” then what causes school administrators to turn a blindeye?If administrators aren’t helping the cause, then why aren’t students refraining from buying? What happened to the endless lessons learned about childhood obesity in health class and the heath hazards of excess sugar consumption? Everyone’s aware that the campaign against the distribution of unhealthy and fast-food products on campus has been a continuous struggle. After many complaints, the vending machines were restocked with the district’s idea of “whole-

some” foods like the Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop-Tarts that contain 210 calories in just one bar. The cafeteria brochures proudly emphasize on the importance of a balanced meal. But shockingly, no where mentioned is the nutritional necessity of consuming a 300-calorie chocolate bar containing 13.5 grams of fat (that’s 21% of the fat you need in an entire day)! As depressing at it is to walk down the corridors looking for a potential buyer (chanting pleas of “please, it’s my last box” and “help me graduate!”) what’s more disturbing is when a student tires of hauling around a box full of chocolates nobody wants to buy and eats his own to compensate for the

lack of marketing skills. If you’re a teacher whose students are gazing out the window, doodling happy faces or writing poems in class, rather than avidly contributing to class discussions, look no further than the candy-boxes stowed under students’ seats. Eating chocolate releases natural, feel-good chemicals called endorphins and Phenethylamine (PEA), which arouse the feeling of falling in love, according to Also, chocolate contains a small amount of tryptophan, making a neurotransmitter called serotonin that produces feelings of ecstasy. So no matter how tumultuous the complex mind of Hamlet might be, if your student has just stuffed

Man on the Street

himself with a couple of school-endorsed chocolate bars, he’s more likely daydreaming of spending the weekend with his sugar-pie, than listening to your boring lecture. Just because, like every kid at Hollywood, you dream of basking in the glorious light of success as you walk down that world-renowned stage with a smile that says, “I did it!”, you’re living in a fool’s world if you think you can get there with just high academics and perfect attendance. To surmount this stepping stone and shake the principal’s hand on that marvelous day, you must first swallow your principles and maybe a few “dark chocolate almonds” to get there.

How do you plan to celebrate the holidays? For the holidays my three brothers and me visit my grandmother. Sometimes we just gather together and eat. We give thanks to God for giving us another year of life. -Noe Salazar, 9th Grade

For the Holidays my family gathers together, and we celebrate another year of living. We eat a lot of food and watch movies. The holidays are enjoyable with the family. -Miguel Cowo, 12th Grade

For the holidays I try to spend more time with my dad and my brother, I also spend them with my best friend.

-Patty Paredes, 11th Grade

Continue submitting my college applications, and getting my acceptance letter from Harvard, and probably go snowboarding to! -Vadym Budilovskyy, 12th Grade

My holidays are spent with my family. There’s always cooking, music, talking, and laughter. We always watch a good movie. We pray before we eat and thank God for all he’s done in our lives. Then we eat! -Jalisse Ambroisa 12th Grade

I celebrate my holidays like everyone. Just with my family and drink eggnog. We all go around sharing gifts from our secret Santa’s. -Jordan Ortiz, 12th Grade

Interviewed and Photographed by: Ana Barron (Features Editor) and Kevin Calenzani (Sports Editor)



Sheiks Give Back to the Community

Hollywood High clubs organize themselves to volunteer more than ever Drive. The items collected will K.E.Y. club is continually be all dopromoting COPY EDITOR nated to green livThe students of Hollywood the Salvaing. Its most tion Army. anticipated High have become incredThe club, eco friendly ibly active in serving the currently event takes community. School clubs being place on focused on volunteering and lead by Jan. 22, service learning, such as Karl Res2011. Each K.E.Y Club and the Califorurreccion, participant nia Scholarship Federation is also is asked (CSF), are continually giving holding to donate PHOTO CREDIT: KARL RESURRECCION back to the community. fundraisers Catherine Jotie, Dennis Diaz, and Jennifer $4 to enHollywood High’s Diviat Robeks Mendez (front to back) serve food to patients ter a scavsion 3 K.E.Y Club is popular and Shakeys enger hunt among students for its abid- to help pur- who recently underwent surgery at the Ron- around the ing dedication to community chase toys ald McDonald House Charity. City of Los service. Recently, the club for the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, called the Amazing held its Toy and Clothing Angeles.

Hollywood K.E.Y. Club Race. The amount collected will be donated to the Pediatric Trauma Program (PTP), K.E.Y Club’s current charity. Other clubs at Hollywood are also active in serving the community. CSF is known for its dedication to service learning and building leadership skills. The club, sponsored by George Hayes, recently attended the Veterans Holiday Celebration,


College Tips for Seniors

Network Refresh

Refresh speeds up internet connectivity at Hollywood High alexandra mancia chroncle reporter

Hollywood High School has met future technological standards by a new network refresh, consisting of WiFi equipment all over school. The new network equipment such as Power over Ethernet (PoE) wireless devices are managed by Cisco fiber switches and Cisco Routers, which are more efficient, quieter and they operate at a cooler temperature compared to the current equipment in place. Making the updated network an earth friendly choice for Hollywood High. The installation of wireless network took place during the Thanksgiving break, when students were out of school for a whole week. The new network refresh

allows students and staff to receive a faster connectivity to the Internet. AT&T personnel installed wireless routers in every classroom and office, as well as the lunch area, PE field and gym. Each classroom and office got new fiber switches with working fans to keep equipment operating at proper temperature. According to Principal Jaime Morales, 93 points of access were installed throughout the school. Points of access are small boxes that look like wireless routers. “The application for that are limitless. Staff and students will be able to get on the net anywhere, anytime,” said Morales. One major challenge in the past for wireless network was having a point of access in

which honored the veterans from all of the armed forces. Students who volunteered were in charge of managing the veterans’ dining arrangements. The CSF also volunteers at the Los Angeles Regional Foodbank, often partnering with K.E.Y. Club, to sort and assemble raw and canned food products that are then delivered to those who cannot afford three meals a day.

the gym, due to the area not having strong connections and because it build by heavy materials such as concrete. Fortunately the installment was a success, without any signal in the gym, the network refresh would have been useless. The new network refresh is not costing Hollywood High a single cent. The federal government is providing a special grant for all schools in the US to do just that. LAUSD only contracts the companies that do this kind of work. Wireless Internet at Hollywood High gives to faculty and students to get together and share concerns. The beauty of wireless is that it facilitates access to the Internet and its resources anywhere on campus, including the football field, school officials said.

