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School lunch: it could get worse The state’s cafeteria funds have gone down the drain. BY LUCY BLAGG The National Lunch Program was created in 1946 with the intention of providing either low-cost or entirely free meals to students so that they would be able to perform well during school. To this day, low-income families are provided with the reassuring knowledge that their children will always be eligible to receive a free meal so long as they are enrolled in school. But this attempt to lend a helping hand has recently been severely jeopardized in the state of California. Wednesday, April 1, a subcommittee of the California State Senate reviewed a bill dealing with the under-funding of California’s school cafeterias. Simply put, this year’s funding for California’s school cafeterias has run out; if the state does not replenish the funds, students are likely to see a dramatic “decline in quality” in their school lunches, according to former LAUSD school board member Marlene Canter, who has been fighting for a higher caliber of school lunches for over eight years. She

says that school lunches will no longer include fresh fruits and vegetables; instead, they will come from canned goods. AB 95 calls for $19.5 million to be put into the state’s Cafeteria Fund, which operates separately from any other fund in California, and is responsible for supplying school districts’ students with nutritious and inexpensive food. But according to Andrea John-Folley, a nutritionist who represented Canter at a press conference on March 27, that $19.5 million is merely a temporary solution to the problem, and “peanuts compared to what the program really needs.” Each student meal costs between two and three dollars. The federal government pays for $2.16 of that cost, and the difference -- typically around 50 cents -- is taken from a given state’s cafeteria fund. In California, the state reimburses But this reimbursement is not enough, says Folley, adding that “the needs of working class families are not being met.”

Junior class plans to bring the boogie BY SAGAR VORA Get ready to get down and boogie! Hollywood High School’s 2009 Junior Prom will be taking place the evening of Friday, April 24th. After almost three rounds of voting, the junior class, along with President Gloria Fuentes, finalized this year’s Junior Prom theme to be “Disco Fever.” The other contenders for themes included “Ebony & Ivory,” “Masquerade,” “Casino,” “Under the Sea,” and “Pin Up.” The dance will take place from 7 p.m. to 11p.m. At first, many class members questioned the location of the event, but after being briefed on the school policy of holding an event within a 15 mile radius of the school, most of the clamour died down. The junior class has found it beneficial to have a low budget prom so there will be enough remaining funds to host a more prominent, upscale senior prom. The Woman’s Club of Hollywood has had a tradition of renting out their club to

Hollywood for a discounted price. Tickets for the event will start selling at a presale price of $10 from April 13th to the 17th. Then the following week, April 20th to the 24th, presale tickets will rise five dollars to a price of $15. If you plan at paying at the door, tickets will be sold at $20. There will not be dinner for this event. Music for the event has not been finalized yet, but when asked, the junior class’ Sponsor, Ms. Wallek, assured that a DJ would be present. White Studios has opted to photograph for the event. Attendees at the class meeting voted on a gray and silver background for photographs to be taken against. So make sure your outfits match the background. Administrators in charge and that are most likely to attend the event include Assistant Principal Mr. Nacorda, Ms. Payne, Ms. Ross, and Ms. Wallek.

Photo credit: Boston Alba

JOURNALISM STUDENTS FROM THE LOS ANGELES AREA look on as former Los Angeles Times City Editor Bill Boyarsky introduces Andrew John-Folley, an advocate for healthy school lunches.

Greek tragedy hits Hollywood New school play opens its auditions to all Small Learning Communities for the first time in decades. BY ELIZABETH MARQUEZ For the first time in recent memory, students from different small learning communities auditioned for the latest school play, the Greek tragedy, Antigone. Nornally school plays are conduced by the performing arts magnet. Before auditioning on March 19, magnet English teachers Paul Itkin and Kate Bridges passed out the scripts to help students familiarize themselves with the characters. Students read the script aloud as a way of understanding the story. The reason Antigone was chosen was because the school has been doing this play for many years. According to Itkin, this play is part of the curriculum and he likes the argument presented in the play. Antigone introduces the audience to pragmatism versus idealism and the play deals with the practical things of life. Itkin says, “If someone has to die, then so be it.” The main character Antigone has to deal with the choices of whether or not to live, whether or not to marry the prince, and whether or not to be wealthy. She is someone who loves everything about life, and is being asked to die. Antigone also

learns that she is in a man’s world, which gives the audience a “feminist outlook,” according to Itkin. Antigone will appeals to students because there are parallels between the play and today, Itkin said. Antigone reveals its central political conflicts, which are relatable to today, like what is best for the country, is a war necessary, how should the rich and poor be dealt with, what is right, and who is truth. As many know, there are always obstacles that interfere with progress. Therefore, it is undetermined when Antigone will premiere. In this case, budget constraints and grades are somewhat an obstacle since a 2.0 grade point average is required to participate. Itkin and Bridges claim that this production does not require a lot of material and are willing to use a bare stage if necessary. Bridges says it is not possible to “do a play for less than five thousand dollars. [But] we may do this for nothing. We won’t miss the sets and the important thing is that everybody gets the opportunity to participate. The only obstacles we face are the ones we place in front of us, plus the commitment that is put in.”

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SATIRE Editor’s Note: Satire is the ridicule of ideas, customs, behaviors or institutions for the purpose of improving society. Its hallmarks are exaggeration, reversal and parody. The most famous example of satire is probably Johnathan Swift’s “A Modest Proposal” (1729) which inspired the two AP English Language student essays that follow.

Surviving the economic crisis the smart way By Leslie Ibarra

Walking down the street is not as pleasant as it used to be. You are walking to your favorite store and realize that your favorite pair of jeans is on sale, but you still cannot afford them. You see all your friends buying Prada boots and Coach Bags while you’re stuck shopping at K-mart because your parents cannot afford to waste that much money. It is a crisis affecting teenagers and adults because teens cannot purchase clothes or materials that they want while parents feel stressed with all the bills to pay. How much money are we wasting daily on groceries? It is surely more than $20! People are wasting $150 per week on groceries that might last three days. Adults that have babies waste even more because they have to buy diapers, wipes, milk, powered milk and shampoos. An average person wastes as much as $130 on diapers for just one month. Multiply that by 12 and you will be wasting around $1,600 a year for just diapers. You might think to yourself, “The government is probably fixing this crisis right?” Wrong; the government isn’t doing anything about this. As a matter of fact, they seem to be encouraging this economic crisis. They are wasting millions on war materials. If they care so much about making our country stronger and more independent, why can’t they take time out and start fixing our problems? We are the ones that risk our lives everyday to protect this nation. Since they don’t seem to care, I will make some suggestions

that will improve this economic crisis. Starve yourself! Don’t eat food because it’s just wasting your money. Who needs food anyways; it’s just making us fatter and unhealthy. We can have more time to ourselves since we won’t have to worry about cooking food every three hours. Sometimes people are too selfish when all they think about is food. Think about important stuff like “What should I wear today?” If you starve yourself, think about all that extra money you would have in your wallet. You would be able to afford those Prada boots and Coach bags that you always wanted. You would finally fit in with all your friends. You would say good-bye to K-mart and hello to Guess and Banana Republic. Now if you really want to become rich, don’t pay your bills! Forget about them and save your money just in case any important situation seems to come up. Change your address or make it seem as if you do not exist anymore. There is no possible way that you should feel bad for lying because you are doing it for your own good. When you see a bunch of money stacked on your desk, you will forget about ever feeling guilty. In fact, you’ll have beautiful images involving you and a pool full of money. Wouldn’t your life get better if you starved yourself and didn’t pay your bills? You would be able to travel all over the world and experience new situations and activities. You would be able to go to France, Japan, and Las Vegas. You could

meet new people and become richer than Donald Trump. You can actually have fun and still get paid for it. You can gamble and drink all night long and you would still have enough money because you were smart enough to starve yourself, as well avoiding those infinite bills. If you honestly cannot lie about your identity, then you’ll have to master the five-finger discount. It’s not like you are lying, you are just mastering a hobby that allows you to get everything you ever wished for. To top it off, it will allow you to “buy” your family and friends expensive gifts that you were never able to afford. Not only will you feel happy, your friends and family will be happy too. People could not possibly judge you for stealing. They are just jealous that they didn’t think of it before. Besides, it’s not like they need those untouched gifts doing nothing. Let people enjoy them because obviously workers don’t know the real meaning of happiness. Sure, we might be going through a huge economic crisis, but it does not mean that we can’t fight it. If you really want the best for your family and for yourself, then you definitely have to follow my suggestions. Remember: Lie, Cheat and Steal! An average grocery total: $300 An average bill: $3,000 Starving yourself, avoiding all those bills, and becoming a skilled five finger discounter: pricless.

The ultimate solution to the high school drop out problem By Lissette Morales The young lady was merely fifteen years old. Her family was poor and she had no one to show her the difference between right and wrong. She had no support, and was not the brightest person ever so she obviously took the path that most lazy and indolent students take. She dropped out. With nobody to guide her, she got became a drug addict and had three children; children that later followed her same hopeless path. Somebody should have realized that she just wasn’t smart enough for school. Such misery would have been avoided. The government isn’t doing much to stop this uncontrollable increase of dropout rates, but I think I know who will put an end to this terrible problem. The government, in particular the United States’ government, is making school appear less appealing each and every day. The students are bound to become overjoyed when they hear about the government’s new idea to cut many teachers

and increase the number of students per class. “Oh goody, I’d love to be deprived of any real one-onone learning with my teacher”, is what they must be saying. This school drop out problem is getting out of hand, and the government apparently can’t come up with a plausible solution. Yet, I do have a solution. A great one in fact. One that will knock the socks off just about anybody. A test that determines eligibility for school! It’s perfect! At age five, every child should be required to take an intelligence test to determine how smart they are. A specific grading scale will be used and if the child fails to pass this test, he or she will be officially prohibited, by law, from attending school for the rest of his or her life. Instead, they will dedicate their lives to working in jobs that no welleducated person would want to work in. They will work all day and pay taxes in order to help pay for any educational necessities for (continued on pg 8)