Guidelines to follow for seniors applying to college. Any questions about applications contact Ms. Sousani in the College Center. December

• Seniors should mail financial aid information and pick up FAFSA forms in counseling office. • Seniors who want to apply to private colleges should send their applications.


• Students should keep sending in their college applications. It is not too late to apply to many other colleges. • FAFSA and Cal Grant applications can be sent any time after Jan. 1, 2011.


• College acceptance letters may begin to arrive. Make sure to inform Ms. Sousani when you have been accepted to a college. • Seniors can also look into scholarship options. Make sure to watch for due dates.


• Students who want to apply to a community college should talk to the Counseling Center. • Submit tax forms to the financial aid offices of the colleges that request them. • Wait for the Student Aid Report (SAR) to arrive. This tells you the amount of student aid that you are eligible to receive. Make sure colleges receive this.


• By this time, all colleges should have responded. • Decide which one you want to go to. Revisit colleges if necessary. MARIA ALCOSER

Classics Get a 21st Century Spin with Technology MET re-introduces program to correlate English, history and technology classes afsana afzal copy editor

Hollywood High School’s Media and Technology SLC has a tendency to be overlooked by the masses of SAS and PAM students. This year, with the reinstatement of the New Media program, that is bound to change. The MET learning community has re-introduced this collaborative cohort as a way to correlate core subjects with technological advancements. The program is intended not only to perk up student interest, but to introduce another level of educational refinement that is completely new to Hollywood High, according to MET teacher Antonio Manriquez. New Media divides students from selected 10th, 11th and 12th grade classes into three cohorts that use technology

as a medium for creating class projects. These assignments, often expanding over a period of four to five weeks, include educational objectives from both English and Social Sciences, a process called “Integrated Units.” Democracy Speaks is the title for the latest project for 11th grade students. This project requires students to create a visual representation of the Declaration of Independence through voice-over narratives, music, sound effects, image, etc. The English portion then asks students for a personal interpretation of the document, presenting their unique points of view on the subject. Finally, to satisfy the requirements for History, students must dig deep into the foundation of the document and present a case analysis of the

process of the document’s formation.


The 10th graders were recently busy with their own interactive assignment called Explore Enlightenment. The project asked students to explore six subjects related to the Age of Enlightenment: literature, politics, art, science, religion, and music and publish the information on a website built from scratch. For literature, students constructed a timeline of novels that inspired philosophers of that era such as Thomas

Hobbes, Miguel de Cervantes, Antoine François Prévost, and Jonathan Swift. The politics section outlines the major revolutions of the time (French, American, Mexican and Glorious Revolution) and includes a video that summarizes the American Revolution. Similarly, the art portion explores works including Francisco Goya, Jacques Louis David, Rembrandt, and the science segment outlines scientific discoveries made by Newton, Galileo, and Kepler. The section devoted to religion summarizes Reformation, the rise of Calvinism. Lastly, highlights the musical influences of prominent Renaissance artists Mozart, Bach, Hayden and Handel. In addition, students perused Candide by Voltaire and created chapter outlines, character analyses, and a timeline of the

novel, also published on the website. The project was jointly assigned by MET teachers George Benainous, Michael Bitran, and Cary Matthew Cauley. “The project was a learning experience,” says Benainous. “It was time-consuming but fostered cooperation, participation, and forced each student to take responsibility. If any other group is to develop this kind of interdisciplinary project, they should have a well-defined, positive inter-personal relationship.” Adding to the existing educational standards of the Media and Technology community, New Media’s “cross-curricular project” integrates classic educational approach with the latest technological suites to generate passion and enthusiasm in students and teachers alike.




Field Trip to the Japanese-American Museum Ninth graders try their hands at Taiko drumming TARA aULTMAN CHRONICLE REPORTER Hollywood High School ninth graders went on a field trip to the Japanese-American National Museum on Dec. 7 and 9. SAS ninth grade history teacher Michael Ulmer, took an average of 120 students to the Japanese-American National Museum as a part of this year’s World War II curriculum. “The trip was very educational, yet a break from the hard work that goes on inside the classroom,” said Fatima Diop, field trip attendee. Before the tour of the mu-

seum began, the SAS history students were informed about Taiko Japanese drumming. Instructor Hal Keimi, (also a Hollywood High School alumnus), demonstrated how the Taiko drums can and should be played. After the demonstration, some of the students were offered to take part in a Taiko drumming performance in the Tateuchi Democracy Forum. “The drums were so big! From up close they can be very loud,” said Sesha Brown, field trip attendee. The last 15 minutes in the Tateuchi Democracy Forum

involved students watching a documentary video reliving the discrimination the JapaneseAmericans faced after the attack on Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941. Because of the attack on Pearl Harbor, over 2,000 people were killed and 120,000 JapaneseAmericans were later forced to move to internment camps for “their own protection.” Many of them were from the Los Angeles area. Inside the museum, the class was divided into six tour groups. One of the tour guides, Nahan Gluck, showed the stu-

Aca-Deca Competes in Prelim Afsana afZal copy editor

Hollywood High’s Academic Decathlon team scored a total of 16,709 points in the district-wide scrimmage on Saturday, Nov. 13, 2010. In comparison, Marshall High scored around 36,000 points. The scrimmage, held at Wilson High School, tested students on seven subjects: math, science, social science, economics, language, music, and art -all of

which (with the exception of science and economics) focused on this year’s theme, the Great Depression. Of the 16 students competing to be on the team this year, 14 attended the preliminary competition. Event attendee Maria Guzman says she recognizes the need for improvement but is overall satisfied by the team’s score. “I think if we go just a bit faster, we can get a really good score,” said Guzman.