Aries: (March 21 - April 19) You may want to try something new but wait! Please do not, because you will make yourself look like an idiot. Don’t even bother dressing up this weekend because it is going to be lame for you either way. If you thought your love interest would surprise you this weekend, sadly you were wrong. Taurus: (April 20 - May 20) Oh you know that cutie you have had your eye on? The one that you have been trying to get to know better? Well, stop trying because they are definitely not into you. The good news is you can now move on! Congratulations! Gemini: (May 21- June 21) It takes a lot to get you sad and your love interest has been pushing it! But do not bother worrying about them because much worse things are going to happen to you this week. So cheer up and do not sweat the small things, because bigger things are coming and that is when you should start getting upset. Cancer: (June 22 - July 22) Whatever you do this week, make sure you sit around feeling sorry for yourself. It might not fix everything, but at least your luck will not get any worse than it already is. Do not bother trying to cheer yourself up because there is no hope! Leo: (July 23 - August 22) You’re used to always being in the spotlight, but you need to get out of the way because you are really starting to bore people! You should just go home because people are really tired of seeing your face! Find something else to do, like locking yourself up in your room or simply staying out of people’s lives! Virgo: (August 23 September 22) Has your love interest been sending you mixed signals lately? Well, you may be glad to know that those are not mixed signals; it is all in your head! Stop kidding yourself; he/ she would never be interested in you!

Libra: (September 23 October 23) You need to stop having faith in yourself! We all know how it’s going to turn out if you decide to say “hi” to him/her, so do not even think of trying it. Trying to get your love interest’s attention won’t help your situation. Scorpio: (October 24 Nobember 21) You may have the perfect plan in your head on how you are going to land your crush, but you need to stop kidding yourself! Try lowering your standards, and start being realistic and go for that guy/girl that is in your league. Sagittarius: (November 22 - December 21) You need to stop waiting for things with your crush to work out. If you think that he/she is cheating on you, well you’re right! Don’t wait to find out by somebody else. Take charge and spy on him/her! Capricorn: (December 22January 19) Lately you’ve felt confused about your feelings. But don’t worry because great news is coming your way! You will find out that all those people that you thought were your friends don’t care one bit about you. On top of all that you will trip in front of your crush. Aquarius: (January 20February 18) You’ve been thinking that you are about to land your crush but forget about it because he/she doesn’t even know you exist! On the bright side, you now have more time for homework! Pisces: ( February 19- March 20) Things have been going really well for you and your significant other lately, but listen, you need to watch out because one of your friends has been eyeing your crush! So just back off because your crush was going to choose your friend anyway. Horoscopes are meant to be read for entertainment only. Written by Leslie Orozco and Kiara Hurtado.





The risks of Senior Ditch Day BY DORA CHAVEZ

One of the many traditions followed by seniors is “Senior Ditch Day.” During this day, the entire graduating class skips school. Usually small groups are formed and visit the beach, the park, amusement parks, or some decide to just stay home and relax. Of course senior year is stressful so many think that skipping one day will do more good than harm -- but that’s not always the case. Consequences for ditching vary. If you are caught ditching by the LAPD, you’re liable to receive a citation. Citatations are very costly and go on your permanent record. You also risk reaching the limit of absences required to graduate on stage at the Hollywood Bowl. Of course, there is no concrete punishment given by the administration to the students for ditching school, since not the entire class can be punished and it is considered a tradition by the graduating class. So is it really worth ditching? Despite there being no specific punishment, the absence is noted and added to the list. The number of absences a

student can have is 10, and many seniors are already reaching that limit, risking their opportunity ro graduate on stage. There are many reasons to use up absences: students can get sick, have important issues to take care of, or just to take the day off and relax. It is very critical that students take the time to think through, just as student Connie Caldwell answered, “Personally I would not because more important things might come up.” Citations are very harmful; they remain on one’s record and they can cost a great amount of money, which many cannot afford to pay. Should the LAPD really have the right to give out citations? Maybe they should since a lot can occur to a student, and they can diminish the risk. hey still have to follow rules. The tradition is still going to exist and the rules will remain. For those graduating in the following years, they should really think things through and make a choice for which they can take responsibility.

ALUMNI UPDATE In this occasional column, the Chronicle ask graduates to discuss their life after Hollywood High and to give advice to today’s students. This issue, we interviewed Monica Cuevas from the Class of 2007. Q: What goals did you accomplish at Hollywood High School? A: “Hollywood High allowed me to play volleyball for the three consecutive years, become the Homecoming princess for the year of 2006, work for HTCP (Hollywood Teen Community Project) as an advocate for teen pregnancy prevention, participate in the annual culinary completion hosted by C-CAP (Careers through Culinary Arts), and meet many inspirational people that somehow motivated me to pursue my vision and dreams,” Cuevas said. Q: Where are you now? A: Cuevas is attending Monroe College, a small private school in New York state on a full scholarship, and is in her junior year of college. While at Monroe College, Cuevas traveled to the Italian cities of Otranto, Ferrara, and Parma, were she was tutored in the Italian language. “A typical day consisted of Italian language tutoring, an internship, a three-hour culinary class, and a five online classes.” She will however, transfer to University of Nevada Las Vegas, where she says “it will expand my options and open more doors for me.” Q:How has Hollywood High helped you get were you are today? A:The culinary arts classes in Hollywood were a big help for Cuevas. The classes were the reason why she managed a full tuition scholarship, and at the same time found out much more about herself. “I would like to thank Mr. Papa, Ms. Cusolito, Mr. Debonis, Mr. Burciaga, Ms.Cardenas, Ms. Conde, Mr. McDonald, Ms. Wilkerson, Ms. Ross, Mr. Griljalva, Mr. Alas, my family, and those who had faith in me,” said Cuevas. Q:Do you have any suggestions for high school students? A: “I encourage all of the prospective college students to enjoy and graduate from high school, invest in a higher education, and be openminded with all your options and chances to explore the world.” Cuevas advises that when going to college to not be scared to ask questions and be willing to be more outgoing. -- Anthony Quinones

Is the school’s recycling really recycled? BY SREE BATCHU AND ANTONIO LOPEZ For quite some time now, teachers and students alike have been recycling both their paper and their bottles. Hollywood High School is one of the few high schools in the districts that exhibits such passionate “Go-green!” emphasis. Despite all of that, one question roams the mind of many teachers and students, “Is the recycling really recycled?” You have seen the white bins, and you probably have had to put some recycling in there, but have you ever wondered where all of that really went? Plant manager Frank Muniz was asked where the recycling went and he responded nonchalantly, in a way that would answer the question and stop any further skeptics, “Oh, the recycling? Of course it gets recycled! Do you think we throw it away and mix it in with all the trash?” In order to make his response credible, he was asked how it got recycled. “Every week, a truck comes in the school and it picks up the recycling... [taking it] to the appropriate place so it can get recycled.” Many people had that question in mind, but one that few thought about would be: “What about the green bins? Where did those go?” About a couple of years

ago, green recycling bins were placed all around the school. These bins were used to recycle cans and bottles, but a couple of months ago, all of them seemed to have disappeared. When asked about the strange and sudden disappearance Muniz, the plant manager, had this to say: “Those green bins were used for recycling cans and bottles but unfortunately due to students abusing them we had to take them away.” Yes, it’s all of our faults that the bins were taken away. If you do recall them, do you remember the time when you placed a banana in there, or perhaps some used piece of tissue paper? If you do, then you contributed to this punishment. According to Muniz, one single teacher was in charge of all of the green recycling bins. This teacher had to clean out all of the garbage that couldn’t be recycled on a weekly basis all of which was completely voluntary work. After realizing that students continued to abuse the bins, the teacher decided to call it quits and end this charade. Recently, though, the TreeHuggers Club has investigated bringing the green bins back. Not only that, but a teacher (we don’t exactly know who it is) apparently has pitched

in several ideas for a recycling program here at Hollywood High School. In this program, students would be able to volunteer and help out keep the environment clean while earning some service working hours on the side which are needed for graduation. Not much more is known about the program, but you can expect it to begin to gain popularity sometime soon once it arises.   Adviser of the TreeHuggers Club, Mr. Bah, has been a strong proponent of recycling and hopefully some of his ideas will be molded into realities. The Treehuggerís Club meets Wednesdays at lunch in Mr. Bah’s room, 509. Last but not least, eco-friendly paper has begun to become an increasingly popular school tool that students use. At Staples, eco-friendly paper made of sugar cane waste costs about 50 cents more than the usual paper - a small price to pay to keep the Earth clean.  So if you ever see a white bin or a box in your classroom and have a can/bottle or paper to throw away, make sure to throw it away in the recycling and not the trash. You’ll feel much better after doing so knowing that you have contributed to the stoppage of Earth’s deforestation. 

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Sheiks fight back at Anti-war rally

Hollywood High’s own Magical Mystery Tour (bus) BY SREE BATCHU

“We need jobs and education, not war and occupation!” chant Hollywood High students and teachers. Members of the Social Justice SLC take a stand as political activists. BY KIARA HURTADO Hippies, veterans, students, and workers alike banded together on March 21st and protested occupation -- the control of a country by military forces of a foreign power -- in Iraq. The rally took place in light of the fact that this month marks the sixth-year anniversary of the United States’ engagement in the Irag War. Among those taking part from Hollywood High were students and faculty from the Social Justice Academy. Chanting, “Occupation is a crime, from Iraq to Palestine!,” the protestors marched south on Cahuenga, west on Sunset, north on Schrader and west on Highland, according to Susan Von Manske, lead teacher for the Social Justice Academy. Another favorite slogan was, “We need jobs and education, not war &and occupation!” The protestors then moved onto the Hollywood and Highland mall, stopping in front of the Mann’s Chinese Theater. They hosted a symbolic die-in, a protest technique in which individuals visually represent the mass destruction of the Iraq war, Von Manske said. After a one-and-a-half mile long march, the protestors ended up at the intersection of Hollywood and La Brea Boulevard, where they placed fake coffins on the doorstep of the Hollywood Armed Forces Recruitment Center. “I think it was an important march because we are spending $10 million on the war, and that money could be better spent on schools, providing jobs, health care, and day care for Americans who need them,” said Von Manske. “And sadly Americans do not connect the dots between money that we are wasting on the war and services we need.” This rally and march was fully permitted and was initiated by the Answer Coalition.