The Academic Decathlon team comprises of nine members with varying GPAs who, in addition to taking seven objective exams in the aforementioned subjects, give prepared and impromptu speeches, write essays and are then interviewed. The district competition will be held on Jan. 29, 2011. Any student interested in competing on next year’s team is advised to speak to the team sponsor Lee Tuomala in Room 406.

Remembering Those Who Served JROTC cadets honor veterans by saluting the flag veterans, while the rest MONICA RENOJ CHRONICLE REPORTER of the JROTC Battalion watched in an ease position. Hollywood High Once the flag was School JROTC Battalion carefully positioned, showed support for cadets folded the their country and flag into a triangle veterans on Nov. formation and set it on 11, 2010, Veteran’s the table for viewing. Day, at the national “I participated... organization American Legion. to show respect to JROTC cadets attended a Veteran’s Formality veterans for their at American Legion Post #43 to change courage and love the current flag with a for their counnewer one. Hollywood High try,” said Jel Delos School’s Sheik Battalion walked about a mile Reyes to Sunset Boulevard “I participated in and was escorted by the American Legion Sergeant First Class ceremony to represent Adams and other JROTC Hollywood High School company leaders. and to show respect Sgt. Adams chose 10 to veterans for their of the cadets to take courage and love for down the American flag their country,” said before the arrival of the Jel Delos Reyes, Cadet

Command Sergeant Major. After, cadets went inside the American Legion building to wait for the veterans. About an hour later, after the veterans had arrived, the JROTC Sheik Battalion went outside with the veterans to hoist the new American Flag. As a sign of veneration, JROTC cadets quietly saluted the flag as it was being placed on the pole once again. Subsequently, the Sheik Battalion was invited to the American Legion Museum, according to the cadets, they saw bullet and torpedo shells, emblems and other artifacts from the past soldiers who fought courageously in the war and risked their lives for their country.

dents one of the barracks that the Japanese-Americans were forced to live in. “They [The Japanese-Americans] were forced to sleep in camps that were divided into 10. There were 80 barracks per camp,” said Gluck. While it was said that the Japanese-Americans were being protected in the concentration camps, their normal lives were being destroyed. When the Japanese-Americans were free to leave camp, they returned to find their homes and stores destroyed.

New Dress Code From Page 1

image are the main reasons the dress code is being proposed, according to its proponents. Alejandra Sanchez, Assistant Principal, sees the dress code as a safety measure, similar to the restriction of not allowing bikes or skateboards on campus since the school is held accountable for students’ injuries. She considers Hollywood High’s new dress code to be acceptable, as it is more lenient than


SAS 9th graders learned about the lives of JapaneseAmericans during WWII.

other schools that require students to wear uniforms. She said she believes it is necessary for young girls to take care when they dress, as it may provoke danger outside of school. Some teachers also said they believe this dress code will promote a more positive learning atmosphere because there won’t be any more distracting clothing in classrooms. Male teachers, in particular, believe that this dress code will allow them to voice their opinion of inappropriate female attire without the ramifications of being accused of improper conduct.



2001-2010:Rollercoaster October 23, 2001 First generation iPod is released.


April, 2005 At the end of a 27-year reign, the Polish- born Roman Catholic Pope John Paul II dies in the Vatican.

August 29, 2005 Hurricane Katrina hits the New Orleans bay, causing 8.1 billion in damages and killing over 1,200 people.



September 11, 2001 Terrorists attack on the World Trade Center in New York City, killing nearly 3,000.


The year is coming to an end and it’s time to reminisce about the past events that marked the lives of many. Some were for good, others for bad. It is now time to say good bye to a decade of mixed feelings and welcome in the New Year. Throughout these 10 years, there have been events full of joy and happiness. Some of these would be the release


February 1, 2003 Space Shuttle Columbia disintegrates upon entering the Earth’s atmosphere.

of the iPhone and the iPod. Another joyous event was that the troops in Iraq were being brought back home and the war in Iraq was being brought to an end. The World Cup in South Africa brought with it much commotion with its spectacular shows and international rivalry. Soccer fans watched the new champion Spain win the World Cup 2010. There have also been a great number of catastrophes that changed the lives of many. On Sept. 11, 2001 the spectators watched the World Trade

2007 Facebook, founded by Mark Z erberg, reaches its peak in po larity, making it the most pop networking site in the world.

Center collapse, taking with it numerous lives. Subsequently, came the declaration of war on Afganistan. The cost of the war caused the United States to increase its debt, leading to a recession. Families were left bankrupt and unemployed. Natural disasters took with them years worth of work and innocent lives. Hurricane Katrina, the tsunami in Indonesia, and the earthquake in Haiti are unforgettable catastrophes. Times of need, though, are what bring the masses together to help

April 19, 2005 Pope Benedict XVI succeeds John Paul II and takes possesion of the Basilica of St. John Lateran cathedral.

those who are in need. The world of pop culture witnessed the demise of one of the greatest Pop stars ever. The King of Pop, Michael Jackson, died in June of 2008 of an apparent cardiac arrest. The cause of his death is still being disputed. Fans gathered around his house and his star on the Walk of Fame to mourn his death by playing his greatest hits. Hollywood High School has also gone through changes. The school went from a three-track school to traditional. Principal Jaime Morales replaced retiring

July 11, 2006 Myspace becomes the most popular social networking site in the United States.