Photos Credit: Joshua Marroquin

Hollywood High’s Digital Production and Performing Arts Magnet students have made their own music video using the $5 million John Lennon educational tour bus provided by Apple computers. The bus, which was parked in the quad last week, has a vocal section, an instrument section, and a lounge section. All together the equipment on the bus is worth about $5 million, according to Michael G. Alvaro “Gir” Rodarte was the director/cinematographer and the assistant director Joshua Marroquin. The production assistant was Jose Hernandez. Also involved were musicians from Mr. Stormy Sacks’ band class. Parts of the video were filmed

on Hollywood Boulevard and in the Metro stations before the students were told the subway was off limits to filming, said Joshua Marroquin. Sophmore Kacey Baughan wrote and sang the song titled “Turlock, California.” Kacey moved here from Turlock to pursue a lucrative singing career in Holluwood. The song is about her hometown. It seems she is getting off to a good start by having her own original song produced with the help of many of her fellow students and professionals from Apple computers. The video will be entered in a festival at the Egyptian Theater in June. Make sure to check it out on Youtube in the coming days.

COULD YOU EVER IMAGINE? Sophomore Kacey Baughan, above, records her song “Turlock, California” aboard the John Lennon Educational Tour Buss, which featured state-of-the-art recording equoment. Below, Mr. Stormy Sacks and Hollywood High students.

VIDEO PRODUCTION STUDENTS (from left) Alvaro “Gir” Rodarte, Joshua Marroquin, and Jose Hernandez work on the music video project inside the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus.

NEWS BRIEFS THE SUN SETS OVER the Indio Valley, home of the Coachella Music and Arts Festival.

Music-lovers flock to Coachella festival BY LUCY BLAGG

Hipsters and old-timers alike will be trekking up to Coachella Valley this month for the legendary Coachella Music and Arts Festival. The three-day festival takes place April 17th to April 19th and features a line up of over 120 recording artists, including Paul McCartney, The Killers, The Cure, M.I.A, Atmosphere, and Morrissey, to name a few. The event opens at 11 A.M. each day and will have many stages and tents set up throughout the Empire Polo Fields in Indio where live music will be playing continuously from day to night. Three-day passes for the event are currently selling for $269 on the Coachella website, while single-day tickets have sold out. While it is still possible to find single-day tickets on websites other than, they are being sold at considerably higher prices -- they’ve risen from $100 to $160 and even

$200. The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival -- usually referred to as simply “Coachella” -- first took place in 1999. After failing to organize in 2000, the festival was re-launched in 2001, and in 2002 concertgoers over the age of 18 were given permission to camp on the festival grounds for a fee of $55. Prominent musicians including Madonna, Prince, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bjork, Lupe Fiasco, Death Cab for Cutie, Spank Rock and Rage Against the Machine have all played the festival in the past.. The festival is sponsored by Heineken, AT&T, KROQ, State Farm Insurance and Playstation. A percentage of the revenue from ticket sales is donated to the Indio Youth Task Force, an organization dedicated to the betterment of youth in Indio, California.

Teachers, District Settle ContracT The teacher’s union and the school district have reached an agreement that will avoid any strike. Teachers will get no raise but they will avoid a pay cut that the district had proposed, according to Carlos Garcia, UTLA chapter chair. “With the agreement reached, UTLA can now focus on saving the jobs of our 6,000 members who received RIF (reduction in force) notices. There will be no reprisals for participation in boycotts,” said Mr. Garcia. Teachers being laid off will be suing LAUSD in what is known as a “class action suit” because they are being fired without a reason, Garcia said. Teachers had been boycotting after school meetings in protest, but those boycotts have now ended, according to UTLA. -- Leslie Orozco Recognizing a Hollywood Mentor Magnet English teacher Mr. Bill Goldyn received an honorable mention for his talents and service to Hollywood High School at The Bravo Magnet Arts Awards, held at Disney’s Concert Hall last month. The award was

for teachers who incorporate arts into the core curriculum. “We forget that there has been research proven that those who are involved in arts is a way to improve schools,” said Goldyn. “There is irony in cutting arts when its helps them.” Due to his encouragement of the visual arts, music, and dance to the student body, he was awarded a scroll for his achievements. More than 600 educators, parents, politicians, and board members attended the event. Mr. Goldyn said the event has changed him as a person, and that he is happy to know that people and certain prestigious establishments appreciate his work. -- Yenory Chaves hollywood hosts annual talent show April 2nd’s talent show featured twelve acts ranging from hip hop, to solo singers, to acting dialogues. The event was held in the auditorium at 4 p.m. Tickets were $2 at the door and proceeds support the Performing Arts Magnet program. First, second and third place winners will receive $100, $50 and $25, respectively, said Leadership Adviser Gracie Quintanilla. -- Yenory Chaves


Mental exhaustion: a threat to students’ study habits and health Feeling tired every time you step out of the classroom? You could be suffering from mental exhaustion, say psychological studies. BY ANTONIO LOPEZ In a recent study tested in Britain and published in The Journal Of Applied Physiology, scientists and researches hired ten men and six women. Several studies were done on them, and the results were quite shocking. These sixteen men and women did cardiovascular exercise on a stationary bicycle until they were unable to maintain the 60 revolutions per minute that were required of them. Once they failed to do so, they were considered, “exhausted”. A few days later, these men and women saw a 90-minute documentary on cars and trains and soon after they were asked to do cardio on the stationary bicycle. The results? After having to watch the one and a half hour documentary, these men and women became “exhausted” rather quickly - 15% more quickly than when they didn’t watch the documentary. Before hand, the men and women were tested to see if their heart rate had increased or decreased. The results showed there was no increase in their heart rate after they had watched the documentary. So

in retrospect, mental exhaustion (after all, who wants to see a documentary about trains and cars?) leads to physical exhaustion. What does all of this mean to students? Itís really quite simple: if you’re worried or stressed about something - it isn’t a good idea to do any sort of exercise since your mind’s usage will make your body feel a lot tired than it would if you had nothing on your mind but the physical activity. On the other hand, this can lead to several other conclusions such as possibly a cure to insomnia. You’ve heard the advice, “Get your eight hours of sleep!” but you’ve never actually followed it. Well, now you can.  Have you had trouble sleeping and are unable to get a good night’s rest with school on the following day? We’ve got a solution for that: Study. Yes, that’s right. We’re not joking at all. According to the results, if you’re mentally exhausted, you’re probably going to be physically exhausted. If you’re physically exhausted, you’re more inclined to go to sleep

easier. So, whip out your history book from your locker and start reading it as if it were the solution to all your problems because it is (in a way). Not only will you perform better in your history class, but you will also perform better in school at an overall level. You won’t be tired, so you can focus more and be able to memorize things. If studying sounds just a little too mentally exhausting for you, then we’ve got an alternate solution: Do you like cinnamon? What about tea? What about cinnamon tea? According to a few food labels, cinnamon blend tea - or the simple smell of cinnamon --can help increase your brain activity. If you’re mentally active for a long period of time, you’ll be mentally exhausted in no time - giving you a good night’s worth of sleep. Not only that, but for a short period of time you will be able to memorize concepts with ease. That ancient Chinese philosophy class will sure be a lot easier on you, and your brain.  Whoever thought that the word, “exhaustion” had a positive connotation to it?  




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“Not just for adults” BY JAIME DAVID SILVERMAN HCAS Teacher What’s up with Hollywood Adult School? Many of you have probably wondered about that “other” school that shares your campus with Hollywood High. Perhaps you know classmates who’ve taken courses there. Or maybe you’re still wondering – what’s it got to do with me? Well, the answer is: a lot. Hollywood Community Adult School – otherwise known as HCAS – services both current high school students and adults. If you’re still in high school, you can take classes here to make up missing credits, erase failed classes, or even boost that pesky “D” grade to help you get into a better college. Likewise, if you know friends who missed the graduation deadline and are just a few credits short, they can finish up here and receive their diploma from HHS (within six months of last attendance), or graduate with a full diploma from HCAS. Lastly, if one or both of your parents need ESL classes or a high school diploma, this is the place where they can get it for almost nothing. For adults, most classes cost only $10 (computer lab is $30-to$50). Even better, for current high school students it’s all free! (Note: some courses do have a refundable materials deposit.) Currently open 12:00–3:30

p.m. and 3:30-7:30 p.m., this self-paced classroom offers more than 20 subjects including: English, U.S. and World History, Government, Science, Health, Economics, Life Skills, Career Planning, and Psychology. Most students finish their classes in about two months; however, depending on your skills, dedication and, most importantly, the amount of time you have available to attend, you can finish in as little as a four weeks! But that’s just the tip of what we offer. There’s a Math Lab, Computer Lab, and Reading Lab specializing in those subjects. A Distance Learning program where – for certain subjects -you can do your work at home and come in to take tests. And a Parent Education class that offers up to 15 credits in a similar format. Got questions? Come to Room 401 to talk to our helpful Assistant Principal of Counseling Services, Darlene Prijatel, about academic classes. Or, if your parents need ESL classes, have them speak to Jill Gluck, our friendly ESL coordinator. And, of course, you’re always welcome to speak with me, Mr. Silverman. I’m available 12:00 – 3:00 and 3:30–7:30 PM, Monday through Thursday, in Room 309.