Late 2007 Skinny jeans be fashion trend, i in the colors of

principal Fonna Bishop. The students raised the school’s API score to 702. Furthermore, Hollywood is making a return to its glory days. This decade is one to be remembered by many for years to come. Many things will change around the lives of everyday people but some instances will always be engraved in the minds of those who lived through it. Now, as the New Year approaches, people should take the time to reflect on how they spent these past 10 years.

Photo Credit: virginmedia.comworld eco,,,,,,, http://,,,, http://712englishlanguagearts.rusd,,,,,,,,




ollercoaster Decade



2008 Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight becomes immensly popular among teens and young adults.

June 19, 2009 The King of Pop, Michael Jackson, dies of cardiac arrest before his comeback concert, “This is It”.

2009 Hollywood High students raise the API score by 89 points.


ecome the latest 2008 including jeans Historical presidential elections the rainbow. take place where a woman, Hillary Clinton, and an African American man, Barack Obama, run for presidential nomination.


2008 Hollywood High School changes from year-round to traditional.

December 18, 2009 James Cameron breaks his own record of highest grossing movie of all time with his 3D extravaganza, Avatar.

Not so Secret Santa:


January 12,2010 A catastrophic earthquake of 7.0 magnitude hit Haiti’s capital, Port-au-Prince, killing 230,000 people and injuring 300,000. Over 1,000,000 were made homeless due to the collapse of residential and commercial buildings.

Many ask what is the best Christmas gift to give that special someone. Well, the answer is here. The present should come from the heart. Something your loved one, friend, or relative will appreciate. Here are some items you might take into consideration when buying: a scarf, beanie, or gloves. Remember that winter attire will be used immediately

and is of use considering the season’s weather. One doesn’t have to stop there though. Attire is common, so be more creative and go beyond. For friends, a gift could be anything that represents friendship. The thought symbolizes how grateful one is of having them as friends and how much they truly mean. Another present to give to a friend is something full of memories and unique like a scrapbook. Scrapbooks full of pictures of the past or recent

events can be beautifully decorated. The benefit of a scrapbook is the capability of inserting more memories that are to come. A scrapbook can be kept for years to come. Never forget your parents gift for the holidays! They are the best people in your life. They’re happy with anything you may give them. Present them a necklaces with the engraving of ones name, a Christmas breakfast, a watch for your Dad, or a family photo. Parents cherish any family symbol.

June 11, 2010 Spain wins the World Cup for the first time, beating the Netherlands 1-0.

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Gift Ideas for Everyone on your List Joe Curiel Karen Samayoa Chronicle Reporters

March 2010 LAUSD reports their plan to layoff 1,200 employees.

They enjoy seeing that you put effort in giving them these gifts. In a relationship, a more preferable present can be spending a day together. To start your day, take your loved one to a diner for breakfast. Make it fun and interesting by keeping the conversation going. Strive to go even further than material things by surprising him or her with a meaningful, unexpected home-made gift. Don’t be stingy and take them to a fast food restaurant. Make it a day both of you will never forget.

A significant gift can be something that you create and design by hand. It should be a thoughtful gift that demonstrates your affection towards that special someone. During the holidays, there is never a right or wrong gift. The best gifts are the ones given from the heart. Whether you buy or design it, make sure it’ll last and be a symbolical present. Make this holiday a true treat for everyone, because the holidays come only once a year.



Chris and Fester By Chris Del Cid

How To:

Orpheus And Eurydice

Woaria Rashid Chronicle Reporter

Performing Arts actors brought passion and commitment in their stunning rendition of the play Orpheus And Eurydice. The play is based on the 1959 movie, Black Orpheus, by French director Marcel Camus. The play offered much laughter, suspense, and romance. Director Kate Bridges, producer Paul Itkin, dance choreographer Lisa Goldschein, and stage design director Kate Morrison deserve credit for the play’s success. The play “exceeded my expectations. Even though we had to work on some areas, but we did the best we could”, said Bridges. Orpheus, portrayed by Jonathan Flores, was a great musician whose voice could tame wild beasts and make the sun rise and set. He believed he had everything until he met the woman of his dreams, his beautiful Eurydice, portrayed by Brenda Perez. Sadly, Eurydice was killed by a nest of snakes. In order to rescue his love, he made

Relieve first relationship jitters As the year closes, have you learned all that you can possibly learn about that special someone? Everyone has first relationship jitters. If you’re dating the guy or girl you’ve had a crush on for a while but can’t get over the awkward feeling, following these simple procedures might make it easier.

For the Guys

It is natural to ignore each other during the first week of your blooming relationship. When you see your girlfriend walking towards you in the hallway, the best thing to do is run in the opposite direction. If you hear her calling after you, simply acknowledge her and keep on running; run like the wind and stop when you know she will not be able to find you. Once the first week is over, your girlfriend may start to feel a little too comfortable with you. If your girlfriend is asking you if she’s fat or if her face looks horrible without makeup, don’t lie. Tell her the truth about the extra pounds she’s packing on, or the big red zit on her chin. Don’t let her get too comfortable. After all, honesty builds a healthy relationship. Men who maintain good values and propriety amongst females will be ignored. So being proper is a no-no. If you have a movie date, enter the theater ahead of her and close the door behind you before she can get in. If you go on a dinner date, leave your wallet deliberately at home and have her pay for the meal. If she wants to go on a romantic stroll down the beach, make an excuse and tell her your Mom is forcing you to watch How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days with her.