Traumatizing disease sweeps Hollywood campus BY EDUARDO UMANA Have you been feeling kind of funny lately? Have you been lazy? Do you find yourself so lazy that you are not doing most of your schoolwork and are lacking off in your subjects? If so, then you may be experiencing the symptoms of Senioritis. Yes ladies and gentlemen, it is that time of year and our seniors can feel it. They can feel how close they are to the graduation at the Hollywood Bowl. However, because of this, they feel that they can chill for a bit and let time just pass by. It starts off like this: First they stop doing their work, and say “Ill get back to it later,” but then as time does go by, they make this an everyday habit and they never get to their work. If you feel like you are infected by such a serious problem, then listen up closely. Senioritis is something you can easily catch, so you may ask yourself: how can I avoid such a fatal fate so I can graduate with good grades? First of all, do your work and

do not leave it until last minute. If you seniors get your work done at first hand then hey you have all the time you want to be lazy and still turn in your work for a superb grade. Secondly, stay away from seniors who have recently been affected by senioritis or are starting to show symptoms of it, it’s contagious! Once you see your fellow senior classmate slack off and be “chill” your going to want to do the same thing. So try avoiding them best as possible and stay away from places where these seniors may hang out. Yes, we all know it made be hard because you seniors have worked so hard to get this far and all you guys want to do know is relax. Sorry to say, but it is not that easy. So let this be a lesson to you seniors, and to the juniors who will soon become seniors. Juniors learn from your fellow seniors and try and prevent the senioritis that is contaminating the halls of Hollywood High from spreading into the next following year.

Congratulations! David Adamyan Larissa Alvarez Emmanuel Aquino Katherine Aragon Ana Arevalo Zoljargal Badral Riyadh Bartolome Amir Ben-Harosh Itzel Flores Castillo Dora Chavez Narek Chukhuryan Edgar Contreras Nheil Cueto Markell Deruso Xiomara Fuentes Mynor Gatica Ilse Guardado Jose Hernandez Roxana Hernandez Carlos J. Herrera Nisha Itaque Brennan Jackson Shalls Jacome Xue Mei Jin Leslie Juarez Harut Khotsuryan Miguel Larios Keng Eun Lee Lizette Lepe Lilit Manukyan Joshua Marroquin Steven Martinez Jajaira Mayorga Alejandra Mendez Bryan Mendez Natashia Mercado Ivan Montes Rykiel Morales Eliana Ocon Monica Orantes Kathy Paredes Roshni Patel Elizabeth Perez Samantha Perez Victoria Pickett Carlos Ponce Kenneth Ramirez Krystal Ramirez Diana Recinos Sheryl Relente Noel Reyes Oyuky Rodriguez Eva Rosales Diana Sanchez Nancy Sanchez Norberto Sanchez Harut Sepetjyan Dianne Joy Tan Adrian Toledo Gabriella Toledo Briseida Valencia Adan Steven Velasquez Carlos Valiente

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The School for Advanced Studies congratulates the Class of 2009 on their college acceptances.


“The Battle of Sunset Boulevard” BY ADRIEL VIOLA

HOLLYWOOD HIGH’S SWIM TEAM is all smiles after winning their swim meet against West Adams Prep on March 18th. The team also won yesterday against Santee Education Complex.

After weeks of hard work and rough training, Hollywood High’s track team started their season March 20 with a win for the girls and a 2nd place against Roosevelt and Chatsworth High schools for the boys. The Hollywood team is holding the title of winning three years straight and is now determined to continue their streak on the Southern League. For the girl’s varsity team, they are undefeated 24 out of 25 times. Last week the boys defeated West Adams 73 to 54 and the girls won 101 to 26. Today, they meet Bernstein High at home in what is being called the “Battle of Sunset Boulevard.” Serving 20 years of coaching track and field is Coach Loera, assisted by Coach Lou. Leading the boy’s varsity team was Cesar Zelaya who won 1st place on the 1600 meters with a time of four minutes and 58 seconds and the 800 meters in two minutes and 11 seconds leaving the other teams trailing behind. The best hurdle runner on the

team, Arthur Papazyan, came in second place against a 7th place city finalist of 2008, Julian Leiro, who barely made it to first place. After years of experience, high jumper veteran Earl Tan, jumped over a height of 5”2”, but unfortunately, raising a new summit of 5”4” ended all attempts leaving Tan in 4th place. Brimming with brashness, Earl said, “We are back to back league champion’s baby; we are undefeated.” Leading the girl’s varsity team, Betty Bosch blazed into first place in the 100 high hurdles, followed by Flor Cardenas taking 2nd place photo finish. With exhaustion, Flor asked, “Did I win second or third?” Unfortunately, Starla Oneyeneke, Betty Bosch, Flor Cardenas, and Megan Salazar did not finish the 400 relays as the baton was misguided from Betty Bosch to Starla Oneyeneke. Luckily, Starla dashed her way into 1st place on the 100 meters scoring five points for the girl’s varsity team.

APRIL sports calendar Monday




Baseball: Var HHS VS Santee JV HHS @ Santee Swimming: HHS VS Santee/ Bernstein



2 Girls Basketball: HHS @ Bernstein Boys Volleyball: HHS VS Elizabeth

3 Track & Field: HHS VS Bernstein











Softball: HHS VS USC Mast. Baseball: Var HHS VS West Adams JV HHS @ West Adams


Girls Basketball: HHS VS Maywood Boys Volleyball: HHS @ Maywood


Softball: HHS VS orthopedic Girls Basketball, Boys Volleyball and Baseball: HHS VS Contreras


Softball: HHS VS USC MAST Boys Volleyball: HHS VS Bravo Baseball: Var HHS Maywood JV HHS @ Maywood

Softball: HHS VS Annenberg Baseball: Var HHS VS L.A. High JV HHS @ L.A. High


Baseball: Var HHS VS Santee JV HHS @ Santee Swimming: HHS VS Santee/ Bernstein

Track & Field: HHS VS L.A. high

Track & Field: HHS VS Santee

Softball: HHS VS Central City Baseball: Var and JV VS Santee Swimming: HHS @ Comtreras


29 Softball: HHS @ Annenberg Swimming: HHS VS Bravo




Girls Basketball: HHS VS West Adams Boys Volleyball: HHS @ West Adams Baseball: Var and JV VS West Adams


Can you guess his age?

One teacher prefers to keep his birthday year a secret, but it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that he’s not exactly a sprightly young man. BY BOSTON ALBA “Who is Mr. Carmicle?” one may ask. Well, Carmicle is a School for Advanced Studies teacher whose anecdotes, impulsive comments, and predictable punch lines linger throughout the Hollywood High School campus. But what amuses students is Carmicle’s refusal to expose his age. Although it is unknown, one can easily conceive a vague approximation of how old Carmicle is. His advisory student, Kizzy Dayon says, “I hate sitting near the door. Carmicle always makes me open it.” It happens numerous times within the advisory period. For Kizzy and many other students, it is a cumbersome thing to sit near the near in his classroom. While most students leave Carmicle’s classroom with a “world-class” education, many of them carry the burden of sitting in front of or around him. Tenth and eleventh graders within his proximity are often asked to pass out papers (which Carmicle never does), pick fallen objects, and open the door (which needs to be done correctly for his satisfaction). His service workers are often pitied because of the mountainous loads of work that they are assigned. He often says, “When you get this old, there are always younger people to do things for you”. It would be a

shame to see Carmicle injure his back for picking up a pen. It just isn’t worth it. Carmicle does however, put the elevator in the main building to good use. Because of his age, plodding up the stairs would be a constant struggle. One would put it this way, “It’s just not gonna happen.” Carmicle decides to make his life easier by doing what most senior citizens do: realize that he cannot do the impossible. According to some students, Carmicle has been seen “trying” to climb up the stairs. One might as well tell fairy tales. On Friday March 20, two days prior to his birthday, a group of students visited his advisory to congratulate him with a homemade cake and cards with his famous catches phrases such as, “I’m the Boss Hoss” “I run this ship” and “You’re on a roll, not a bagel” written on them. Excited, Carmicle planned to share his birthday cake with students and “possibly” reveal his age. Later that day, he talked to his students about celebrating his birthday alone, eating a cake with two boxes of single candles crowned on the surface. Carmicle’s passion for teaching English and providing students with a great education is unprecedented, but it is a fact that he is a stationary figure in the classroom.

DID YOU KNOW... magnet english teacher bill goldyn and sas biology teacher manny alas both have a young son named liam?

Ultimate solution to the high school dropout problem, con’t (continued from pg 2) those “more fortunate”. There will be a special room where the long, long list containing the names of the exiled students, will be stored, and if anybody in that list even attempts to receive an education they will be executed; no exceptions. The last thing the government needs are more delinquents, right? Students who drop out apparently don’t even want to receive an education, so we might as well save them and the government the trouble and avoid the grief of forcing them to attend school. The children that score low on this significant proficiency test are obviously going to be high school dropouts, so why even waste money buying books, supplies, desks, etc. for them? It’ll only be a complete loss of valuable money and our economy cannot afford to spend one penny for ridiculous reasons. The child will be so utterly grateful that they are being

saved from such misery, and heck; how much better can they have it? Their entire future would already be planned out from them. Their only life goal would be to earn money at least a tad above minimum wage, and that isn’t even that difficult of a goal, considering the government is in charge of our salaries anyway. Happier children will make for a happier future. Since children with no ambition to receive an education will be spared of so much classroom boredom, they will be happier, healthier, and therefore, less of a burden to our society. It is proved that depression leads to violent acts but since these kids will be so happy and grateful, peaceful is all they will be. They can perform all of the jobs that nobody else wants to do. I’m positive that they would love to clean after filthy zoo animals, and even enjoy working in the sewers. Their taxes will aid and

alleviate government expenses; bettering our economic status. Not to mention, they will be saving millions not having to waste school funds on ignorant students. In addition, with these inept students taken care of, the ones that do pass the proficiency test will enjoy learning with a smaller group of people, having better supplies, and less bad influences surrounding their sacred minds. The way I see it, it’s a win-win situation. Anybody who has the stupidity to disagree with such a wonderful solution is bound to be one of the many who fail the proficiency test and there is no doubt that their children’s name will also be on the long, long list locked away in that dark, tiny room. It is more than obvious that my solution will make sure that no one is left behind!

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