For the Girls

It’s simple. Guys adore a strong-willed, prowling, and controlling girlfriend. Be sure to do in-depth research on him: his phone number (which is a given), his address (also a given), his Social Security number, the full name of his parents, pets, siblings, his likes and dislikes, and any specific detail you can think of. If he has a job, constantly visit him and yell at any female who’s within a five-feet range. Try to control everything he likes to do. Change his taste in clothing to what your ideal boyfriend should wear. Change his taste in music by playing your favorite Lady Gaga song over and over. Destroy his skateboard, or his fixie bicycle so you are confident that you will be able to find him at home, work, or school. A great way to dig for information is not by interrogating his friends, but by following him home. After you and your boyfriend say good-bye to each other after school, work, or a date, wait until he is a safe distance away from you and then stealthily follow him home. Peek through his window and observe habits. A wonderful girlfriend can even slip in through his window during dinnertime. It is your decision to use what you learn to your advantage. Do not, however, let him know what a creep you are. Before your departure, take one of his possessions with you so you can perform some magic to make him love you forever and ever. Then, of course, comes the anniversary! If you have gotten past the first month without your boyfriend noticing your unique acts of love, you have succeeded. Make sure he never forgets the yearly, monthly, and hourly anniversary of the coming-together of an extraordinary couple. If your boyfriend forgets any special dates, take revenge by destroying something that is very important to him. Maybe take his Xbox 360 and throw it in the fireplace... There! That should make your relationship flourish.

A Forever Lasting Love Story Manuela Chavez Chronicle Reporter

a journey to the underworld to convince Hades, Lord of the Dead, to return to his beloved. Orpheus, after convincing Hades, broke the promise he had made earlier by setting eyes on his lover. She was then taken back to the world of the dead, and Orpheus never saw his bride again. Bridges changed the setting from Brazil to New Orleans but kept the beautiful dances of African and Cuban choreography. Crazy characters and spirits made their way through the stage, enchanting the audience with their performances. The actors, however, did not have much experience with lead roles, such as first-time leading actors Jonathan Flores and Roxana Jimenez. “I have been in play production since my sophomore year and I’ve always had small roles. It was overwhelming to know this was my first lead role,” said Roxana. Jonathan agreed. “There’s something intoxicating about acting,” he said. “I have always auditioned for school plays and never got any parts. This was my first lead.”


Harry Potter has become a pop-culture icon for today’s youth. The release of the newest movie has re-energized the fandom, and audiences are eagerly awaiting the secondhalf of the final chapter in the 10-year-long series. The movies and novels have skyrocketed to such popularity that references from the series have permeated daily speech. Leadership even sponsored a “Harry Potter Day” at school when the newest movie came out. Let’s face it. People are obsessed. Whether it’s fixation on the ever-developing wizarding culture or the actors in the movies, today’s youth cannot get enough. Obsession with the infamous Boy Who Lived doesn’t merely end at discussions, however. One of the most notable examples is seen in bands that create music solely dedicated to the Harry Potter novels, such as the group Harry and the Potters. From the song, “Save Ginny Weasley,” by Harry and the Potters: “Are you scared to walk through the hallways?/ Are you worried that the spiders run away?/ Are you petrified of being petrified?/ Are we going to have to save the school again?/ We’ve got to

save Ginny Weasley from the basilisk/ We’ve got to save the school from that unseen horror.” Production studios have even gone as far as to create a Harry Potter theme park at Universal Studios, Orlando. At the park, fans can shop at Hogsmeade, tour through Hogwarts, and experience a version of Harry Potter’s Dragon Challenge from the fourth movie. YouTube has also been an outlet for fan expression. Potter Puppet Pals, created by username NeilCicierega, displays parody vignettes with Potter characters, but as a puppet show. This isn’t a joke. The most notable Potter Puppet Pal video is titled “The Mysterious Ticking Noise.” The search for a mysterious ticking noise turns into something akin to a Glee performance and features a pipe bomb, puppet style. Perhaps the most elaborate fan-made celebration of Harry Potter would be A Very Potter Musical. This musical, performed on stage (available for viewing on YouTube), was created by a group of college students who wrote, directed, and acted in the musical. The characters in the musical are exaggerated and parody themselves. Potter madness is everywhere, there’s nothing to do but embrace its ever reaching influence.




Have Consumers Had Their Fill of 3D? Alejandra Mancia Chronicle Reporter

By definition, a traditional 2D video image has width and height but, in technical terms, it has no depth. The change to 3D images is a revolutionary shift in viewing experience, as it adds a new dimension to a viewer’s perception. The 3D trend has made its way to three major markets: video games, movies, and television programming. In recent times, just about every major action or animated movie has been released in 3D but often to diminishing results, according to Chris Morran, reporter for consumerist. com. Data shows people are now losing interest in 3D movies because many movies that have been recently released in 3D are failing to rise to the viewers’ expectations. Others say the trend of 3D movies is still going strong. “3D movies

are sweet and are here to stay,” says A technology once limited to movie film critic Will Pfeifer. Many think theaters can now be accessed from that lots of action packed movies one’s living room through products with realistic subjects shine more such as 3D televisions. In March, with the use of 3D and give movie- Samsung and Sony debuted 3D telegoers a more exciting and in depth visions geared toward heavy media viewing experience. consumers and gamers. Despite conThe reason for stant marketing the success of 3D the growth has may be due to the been slow. Samdevelopment of sung’s and Sonew and expenny’s survey resive cameras that sults show that view and film only 10 million scenes in a way units will ship similar to the huworldwide this man eye. Cameras year. As the PHOTO CREDIT: GOOGLE IMAGES used to film 3D are price decreases made with two lenses that sit next for 3D game and movie sets, conto one another. Two videos taken sumers start to see a place in their by each lens are projected simulta- lives for these products; the same neously onto the movie screen and is sure to happen for the 3D televiusing specifically designed glasses, sion, as well. With entertainment are put together by one’s brain to options for 3D growing steadily, escreate the illusion of a 3D image. pecially among gaming and movie

selections, 3D televisions are right on trend. 3D will also be a major advancement for at-home gaming, with products such as “Mario Party” and “Move Your Brain,” which will spur new gaming devices and products to keep this area of entertainment thriving. As technology advances, 3D gaming could make its way onto other devices like the iPhone, iPad and home computers for even more personal entertainment consumption. 3D technology is changing the way people experience entertainment. In a few years, it may become the primary way people connect with media. Entertainment is a huge part of today’s culture and economy, and in time, 3D will become the norm and secure its place in our everyday lives.

Xbox vs PlayStation3: An Even Match

Hugo Osorio Chronicle Reporter

People go crazy when popular consoles go on sale during holidays. When asked which one they would like, they stop to think which one is best suited for their gaming needs. Two of most popular gaming consoles are the PlayStation 3, created by Sony, and the Xbox 360 by Microsoft. PlayStation 3 consoles were a huge

hit when they were first introduced to the public. People waited in line for days before its release. The PS3 was attractive to many because it didn’t overheat like Xbox 360. People also like that the PS3 has about four times the memory space of the average Xbox 360. All of the games introduced to PS3 consoles are in High Definition. The image is so clear that it’s like being inside the game. People who enjoy game systems like the built-in BluRay player in the PS3 console. Also,

there is free Internet access that allows gamers to play online. Despite PS3’s mind-blowing clarity and numerous features, many consider it too pricey. The console currently costs about $300. Many resent that PS3 doesn’t have as many of the popular games, or as gamers like to call them “exclusive games”, as Xbox 360. Besides its wider selection of exclusive games, many also find the Microsoft’s Xbox 360 more affordable. The current price of an Xbox 360 console

stands at only $199.99, according to Gamestop. A major hit for the Xbox console is Xbox Live, where people can play and talk to other people around the world, while playing games at the same time. Later came the Sony-produced PlayStation Move, which spawned Microsoft’s own version, the Xbox Bundle. Both additions allow the player to play a game without a handheld device. One’s hands and legs are the controller for the all the movements in the game.

Black Ops made an estimate of $650 million. It dominated the video game world during its first week of sales. The magazine Game Informer gave Black Ops a nine out of ten rating. The game consists of playing the role of a shooter, a foot soldier who gains weapons as he completes missions. The soldier has to run and hide in order to kill his enemy. The video game is a simulation of soldiers on the battlefield. The gamer can camp out and gather other foot soldiers to make a bigger unit and compete against other gamers. “It’s an intense game; you feel the adrenaline rush as you play,” said

senior Max Clavel. “In mission WMD, at the very end, one must rush out of the base while at the same time escape an avalanche.” It is missions such as these that make the gamer feel as if they were actually in battle. Max’s favorite mission is Redemption, “First off, you are trying to destroy the defensive. Black Ops requires skill and patience in order to capture the essence of the video game. The game gives you a feel of actually being on the war zone battlefield.” Black Ops has new features such as online multi-player mode that gives two players the experience of competitive online gaming. Two players can

play against another person using the same game system. Customizing allows players to get more arsenal and accessories as they play and unlock them. The kill-streak rewards are RC explosive cars, guided missiles and controllable attack helicopters. Black Ops takes place during the Cold War. Most of the missions of the game are presented as flashbacks. The game includes historic characters like Fidel Castro in the Bay of Pigs and President John F. Kennedy. Most of the missions take place in clandestine areas outside military protocol . The main point of the game is to keep everything secrecy which is why it is Black Ops. Everything in the operations and missions but be kept secret.The protagonist is Alex Mason and he and other soldiers are supposed to attempt to murder Castro, and in the attempt his journey continues to be just trying to get by and survive. “The game is just amazing, everything about it is just awesome,” said Junior George Onate. “I mean getting new weapons and unlocking all sorts of interesting keeps the player hooked on the game. The new graphics are really good, following up with all the Call of Duty video games. I honestly say that Black Ops and World at War is one of the best ones.”

Black Ops Captures the Public’s Inner Soldier Vanessa Jaramillo Chronicle Reporter

Black Ops is the latest addition to the Call Of Duty line of video games. It was the most anticipated video game of the year, and it certainly seems like it was worth the wait. Many eager players pre-ordered the game in early September hoping to be one of the first to play it. Within 24 hours of going on sale, the video game sold more than 7 million copies. Black Ops has broken all kinds of records for video game sales. It even broke the Modern Warfare 2 record. The Modern Warfare 2 video game sold $550 million in its first five days of sales and

Top-Grossing Games of the Year

Mass Effect 2 PS3 & Xbox 360

Red Dead Redemption PS3 & Xbox 360

Super Mario Bros. Galaxy 2 Nitendo Wii

God od War 3 PS3 & Xbox 360

Call of Duty: Black Ops PS3 & Xbox 360 Console

10 DECEMBER 2010


“Play Good Friday, Be Better Monday” Asia Sanchez Chronicle Reporter

As December arrives, so does the Hollywood High Boys Basketball team. Varsity started off with a loss Friday Dec. 3, against Hamilton High School. Although they took an “L”, they still played a good game against their fiercest competitor. On Wednesday, Dec. 8, the team rebounded and beat Miguel Contreras Learning Center 52-38. Although the JV boys also took their loss against Hamilton High the same day as Varsity, they plan on recovering in their first home game versus Bernstein on Friday, Dec. 10. The varsity boys ended up winning by 9 points 60-52. On Dec. 13 the boys played

ing by 29 points (80-51) as well as the JV boys. Varsity Basketball Head Coach Twardak is confident the team will make it to the top three teams in the league who will compete in the playoffs. Many players, including 11th grade varsity guard Deanthony Wilson share Coach Twardak’s confidence and believe in the team’s strong offense and defense. The team motto is “Competing Forever.” Their Photo Credit: Vanessa Jaramillo objective is to get better Senior Varsity Guard Daniel Gampe takes on a Bernstein defender, in their 60-52 win on Dec. 10. every day on the floor and in the classrooms. against Reseda High School Unfortunately the varThey want to accomplish and took their second lost, sity boys ended up los- having a better record.

Coach Twardak’s philosophy of improving is “Play Good Friday, be better Monday.” The Varsity team held a record of 6-9 last season, but are determined to improve those numbers. The teams’ sheer determination lies in their new game strategies, such as playing defense first, also known as “the Blue Collar”, according to Coach Twardak. The team also plans on spreading out in the court to maximize offense. Even with the new gameplan and new-found resolve, it remains to be seen what the Boys Basketball teams bring to Hollywood this season.

Lady Sheiks Keep Their Head High For Soccer Season TAWNY RAMIREZ Chronicle Reporter

Just like the boys, the girls soccer team is training hard coached by former Hollywood High Sheik, Yesenia Guzman. The girls are busy fundraising for new uniforms and the varsity team is looking for new recruits, due to the lack of returning players. The Lady Sheiks kicked off their season against Roybal High School on Nov. 19. The players were all eager to start the season playing against Roybal although some players admitted that

they were nervous since it is their first scrimmage game of the season. They lost 3-0; however, it was only a scrimmage game, so the game will not count against them. This year, the team has faced drastic changes from last year. For starters, there is more than one coach, since there was only one coach for both JV and Varsity last year. They will have more one on one time with the coaches when they practice.

Girls Basketball ASIA SANCHEZ Chronicle Reporter

“Unfinished Business” is this season’s motto for the Lady Sheiks basketball team, because they were unfortunate in obtaining the winning league title the year prior. Now they are focused and prepared this 2010-2011 year. The varsity girls are doing well this season with an undefeated regular season record of 4-0. Their first game against Palos Verdes was unsuccessful but the following game they won 64-61 against Saint Mary’s Academy. They managed to win another game against Bernstein 51-38. As for JV, they took another “l” 1038 . Fortunately, they bounced back

The varsity girls had made it to playoffs last year against Fairfax High School, but lost. This year, the girls- and coaches- are hoping to make it to playoffs again and win. On Dec. 1, the girls played against Panorama High School. Varsity tied 2-2, seniors Thalia Eufracio and Yamileth Rodriguez each scored a goal. The game started out frustrating as the Lady Sheiks were losing but by the sec-

and won against Miguel Contreras 31-19 The Girls basketball team has made a playoff appearance almost every year, thanks to Head Coach Lou Herron who has been coaching at Hollywood for 11 years. The girls assistant coach Rosa has won the first league championships for Hollywood High in 2004 with him. As the team prepares for a more successful year they are working hard to improve their defense, passing, rebounding, and half court. The boys basketball ball players believe they are better then the girls, but according to Senior varsity captain Asjia Gomez, the girls basketball team are better and more disciplined then the boys team, because they get along well. “They don’t argue, nor fight, they just talk it out if there are any disagreements.”

ond half, they managed to tie the game. One player was reported to get seriously injured during the game. However, there was one victory, the girls’ junior varsity team won against Panorama 2-1. On Dec. 9, the team faced off against Alemany Mission Hills, a private school known as fierce competitors. The Sheiks ended up losing to Alemany, 7-0. The girls were sadly beaten but what doesn’t

kill them makes them stronger. Fans came to cheer on the Sheiks to give them support. All thats left is for them to continue training hard and prepare for their next competition, against Franklin High on Dec. 15. Despite the rough start, the Lady Sheiks are confident that they will have another successful season and hopefully go further into the off-season.

Boys Go Undefeated TAWNY RAMIREZ Chronicle Reporter

Soccer season has now officially started and expectations are high. Coach Maldonado is back to coach the boys’ team. He attended Hollywood High School as a teenager, and he was on the JROTC program. Prior to his arrival, he was mos recently at Roybal High School, but came back a year later to coach the Hollywood Sheiks again. Maldonado said he’s happy to be back,.“I love it. I’m so happy you have no idea.” The boys are training hard and their first game was on Nov. 19 against Roybal High School- the high school Maldonado had coached for a full year.

The boys practice all sixth period long and after school, they are determined to make it to playoffs this year. And it looks like they have the team for it. They just have to get through the tough and fun part- all the games ahead. The boys’ varsity team played played against Panorama High School on Dec. 1 and won 3-1. Seniors Andy Sandoval and Jimmy Espinal along with fellow junior Juan Torres all scored a goal and won the game for their team. Maldonado said that this year’s team is definitely talented. So the boy’s will have to work hard to get where they want to be. After all, hard work does pay off.

The JV Football Sheiks Set the Bar High Vanessa Jaramillo Chronicle Reporter

This season the Hollywood High junior varsity football team won the Southern League Championship. The team had to overcome many obstacles to become the league champs, as they had no home field to practice on or to play for their regular season. So throughout the summer, the team traveled to the Pan Pacific rec-

reation center for both offseason and season practice. The guys spent their summer working hard with consistency and diligence,“we would start to put in work at 6 O‘clock in the morning” said Head Coach Walter Tovar. Unlike last year, this year was special because the squad had a bigger family this year. With a bigger family the football players had much more versatility and a bigger variety of players.

The team had a lot of dedicated players and a strong team bond according to Tovar. They wouldn’t have been able to go as far as they did without their star players: Sophmore center Mister Merriweather,Sophmore linebacker Ronny Castillo, Freshman corner Damian Sanchez, and Sophmore tight end Jesus Vargas. The team suffered their only loss of the season, 4222, at Belmont High School

on Oct. 1, at their homecoming game. “The Belmont game was the hardest because we were over confident and they wanted to win more. We weren’t trying hard enough” said Damian. The lost brought the team together and made them realize that the league title was not in their hand yet. The season ender for sheiks was against Jefferson High School on November 12, where the team won

42-36 ”it was the hardest, because it was our championship game” said Andy. With an oustanding season the sheiks have proved that they are “the hammer not the nail” said Tovar. They have set the bar high for next seasons varsity team. “Being league champions is an amazing feeling, we are very proud of ourselves. It is great to know that hard work pays off ” said Tovar.





GIRLS VARSITY Date 11/29 11/30 12/1 12/2 12/3 12/4 12/6 12/8 12/10 12/15 12/27 12/30

vs. vs. @ vs. vs. vs. @ vs. @ @ vs. vs.

Opponent Palos Verdes Peninsula St. Mary’s Academy Panorama Slymar West Hawthorne Grant Contreras Bernstein Kennedy Animo South Los Angeles Harbor Teacher Prep



DATE 11/29 12/1 12/6 12/8 12/15


19-64 64-61 62-44 39-58 22-48 45-60 40-27 80-48 61-44

Opponent @ Westchester vs. Panorama vs. Hamilton @ Torres @ Franklin

DATE 12/3 12/8 12/10 12/13 12/15


Opponent @ Hamilton @ Contreras vs. Bernstein @ Reseda vs Belmont

57-75 52-38 60-52 51-80



GIRLS VARSITY 1-0 3-1 3-1 2-1


DATE 11/29 12/1 12/8 12/9

Opponent @ Westchester vs. Panorama vs. Torres @ Alemany Mission Hills

1-0 2-2 1-1 7-0


Football Loses in the First Round of Playoffs Varsity running back Luke Reynolds makes city all-star game Kevin calenzani sports editor The varsity football team played their last game of the year in their first playoff appearance since 1999 against the Chatsworth Chancellors. Visiting on Nov. 19, the Sheiks lost 47-20 on the first round of the CIF Los Angeles section playoffs, Chatsworth later made it to the city finals where they lost to Fairfax High, 51-7. Ending their 2010-2011 season with a 7-4 record, its been more than just numbers for this team. “This is has been the most memorable year,” said Head Coach Cesar Sandoval. As the team made their first playoff debut and contested a league championship against Jefferson High. “It’s been amazing to play football at Hollywood, I’m proud of us” said varsity linebacker Richard Gonzales. The team faced several challenges this year as they had no no home field for practice. They had two scheduled home games, and vis-

the Southern League Offensive Player of the Year and qualified to particiate in the CIF Los Angeles section All-Star game, as well. “Although Hollywood wasn’t the biggest or the fastest team, we did the best we could with the guys we had. They were enough. Enough heart and enough punch,” said Sandoval. It can be argued that this has been the toughest team Hollywood has seen. Sandoval said practice for next year starts, “6th period, tomorrow.” Fans of the newly respected Hollywood football team can expect a tougher season, according to Sandoval. They can also look forward to returning varsity players and former jv league chamipPhoto credit: Kevin Calenzani ions playing for Hollywood. Varsity players celebrate the close of their season, after their playoff loss to Chatsworth High on Nov. 19. The team begins their new chapter, with tryited for nine of their season games. successful season with a banquet outs for 2011-2012 season in May. According to Coach Sandoval, the at Knotts Berry Farm on Dec. 19. team promises “more home games, It can’t be ignored that they’ve put and more winning” next season. “Hollywood on the map,” said senior The Sheiks will celebrate their running back Luke Reynolds, who won

Holiday Shout-Outs

12 DECEMBER 2010

To: Kevin Favela From: Ashley Marquez Message: You’re a cool kid! I love you a bunch loads. Merry Christmas! *Muah

To: Eina Del Castillo From: King Nigoza Message: Hey love! It’s almost x-mas, means it’s almost our monthsary. Thank you for supporting and being with me for the past two years. I love you and MERRY CHRISTMAS.

To: My Friends From: Kystal and Vanessa Message: I love myself. Merry Christmas to Jesus, Krystal, Vanessa, Jocelyn, Rocio, Willy, Wendy, Molly, Boston, Edgar, Kevin C, Chola, Baby, Kita, Freddy, Sherry, Kasey, Joashuan, and of course Mr. Grijalva. By the way HAPPY BDAY MR. GEE

To: Jamie, Joel, Jesus, Ervin, Henry, Bernardo, Edgar, Kevin A, Kevin B, Kevin C, Blanca, Ruth, and Elliot From: The L.O.S..E.R Message: Thanks for letting us See your Christmas packages *wink wink *

To: Ms. Tobenkin; Ophelia; Ms.Toby From: AP Literature; Hamlet; Willy, Edgar, Afsana, Breigh, Boston, Erika, Victoria Message: Knowledge is power; go thee to a nunnery!; The lady doth protest too much me- thinks. You ARE the tree of knowledge.

To: Viktoria Khaydarova From: Anonymous Message: Since the day I met you, I fell in love with your eyes and the way you express yourself. Happy Holidays.

To: Gladys Jazmin Hernandez From: Hugo Osorio Message: The day I met you I became the happiest guy in the world. When asked what I want for Christmas, I say to continue to be with you. Thank you for the great and fun moments you have shared with me. I love you!!! Buzz buzz.

To: Jose Briceño From: Your Wabbit Abigailee! Message: You make me so happy(: I love you so much. (Hey Paola, Oscar, Kimmy, and Tapia, Me and Jose are the best couple hahaha) P.S. Mikko says Hi Babe.

To: Ms. Goldschein and Mr. Sacks From: Hayley, Olivia, and Sam Message: A special thanks and happy holidays. We love you!

To: William Feldman From: Afsana Message: You so pretty! I want to Merry your face.

To: Photography Club From: Fitz Message: I am so happy to be the sponsor. Your photos are great!

To: Sports Chalet From: Baby Message: I’m sorry.

To: Valeria, Cecilia, Natalie From: Valeria Message: Merry Christmas! Thank you for always being there. And Edmundo for ripping me off! Also, Mr. PB, my moose, and Sergio, my witch, and Luis <3 I love you guys!

To: Deez Knutts From: Baby and Felix Message: DNC DOE!

To: Res-Pres, Pops, Lao, Tubffl, Rio, Boo, CB, Jar, and Dynasty From: Jenni Message: You guys are awesome, I love you! xoXOxOXo “AH-YEHYEH” :D

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